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POWER Season 3 Finale, Ep. 310: 'In My Best Interest'' (FULL RECAP)

"In My Best Interest" Season 3 Finale, Ep. 310 - Full Recap!

Farewell, Ruiz!

Greg is outside by the pier waiting to meet up with Ruiz, but he soon receives a phone call that Ruiz was found dead inside a stolen vehicle. When Greg arrives on the crime scene, he doesn't get a nice greeting from the NYPD who is already investigating. 

"He's [Greg] the reason why we're freezing our balls off," one cop says. 

The cop noticed in Ruiz' file that he was a federal witness and asks for who. Greg says Ruiz was going to tell on Lobos' entire crew. The cop lets Greg investigate Ruiz's body. Greg snatches the microphone off from the inside of Ruiz's jacket that he placed on him earlier. 

Down the street, Ghost is watching the action from his car. He calls Angela and questions her, asking if there's an indictment coming against him and Tommy for the murder of Lobos. He also mentions Greg and her other fellow agents making a deal with Ruiz. 

"Why are you asking me this now?," Angela says. 

"Because, I don't trust that you would tell me, Angela," he answers. 

"You don't trust me?" she says. "I'll protect you because it's in my own best interest, you can trust that. I'll ask about Ruiz and let you know what I find out. Goodbye, Jaime."

Ghost is left sitting in his car and watching as the cops carry Ruiz in a body bag.

Greg heads back to the office to fish out more clues to get to the source of who murdered Lobos. But, Greg's career might be in danger if Ruiz's death is pinned on him. Cops are wondering if Ruiz's murder was in retaliation to him agreeing to snitch on Lobos and his crew. 

Ghost's Club Deal Saves Him From Milan ... For Now

Back at Truth, Ghost meets with Joe Proctor and tells him that Tommy killed Ruiz and that Greg has a recording device. Proctor says him and Ghost have a conflict of interest as he worries about Tommy (being that he's his lawyer). He says that whatever is on the tape can send Tommy away to prison. 

Ghost reminds Proctor that he pays him and that whatever was recorded on the tape could also land him in trouble as well. He says Tommy's best interest is in his best interest. Ghost also says Angela doesn't know of any indictment against him and Tommy. But, Proctor tells Ghost how he feels about Angela, he doesn't trust her. 

Ghost says him and Angela are no longer dating and that she's back with Greg. 

"You fucked that up too? ... Maybe you can start a group text to keep us all informed of your fuck ups," Proctor jokingly says. 

He tells Ghost that cops will create the evidence to convict Tommy and that if Ghost is on the recording as well, he's going down. 

Later, Ghost meets up with Karen. She can't believe that the other two club owners would sell drugs in their own club and she looks forward to celebrating her new partnership with Ghost. 

"To Truth going global," Karen says while reaching out to shake Ghost's hand. "I'm glad we partnered up." 

Milan is nearby and overhears Ghost and Karen's convo. He later meets up with Tommy to share his new news. 

"I have bad news, we cannot kill Ghost," Milan says to Tommy. 

"Why not?" Tommy is curious to know. 

"We cannot kill Ghost, yet," Milan says. 

He goes on to explain the new hotel expansion deal with Ghost and wants the black tie event to be a success and the deal to stay in place. 

"And when the time comes for Ghost to die, I want you to pull the trigger," Milan tells Tommy. 

Greg Gets His First Big Break On The Lobos Case

Angela finds out through Saxe about Ruiz's death. He tells her that Ruiz was found in a stolen car, no witnesses, no evidence, nothing. 

Meanwhile, Ghost breaks into Greg's apartment and is searching around. He spots a black, lacy bra on the bed, picks it up and then places it down when he spots Greg's desk and see's all of the FBI photos of when Lobos was murdered, plus pics of him,Tommy and even Angela. 

In the middle of him snooping, Angela walks in Greg's apartment. Ghost hides in the closet as Angela walks around the apartment looking for Greg. When she realizes he's not home, she leaves and Ghost sneaks back out the window he came in on the fire escape. As he's trying to close the window back shut, he drops his tool. 


Greg plays the recording that he had on Ruiz. He immediately identifies Milan and Tommy on the tape and listens to them talk to Ruiz.

Greg gets to the part on the tape when Tommy was talking to Ruiz in the car about how him and Ghost killed Lobos to start over.

"Did you hear that?," Greg says to one of his agent friends. He just admitted that him and St. Patrick killed Lobos," Greg says. 

But, there's nothing on the tape that ties the confession to James St. Patrick, only to "Ghost," as Greg's agent friend points out. 

Greg says Angela must be involved and if Tommy and Ghost knew Lobos' route, it's because she told them since her and Ghost used to be involved. 

"You can't prove any of that, she's not on this tape either," his friend says. 

Greg continues listening to the tape and then actually hears Tommy stabbing Ruiz. He hears Ruiz's last breaths. 


"He killed him ... admitting to the Lobos killing, Ruiz' murder ... I got everything!," Greg says.

"You got nothing, this recording doesn't exist," his friend says.  

He tells Greg that he'll end up being in prison next to Tommy and Ghost since he unofficially used Ruiz and got him killed. 

"Unless, I can get one of them to flip," Greg says. 


Later on, while Ghost is driving, heading back to Truth, he gets pulled over by Greg.

Greg asks him to step out of the car and searches him. He gets right to the point and tells Ghost to cut the shit. 

"I know Tommy Egen killed Ruiz, I know the two of you killed Lobos, together ... didn't do it alone, now did you? Angela was your inside man," Greg tells Ghost. "Give her up, I'll get you a deal." 

"If you had anything on me, I'd be in the back of your lil' car right now," Ghost says. "You can threaten me, lie to me, rough me up, I'm not giving you a single reason to bring me in."

Greg tells Ghost that he has the most to lose in the situation: his family, his club, his reputation ... there's no real proof that he's dirty and that he's Ghost, except that Angela knows he is, as Greg points out. 

"That's why she came back to me to pick up the pieces," Greg says. "That's why she wanted me in. She loves you and you went back to your wife."

Greg is pretty confident that Angela will give Ghost in.

"If you think Angela is guilty of murder, you're wrong," Ghost says. 

"I wonder if she's going to say the same thing about you," Greg says and he lets Ghost go on about his business. 

Right after, Greg calls Mike and asks him to meet him at his apartment. 

Ghost meets up with Tommy. 

"You're late," Tommy says. 

"Driving while black," Ghost responds. 

"Black guy driving an Escalade ... guy probably thought you was an Uber," Tommy says. 

Ghost says he was clean, "They didn't see shit, so I didn't say shit, so it ain't shit."

Tommy tells Ghost that Milan is planning to kill him right after his big club party. Milan needs Ghost's signature on the contract to seal the deal and Tommy also mentions that Karen likes Andre. 

You Can't Pull Anything Pass Greg

Mike meets up with Greg at his apartment.

"What's up, you sounded pretty worked up over the phone," Mike asks. 

"Angela's the leak, I know it, but I can't prove it," a happy Greg says right away. 

"Start from the beginning," Mike says. 

Greg goes on to explain how he can link Angela to the Lobos murder, but then he receives a phone call in the middle of his convo from the Federal Police in Mexico (he was trying to reach them earlier).

Greg is told there is no record of a tip being made recently to a Miguel Sandoval in regards to Lobos' whereabouts and that agent Rivera from their department died a year ago. 

"Okay, thank you, appreciate you calling," Greg says. 

"Everything alright?" Mike asks after Greg gets off the phone. 

Greg plays it cool and says yeah and he offers Mike a beer. Greg walks into the next room, which is the kitchen, and he just stands there infront of the refrigerator as he thinks back on all the times Mike talked in the office about the Lobos case. 

"I have to tell you, I suspected Angela all along, she has access to everything," Mike says on the other side of the wall. 

"That's what I've been saying," Greg says.

He walks out the kitchen, hands Mike a beer and drinks with him. 

Greg starts thinking about the GPS tracker on Lobos. Mike says, Angela obviously told the insiders where to find it. But, Greg recalls that Angela wasn't in the office when they all discussed it.

"Who was that on the phone, Greg?" Mike questions. 

"Federales ... remember that tip you got when we arrested Lobos? Never happened, Mike. They never heard of you." 

"They're disorganized," Mike quickly says.

Greg goes on and tells Mike that he saw him outside of Hugo's apartment. 

But, Mike continues to cover his own ass and says he was trying to solve the case. 

Greg puts the pieces together and says to Mike, "You were trying to cover your tracks, weren't you? Agents are dead. I almost fucking died because of you." 

Mike looks down and says, "he threatened my family, I had no choice."

"We always have a choice," Greg responds. 

Mike stands up and Greg takes a couple steps back from him.

"Look, Greg ... Angela is dirty. You know it and I know it ... St. Patrick, Egen, the sketch... what she did to your career, she should already be in prison," Mike says.

Greg realizes that Mike is trying to frame Angela as he talks about taking Angela down as the leak and catching Ghost and Tommy as Lobos' distributors. He thinks Greg will get on board, 

Anyone that has ever doubted Greg and thought he was crazy and the allegations Angela had against him, it would all go away and he would be looked at as a hero, Mike points out to Greg. 

"We can make this work," Mike says.

"You're right, she's dirty," Greg says. 

But then, Greg also realizes Angela is clean. 

"I'm so sorry, Mike. I gotta take you in." 

Mike pulls out his gun. 

"Hey, hey, take it easy ... just put the gun down, we'll talk about it," Greg calmly says. 

"I can't do that, Greg," Mike says. 

Greg tells Mike that he wants to help him. 

"I just need you to put the gun down. If you pull that trigger, you're no better than Lobos. If you pull that trigger, it means one day, your beautiful little daughter, she's gonna know that her daddy is a murderer," Greg says and he reaches out his hand to take the gun. 

As Greg is reaching for the gun, Mike shoots him in the neck!

Greg grabs his bleeding neck and looks at Mike in shock. Greg puts his other hand out and Mike shoots him right through his hand. Greg collapses to the floor and bleeds out. 

Mike puts his gun back in his pocket and puts on his black gloves. He takes out a black cellphone and drops it in one of Greg's drawers. 

In the next scene, the FBI is shown in Greg's apartment, searching through his place and they scoop up the cellphone (that Mike left). 

Angela comes over to Greg's apartment completely unaware that he was just murdered. She stands in the hallway with Saxe and see's Greg's body getting zippered up in a body bag. 

"I don't understand, what happened to Greg!? What happened!?" Angela says. 

Kanan Manipulates Tariq Even More

Tariq is kicking it with his new BFF Kanan in his truck. Tariq asks Kanan what happened to his hand but he just says, "that's a long story." 

Tariq says he has to get to school and Kanan hands him off a package, telling him to pass it off to someone else. When Tariq questions what it is, Kanan snatches the package back and says never mind. 

"I thought you knew better than to ask me some shit like that," Kanan says. 

Tariq grabs it back and says he wants to do it.

Will Tasha Ever Find Out The Truth About Holly?

Tasha and Ghost are eating breakfast at their house.

"Why'd you come in so late last night? Went to see Angela?" Tasha asks Ghost.

"Angela and I ain't talking that much these days, but I did see Tommy. He killed Ruiz for being a trader to Milan."

Tasha looks worried and asks Ghost if Tommy said how he figured that out. Tasha tells him that Tommy doesn't want him to get out of the drug game. Ghost starts talking about how he thought Tommy would help him especially after he helped him with Holly. 

"Tommy is changing and I don't think it's for the better," Ghost says. 

"Helped him with Holly? Like how?," Tasha questions. 

Ghost quickly gets up from the table and goes off to talk to his daughter so he doesn't have to answer Tasha. 

Tasha texts Tommy: Can you come over? We need to talk right away. 

Meanwhile, Tommy is talking to one of Milan's men and asks how does it feel that Milan basically shows him more love over him. He tries recruiting Milan's guy and says, "I got a plan that'll make us both happy, but that means I gotta trust you and you gotta trust me."

He later walks in Tasha's house all panicked, asking what the big emergency is.

"The big emergency is, you killed Ruiz!" Tasha says to Tommy. 

Tasha tells Tommy of how Ghost came to her and said he stopped his plan to get out. 

"He cannot know that I told you, Tommy," she says. 

Tommy says he has a plan to get them all out from under Milan. 

"You sound just like Ghost now," Tasha says. "He always has a plan, it's always about trusting him." 

Tommy says Ghost won't know anything, it's handled. But, he needs Tasha to trust him and says everyone will soon get what they want as long as Milan and Ghost both stay in the dark. 

"I am trusting you, Tommy," Tasha says. "Ghost can be a lying motherf*cker, but he's still the father of my kids and I need to protect him, even from himself."

"I'm protecting him too, I always do," Tommy says. 

Tommy heads to the elevator, but before he can leave, Tasha asks about Holly and mentions what Ghost said about helping him with Holly. 

"Holly? Nothing happened, T. Stick to the plan," Tommy says with that crazy look in his eyes. 

Tasha looks back at Tommy and most likely knows Tommy and Ghost are both hiding something with Holly. 

Handling Greg's Death And The Case

Back at the office, Angela and the rest of the FBI agents are briefed by MJ (the female agent from the Office Of Professional Review who was also looking for the Lobos leak) on Greg's death and they're told that a burner cell was found in his apartment.

Angela receives a text from Ghost: I need to see you. 

But, she doesn't respond and puts the phone back in her pocket. 

The burner phone wasn't attached to any case Greg was working on. This is the same phone that called Lobos on the day he went missing and the phone that leaked Lobos' location. 

"It looks like Greg Knox was your leak," MJ tells the rest of the agents. 

Angela, Saxe and even Mike (who plays along) shake their heads and say they don't agree with the news and that it doesn't make any sense. 

It looks like Greg's obsession with the case will make him look like the guilty one. And, now he's dead and can't defend himself. 

Some of the agents think Greg's killer was a Lobos associate tying up loose ends because there was no forced entry, unless he left the window open, they mention. The agents say Greg knew his killer and let him in.  

Angela whispers to Saxe, "he never left his windows open." 

"At least this murder saves us the case of his prosecution. This case is closed," MJ says. 

Angela looks on in disbelief and MJ tells Angela that the phone wasn't only the piece of random evidence found in Greg's apartment. There was also a bra, a dress and bracelet. 

When asked, Angela confesses to MJ that her and Greg were briefly back together. 

"After all you put him through?," MJ asks. "I guess he just couldn't shake ya. It's amazing what a man will do for you if he really loves you. Good luck, girl, you're gonna need it."


Ghost meets up with Angela in a diner, the diner where they first kissed. 

"What did you do last night, Jaime?" Angela asks him.

Ghost asks Angela if she had a nice night with Greg, but she says she didn't see him. 

"Well, I did, he pulled me over," Ghost admits. "He didn't tell you?"

Ghost tells Angela how Greg was pressuring him to give her up and pin the Lobos murder on them. But, he told Greg he has no proof and said Angela was innocent. 

"Oh my gosh," Angela whispers. 

"So, what does that mean? That you now believe me?," Ghost says.

"I don't know what to believe," she answers.  

"Angie, I told you that I need to protect you from Greg," Ghost says and he grabs her hand. "I'll do anything to protect you." 

Angela slides her hand away and tells Ghost that the FBI found their person and that she's in the clear.

"You and me, we're done," she says and gets up to walk away.

Ghost stops her and says, "Angie, that's a lie. You still love me and I still love you."

"Goodbye, Jaime," Angela says.

Ghost just stands there and watches as she walks away, 

Tariq Gets Set Up

Tariq (lil' dumb ass) meets up with a guy in an alley and hands him off the paper brown bag that Kanan gave him ... the bag contains a gun. 

The guy acts as some undercover cop and he arrests Tariq and puts him in handcuffs. He takes Tariq to a police car, sits in the back of the car with him and hands off Tariq's I.D. along with the bag to the cop who is driving ... the cop happens to be Kanan's cousin, Jukebox.

She's backkkk! ... This can't be good. 

"Oh, where'd you get these?," Jukebox questions. "These babies will put you in juvenile detention until your 18th birthday."

Jukebox tells Tariq he's going to get in a lot of trouble and she wants to know who gave him the guns. Tariq stays silent.

"Alright, we're going in," Jukebox says. 

But, then Kanan hops in the front seat and Tariq seems confused and relieved. 

Jukebox tells Kanan that Tariq held up tough and didn't say shit. 

"See, that's how you handle shit, like a G," Kanan says and everyone starts laughing.

Tariq starts bonding with Kanan's peeps and says that he doesn't want to go back home because his family is all fake, they're all liars. 

"I don't want shit from them no more, I can get my own stuff. My dad can keep his money," he says while now chilling at Kanan's spot. 

Jukebox asks Tariq how much is his pops is worth. Tariq says a lot. 

Kanan pulls her to the side and says, "I told you he was ready." 

Jukebox tells Kanan not to get too attached to the boy. She also realizes Ghost is ballin' and not just from drug money. She tells Kanan that he has a rich man's kid in his place.

"You ain't gonna do shit with it?," Jukebox asks. 

Kanan reveals how he was going to use Tariq to break into rich people's apartments. He said he already turned him out and that Tariq will now be down with them.

Jukebox wants Kanan to kill Tariq and get Ghost's money to really break him, but it seems like Kanan may actually like Tariq and says the plan was to just get Ghost. 

Jukebox is trying to get Kanan's mind right and focused on the bigger picture: destroy Ghost.

Angela Digs Deeper Into Greg's Murder

Angela heads over to Greg's apartment and opens his window (the one Ghost went out of earlier). She takes the fingerprints off the window ledge and later runs them in the police database at the office. 

Saxe walks in her office and asks Angela if she's okay. He said it's hard to believe that Greg was dirty and that they will probably never catch the guy who killed him.

"If you don't want to go home alone tonight," Saxe starts off saying," Sometimes grief does strange things to people."

"Not that strange," Angela responds.

"I'm here if you change your mind," he says. 

Angela continues running the fingerprints though the police database system. 

Ghost & Tommy Handle Business, Together

Ghost attends to his huge black tie event with his new business partner, Karen. He makes his way around the club and networks, then he signs off on the contract with Karen and her father. Milan watches from a distance. 

Tasha walks in the club and Tatiana says hi to her. 

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Tasha questions. 

"Oh, you know, now it's our club too," she says. 

Milan slithers his way over to Ghost and says, "Now that the paperwork is signed, we need to talk."

"I don't have a damn thing to say to you," Ghost responds. 

"Oh, but we do, you are completely deserted. But, at least you picked a nice suit," Milan says. "I have you now."

"No, I have you now," Ghost says and pulls out a gun to Milan right inside his club. "Do exactly as I say." 

"Whatever your foolish plan is, it won't work," Milan confidently says. 

"This time it was you who failed to notice me, look around," Ghost tells him. 

Milan looks around the club and see's some of his men standing around with Ghost and Andre's people's. He realizes they're all against him. 

Tatiana see's Ghost pointing a gun at Milan's side and she goes to walk over, but Tasha steps in the way, pulls out her gun and points it against Tatiana's side. 

"Go 'head and try it, bitch," Tasha says to her. 

Ghost looks back and realizes Tasha is good.

"You're alone now, walk," he says to Milan.

Ghost brings Milan down to a more deserted area.  

"About damn time," Tommy says standing by a car. 

"Tommy, after everything I've tried to teach you," Milan says. 

"Get in the back," Tommy says while pointing his gun at Milan. 

They bring Milan to a secluded warehouse location. Tommy and Ghost are standing side-by-side, working together again and Milan is standing right infront of them with no place to go. They both point their guns at Milan. 

Milan remains calm and he smiles.

"So, this is it? This is your revenge?," he asks. 

"It's not personal, Milan," Tommy says. 

"Just business," Ghost adds. 

"I underestimated you," Milan says. 

Ghost tells Milan that they could have killed him in the club but they wanted him to know that they outsmarted him this time. 

"So, you die here," Ghost says.

"You learned," Milan says to Tommy. 

"Nighty night, Milan, rest easy ... I ain't gonna eat ya," Tommy responds. 

Milan just stands there. He's calm and ready for what's coming to him. 

Tommy and Ghost both shoot Milan multiple times right in the face. He falls back to the ground and is finally dead!

"That worked, partner," Ghost says to Tommy as they walk away from Milan's bloody body. 

"Yeah, just like we thought it would. If I'ma be the connect, I gotta get rid of the connect," Tommy says. 

"You were right, Ghost," Tommy says. "Getting rid of Milan will give us everything we wanted."

"It's over," Ghost says and he hands Tommy his gun.

Ghost excuses himself and says he needs to get back to work. He tells Tommy to watch his back. 

"You too, motherfucker," Tommy says. 

Ghost smiles as he walks away thinking everything is all good. 

As Ghost is walking away, two of Milan's old men walk in (Tommy's new recruits). One guy asks Tommy if he told Ghost about selling drugs in his club. 

"Nah, he'll know soon enough," Tommy says. 

"You think he'll agree to that?"

"I won't give him a choice," Tommy responds. 

Uh oh! Ghost won't see this coming!

Tariq Is Held Hostage 

Tasha sashays in her home and greets her daughter on the couch. She asks about Tariq and Raina says that her brother went to hang out with his new friend, "Slim."

Tasha asks who this Slim person is and Raina goes on to explain how Slim is friends with Dre and Shawn and he knew her dad and Tommy when they were younger. 

"Let me try to call your brother," Tasha says all worried. She might have figured out who "Slim" really is. 

Tasha calls Tariq who is sitting on Kanan's couch playing video games and drinking. He see's Tasha's call and realizes he should head home and he also says he feels different. Jukebox drugged Tariq's drink with something stronger and he passes right out on the couch.

"Ain't no time like the present, motherfucker, are we doing this shit or not?" Jukebox says to Kanan. 

Kanan takes a picture with a passed out Tariq on the couch.

"What's his mom gonna think when she see's that?"

"She's gonna think I'm back from the dead, baby," Kanan says as he sends the picture to Tasha's cellphone. 

Tasha anxiously awaits to hear from her son and then she receives the photo showing Tariq on the couch and an arm wrapped around him. Kanan's face is not shown and his body is cut off from the photo. 

The text reads: If you want him back, you're gonna have to pay. 

Raina see's her mom is upset and asks her what's wrong. Tasha calls Ghost who is currently at the club keeping his guests happy. 

All's Well That Ends Well 

As Ghost is chatting with Karen and her father about going to Dubai soon, he spots Angela walking in his club. 

He heads downstairs, kisses Angela immediately and says, "I never meant to hurt you, Angela, okay. I had a reason for everything I did."

"That doesn't matter now," she says. 

"Of course it matters, our love matters," Ghost says. "Now we can be together."

"No, we can't," she says. 

Angela pulls out handcuffs and places Ghost under arrest for the murder of Greg. He is shocked and says he didn't murder Greg. 

"Angela you have to believe me, Angela why are you doing this?," he says. 

"Why are YOU doing this? I loved you," she says. 

Angela reads Ghost his Miranda rights and he gets taken out the club in handcuffs. He looks up and see's Dre, Karen and her father standing there and watching. All of this happening right in the middle of his dance floor during his big event. 

Ghost gets taken outside in handcuffs and the press is right there with cameras, just eating this moment up. 

Damn. There goes Ghost's clean image and reputation. 

"Angie, I can't believe you're doing this to me!"

"Believe it, Jaime, it's the right decision," she says. 



Next season is going to be LIT! Tommy and Ghost killed Milan, but now they're going to have to worry about Kanan. But, Ghost won't be able to help his son as he'll be locked away for Greg's murder. Hopefully he can prove he didn't kill Greg. I hope they get Mike's ass! And, what happened with Lakeisha!? There was no mention of her at all on this season finale. I wonder if she's still alive. Damn, Power lost a lot of people this season! But, I'm happy Milan finally got his! Also, I wonder if the recording of Tommy admitting to Lobos' murder will ever get leaked being that Greg is dead now. I also have a feeling that Dre will probably step up more with the club responsibilities while Ghost is gone, plus Karen likes him. So, we'll see!

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  1. That damned Angela, she is very punchable! And how the hell you never noticed your kid is hanging out with 50 cent? I think you're right about Dre. He might end up being a major player next season.

    1. LMAO!! @ she's very punchable! lol i was so pissed when she arrested Ghost, especially since he actually didn't kill Greg. I hope they never get back together now.


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