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Full Recap: MTV's The Challenge 'Battle of the Exes 2' Premiere, Diem Talks Wanting Children

Imagine living with your ex and having to work with your ex. Well, that's exactly what 26 new Challenge competitors are doing in the second season of Battle of the Exes which premiered last night!
  • Prizes & Rules 
  • Paired Off/Couple Drama
  • Diem & CT
  • The Challenge
  • Elimination Round

Prizes & Rules

As usual, each team will compete in a series of challenges and eliminations leading up to an epic finale.

The losing team, however, goes straight into elimination "The Dome" battling against another chosen team. The second team in the elimination will be decided by the winning team of that challenge known as "The Power Couple."

Host TJ revealed that this season holds the biggest cash prize for the couple who makes first place: $250,000, 2nd: $70,000 and 3rd: $30,000.

Paired Off/Couple Drama

The Challengers arrive in Panama and are geared up and ready to compete for a large sum of cash. This season, we have the largest group of rookies than any other season with two teams from the Real World: Ex-plosion and two teams and newcomers from Are You The One?

The veterans grill the nine rookies who join in on the competition and vet Johnny Bananas says, "It's as if the Scooby-Doo van just pulled up, and each one is goofier looking than the next."


Zach adds, "The 'Are You The One' kids have no clue what personal hell they're about to go through. This is our territory and they're stepping on it."

Rookies Thomas and Hailey are getting along on The Challenge
better than they got along on last season of Real World: Ex-plosion
As the teams are getting paired up by TJ, you can see the worried looks on people's faces.

"A lot of these girls don't even know who their ex is 'cause they done hooked up with half the cast," Jemmye says.

Funny, but true.

Find Out More About the Teams and Their Hook Up/Relationship History

Nia and Leroy have denied any hooking up in the past but end up getting paired up as partners this season. Nia is still pleading the fifth and saying she did not have sexual relationships with Leroy.

Hmm mmm.

"It's alleged that I gave Lee a world-class BJ... If I did, it was f*cking awesome ... and I don't know," Nia says laughing.

Nia just told on herself!

"We both got caught coming out of the bathroom, we were both washing our hands," Leroy adds.


Rookie Jay reveals his true love for his ex and team partner Jenna (both were on Real World: Ex-plosion). But, it seems like Jay may have hooked up with a couple of the ladies in the house.

Leave it to Wes to stir the pot as he says, "I'm not going to lie, I do have a little bit of a bad gossip habit."
Wes asks Jay who he slept with in the house. Jay revealed he met up with Jessica when she visited New York for some after show. Jay also confessed to kissing Jemmye a long time ago. Ohhh!
Jessica's alleged hookup with Jay doesn't sit well with her Challenge partner Dustin.

"When you start moving around in an extra friendly way, you're going to get a reputation," Dustin tells her.

Jessica says, "Even if I didn't, why would Dustin be so upset about it? You're my teammate, you're not my boyfriend."

Real exes Johnny and Averey have a lot of tension between them from their breakup. Johnny says Averey cheated on him and he can't even stand to look at her.

"You want us to go sh*t in her suitcase?," Bananas jokingly says.

Oh Bananas! What would a Challenge be without him.

Diem & CT

I know I'm not the only one who is having a hard time trying not to cry while watching this season. As previously posted and as I'm sure you've heard by now, Diem passed away from cancer after filming the Challenge. This season is dedicated to her and Ryan Knight who also passed away.

On the show, Diem is paired up with CT, of course. Both of them competed together three years ago in the first season of Battle of the Exes. Diem also said she didn't like the way CT treated her on The Challenge: Rivals 2.

She says, "This challenge will show what type of relationship we have."

Diem says if she won the money, it would be her fairy tale dream.

"I know people are sick of me talking about cancer, trust me, I was sick of living with cancer... but it did change my life," she says.

Diem revealed her ovaries were removed and that she would use the money to pay for a surrogate so she could have children, get back on track and start her life.

"I really want to help her win and I think we have a really good shot," CT says.

"I Got You Babe" Challenge

For the first Challenge, the competitors take a plane to Panama City where they come across very tall buildings and surely enough their first competition involves heights.

"The Challenge just comes up with new ways to instill the fear of God in us," CT says. "I love this stuff, man!"

Each team started on the top of one building where they had to cross a tightrope to the other building 500 feet high above the ground.

The girls walked across the rope as the guys were suspended in a Superman position over them. The guys dangled the rope down to the girls so they could hold it for stability as the guys got pulled along as well.

This challenge, as TJ Laven said, takes a lot of communication, a lot of getting a long, and a lot of trust to complete in order to be the team who makes it across with the fastest time.

Two teams obviously didn't have the best trust and communication skills and ended up in the bottom: Jemmye and Knight and Brittany and Adam.

This week, Brittany and Adam became the couple in the bottom and headed straight to The Dome to square off in the elimination round.

CT and Diem and Wes and Theresa were within 10 seconds apart from each other as the teams with the fastest times. But it was Wes and Theresa who became the first Power Couple. This makes them safe from elimination and in charge in nominating another couple to face Brittany and Adam.

Elimination Round, Wes Makes a Power Move

As tradition goes in the hose, rookies are usually thrown in the elimination round first until they are all picked off one by one. But, this week, Wes is in charge and he decides to switch things up a little bit and is gunning for Bananas.

"I've been waiting for the opportunity to blatantly throw him in," Wes tells Theresa.

It seems like Wes is still bitter from past Challenges because Bananas has voted Wes into elimination rounds seven times before.

Wes decides to meet with two of the rookies, Jay and Thomas. He tells the rookies he won't throw them in because they have an advantage in numbers this season, and Wes wants to be on that boat, more like a "silent partner" as he calls it.

"I want to make sure I do everything in my power to stay out of the rookies' mouths and I think the best way to do that is to help them," Wes says.

Wes points out to Dustin and Jessica that there are more rookies than there are veterans this season. He also says he would have fun throwing in Bananas.

But, Bananas tells Wes, it's too early in the game to consider throwing him in and says there is too much "fluff" [the rookies] still left in the house.

"I get it, but at the same time, you also understand what type of war that would create?," Bananas says to Wes, and he promises him and Nany would win in The Dome and come back for vengeance.

Bananas also tells Wes,"F*ck you by the way for making me have this conversation."

During the elimination meeting, Wes decides to play it safe and not throw in Bananas. He doesn't throw in any of the rookies either. Instead, he votes in Dustin and Jessica saying he doesn't want to piss off old or young teams.

"Wes thinks he's so smart. He thinks he's got everything figured out, but he just made a big mistake and I'm going to prove it to him," Dustin says.
Bad luck for Jessica and Dustin
Brittany and Adam and Jessica and Dustin head to The Dome and play "Pole Position" where each player had to face their partner. Their hands and feet were strapped into poles and they had to use those poles to advance to the top of a ladder. First team to ring the bell at the top of that ladder, wins the elimination round.

During the battle, first the teams were side by side and then Dustin and Jessica took the lead. But, one mistake happened. Jessica leaned back a little too far on the ladder which knocked her and Dustin over. They both fell down to the ground and had to start over again.

In the end, this mistake cost them the game and rookie team Brittany and Adam won the first elimination game and they get to stay in the house and continue on.

But wait....

Wes may think he's lucky because Dustin wont be coming back for revenge. BUT, there's a new twist this season as we learned.

Towards the end of the episode, Dustin and Jessica are in an exclusive location that no one knows about, and they receive a surprise video message from TJ:

"What's up guys, I bet you thought you were out of here and headed home, but not so fast, he says.

"No one knows this, but you guys are in Exile, which means you still have a chance, so hang tight."

Jessica is shocked to hear that she stills has a chance in the game
Check out a sneak peek of next week's episode HERE!

What did you think of the premiere!? Should Wes have chosen the rookies to go into The Dome?

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