Sunday, December 14, 2014

New Music: Jazmine Sullivan "Mascara"

Yes! Ms. Jazmine Sullivan released a new single this week entitled "Mascara" where she sings about keeping up with appearances, not letting people see her flaws and putting her looks before anything else. 

She tweeted yesterday: "Don’t get it twisted.. makeup accentuates what’s already there. <3"

"...Yeah my hair and my a** fake, but so what?

I get my rent paid with it and my tits get me trips
to places I can't pronounce right..."

"... Most people think I'm shallow
‘Cause I'm always dressed like I'm going out to the club, 
But I gotta keep up 'cause there's new chicks poppin' up every day
And they want the same things
So I never leave the house without make-up on, 
I keep мascara in my pocket if I'm running to the market
‘Cause you never know who's watching you 

So I got to stay on, I got to stay on ..."

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"Mascara" is the third single from her upcoming album Reality Show due out January 13, 2015! A date has been set finally! The title of this album is inspired by Jazmine's love for reality shows.


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