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Updated! Keyshia Cole Hints on Twitter That She Has to Go to Jail for 30 Days

*Update: Dec. 12

So here's that update ya'll!...

So TMZ just got the scoop on why Keyshia Cole may be facing jail time. Supposedly, she got a DUI 10 years ago and was trying to explain to a judge that she completed her alcohol ed class after her 2002 conviction which would cancel out an old warrant for her arrest

The kicker though? ...  No one would have known this if Keyshia never got arrested back in September when she assaulted that woman at Birdman's house! 

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When she got arrested for the attack, the cops did a warrant check on the singer and well, all of this came to light. 

Tisk tisk, smh. 

At least the judge will let her slide IF her lawyer can submit proof she finished the classes. A hearing is set for February, according to TMZ. 


*Original Post

Damn homie...

It looks as if Keyshia Cole has to go to jail for something she did 10 years ago! She put her business on Twitter while responding to fans and hinted that she has to spend 30 days behind bars. Just a couple of months ago, Keyshia was arrested for attacking a woman.

A fan reached out about her new album and Keyshia responded, "was in court, sorry." 

Another fan asked the songstress, "Why were you in court? Everything turn out ok?

Keyshia responded, "Something from 10 years ago. Smh." 

I wonder what Keyshia did 10 years ago!? I will update this post if any more news pops up on this news.

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