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Teen Dies From Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Death By Caffeine 

A South Carolina coroner says too much caffeine caused the death of a healthy teenager.

Sixteen-year-old Davis Cripe collapsed last month at his high school and died at a hospital after consuming a large Mountain Dew, a cafe latte from McDonald's, and an energy drink - all in a two hour time span. 

According to reports, Davis was healthy and active. A classmate who was with Davis the day he died, said he loaded up on caffeine and "basically chugged" an energy drink during class.

Davis died from a caffeine-induced cardiac event causing a probable arrhythmia, according to CNN. No other drugs or alcohol was found in his system. 
Parents need to school their kids on the danger of these energy drinks (my opinion: children shouldn't even be drinking energy drinks and having all this caffeine in the first place). 
-- Remember several years ago when notorious party drink Four Loko was banned. The US Food and Drug Administration warned the company in 2010 that the beverage's mixture of alcohol with caffeine could be hazardous. Four Loko later resurfaced but with different ingredients - the company removed caffeine from its ingredients. 

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