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Jeremih Arrested at Newark Airport for Sneaking on a Plane

Umm... why is Jeremih trying to sneak on planes?

It looks like the R&B singer and two other men in his entourage were arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport yesterday (Dec. 12). 

According to, one member who was traveling with Jeremih tried to pry open a jetway door so the singer could board the plane. They were trying to catch a flight to Phoenix and missed the last boarding call. 

Who do they think they are? Oh, celebrities, right? 

Jeremih was en route to California, where he was scheduled to perform at the B95 Fresno Holiday Jam last night alongside Wiz Khalifa, T-Pain and others. But, Jeremih didn't make it to the concert because instead, he spent the night in Port Authority custody. 

That sucks he missed the concert though.

According to, Jeremih and the other two men were later released. 

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