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SPOILERS: 'Power' Season 2, Episode 4 (Full Recap)


This post contains spoilers for season 2 of Power

Full Recap: Episode 204 "You're The Only Person I Can Trust"

We Meet Shawn's Mother

The episode starts off with moaning... Kanan is getting it in with Shawn's mother, Jarita (Tasha Smith) in her bed. We don't see Kanan (50 Cent) completely naked, just shirtless. 

Shawn is sitting in the other room watching TV. He turns the TV up because he doesn't want to hear his parents moaning.

"Ya momma has the best ass in New York City, always did," Kanan tells Shawn when he comes out of the room.

Kanan came to collect the money Jarita has been holding while he was locked up. He gives her a cut of the money for being so loyal to him. 

There's not much interaction between Shawn and his mother, she just tells Kanan to look after him.

Back To Reality 

The Miami vacation is over for Jaime and Angie. Jaime wakes up in his own bed at home and Tasha is in the room. 

"So, that bitch that shot at you?" Tasha asks.

"She's dead," Jaime replies.

"I love when you take care shit," she says. 

But, Jaime didn't take care of it and tells Tasha someone beat him to killing Pink Sneakers. 

There is someone who doesn't want Jaime to find out about the hits on the drug businesses. Jaime also tells Tasha, Rolla wasn't the one to make the hit out on him. Remember, Pink Sneakers told Jaime, right before she died, Rolla didn't hire her. 

"Who told you Rolla hired her?" Tasha asks Jaime.

Kanan did!

Jaime thinks maybe Kanan just get some bad information from the inside while he was behind bars. 

"You'll figure it out, I know you will." Tasha says. "We'll figure it out, together."

Feelings. Shawn Gets Bold

Shawn comes over Jaime and Tasha's house to drive Jaime around. As soon as he walks in, he spots Tasha on the couch.

"Nothing happened between me and your girl," Shawn says about Keisha.

"You and Keisha are single, if ya'll wanna do it, be my guest," Tasha says.

"I don't want to keep playing these games, I like you and you like me too," Shawn says. 

"And what if I do?" Tasha asks. "What difference does it make?"

Shawn believes if Tasha opened up about her feelings to him, it would make a big difference. She goes on to tell him that her and Jaime are good and that her and Shawn are just what they are and that's all they'll ever be.

In the next scene, Jaime is waiting outside of Angie's job and surprises her with coffee.

"It's almost like waking up with you," Angie jokingly says.

"Yeah, except with more clothes on, unfortunately," Jaime responds.

Jaime asks Angie if she would tell him when something happens at work. Now she wishes she didn't tell Jaime about Tommy and the case.

"He's your friend and I shouldn't put you in that position," she says. "I wanted to save your dream, not mess with your head."

Angie brings up testifying against Tommy again, but Jaime ensures her there is nothing to testify to and that she's wasting her time. 

"I hope you're right," she says. "We just need to be us. We're fine, that's all that matters."

Jaime tells Angie, as long as they're honest with each other, that's all that matters. 

Angie receives a work phone call and rushes off. Jaime gets back in the SUV and Shawn see's that Jaime is still talking to Angie and secretly meeting with her behind Tasha's back. 

Will Shawn tell Tasha so he can have a better chance at getting her?

Angie Links The Qdubs Killings To Tommy

Greg and other FBI agents show up at the pool hall, the Qdubs spot where they got murdered by Tommy and Kanan. 

Greg calls Angie and tells her about the killings, even though she's off the case. He says, it doesn't look like a planned crime. Angie says she needs to come to the scene to see if she can pin Tommy to the killings. Angie still thinks Tommy is Ghost and she thinks maybe the killings is his way of sending a message to other drug dealers. 

Later on, Greg gives Angie security footage of the pool hall spot, the day the Qdubs got shot. She's really determined to pin the shooting on Tommy. 

When she views the video footage, she spots Tommy's car.

"Gotcha, Ghost!," she says.

Holly Is Bored

Holly complains  to Tommy about being stuck in the house. She's bored and wants to get some fresh air. 

Tommy says he has to meet up with Ghost and Holly wants to come. Ha! Tommy tells her that Ghost wouldn't want to see her, plus she's still not well and needs to recover from getting shot in the neck. 

"I was doing fine enough to blow you last night."

Tommy replies, "You didn't get shot in the mouth."

Holly wants her old job back to make money, but Tommy insists she stays in and rests. Tommy will get Holly anything she needs, but she says she's not used to being taken care of.

"Go get some rest, especially your mouth," Tommy jokingly says as he's getting ready to leave the apartment. "You never know when it's going to get called back into action."

Another Task From Simon Stern

Back at the club, Jaime tells Kantos, his new boss, that while he was in Miami, he got all of the contracts signed and says everybody is on board. Mission accomplished.

Now, Kantos has another task for Jaime, which is of course from Simon. He tells Jaime about an upcoming VIBE magazine party that needs to be planned. The party needs to be huge and he needs to bring in a lot of people to Truth. But, Kantos isn't giving Jaime a big budget to work with. 

Jaime can't believe the type of tasks that Simon and Kantos are putting him through. He asks Kantos, "I was good to you while you worked for me, Kantos, wasn't I?"

"You were," he simply responds.

Man, Kantos doesn't care. Simon already promised him he would get the Truth club once they get Jaime completely out.

Now, Jaime has to work his magic and make sure this VIBE party is a success to save his own ass. 

Tommy And His New BFF,
Kanan Wants To Bring His Own Crew In

Tommy meets up with Jaime and welcomes him back. But, guess who he brought along... yup, Kanan! He's like Tommy's new tag along buddy. 

Tommy questions Jaime's Miami trip, Jaime says Pink Sneakers is dead but he watches what he says since Kanan is with them. Something is not quite right with Kanan and Jaime is starting to pick up on it. 

Tommy fills Jaime in about the Qdubs situation. Remember, Tommy was originally supposed to make peace with them, but things got out of hand with Kanan around.

Kanan steps into the conversation and tells Jaime, "these niggas were all over your ass about that Rolla hit. I shot that nigga for you and I'm proud of it."

"Now my crew can take over that territory and single-handedly solve that powder problem you you have."

See how Kanan is trying to move himself and his crew right on in? This was his plan all along.

Tommy daps Kanan and tells Jaime he's not worried because Kanan is all over it.

Oh Tommy! He's so blind to what is happening right in front of him... Kanan is just using Tommy and Jaime as pawns in his game to eventually take over the entire drug business.

But, Jaime peeps Kanan's game. From the look in his eyes, he definitely knows something is up.

Later, Jaime returns home and talks to Tasha about their money, He points out there's less than 30k in the safe and their legit accounts are low.

Tasha says, "we got your first payroll check with Stern. It'll keep the lights on, literally."

Jaime really needs to hurry up and get his club back from Simon and make Truth more profitable so he can clean his drug money. They have a warehouse full of cash but can't touch it because it's dirty money.

Tasha hops on top of Jaime who is sitting on the bed. She says she needs a minute before she'll make him feel better. 

Tasha is still thinking everything is good between her and Jaime. Once she heads to the bathroom, Jaime checks his phone but see's there's no message from Angie. 

Shawn Hooks Up With Keisha,

Tasha Finds Out Angie Is Still Hooking Up With Her Husband

In the next scene, Shawn pops up at Keisha's house. She answers the door in her black silk robe, but she's not too happy to see him.

"What? You left your sippy cup when you skedaddled out of here the other night?," Keisha asks.

"I made a mistake," Shawn says. "A woman like you doesn't come around often, can I make up for it?"

Keisha lets him in and wants to know what's up, why all of a sudden Shawn is at her house, and what changed with Tasha for him to come over.

Shawn says nothing changed and tells Keisha he's there for her, and he wants to prove it. He doesn't waste any time and rushes right in to kiss her.  

Keisha sits Shawn down on the couch, straddles on top of him and kisses him more. Her robe slides down, titties are out and Shawn gets his dick wet. 

Later on in the episode, Tasha and Keisha have lunch together. Keisha spills the beans about her and Shawn having sex and Keisha looks jealous.

"He was good, you know what I mean," Keisha says. "He held it together longer than I expected for a college kid."

Tasha tries to act like she's not interested and says, "It's none of my business, I don't care what ya'll do."

She also tells Keisha "fuck you" and says her hooking up with Shawn is just like the other dudes they used to talk to back in the day, she just wants everyone for herself.

Tasha says her and Jaime are better now and Keisha tells her she needs to let Shawn go. 

Keisha offers up some more advice and tells Tasha she better be 100% sure she's choosing the right man. This now gives Tasha something to think about.

Afterwards, Tasha heads back home and starts snooping around Jaime's belongings. She comes across a tag with a room number on it from Jaime's Miami trip. She calls the hotel where her husband stayed at and makes up a story about leaving her nightgown in the room. She's then asked about her massage and if she enjoyed it.

Uh oh! Now Tasha knows for sure that Angie was with Jaime in Miami. 

Tommy Gets Jealous, Loses His Mind Over Holly,
Tasha Kicks Jaime Out

Julio shows up at Tommy's place, but Tommy isn't home, Holly is. Julio stands by the door and says he should leave because he knows Tommy wouldn't want him all up in his place when he's not there. Holly insists that Julio stays and she offers him a drink. She walks to the refrigerator to get him a drink (she's in her underwear by the way) and he's checking her ass out.  

Meanwhile, Tommy and Kanan are breaking bread with Kanan's buddy, Dre (the guy who killed Pink Sneakers) and the rest of Dre's boys. This is the new crew that Kanan has in mind to take over. 

While Tommy is eating, he says the ribs are delicious. One of the dudes in the crew makes a couple of race jokes and says what will Tommy want next, some watermelon. Kanan hears and stares this guy down... you don't want to piss off Kanan!

Later on, Kanan and Dre are riding around together and Kanan questions Dre's crew. He asks Dre if he trusts everyone, even the guy who was talking crap about Tommy at the table. Dre says he does. 

Tommy returns home with a puppy for Holly.

"You said you were lonely, so I got a bitch for my bitch," he says.

Tommy walks into the kitchen and see's two glasses on the counter. He asks if Holly had company over and she tells him Julio stopped by. Tommy flips out.

"And you got him a fucking drink!?"

She says it was just water, not liquor and she was bored and lonely. 

Tommy storms out.

Jaime arrives at home, but is stuck in the lobby because he can't get into his apartment. Tasha changed the codes on him and in order to go upstairs to his place, Jaime needs the new code.

Tasha must have already told the guy at the front desk some story because he won't let Jaime upstairs and says it's their policy that everyone must have the codes, even though he knows Jaime obviously lives there. 

The guy also tells Jaime the staff is not supposed to get involved in domestic matters. Yup, Tasha told him something.

Jaime calls the house and Tasha's cellphone but she ignores his calls. She's home, getting ready to cook and their son, Tariq is at the table doing his homework. Jaime calls Tariq's cell phone. Tasha takes his phone and goes into the other room to talk to Jaime. 

"Tasha, what the fuck are you doing?" Jaime yells at her. He's now outside standing on the sidewalk since he can't get upstairs. 

"I'm so glad Mrs. St. Patrick enjoyed her massage at Eden Rock," Tasha says. "Maybe she [Angie] was the reason you were too late to hit your target!"

Tasha hangs up the phone and Jaime now realizes his wife knows everything. He's pissed! Jaime grabs Shawn by his collar and pushes him against the SUV.

"Did you fucking tell her!?" Jaime screams at Shawn.

Shawn tells Jaime he didn't tell her and says he wouldn't do that. 

Later on, Jaime is at the warehouse conducting business with Julio. Tommy shows up, charges Julio and starts punching him. He's yelling about him coming after his girl. Julio says Holly isn't even his type, but Tommy is like, "what is that supposed to mean?"

Jaime breaks up the fight and calmly says to Tommy, "I don't need you alienating our right hand over some bitch."

"Call Holly a bitch again, go 'head!," Tommy yells back at Jaime.

Tommy says he trusts Holly, but obviously he doesn't otherwise he wouldn't have been so upset with Julio.

"Focus on business," Jaime tells his friend.

Tommy wants to get his mind right and go to Jaime's place to play some video games. Jaime informs Tommy they can't go back to his place because Tasha kicked him out when she found out about Angie.

"We gotta keep our head in the game," Jaime tells 

Tommy tells Jaime that Kanan has the right idea about a lot of things. He also says they need to give Kanan and his crew the RSK's territory so they can help move all of the product they have.

Tasha Pulls Shawn Back In,

Angie Is Back On The Task Force At Work

Back at Tasha's place, Shawn is in her bedroom packing a bag for Jaime and getting his clothes together. Shawn starts snooping around the drawers and comes across Tasha's bra, and she catches him looking at it.

Tasha walks in the room and gets mad at Shawn for not telling her that Jaime was still seeing Angie.

"He took her to Miami!" she yells at him. "You knew, you fucking knew!"

They both sit on the bed and Shawn says he didn't want to tell her because he didn't want to be the one to break her heart.

Tasha says she can't take anyone else lying to her. Shawn gets ready to confess about sleeping with Keisha but she stops him and says she already knows. 

"It was one night. One night doesn't mean anything," Tasha says to him. "But, you told me and that means I can trust you, Shawn."

Tasha looks right into Shawn's eyes and grabs his hand. Shawn tells her that Keisha was a mistake but they're not. 

Tasha and Shawn start kissing on the bed, but their make out session is interrupted when Tariq yells out and asks his mother about tying his tie.

Back at the office, Angie convinces Greg to talk to their new supervisor, Mike, the same guy who kicked her off the case. She tells Greg she saw Tommy's car on the surveillance footage. 

Greg talks to Mike about it who says Angie is not authorized on the case and shouldn't be investigating it. 

But, seeing that Angie made some sort of progress, Mike tells Greg that she can make a presentation to the task force, and if her case is good, he'll let her back on. Mike also tells Greg he is now responsible for Angie. 

"If you trust her with your career, we'll see how that plays out, for both of you," Mike says. 

Later, Angie presents her new findings to the task force and Mike reinstates her back on the case. 

During the meeting, Greg pulls out pictures of Tommy's known connections and Jaime's photo pops up on the table. It is known that Tommy is connected to Jaime through business, club Truth and a chain of laundromats. 

"If this guy is clean, he's one lucky bastard," one of Angie's coworkers says about Jaime, and he advises Jaime to get lawyered up. Angie looks worried.

Mike tells the group they'll start on the surveillance of Tommy and says they will eventually need to talk to Jaime. 

Jaime is Angie's Problem Now,
Holly Becomes A Target For The FBI

In the next scene, Angie is at Jaime's hotel room and they're on the bed kissing.

"Is it getting harder to do this?" She asks. "To just be us."

Angie promises to keep Jaime far away from Tommy's mess because it's coming his way.

"But, you're clean?" Angie asks, "So, it doesn't matter, right?" 

"Of course," he replies.

Jaime tells Angie that him and Tasha split for good this time. Angie questions him and finds out he told Tasha he stopped seeing her. 

Angie gets mad and says, "Why would you lie to her? Why wouldn't you just leave? Why do you need her so badly?"

Ohh, maybe because Tasha is Jaime's partner in his drug business, but Angie doesn't know that, yet.

Jaime changes the subject and tells Angie he doesn't get why she's trying to bring Tommy down and mess up everything between them. 

"I am not trying to mess everything up," she says. "I am trying to put a drug dealer in jail."

Angie says her and Jaime will be okay.

Greg sends her a text that he could use her help because he's going to stakeout Tommy's place. Angie leaves to help Greg. He sits in his car outside of Tommy's while taking to Angie on the phone. 

Holly walks out of Tommy's apartment and Greg notices a young, beautiful woman and describes her to Angie. Angie bets that's Tommy's girl because she remembers he had a thing for red heads in high school.

Holly walks right by Greg's car. He takes a picture of her and sends it to Angie so she can look Holly up in the system and check out her background.

Keep Your Friends Close But Your Enemies Closer

Jaime meets with Kanan at his hotel, at the bar, he wants to feel him out more. 

"As soon as you take out one threat, another one pops up," Jaime says.

Kanan tells Jaime he did well and did what he needed to do to succeed in their business. Jaime reminds Kanan that he did him well with telling him about Rolla and killing the Qdubs to save him.

"You hit hard and you don't flinch, that's how I know I can trust you," he tells Kanan.

Jaime awards Kanan and says him and his crew can run the RSK's old stand.

Kanan finds out Jaime is staying at the hotel and that him and Tasha are obviously having some sort of problems. 

In the next scene, Jaime pops up at his sons school and talks to Tasha. He tells her about Kanan and he believes Kanan is the one behind the hits, he's seeking revenge on him and Tasha. Jaime plans on pulling Kanan in closer to find out. 

"We're not partners anymore, you made that clear," Tasha says.

Jaime says he needs Tasha because Tommy's head is messed up over his girl. He says Tasha is the only person he can trust.

"I think Kanan knows we sent him to jail!" Jaime says. "He's coming after us... started with the hits, but I can't see his next move, so I gotta come home so I can protect you and the kids."

But Tasha isn't having it. She thinks Jaime is using Kanan to trick her into coming home.

"You ain't never coming home, Ghost." she tells him. "You can let that dream go."

Jaime Pays Holly to Disappear 

Holly later meets up with Jaime and they talk in his SUV. He keeps the chatter short and gets straight to business. He gives Holly an envelope and tells her there's a combination with a bag full of cash waiting for her and he gives her a train ticket.

"I want you to disappear," Jaime straight out tells her. 

"Are you fucking kidding me!?" she says. "I'm not gonna leave because you said so."

"... you got my boy all fucked up. You're a liability." he tells Holly. "It's time for you to go one way or another."

Holly tells Jaime that Tommy would go crazy looking for her. So, Jaime takes the envelope back and comes up with a better plan. He gives Holly a couple of days to break up with Tommy. He suggests they have a really big fight so she can walk out on Tommy for good. 

Jaime dismisses her and says if she tells Tommy about their conversation, he'll just deny it ever happened. 

Towards the end of the episode...

Back at Truth, the VIBE party turns out to be a success and Kantos is impressed with the turn out. He tells Jaime to enjoy his victory. Jaime says he wants Truth back from Simon.

As Holly is walking back to Tommy's place with tears in her eyes, Greg pulls up. He flashes his badge and says they need to talk. He is going to bring Holly in for questioning.

Tasha is alone at home and starts crying when she receives a phone call that Kanan is headed up to see her.

Kanan makes a surprise visit and says Shawn told him his name was on the list of people to visit. Kanan brings Tasha a bag with wine and some stuff for the kids.

"You know I used to think about you sometimes while I was inside," Kanan tells Tasha. "If you ever need anything, anything you didn't get from Ghost, you know you can ask me."

"I'm all good," Tasha says and smiles.

As soon as Kanan leaves, Tasha unloads her gun that she had tucked away behind her... just in case because you never know with Kanan. 

In the very last scene, Kanan and Dre are riding around. Kanan tells Dre to get out of the car and he pops the trunk open. Dre's boy is in the trunk, the one who was cracking on Tommy earlier. His face is bloody and he's holding his tongue. Dre nearly gags.

"It's his tongue, he needed a lesson in holding it, you sure as shit wasn't gonna give it to him," Kanan tells him.

Kanan schools Dre and says he better be certain he can completely trust his entire squad. 

"Can I trust you to do what needs to be done here?," Kanan asks Dre.

Kanan walks away. Dre points his gun in the trunk and kills his boy. 

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  4. At 1st I didn't like Kanan cause I thought he was a snake but it turns out Ghost is just as treacherous if not more he set Kanan up i was thinking that season 1 when K was talking to his lawyer and Ghost is turning bitch over Angie who ain't even fine she ok but they could have cast a finner rican chick than her but Tommy is dumb as a Box he's a big I am GROOT type MF lol but 1 thing I want is Kantos and Stern get there's especially Kantos trying act like he's hot shit now.

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