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King Of Petty Land 50 Cent Bashes The Mother Of His First Child, Again, Says He Hates Her

50 Cent is one of the pettiest people on Instagram. We've seen the rapper bash his TV show competitor Empire, clown his ex, Vivica Fox, he's had Instagram beef with Meek Mill and with his first baby's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins.

Shaniqua has previously called 50 a "miserable, unstable, bum a** ni**a."

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And, yesterday, 50 posted a photo of Shaniqua's face with the caption: "Lol."

He also posted a video of his other son, Sire with his other baby's mother, Daphne Joy with a caption that read: "What's cuter than this?"'

And, when a fan commented and told 50 he needs to show his first BM some respect, 50 responded and said he hates her:

It's like 50 is trying to compare both of his baby's mothers. 

Well, he slept with both of them... so, even if he thinks his first BM is ugly, there's no undoing the past and the fact that 50 obviously once was attracted enough to Shaniqua that he had a baby with her. 

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