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POWER Season 3, Ep. 305: 'Help Me' (FULL RECAP)

"Help Me" Season 3, Ep. 305 - Full Recap!

The Pressure Is On For Tommy

A paranoid Tommy is shaken up after being shot at in the last episode by, which he thinks, was set up by Lobos' camp.

"This shit last night, I can't make sense of it," he tells Holly. 

But, Holly only has one thing in mind and that is to kill off Ghost so Lobos doesn't kill them first.

Holly tells Tommy that Lobos will most likely send more men after him to finish the job once he learns Tommy is still alive. 

"Tommy, we can do this," Holly reassures him. "Me, you, together ... we can kill Ghost." 

As she's talking to him, Tommy receives a text from Ghost reading: "I haven't heard from you. Hit me up," but Holly tells Tommy not to answer it. 

"We are not leaving this apartment until we find a way to kill him once and for all," she says. "We have to save ourselves."

"This can't be that complicated. Why can't you just walk up to him and put a bullet to his head," Holly tells Tommy. 

"Because this isn't the fucking movies!" Tommy says. 

Tommy's Mom Unexpectedly Pops Up 

There's a knock at the door and Tommy gets his gun ready as he answers it, but it's only his mother, Kate, who shows up because her mortgage is past due. 

"Ma, what the fuck are you doing here!?" Tommy says as he greets Kate at the door. 

Holly walks over and Kate says, "Who the hell is this?"

Holly extends her hand out as she officially meets her future mother-in-law, but moms ain't feeling her. 

"Is that my mother's ring!?," Kate asks Tommy after seeing the ring on Holly's finger. 

Kate doesn't planning on leaving any time soon until she gets the money. 

"Besides, I want to get to know Hailey," Kate says.

Holly quickly corrects Tommy's mother on her name.

"We need to get to know each other better," Kate tells Holly.  

Later on, Holly gets a text from an unknown number (from the Jamaican's who she is secretly doing business with). 

The text reads: "All ready. Need an address to find him if you want it done tonight."

Kate asks for "a little pick-me-up" and snorts cocaine with her son. She then questions Holly on how she met her son and Holly goes on to explain. 

"Oh, so you fucked the boss? That's always the way to go when you don't wanna work anymore," Kate says. 

Holly watches Tommy and his mom snort cocaine together and Kate asks if she's going to join in on their little sniffing party, but Holly declines. 

"Oh, little Miss Bottle Service is too good for it, hunh?," Kate says as she wipes little power off of Tommy's lip. 

"It's the good stuff, c'mon," Tommy says to Holly. 

But a bang at the door gets Tommy to jump right up again with his gun ... it's only Tasha.

Kate embraces Tasha with a hug and asks about Ghost. 

"Yo, ma, I told you!" Tommy says. 

"Oh, that's right, he's messing around with that girl he knew from high school, Angela Valdes, that's still going on?" Kate asks. "I thought that would be over by now." 

Tasha hands Tommy some paperwork and then offers to walk Kate out after seeing how much she is to handle but Kate decides to stay at Tommy's a little longer as she overstays her welcome. 

Holly and Tasha quickly chit chat about Kate and Tasha says, "what until Tommy tells her about the baby?"

"Sssh!," Holly quickly says. 

"Fuck, you haven't told him yet!?" Tasha asks.

Holly apologizes to Tasha for the fact that Kate brought up Ghost and she asks if he's hanging out with Angela. Tasha tells Holly that Ghost is at his club planning a party.

Bingo. Holly knows Ghost's whereabouts now. 

Angela Continues Having Doubts About 
Her Relationship With Ghost

In the next scene, Angela and Ghost are shown doing what they do best ... having sex. After some nipple sucking and strokes from Ghost who is naked on top of her, Angela is laying there looking like she's thinking about something else. 

Ghost notices her being distant and asks her, "Angie, what's wrong? We love each other, everything is gonna work out, that's all that matters." 

"There's just so many obstacles between us," she answers. "Tariq hates me, Paz hates you and then there's your wife. You're still married to Tasha."

Before they can finish their convo, Angela receives a text from Saxe telling her she better get into work for the team meeting about Ruiz. 

Feeling pressured by Angela and to prove himself, Ghost later talks to his lawyer, Joe, and looks in to getting a separation agreement. 

Angela Comes Face-To-Face With Greg

Lobos seems to be losing it as he's talking to his inside man, Mike. Lobos doesn't understand how Ruiz can disappear and then reappear. Lobos wants Ruiz dead, but Mike says that's impossible being that he's in custody and being closely watched. 

The two are talking in Spanish and Mike says he can't have another witness killed on his watch. 

"In these moments, I ask myself, who am I going to kill first? Michael Sandoval or his daughter?," Lobos threatens. 

"You control Ruiz, but if he becomes a problem, I'm gonna have to kill somebody else, comprende?"

Before heading into the office, Angela pops up at Greg's apartment as he's walking out 

"You don't have to do this," Angela warns Greg. "Look, we both know why you went off and found Ruiz. You want him to try and prove this theory of yours of Jaime being Ghost."

"Why isn't putting Lobos in prison enough for you?," she asks. 

"Why is it enough for you? It never would have been before," Greg says. "What happened to you? You used to be one of the good guys." 

"So did you!," Angela responds. 

Angela thinks Greg is trying to force Jaime into the prosecution. Greg asks Angela if she loves Ghost, no matter what he does and says she can't let go. 

Greg thinks Angela's relationship with Ghost is going to screw up the Lobos case. 

"Aren't you tired of lying for him though?" he asks.

"I'm tired of fighting you," she says. 

Well, Greg has more than one corrupt agent to worry about. No one knows that Mike is no good either. 

Later on at the work meeting, Greg suggests they use Ruiz to give up Lobos' entire organization, including places, products and names. 

"While we've got the snake, why not squeeze him for every last drop he's got," Greg says. 

Mike and Angela aren't too happy with how Greg is pushing forward the case. Angela argues against it and, of course, doesn't think they should change their strategy with how they're handling Ruiz. 

Tariq Is Not Feeling His Father

Tasha tells her son, Tariq, he's going to be spending some quality time with his father but he doesn't seem too enthused about it and asks if he has to. 

"What, is Angela too busy?" he sarcastically says. 

"It's like nothing is the same with him anymore, he's different," he tells his mom. 

"Tariq, this is where we are now ... but, your dad is trying. At least you can do is try to."

Ghost is standing in the hallway and overhears his son saying he doesn't want to spend the day with him, but he will for his mom. 

Ghost brings Tariq to his club and puts him to work. He walks off to handle business and leaves his son to assist Dre for the day. 

Tariq gets to know Dre a little more and starts questioning him about Shawn. He thinks his father didn't care when Shawn died, but Dre assures Tariq that Ghost cared. 

"He took that real hard," Dre says. 

Ruiz Folds Under Pressure

Ghost's lawyer, Joe, catches a quick glimpse of Ruiz as he's walking into court as a high valued federal witness. 

Joe whispers, "what the fuck!?"

Ruiz tells Greg, Saxe and the other prosecutors, "I came here to talk about what happened to Lobos, nothing more." 

Saxe and Greg offer Ruiz complete protection from everyone who's trying to kill him and says his business can be protected as long as he works with them as a criminal informant. 

But, Ruiz and his lawyer are not budging. 

Will Ruiz snitch on his entire organization to stay safe?

Later on, Greg continues to pressure Ruiz into trying to get him to snitch and even brings up the murder of Nomar (remember him?) Ruiz had Tommy kill Nomar for talking to his 14-year-old daughter. 

Ruiz stays strong and says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Greg tells Ruiz he has the death penalty staring at him in the face because there are voice recordings of Ruiz thanks to wires that Nomar wore. 

Ruiz quickly changes his tune, "what do you want?"

Greg demands a chain of command of people between Ruiz and Lobos. He simply just wants the identity of Ghost exposed.

The task force later meets again when they are informed that Ruiz decided to testify and tell all. Ruiz is now going to be transferred and held in custody until he testifies. 

Ghost Finds Out About Ruiz

Joe later meets up with Ghost. He thought Ghost got Ruiz to leave town and stay that way. 

A clueless Ghost says, "I did."

Joe says he saw Ruiz at the federal building.

"Ruiz got arrested?" Ghost asks. 

"It didn't look like an arrest, he was with your girlfriend, Angela." 

Ghost looks shocked and says, "she didn't tell me."

"He's gonna snitch, the question is on who," Joe says. "You sure he's going to be loyal?"

"Everything he knows can potentially be on the table, that can be bad for Lobos, but worse for you," Joe warns him. 

"Angela didn't warn you at all? ... It's obvious she doesn't have your back." 

Ghost is left sitting there in his office, all in his thoughts and Joe hands him his separation papers that he asked about earlier. 

"You sure you still want them?" Joe asks.

Ghost Tells His Security To Chill, Bonds With His Son

Ghost tells the head of security he doesn't need their services anymore after being questioned about his whereabouts and slipping out of the club with no security (the night he shot the Koreans who were shooting at Tommy).

Ghost orders for security to only follow him around the club but not out in the streets, in his personal life. 

He later has a heart-to-heart and much needed convo with his son and asks him why is he acting out the way he is and why did he take Angela's gun,

"I was just angry," Tariq blurts out. 

"You move out, you make us meet Angela and you move in with her and you don't even talk to us about it, like what kind of father does that!?"

Ghost admits the way he handled things have been wrong, he apologizes to Tariq and they hug it out. 

Can Ghost Trust Angela?

Angela later pops up at the club to tell Ghost he needs to get a lawyer. 

"Were you gonna tell me about Ruiz?," Ghost questions her.

Angela is shocked that Ghost knows already.

"How do you know about Ruiz!?

"Not from you and that's what matter," Ghost says. "This is the obstacle that you were talking about?"

Ghost reminds her why Ruiz is a problem and why he sent him away because of what happened with his daughter.

"I got him to vanish to help you so you could help me," he tells her. 

"I have helped you, more than I should have," Angela responds. "You have to trust me."

"I have trusted you, before now," he says. "Now I don't know.

"Angela, I really don't want to but if I have to, I'll fix it myself," Ghost warns. "But, don't make me, just help me."

"I used to be a good prosecutor," Angela whispers to him. 

"And I'm trying to be a good man for you," he says. 

Angela's office calls her and she leaves. 

Ruiz later meets one-on-one with Angela and she tells him to stick only to his meeting with Lobos. Now he's confused with the conflicting reports with what Greg told him. 

Angela tells Luis not to be concerned about what Greg said. 

"My boss wants Lobos, just give us him and nothing else," she tells him.

She starts speaking to Ruiz in Spanish and reminds him not to forget that he's a Soldado and the law is if a man saves your life, he's your brother until you die and Ghost saved Ruiz. 

Now she gave Ruiz something to think about before he betrays Ghost.

When Ruiz is questioned later on infront of the entire task force, he's asked about Lobos being unhappy with his distributor. When questioned about Ghost's real name, Ruiz looks at Angela and he denies knowing his name. Angela gives Greg a look because she knows she just saved Ghost's ass and stopped the truth from coming out. 

Kanan Threatens Dre's Family

Dre walks into his apartment and is shocked and worried to see Kanan standing there holding his daughter. 

"You failed me Dre, you put Ghost over me," Kanan says.

As Kanan is holding Dre's daughter, it seems as if he's going to toss her out the window, but Dre promises Kanan that he's right where he wants him to be when it comes to Ghost. 

So, Kanan puts Dre's daughter down and decides to give him a chance ... for now. 

Holly Sets Up Ghost To Get Killed By The Jamaicans

Tommy's mom, Kate, has stayed with him and Holly the entire day and Holly is over it. As Tommy tries to get his mom to leave, Holly receives another text update from an unknown number which reads: "In position."

Kate starts talking about the past and how Ghost always had Tommy's back ever since they were kids. Tommy starts thinking about that and Holly can see in Tommy's face that he's thinking about Ghost. 

Another bang at the door snaps Tommy out of it as he races to answer it with his gun, but it's only Julio this time. 

Holly texts the unknown number: "Do it." 

Julio tells Tommy that everything is good with the rounds but they have a problem, the Korean crew got shot up and taken out infront of a church. Tommy figures out that it was the Korean's that shot at him, but he doesn't tell Julio. He asks if there's any word on who took out the Korean's, but Julio says he doesn't know.

After Julio leaves, Tommy gets serious and tells him mom it's time to go. 

Kate decides to finally leave, but before she walks out, she tells Tommy, "get rid of her."

"Hey, Holly's my girl, I love her," he responds to his mother.

He asks his mom if he believes all of the stuff about Ghost and she says Ghost is her son just as much as Tommy is. 

When Tommy gets back home after dropping his mother off, he seems happy and also relieved as he tells Holly it wasn't Lobos' men who shot at him, it was the Korean's. He also tells Holly that Ghost is the one who probably shot the Korean's dead. 

"Maybe it wasn't Lobos, but that doesn't change the fact that he wants Ghost dead and he's gonna kill us if we don't do it," Holly tells Tommy. 

Tommy says he has to sort everything out with Ghost now once and for all, but Holly warns him not to and says, "I don't want you to get hurt."

When Tommy asks why would he get hurt, Holly decides to spill the beans. 

"I did what you should have done a long time ago," Holly says. "We don't have to worry about Lobos anymore because we don't have to worry about Ghost.

Holly goes on to reveal her secret meeting with the Jamaican's.

"I had to protect us Tommy, you weren't gonna do it."

"Holly, what the fuck did you do!?"

"The Jamaican's..." she blurts out.

"No!," a frantic Tommy says. "I have to warn Ghost."
"It's too late, Tommy, it's too late," she says.

Holly goes on to say she had to do it and Tommy yells at her to get the fuck out of his apartment. She slaps him and he pushes her down to the floor. 

She gets right back up and yells at him, "I saved both of our lives and you are gonna kick me out!?" 

"We were supposed to protect each other, Tommy!"

"So you had him fucking killed behind my fucking back!?" Tommy yells out after pushing her against the wall.

Meanwhile, Ghost is driving in his black SUV with his son, they're on their way to a game that Ghost had tickets for. 

Ghost stops his truck when he hears something. Tariq is blasting music in his headphones while Ghost gets out to check on his car and he see's bullet holes on his bumper and a car right behind his.

Three guys from the Jamaican crew step out the car with guns. Ghost looks back at his car and at his son who is in the front seat, Tariq doesn't see or even hear a thing that's going on. Ghost turns back around and looks at the Jamaican's who were sent to kill him. He has a gun in his hand, but he can't use it, he's outnumbered. Ghost closes his eyes and prepares to die, this is the end of the line. 

But, all of a sudden, the entire Jamaican crew gets shot up! Ghost's security peeps - the ones he told not to follow him in the street anymore - roll around the corner in their black SUV and then hop out. 

"You need to get out of here, James, we got this," his security tells him. 

Ghost heads back in his truck where his son is still jamming to music. He has no idea what just happened outside the SUV. 

Ghost cancels the game and tells his son he's taking him home. 

Tommy Proves He Loves Ghost More

"You fucking bitch, you fucking dumb cunt!," Tommy yells out to Holly after learning about her set up. 

"Whatever it is between you and Ghost is not normal," she says. "I'm all you fucking got left."

Holly is still mouthing off and Tommy wraps his hands around her throat and yells for her to shutup. She kicks him in the nuts and he releases his grip around her neck. 

"You can't do anything without Ghost and now that he's dead, you don't fucking exist and you know it!," Holly yells out. 

Oh shit! Wrong thing to say. 

Tommy snaps and pushes Holly up against the wall again and chokes her out. He is pissed!

Holly digs her bloody fingernails into Tommy's skin as she fights to breathe, as she fights to live. But, Tommy continues choking her. 

When he finally snaps out of his rage and lets go, Holly drops to the floor. 

Tommy goes over to her and calls out her name. 

"Stop joking around, c'mon, baby," he says. "C'mon, Holly, you're okay!?"

But, she doesn't answer. Holly is dead. Tommy killed her. 

Angela & Ghost Are Inseparable

Lobos is now going to be transferred out of state after his lawyer found out about Ruiz's deal to do him in. Mike delivers the news to Angela and says Lobos is going to give up the cartel and he gives Angela papers to file away. 

Angela later heads home where a visibly shaken up Ghost is waiting. He texts Dre that he may need him for something later on. 

Angela tells Ghost the Lobos case is over and Ghost is sitting there with glossy eyes like he's about to cry. 

"You asked me to help you," she walks over to him and places her hand on his face. "Has no one helped you before?"

"Not like this, not like you," he answers softly. 

"I know you feel like you compromised a lot for me," Ghost says as he hands over the separation papers to show Angela he's taking the next steps to move forward in their relationship. 

"Do you think Tasha will sign them? And, if she does, it could be dangerous, it's a risk," Angela says with excitement. 

"A risk I'm willing to take," Ghost says. "I love you, I mean it."

Friends Again

Later on, Angela is sleeping and Ghost is wide awake next to her. He sneaks out, dressed in all black with his hoodie on. 

Ghost breaks into Tommy's place, walks in and see's Tommy sitting on the floor next to Holly's dead body. 

Tommy is surprised his good ol' friend is still alive and he simply says, "help me."

Ghost takes Tommy with him to get rid of Holly's body. 

The two are sitting in Ghost's SUV and he tells Tommy, "it's done."

He also gives Tommy his grandmother's ring, the ring that was on Holly's finger.

"So, the Korean's, that was you?" Tommy asks Ghost. 

Ghost shakes his head 'yes' and tells Tommy how the Jamaican's were about to shoot at him. 

"That was you?" he asks Tommy.

"Nah, that was Holly," Tommy responds. 

Tommy tells Ghost about Lobos' plan and how he was hired to kill him but he just couldn't do it. 

"Lobos ain't gonna stop until you're in the ground," he tells Ghost. 

Ghost says, "So you know what we gotta do, we gotta kill Lobos ... together."

"Together," Tommy confirms. 

Basically. Holly who?
Byeeee, Holly!

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