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'Bad Girls Club Twisted Sisters' Ep. 2 Recap: The Twins Get Booted Out The House & Olivia Lies About Having Cancer!

Season 15, Episode 2 Recap: "Twins Some, Lose Some"

Operation 'Kick The Twins Out' In Full Effect & Olivia's Shocking Health Update

It's only the second episode of Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters and the twins Annalisa & Jessica are already out of the house! And, it didn't even take much for Asia & Amber and Kristina & Angela to boot them out.

The girls were straight up with Annalisa & Jessica and told them to go back home to Staten Island. The twins figured with targets on their back, they'll constantly get picked on and that only was enough to send them packing. 

Weak sauce!

But, of course, the girls couldn't let the twins just walk out... they had to send them packing in true Bad Girls Club style which involved soaking them water guns. But, this didn't even create a rise out of the twins who are way too classy for the BS (so they say) and they left the house in peace. 

Will you miss the twins?
Diamond actually liked the twins but said she wouldn't stick up for them since they didn't even stick up for themselves. 

The twins didn't even last for two full episodes! Welp, see ya! Maybe, we'll see them at the reunion. 

FULL PREMIERE RECAP: The Twins Are Already Outcasts, Olivia Reveals A Shocking Secret 

Well, with the twins officially gone, the dynamic of the house changes and the other six girls realize they get along even better. But, not for long...

BGC producers step in to talk to Olivia as everyone in the house is concerned with her health. On last week's episode, Olivia dropped a bomb and revealed she has stage 3 cervical cancer. That's some pretty serious ish. 

The producers make Olivia go to the doctors to get checked. Later on, they pull her to the side to reveal her shocking health results:

"You don't have cancer. You never had cancer."

Wait, whattt!?

Olivia sits there as calm as she could be while hearing, from what I would think, life changing news. She doesn't seem happy, she's not even celebrating that she's cancer free. Instead, it seems like she just got busted for lying. 

Well, this is awkward.

The producers tell Olivia that she needs to let the other girls in the house know she is cancer free and that she never saw an oncologist. 

Olivia goes on to tell the other girls this news and while they're happy she is cancer free, they are also confused, including her sister Diamond.

Olivia explains she went to a local clinic and was told she has cancer, but she never got it checked out any further and thought the worst.

This news leaves the rest of the roommates wondering if they can trust Olivia or not. 
Yo, I'm not buying it. Olivia is a manipulating liar. Who lies about having cancer for sympathy points and to create a story line? I think she diagnosed herself and just made up a sad story... which was very convincing too, smh. 

And, when home girl found out she didn't have cancer, she didn't even seem happy... so it must have all been fake, plus she was out partying and drinking. Unbelievable! 

And the Academy Award goes to...