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La La Anthony Responds to "Honey Nut Cheerios" Comment

A week after rumors spread that Kevin Garnett supposedly told Carmelo Anthony his wife La La tastes like Honey Nut Cheerios during their on-court confrontation, La La put her two cents in about the comment on Twitter and said:

“Not for nothing, but we ALL deserve a check or some free cereal 4all the publicity we’ve given Honey Nut Cheerios! LOL #cantbelieveeverything.”


After the comment was made, both Melo and Kevin were charged with technical fouls. The beef then continued after the game when Melo went to confront Kevin once outside the Celtics' locker room and then again as the Celtics boarded their team bus. Melo was also suspended for one game.

I guess all is well now and Honey Nut Cheerios is coming out large in all of this drama with all the attention they're getting.