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Yikes! Ciara Sues Her Ex Future For $15 Million, Details Inside!

Here's a great scare tactic for your ex when you want them to STFU...

So, it looks like Future's mouth got him in big trouble. Ciara isn't playing any games and plans on suing her ex and baby's father Future for libel and slander.

Future previously blasted her on Twitter and in various radio interview and Ciara has had enough. Ciara is suing for $15 million, claiming his tweets and press statements caused permanent damage to her career. 

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Future has publicly accused Ciara of using their son, Future Zahir, for publicity stunts and he previously claimed Ciara won't let him see their son. 

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Future also seemed jealous of Ciara's new relationship with Russell Wilson and the time he's spending with their son. 

Now, Ciara is fighting back, legally. 

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