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POWER Season 3, Ep. 303: 'I Got This On Lock' (FULL RECAP)

"I Got This On Lock" Season 3, Ep. 303 - Full Recap!

Meet Jukebox

The episode starts off with two men robbing a local family pharmacy. The cop, LaVerne Ganner (we later find out she's Kanan's cousin who is better know as "Jukebox") responds to the silent alarm, but she's working with the two robbers! 

Jukebox shoots the cashier who pulled the silent alarm and then she shoots one of the robbers who is working for her.

She's ruthless and she's a dirty cop. 

Anika Noni Rose guest stars on Power this season as "Jukebox"

We're introduced to more of Jukebox later on. She lives in Washington, D.C., she has a girlfriend, and oh yeah, Kanan is hiding out at her place. 

Kanan is the one who called her after he got burnt all up by Ghost and now she's helping him recover. Kanan still looks bad as he's in the bed with burn marks all over his arm and face and stitches on his stomach. 

He asks for pills but his cousin says, "I'm not giving you shit until you tell me what's really going on."

Greg Is After Ghost

Ghost and Angela race down the New York streets. After running together, Angela asks if dinner went alright with the kids. 

"I think it went great," Ghost answers. "we'll work it out and be a family," 

"That's what I want," she responds.

Creeping nearby is Angela's ex, Greg, who is watching, plotting and taking pictures on his cellphone. 

Greg is trying to build his case against Ghost. He knows Tommy is not the head bad guy, the "Ghost" everyone else thinks he is. Greg also wants to talk to Luis (who used to worked for Ghost) so he can prove Ghost is the main distributor since Angela has now been "compromised."

The New Business Trio: Tasha, Tommy & Holly

Ghost texts Tommy to hit him back but Tommy is busy with Holly and his new business associate, Tasha. 

The three of them are in the car talking about cleaning the drug money and putting it in LaKeisha's hair salon. Tasha plans on using their dirty money to sell weave and not only double, but triple their profit. The future plan is to open up more salons and expand to keep up with the flow of cash. 

This is IF Holly and Tommy don't wind up playing Tasha out after she teaches them all they need to know. 

Tasha fills LaKeisha in with her plan to make more money with the weave industry while leaving the dirty money part out. 

"You're gonna be the McDonald's of weaves," Tasha tells her friend.

"I hope you're right, T," LaKeisha says. "If so, we're both gonna be rich as shit and then maybe I can buy you something for once." 

Tasha later brings Holly inside the hair salon. 

"What's that smell!?" Holly questions as she walks inside. 

"Burning hair, you'll get used to it, c'mon," Tasha responds. 

Tasha introduces Holly to LaKeisha, but LaKeisha gives a dry "what's up" and looks her up and down after realizing who she is. Holly can feel that LaKeisha ain't feeling her so she excuses herself to the restroom. 

"Hold up, ain't that the bitch who stole your earrings?" LaKeisha asks Tasha. 

"I'm telling you right now, if that bitch tries to steal a motherfuckin' thing out this shop, I'ma beat her flat ass." 

Holly asks Tasha if her friend really knows why she's at the shop. Tasha wants Holly to keep her mouth closed and says LaKeisha doesn't have to know about their plan to use the salon to clean their drug money. If shit ever goes down, LaKeisha can tell the cops she didn't know anything and it'll be the truth, Tasha explains. 

Meanwhile, Ghost is still trying to hit up Tommy but is unsuccessful at his attempts. 

"Tommy, it's me again," Ghost says on Tommy's voicemail. "Look, I dropped by your crib, get at me."

Ghost vs. His Club Rivals

Ghost pops up on the two sneaky club owners who stole his DJ in the last episode. He found out where they were dining at through their assistant. 

The two guys are meeting with an important business woman named Karen who is interested in purchasing extra space in their club. Ghost interrupts their business dinner and warns the fellow business woman, whom he already knows, and tells her to watch the company she keeps. 

Later on at Truth club, Ghost beefs up security naming rival club owners as why. Karen pops up and says she's impressed at the way Ghost handled himself. She was close to signing a business deal with the other two club owners until Ghost showed up and interrupted. Now, she wants to get to know Ghost personally as well as professionally. 

"What you see is what you get, I'm as real as they come," he tells her. 

Tasha & Holly Are Bonding, Somewhat

After visiting the hair salon, Holly and Tasha are in the car and Holly brings up LaKeisha and how she must know she's the one who stole the earrings. 

Holly finally confesses to stealing Tasha's earrings! 

But, before Tasha can say another word, police pop up from behind and pull them over. 

Holly looks back and is worried because she has a bag full of cash. 

"Don't look back, what the fuck are you doing?," Tasha says. "Just chill."

The cop walks up to the driver side of the car and asks for Tasha's license and registration. He says he stopped her for improper lane change. Holly quickly jumps in and makes up a lie, apologizes to the cop and says it's her fault. 

"Tasha's my nanny, if she did anything wrong it's because I was rushing her to get back to my place," she tells the cop. 

Tasha puts on this fake Jamaican accent, plays along and they get out of it. 

Her and Holly head back to Tommy's place and as they're drinking wine and giggling over their recent traffic stop, Tasha says in her fake accent, "mi can't believe you made me play the 'Driving Miss Daisy' routine."

"It worked, it totally fucking worked," Holly said. "Although I almost lost my shit seeing you go Miss Cleo." 

"I've always been good at doing voices and imitating people," Tasha says. 

"I didn't know that," Holly responds.  

"Holly, there's a lot we don't know about each other."

She asks Tasha to imitate Tommy and Tasha nails it! Tommy walks in and overhears Tasha making fun of him, but he's glad to see the two ladies getting along. 

Tasha gets ready to head out and back home to her kids when Holly asks how the kids are doing with Ghost gone and all.

Tommy interrupts and says, "look, baby, she don't wanna talk about him and neither do I." 

Holly says she can't believe anyone would do that to his family and she calls Ghost "a dick" after Tasha says he moved in "with his bitch."

After Tasha leaves, Holly reminds Tommy about killing Ghost. But, it seems like he's not feeling that anymore. 

Kanan Reveals The Truth To Jukebox

Jukebox's girlfriend later cleans Kanan's burns and attempts to seduce him, but she's unsuccessful. She's sipping on lean and gives him some to taste. 

The two start chatting and she says, "must of been some real bad shit between you and whoever jumped you ... is there gonna be a rematch?" 

"Fuck yeah, I'm just too fucked up," Kanan says and he mentions Ghost's name. 

Jukebox gets home and asks her girlfriend if she slept with Kanan, figuring she would get the truth out of Kanan. The girlfriend says Kanan was in no position to have sex and instead, she gave him some lean. She also mentions Ghost, but doesn't know who that is, but Jukebox knows. 

"He let that book smart motherfucker beat him?," Jukebox says. "What else he say?"

"Nothing, I did good, right?" 

"You got lucky," Jukebox answers. "And never go against my wishes again." 

Jukebox kisses her girlfriend up against the wall and slides her hand inside her shorts. 

"Kanan can't get excited, but you sure are," Jukebox says to her girl. 


Kanan now has the strength to walk, barely, as he limps to the bathroom for medicine and wraps his burns with bandages. 

He later tells Jukebox, whatever she got going on, he wants in on it. But, she demands the truth from him and asks what happened to his son, Shawn. 

"You don't think I can't find out your son was murdered around the time you came asking me for help?"

"You not black no more, you're blue," Kanan responds. 

"That's why I can help, I got access to every motherfuckin' thang," Jukebox says. 

She questions him about Ghost, thinking Ghost is the one who killed Shawn. 

"Ghost didn't kill Shawn, I did, I pulled the trigger," he confesses. "He [Shawn] picked Ghost over me." 

"You did what you had to do," Jukebox says. "When Shawn picked the other side, he was the enemy."

Jukebox says, since Ghost raised Shawn, he was a pawn and they sacrifice pawns for the greater good. 

Welcome To Your New Life

Angela goes out apartment hunting, looking for bigger space for her, Ghost and the kids. 

"Welcome to your new life," the realtor tells Angela and gives her an application to fill out. 

Later on, Ghost and Angela are chatting about the new apartment she looked at earlier and he says he may be able to afford it. He tells Angela about Karen who is interested in purchasing one of his clubs for her new space. 

In the middle of their conversation, Angela spots Greg across the street. She makes up some lie about work and says she has to go. Once Ghost is out of site, Angela crosses the street and approaches Greg. 

"What the fuck are you still doing following me around!?" she asks him.

Greg says he's following Ghost. 

As Angela is about to walk away, he grabs her and she reaches in her bag. 

"What are you looking for? A gun?," he asks. "You gonna shoot me, Angela?"

She warns Greg to leave her alone or she'll call the police. But, Greg says Ghost is not clean like she believes, and he shows her proof of Ghost recently outside of Tommy's house.

"I bet he didn't tell you he was still talking to Egen?," Greg says. "Angela, trouble in paradise?"

She tells him to back off.

Greg knows Angela won't tell Ghost he's following him because she's afraid of what Ghost might do. 

And, Angela never gives Ghost a heads up about Greg. 


Angela goes home and looks in her closet for her gun. She's frantic when she realizes it's not there. 

Tariq is at school and shows the gun to one of his friends. A gym teacher approaches them and checks inside Tariq's bag and finds the gun.

Later, Ghost pops up at Tariq's school and meets Tasha who is already there. She fills Ghost in about their son carrying a gun.

"Tariq ain't have no gun, but you do," he says, pointing the blame at Tasha. 

"Really?," she scoffs. "You know I ain't careless enough to leave my shit laying around."

Tasha and Ghost both meet with the principal of the school who is ready to expel Tariq. Ghost apologizes and says he doesn't know how their son got the gun because they don't allow guns in their home. The principal tells them the police found out the gun is registered to Angela and he's shocked. 

Uh oh!

Tasha ain't having it. She starts negotiating with the principal and mentions other white students who messed up at school but didn't get expelled. The principal changes her tune and says the requirements for her son to stay in school will be severe. 

Afterwards, Ghost tells Tasha, "listen, you were great in there." 

"Yeah, and you were no help at all," she snaps back. 

Tasha wants to know how their son got his hands on a gun and Ghost tells her he wasn't around the entire night while his kids were at Angela's.

"What the fuck do you mean you weren't there the whole night?... You left my kids alone with that woman? That wasn't a part of the deal," Tasha says. 

"My kids won't be staying at that bitch's house again." 

Later back at Tasha's home, her and Ghost have a talk with Tariq. He explains his reasons for taking Angela's gun to school and says for protection since Shawn got shot, he figured it could happen to him too. 

"White kids shoot at schools all the time, read the news," Tariq snaps at his mom. "Dad, you're not here to protect nobody anymore."

Tariq is acting out. He gets punished and Ghost takes his cellphone away. 

Tasha asks Ghost, "if he didn't get caught with that gun, would you be here tonight?" 

Ghost's decision to leave his family is affecting everyone. 

Angela later on returns home, with her gun, and places it in her safe and locks it up. 

Where it should have been all along.

"Why the hell did you have an unsecured weapon around my kids, Angie?" 

"Jaime, I am so sorry, I wasn't able to put my gun back in the safe because you brought the kids over earlier then we discussed." 

"So, it's my fault now," he asks. 

"I'm not blaming anyone," Angela says. 

She wants to know why Tariq was going through her closet in the first place.

"He's a boy, that's what they do Angela, they get into shit."

"I guess snooping through my shit is hereditary?," she asks. 


"The whole fucking situation has been tough on everyone, so we should just step away," Ghost says. "Why were you carrying a gun in the first place?"

Angela says she's carrying a gun because she works on high risk cases. She then asks Ghost if he's seen Tommy lately. He says no but immediately confesses to going by his house, but Tommy wasn't there.

"I ask about a gun and you ask about Tommy," he says. "I had to pick between Tommy and you ... I picked you."

"I'm sorry about the gun, I really am," Angela says and kisses him. "Maybe we pushed the kid thing to fast."

Ghost decides to hang out with his kids alone for awhile. 

Angela walks away and throws out the apartment application papers. 

Guess they won't be needing extra living space after all. 

Tommy & Ghost Come Face-To-Face 

Holly takes a pregnancy test, reads the results and cries, wraps it up and throws it away while Tommy is in the other room playing video games.

"I wanna know what you are doing about Ghost!" Holly asks him. "Lobos killed our dog, Tommy, the next time it's going to be you or me!" 

In the middle of their argument, Tommy gets a text from Tariq's phone asking if he can meet up because he snuck out the house and needs to talk. 

Holly tells Tommy to call Tasha, but Tommy says he can't leave his little man hanging out there. 

"What if Lobos is out there?," she asks. 

"I'm going to be careful, but I cannot let Tariq get hurt," Tommy says.

He heads out the house in the middle of the night to meet up with Tariq, so he thinks, but Ghost pops out. 

"I should've known it was you!," Tommy yells out. "I thought we established I don't like people playing on my phone!" 

"I knew you would show up for Tariq, you're a good Uncle, alright."

As Tommy is about to walk away, Ghost yells out, "Lobos wants me dead!"

Ghost wants him and Tommy to work together again to take down Lobos. He tells Tommy that Lobos is playing him. 

"He's my enemy, that makes him your enemy," Ghost says. "He tries to kill me, you're next, brother." 

Tommy isn't feeding into the BS and tells him, "you're done, you're still the same Ghost." 

"Tommy, you saved me. Let me save us both."

Ghost then asks, "Is Lobos coming after me?"

"Goodbye, Ghost," Tommy says and walks away. 

Uh oh! Is Tommy done with Ghost for good? 

In the next episode: Kanan is out on the streets and is plotting revenge. Angela thinks she found a break in the Lobos case, and Tasha asks Holly if Tommy wants to keep the baby!

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