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MTV's 'Battle of the Exes 2' is Coming in January and Teams are Revealed!!!

*UPDATE - WATCH: First Look at the Trailer for MTV's 'The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II'

CT is back! Wes is back! Bananas is back! Everybody is back!!!

And if you don't know, now you know... I love this show!

This upcoming season of The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II will be bittersweet. Last month, we lost two MTV stars Diem Brown and Ryan Knight, and both of them are on the upcoming Challenge season airing Tuesday, Jan. 6 at 11 p.m. on MTV. 

*Keep reading to see the paired teams for the upcoming season!

The first Battle of the Exes aired two years ago and this time around we have some new additions. Aside from the usual Real World, Fresh Meat and Road Rules cast members are now four former Are You The One? contestants. 

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Battle of the Exes II is also adding a new mid-season twist called “Battle of the Ex-iled,” in which eliminated partners can return to reclaim their place in the competition. 

The teams this season are as follows:
CT and Diem
CT and Diem
The couple who had and still has true love! It's going to be hard watching these two on this season after Diem's passing. :(

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Jemmye and Knight
Knight and Jemmye
Knight and Jemmye hooked up and dated on their Real World: New Orleans season back in 2010 and have remained on-and-off since then. 

After Knight passed, Jemmye expressed the love she still shares for him.

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Johnny “Bananas” & Nany 
Bananas and Nany hooked up like once! And remember, Bananas won last season with Camila, so will he take the crown again!?

Zach & Jonna
Jonna left her boyfriend for Zach on Battle of the Seasons, and then Zach dumped her! (douche, lol)
Wes and Theresa
Wes & Theresa
These two hooked up on Fresh Meat 2 and then Theresa hooked up with Leroy during Rivals II.

Leroy & Nia
Although they both denied it, rumor has it that Leroy and Nia hooked up on Free Agents. Hmm, I think so!

Jordan & Sarah
A brief hookup happened with these two on Rivals II. Maybe it'll happen again? I dunno, Jordan is kind of cocky though, let's see how it goes in the female department with him this season.

Dustin & Jessica  
What was this?... couple of kisses on Free Agents and then Dustin was eliminated early in the game leaving them both thinking 'what if?' Some of these people aren't really "exes," I guess the show just needs contestants. However, Dustin is a good competitor and Jessica, well... she's okay.

Johnny & Averey
These Real World: Portland roomies were a couple and allegedly Johnny cheated! Tisk, tisk, Johnny.

Thomas & Hailey - rookies
Oh lawd! Not these two. Dramaaaa! Didn't Hailey leave the last season of Real World: Ex-plosion house because of her ex? I'm surprised they agreed to work together for this Challenge. Maybe they're both in a better place now.

Jay & Jenna - rookies
This on-and-off couple starred in last season of The Real World: Ex-plosion as well and on the show, they actually got back in a relationship again. I wonder how that went after the show. Guess we'll find out!

John “JJ” & Simone and Adam & Brittany - rookies
Cast members from Are You the One? Umm, unfortunately I don't know who these two couples because I did not watch this show. I will have to find out more about them when Battle of the Exes II premieres!

*This season will be dedicated to Diem and Knight. MTV is also honoring Diem in the upcoming “We <3 Diem” special that will air next week (Dec. 9) at 9/8c.

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