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POWER Season 4 Premiere Recap: 'When I Get Out'

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"When I Get Out" Season 4 Premiere, Ep. 401 - Full Recap

What's Love Gotta Do With It?

Angela needs to get Holly'd, ASAP!

The Power season 4 premiere kicks off with Ghost - fresh off his arrest at Truth nightclub - emptying out his pockets, taking off his gold watch and dropping it into a tray as he goes through a security check to get processed into prison for the murder of federal agent Greg Knox.

We, the viewers, obviously know Ghost didn't kill Greg ... it was that snake, Mike Sandoval!

As Ghost is getting processed in jail, he reflects back on the times both Tasha and Tommy warned him about Angela and her being a cop. Ghost see's his cellphone is ringing, it's Tasha calling him, again, but he's unable to answer. 

Angela walks in and her and Ghost lock eyes. She tells another cop to get a blood sample from him. 

Meanwhile, Sandoval is at some pier where he unwraps the murder weapon, the gun he used to kill Greg. It looks like he's about to dispose of the gun into the water until he receives a phone call that Ghost just got locked up for the murder he committed. Sandoval must think he's in the clear for now because instead of dumping the gun, he wraps it back up and walks away. 

Later on that night, Angela is at home sitting on her kitchen counter while sipping a glass of wine. She's in deep thought and then drops her full glass of wine on the floor. 

Is Angela having second thoughts? Does she regret arresting Ghost?

She's Alive!

In the next scene, Tommy is shown walking through some secluded warehouse, basement-looking area with a bunch of gates and whatnot. He heads downstairs into some apartment. 

And, lo and behold ... LaKeisha is revealed! ... she's alive and she looks fine. 

Tommy had Keisha in hiding until he finished off Milan. He tells her that she's free to return home now. He also advises her to not tell Tasha he had her in hiding away from Milan. 

"The whole thing with Milan is over," Tommy reassures her. 

"You saved my life," Keisha responds. 

Tommy soon learns from Tasha that Tariq is missing. He heads over to Truth where he grabs up Dre and questions him about Tariq's whereabouts and this new friend "Slim" (a.k.a Kanan)

Dre, who is also currently dealing with the aftermath of Ghost being arrested and dragged out of the club in front of everyone, now also has to worry about Tariq. 

"He's [Tarik] missing Dre, they asked Tasha for money," Tommy explains. 

Tommy asks for Ghost so he can tell him the news about his son being missing.

"Ghost just got arrested tonight," Dre tells Tommy. "His girlfriend, Angela, just dragged him out of here in some handcuffs. You better tell his wife."

"What the fuck!" Tommy says in shock. 

Back in jail, Ghost calls up his attorney, Proctor, and tells him the news of his arrest. Proctor advises Ghost to keep his mouth shut and to not talk to anyone in prison. Proctor says he'll be at the prison first thing in the morning to get Ghost out of there. 

One of the U.S. marshals in the prison, Marshal Williams (played by Charlie Murphy) is going to make Ghost's life a living hell while he's locked up. 

Proctor calls Tasha and alerts her of Ghost's arrest and homicide charge. Tasha tells him that Tariq is missing and the kidnapper asked for ransom money. 

"If James calls you, you do not tell him that, do you understand?" Proctor says to Tasha. 

"I don't even know you!" Tasha responds. "You can't tell me not to tell my husband that I can't find his son."

Proctor tells Tasha if Ghost finds out his son is missing, he wont be able to function and he needs Ghost at his best with a clear head. 

"Your husband has just been through the most humiliating process a man ever faces, all because of his girlfriend."

Tasha is stunned. "Angela arrested him?!" 

Rescuing Tariq And More Lies

Back at Jukebox's place, her and her crew are wondering what Tasha's next step is to get her son back as they await a response to the text. Tariq is somewhere in the house still knocked out from the drink Jukebox made him. 

Dre pops up at the house and asks Kanan if he has Tariq.

"What the fuck you doing here?," Kanan greets him. 

Dre walks into the kitchen and see's Kanan is not alone. "Who are they?"

But, Jukebox snaps right back at Dre, "You walking up in our spot, I think the question is 'who the fuck are you?!'"

Dre tells Kanan that he needs to take Tariq home before Tommy kills both of them. 

"He ain't going home tonight, I have different plans for the kid," Kanan reveals.

Whatever plans or money Kanan may want in exchange for Tariq, he can kiss that goodbye for now. Dre tells Kanan that he's not getting shit from Ghost tonight since he got arrested. 

Kanan starts grinning and asks, "That clean motherfucker finally got caught!? For what?"

Jukebox makes it clear that Ghost being arrested doesn't change their plan, it just puts more pressure on Tasha to step up and deliver to get her son back. 

"When Ghost finds out you got his kid and he's in jail, that's a level of pain you ain't even plan on, plus the money," Jukebox says to Kanan.

Dre is not feeling them holding Tariq hostage and he tells Kanan if it's money he's looking for, then he can deliver him about $50k a week since he's in with Tommy and his crew. 

Jukebox and Kanan eventually come to an agreement to get money from Dre in exchange of Tariq's release. Kanan also decides to let Tariq go so Jukebox doesn't get in any trouble with a kidnapping since she is a cop (a dirty cop). 

Dumb dumb Tariq finally wakes up and Kanan tells him that he passed out from drinking too much Lean. He also informs Tariq of his pops arrest and says whatever his father is charged with, he did it. Before Tariq leaves, Kanan gives him a cellphone and warns him not to call from his regular phone.

Later on, Tommy meets up with Tasha at her place as they both try to figure out what really landed Ghost in jail. Tasha also says Proctor told her they cant involve the police in Tariq's hostage situation.

Tasha has doubts and asks Tommy, "There's no way this can be Kanan?" 

"Kanan is dead Tasha," he reassures her. "Besides, if he was still alive, he would've shot us all by now."

Dre soon walks in with Tariq. Tasha hugs her son and questions his whereabouts. Tariq comes up with a lame excuse that he was just hanging out at a friends house and he fell asleep. He also said his friend thought it would be funny to send the ransom photo of him knocked out and it was all just a big joke. 

"You think this is a joke?!," Tasha says. 

Tommy looks on but he isn't buying Tariq's story. He questions both Dre and Tariq some more. Tommy asks about this "Slim" character but Tariq says he just made Slim up to cover up who he was really hanging out with because was drinking. Tommy also asks whose arm was around him in the photo but Tariq plays it off like it was one of his "friends'" Uncle. 

Tariq looks his mom in the face and promises not to hang out with his new "friends" anymore. Tommy still isn't buying it and thinks Dre is bullshitting him.

Tasha explains to her kids about their father being locked up.

I'm still waiting for Tommy or Tasha to reexamine the ransom photo, put two and two together, and realize those tatts on that arm around Tariq belong to Kanan ... something needs to connect soon! It seemed like Tasha was starting to figure out that Kanan could possibly be alive after her daughter, Raina, described how "Slim" is a friend from their old neighborhood and how he knew Shawn and Ghost.

Meanwhile, Kanan is very happy that Ghost is experiencing jail life as he reflects on his time in the big house. Kanan remembers exactly how it is to have your freedom taken away and being fearful. 

Tasha And Angela Square Off As The FBI Raids Her Home

The next morning, Proctor comes through and meets up with Ghost.

"I can't believe Angela did this bullshit to me, all because I hurt her? This is revenge," Ghost says.

Proctor reads off the arrest warrant and tells Ghost they found his DNA on Greg's body, under Greg's finger nails, and they found Ghost's finger prints at the crime scene. 

Ghost reassures Proctor that he only broke into Greg's apartment to search for the recording device that had evidence against him on it, but he didn't kill him. Proctor is going to try his best to bail Ghost out of jail. Proctor says everyone needs to believe that Ghost is just James, a club owner, and a good citizen who wouldn't even know what to do with a gun. 

"It's the performance of your life, don't fuck it up," Proctor tells Ghost.  

What about Angela? She knows the real James. But, Proctor isn't worried about Angela and looks at her as merely a distraction. It'll be a 'he said, she said' type of story if Angela gets involved in the court case. 

Proctor immediately calls Tasha and tells her to get bail money, $2 million of clean money, money that the FBI can't trace as dirty drug money. 

Keisha, who is now free to go home, is still scared since Tommy and Tasha got her twisted up in drug money that they're running through her hair salon. 

She heads over to Tasha's house and tells her she was away because she needed some time to think. Keisha keeps being in hiding a secret, like Tommy advised her to do. 

Tasha starts talking about the Ghost situation and tells her friend,"it's like I'm living in a nightmare and I can't wake up."

As soon as Tasha says that, the FBI barges in her house with a search warrant. Dozens of FBI agents immediately swarm Tasha's house and Angela also joins in on the search party. 

"Yo, this bitch got some fucking nerve," Keisha says to her friend after she see's Angela. "Just give me the word, T, and I will beat her ass!"

Tasha calms Keisha down and walks over to Angela to ask her what is she doing in her home. Angela says she's just there to search the home of a murder suspect and it isn't personal. 

"You know he wouldn't kill a cop," Tasha says.

Angela responds, "When it comes to Jaime, Tasha, the only thing I know for certain is that he's capable of anything."

She asks Tasha if there's a gun in the house and they both walk off to a guest bedroom, the room where Ghost was sleeping at while he was home. 

"He was sleeping in here?" Angela asks.

"I was worried he might transfer bed bugs from your place," Tasha quickly snaps back at Angela. 

Ha! Good one!

Tasha puts in the code to her safe and Angela asks if the gun is loaded. 

"No, I wouldn't keep a loaded gun around children," Tasha smirks. 

Angela tells Tasha anything she says can be used against her and she advises Tasha to call Proctor to come over. 

Later on, Raina gets home and see's a bunch of FBI agents.

She spots Angela and cries out to her, "You said you loved my dad, you said you wanted us to live with you, why are you doing this?!" 

Raina runs off and before Keisha goes after her, she gives Angela a look. 

Meanwhile, Tommy holds a meeting with his crew and says everything is business as usual despite Ghost being locked up. With Milan gone, Tommy is the new connect and his boy, Julio, will handle distribution. 

Tommy assures his crew that the Ghost situation is under control and his arrest has nothing to with their drug organization. 

Back in jail, Ghost is being targeted as a cop killer and Marshal Williams keeps fucking with him, like knocking his food tray out of his hand in the kitchen. 

Bail Ghost Out

Proctor comes across Angela outside of the court room and says to her, "You know he [Ghost] didn't do this. You're just angry because he left you to go back to his wife, this is revenge. If you testify against him, your career is over, you know that."

But, Angela says she cant prove anything she suspected of Ghost's criminal activity and said Ghost did a good job of keeping that part of his life hidden from her. 

Tasha later heads over to visit Ghost in jail. They come face-to-face but Tasha has to talk to him on a prison phone and behind glass. She brings him up-to-date about Angela and the whole FBI search warrant. Ghost promises when he gets out, he'll make it up to Tasha. 

"There's nothing you can do to make this up to me," Tasha tells him. 

Tasha has been having trouble getting clean money together for Ghost's bail and tells him there's no money in the bank and they have nothing to put up for collateral being that they rent the apartment and he doesn't own the business at Truth. Ghost is aware and says he didn't have a chance to put the money back in the bank. Before his visitation time is up, Ghost tells Tasha to get his money back from Dean (a.k.a Milan). 

Tasha is confused and later tells Tommy what Ghost said. Tommy figures it out and says it's the money they put in for the security fund which he'll have to get from Petar, Milan's old pal who now works with Tommy. 

"Make Petar understand that this is his problem now," Tasha tells Tommy. 

After recently telling his crew that Ghost being arrested won't disturb their operation, Tommy soon explains to Petar that they need to help Ghost now. Tommy says helping Ghost will protect everybody so Petar says he'll get the money. Later on, Dre brings Tommy a check, clean money, from Petar. 

Dre also wants to know why Julio is distro over him. 

"I've been real with you since day one, man." Dre tells Tommy. 

Ha! And, that is a lie.

"Okay, if that's the case, who the hell is Slim, for real?" Tommy grills Dre. 

Dre continues to lie to Tommy's face and answers, "no one, he [Tariq] made it up."

Later on, Dre meets with Kanan and gives him the money as promised. Dre hopes Kanan stays away from Tariq. He reminds Kanan if Tasha catches Tariq with him, this whole thing will blow over then Ghost and Tommy will kill them both.

"Ghost inside, he ain't killing shit and Tommy won't come looking for me," Kanan responds. 

"Look, I'm giving you as much money as I can, just stay away from the kid," Dre pleads.

"Fine," Kanan simply says. 

He smirks as Dre pulls off. Kanan texts Tariq right away to check on him. Tariq texts back, asking when they're linking up again.

Oh boy, smh.


Angela finds out she's a conflict of interest to the Ghost case she wants to cover. She can't officially be a part of the case. 

Later on during Ghost's court hearing, both Angela and Tasha watch on. Ghost pleads not guilty, of course, as Proctor represents him to be a stand-up type of guy. 

At first, the judge seems like she's going to release Ghost on house arrest. But, things take a quick left when the judge is reminded that Ghost entered the home of a trained, armed agent. The judge says there has to be a remedy in the court to convince people that killing a member of law enforcement serves great consequences. Ghost's bail gets denied by the judge and he has to stay in custody as he awaits trial. 

As Ghost is about to get escorted out of court, Tasha whispers to him, "What just happened?"

"It means I'm not coming home."

"You got this, okay," Tasha reminds him. 

Ghost gets cuffed by Marshal Williams and Angela walks by. 

"You don't think I really did this?" Ghost says to Angela. 

"You're right, Jaime, I know you didn't," she responds and walks off. 


"Yo, Ghost on trial ain't gonna be good for any of us, we're definitely gonna have eyes all of us," Julio warns Tommy. 

Tommy is concerned with moving their product and says they just have to be smart about it. He calls up Proctor and says they need to talk. 

Meanwhile, Tasha gets home from court and she walks in to a mess, thanks to the FBI searching through everything. 

And, back at jail, Marshal Williams decides to fuck with Ghost some more. Ghost gets taken out of an inmate lineup and back to a secluded area in the prison where he gets beaten up by Marshal Williams and another prison guard.

Oh no! Will the truth ever come out about Greg's murder?! 

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