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'The Pinkprint' Album Review & Are Nicki Minaj and Meek Mill Dating!?

The Pinkprint Album Review

I listened to Nicki Minaj's ThePinkprint last night while at work and I have to say I'm a little disappointed. To me, the album is okay, I'm not too impressed. I just thought the content of the songs would be way better after all the hoopla over it. 

*Preview The Pinkprint, link included below!

On Nicki's newest album we get different sides to the rapper as usual, we hear hard core Nicki like on, "Four Door Aventador," theres' soft singing Nicki on songs "Mona Lisa" and "Grand Piano" and then there's pop Nicki on "The Night is Still Young" (sorry, but this song is really bad). There's also a dancehall-type song "Trini Dem Girls.” 

Of course you already have Nicki's popular hits on the album "Anaconda," "Pills and Potions," "Bed of Lies," "Only" and her newly released song featuring Beyonce "Feeling Myself."

What I do like about Nicki is that she doesn't need to fit into one genre of music. There are people who may be confused and think she's supposed to be this rapper, but she has put out some good pop songs in the past "Starships" (I like this song!) and her vocals are quite good when she sings her own hook or chorus on a track. 

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Nicki Teams Up With Ariana Grande Again

There is this song on the album called "Get on Your Knees," featuring Ariana Grande. Now, just from hearing the title of the song, makes it seem like the track is going to be sizzling hot, c'mon the song is about getting head. And, Ariana is on it and we all know she can sang. But, I'm not sure how to feel about this song. Maybe it'll grow on me after listening to it a couple of more times.

Some of the lyrics go as follows:

...Get on your knees, get on your knees, get on your knees
Baby, just get on your knees
Say pretty please, say pretty please, say pretty please
Baby just say pretty please

Gimme brain, assume the position
Make me way smarter like you was a magician...

Favorite Tracks:

In my opinion, Nicki's last album from two years ago, Pink Friday Roman Reloaded was better. However The Pinkprint has its moments and there are some songs that I think are hot fire:

- "Want Some More" 

- "Four Door Aventador"

- "I Lied" - I like Nicki singing on this track as well as the lyrics: "I lied, I lied, I lied
To keep you from breaking my heart" ... yea, I think all the girls will like this song. 
- "Favorite" - Jeremih's vocals on this song makes it hot!

- "Buy a Heart" - Meek Mill killed his part! 

I also like "Murda Murda" but this song didn't make it on the album for some reason. Womp womp. Maybe she'll do a re-release for The Pinkprint and include bonus songs.  

The Pinkprint track list

Nicki and Meek Mill's Supposed Blossoming Romance!

Is Nicki trying to tell us something on her new album?

The PinkPrint seems to be telling a relationship story... Nicki's perhaps? She was dating Safaree “SB” Samuels, her former assistant and hypeman who supposedly cheated on her. 

Nicki's new album seems to be about breaking up. In "Grand Piano" Nicki admits she feels as if she's been played and in "I Lied" she sings about missing someone but she knows she's better without them (Safaree?). Then there's "Buy A Heart" where her and Meek seem like they're all into each other and they also collaborated on "Big Daddy." 

Celeb gossip site Baller Alert reports:

"At the beginning of the year,  Nicki and longtime boyfriend Safaree had been going through some issues, mainly having to do with Safaree constantly cheating. Nicki kicked Safaree out of their home and he had been sleeping couch to couch with friends hoping Nicki took him back. Guess who was a shoulder for Nicki to cry on during these hard times? That's right, Meek Mill. Safaree heard about Meek and it was only a matter of time before a feud started."

Ok Meek! Getting out of prison and snatching up his barbie! Go 'head... hahaa!
Read more about that tea here

The Pinkprint will be released Monday, Dec. 15. Have you previewed the album already? If so, what are your favorite tracks? 

Want to preview Nicki's new album? Click HERE! You're welcome. 

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