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SPOILERS: 'Power' Season 2, Episode 3 (Full Recap)


This post contains spoilers for season 3 of Power
Full Recap: Episode 203 "Like We're Any Other Couple"

Jaime and Angie Play House in Miami

Tasha wakes up at home to an empty bed. Meanwhile, Jaime is soaking in sun in Miami with Angie as they wake up in bed together for the first time. It's like they're in their own little perfect world.

"You did not have faith in me," Jaime says.

"It was hard to have faith in anything for awhile," Angie responds.

Jaime is in Miami for two reasons: to get contracts signed for Simon Stern (which is his cover for being there) and to kill Pink Sneakers. 

Tommy Gets Kanan Reacquainted With The Streets

Tommy and Kanan cruise the streets together while Jaime is away. Tommy shows him the ropes of how they conduct their drug business. 

Tommy jokingly reaches over and tries to take some of Kanan's food while they're in the car and Kanan says, "you know motherfuckers who steal from me usually wind up disappearing or getting his ass beat in the shower."

"Remind me not to get in the fucking shower with you," Tommy says, "You've been institutionalized too long."

"Well, I'm out, I'm ready to get back to work," Kanan says. 

Tommy talks too much and thinks he can trust everyone. He tells Kanan about his and Jaime's distribution, how the Qdubs are running shit, and he also takes him to the laundry mat where him and Jaime get their money "cleaned."

"Ghost never had a good idea that he didn't steal from you," Tommy tells Kanan. 

Tommy is super comfortable talking business around him and says he's apart of the family. He also mentions the exact location of Pink Sneakers. Kanan excuses himself and he calls his homie, Dre who catches the next flight out to Little Havana, Miami to beat Jaime at killing Pink Sneakers. 

Bingo. Jaime Finds Pink Sneakers

Back in Miami, Jaime and Angie are walking around and having the best time together. He's taking pictures of the businesses across the street and then as he's about to take a picture of Angie on his phone, he notices Pink Sneakers in the background! She's taking trash out to the curb and goes back inside a store. 

Pink Sneakers, Mariela, seems like a normal girl and doesn't even seem like a killer. She helps her grandpa inside the store and tells him she has to pack and get ready to leave to visit family. She doesn't know how long she's going to be gone. 

Her grandpa wants her to give up the type of life she lives, get married and pregnant... too bad she doesn't have long to live because now she has two people ready to kill her.  

Jaime and Angie Plan Their Lives Together

Greg tries calling Angie a number of times while she's with Jaime. When he finally talks to her, he yells at Angie for breaking into his computer to listen to the voice recording, and he threatens to tell on her. 

But, Angie knows she matched the voice to Tommy and tells Greg if everything works out, no one will care how she got the information. All she needs now is for Greg to run Tommy's license plate numbers to see if his car pops up on any security cameras on the night Nomar died. 

Jaime questions Angie about Greg after seeing his number on her phone and he questions if he's a lawyer like her. (Jaime is still playing dumb, but he knows Angie is a federal prosecutor). 

Angie still doesn't come clean about her job and just says her and Greg work in the same department and they have to communicate. 

"I love you and I want to be with you,"  she says. 

They go back to the room and start kissing, Jaime unzips her dress and it's on. Jaime is on top of her in the bed and ramming into her hard.

Angie calls out to him and says, "baby, what's wrong?" 

"I just don't want this to end," Jaime responds.  

"It doesn't have to," she says. 

Angie starts thinking about what it would be like to move to Miami permanently. She's ready to change her entire life for this man (whom she still doesn't know the full truth about).

Jaime says once he gets his club back, he'll make the move to Miami. He already started looking for schools for the kids. Angie asks about Tasha and Jaime says he'll make Tasha a very rich woman.

They head out to the club scene as Jaime tries to get a Miami club owner to sign a contract, signing over a percentage of his club and partner with Simon. The guys isn't having it and Jaime fails to get his signature.

Jaime explains to Angie that it's imperative he gets those contracts signed because if he fucks up, Simon will own Truth permanently. 

Angie believes in Jaime and says she's proud of him. 

(Take notice how Angie supports Jaime and his club, but she doesn't know about his drug business... just yet. Tasha gets sick of hearing about the club and wants Jaime to focus on handling his drug operation).

Later on, Angie checks out the contracts and says no one in their right mind would sign it with the way Simon has the agreement all laid out. Jaime realizes he's screwed. But, not so fast. Angie says she'll help Jaime by visiting a local office to check out the club owner and his court records. She's also going to look into a job transfer. 

While at the Miami office, Greg contacts Angie and says there is a match with Tommy's license plate number. 

Angie also runs into an old friend who tells her there is always a job available for her if she wants to move to Miami. 

Angie is now worried about Jaime losing his club from being involved with Tommy since he's part owner.  

She talks to her friend, tossing around what-if scenarios and asks if there are two business men, one is dirty and one is clean, how would the clean man retain his assets. 

Angie's friend suggests for the clean business man to testify against the dirty one. There also has to be lack of knowledge and lack of intent. 

But, the friend warns Angie, if the clean business man is not innocent and she approaches him about testifying, it can all blow up in her face and he could warn the target. 

Angie has herself in quite the predicament. She obviously doesn't want to get in trouble at work and put her career in jeopardize, but she also loves Jaime and wants to help him because she thinks he's clean.

Is Jaime worth the risk?

Keisha Flirts With Shawn, Tasha Gets Jealous

Kanan has a talk with Shawn about Tasha. He peeped how his son was checking her out and offers his own advice: stay away from her. 

"A fine woman that knows she's fine is trouble," Kanan warns Shawn. 

Later on, Keisha and Tasha have a little chat. Keisha wonders why Jaime is in Miami and Tasha reassures her friend that her marriage is fine. But, those bank statements are still being sent to Keisha's house. 

Shawn walks in with Tariq (Tasha's son) from playing basketball. Keisha starts checking out Shawn and Tasha seems jealous, ha!

"I guess boy wonder is not wrapped around your finger as tight as you thought... damn he's fine," Keisha says about Shawn. 

In another scene, we see Tasha desperately trying to get Shawn's attention. She asks if he wants to stay for dinner with her and the kids, but he says no. She also pulls her zipper down on her hoodie so her boobs show more. Then she asks Shawn if he can help her out with the groceries.

"I love having you around and I really appreciate you being here with Ghost out of town and everything," Tasha says to him. 

Shawn says they're like his family and he looks at Tasha like a big sister, then he leaves. 

Tasha is left standing there and is shocked that Shawn is not into her anymore. 

Later on in the episode, Keisha and Shawn talk more at Tasha's house and she's noticing their connection. Shawn decides to give Keisha a ride home. While in the car, Keisha tells Shawn she has a son and she talks a little more about her personal life. 

Tasha calls Shawn's cellphone while he's with Keisha, but Keisha sends her friend to voicemail. 

"You really feeling my girl," Keisha asks Shawn.

He denies it and says it's not like that... Keisha kisses him and then gets out of the car. 

*** Extra spoiler: Keisha and Shawn will have sex in episode 4 and Tasha will find out. 

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Target: Find Pink Sneakers

Jaime keeps in contact with Tommy while he's out in Miami. He wants Tommy to play nice with the Qdubs crew because they need their help to move the extra drugs sent from Lobos.

While Tommy is talking to Jaime, Kanan is also talking to his connect, Dre, who just landed in Miami and he's already keeping an eye on Jaime... he's literally watching his every move in the streets. Jaime doesn't notice someone is following him. 

Dre's mission is to kill Pink Sneakers before Jaime can get to her.

As Jaime is out on the hunt for Pink Sneakers, he set up a massage for Angie back at the hotel. Someone comes to their room and greets Angie as Mrs. St. Patrick and she has to sign the receipt. 

*** Extra spoiler: (This will come back later to bite Jaime in the ass once the real Mrs. St Patrick, Tasha, is asked how she liked her massage. Tasha will realize Jaime lied and went to Miami with Angie)

Jaime heads to the store where he spotted Pink Sneakers at earlier. Once inside, he turns the video camera around, loads his gun and he means business. 

But, Pink Sneakers is not there. Instead, he runs into her grandpa who says the store is closed. Jaime hides the gun and plays off like he was a customer who forget his wallet and he leaves the store.

Kanan and Tommy Kill The Qdubs

Tommy and his new sidekick Kanan head over to talk to the Qdubs. 

Tommy wants the leader of the group (Rolla's brother) to make peace with Luis. But, the Qdubs believe Luis is the one who killed Rolla and they're not trying to mess with the Puerto Rican crew. 

Rolla's brother thinks Tommy is trying to roll up on him and hustle him. Then things go sour. Kanan quickly reminds the Qdubs that it was his territory at first, then he gave it to Jaime and Tommy and they gave it to the Qdubs.

"The shit is a loan, don't make us collect," Kanan threatens.

Tommy tries to plead his case and he tells the Qdubs leader that him and his crew aren't the enemies, they're his friends. Tommy says Luis didn't kill Rolla. 

Rolla's brother wants to know how Tommy is so sure, unless he killed Rolla himself. He then dismisses them and says he has a new connect that is cheaper. 

Tommy realizes the Qdub's aren't going to help him out and he's ready to back away and leave, but not Kanan.

Kanan starts some shit when he says to the Qdub leader, "You ain't never been that smart. It ain't your fault, you don't come from good parents. You know the real reason why they call you 'Quarter Water'? ... because ya momma used to charge 25 cents to pull a nigga dick after school."

"Fuck you, you bitch ass nigga." the Qdubs leader says to Kanan.

He steps to him, but Kanan shoots him in the neck. Tommy quickly shoots the other Qdubs so there are no witnesses. 

Save Our Dream,
Angela Finally Reveals The Truth About Her Job

Jaime was unsuccessful with killing Pink Sneakers and he heads back to the hotel room. Angie gives him the dirt that she was able to pull up on the nightclub owner who wouldn't sign the contracts earlier. 

Angie also tells Jaime that she filled out paperwork as well, "all of this is finally feeling real."

After sex and while they're cuddling in bed, Angie whispers, "Jaime, I love you I don't want to lose you."

"Why would you lose me?"

Angie gets straight to it and starts asking Jaime what his relationship is with Tommy and if Tommy's name is on everything.

She then reveals the truth about her job and tells Jaime she's an assistant United States attorney. She's among a team of law enforcers and attorneys who are working on a drug case and Tommy is involved.

The truth is out now and Jaime gets upset (but, he already knew).

Angie explains why she couldn't say anything and said she's not supposed to by law. She could lose her job. She also explains how she wants to protect Jaime and that he may have to testify against Tommy.

Angie said Tommy has been in the streets for their entire lives and asks Jaime if it ever crossed his mind how Tommy got the money to invest in his club business. 

Jaime questions the night they reconnected at the club. Angie says that wasn't a set up. 

She's going to put Tommy in jail but she loves Ghost and doesn't want him to lose everything, but he has to testify against his best friend.

Jaime says he has known Tommy for 20+ years, how could Angie ask him to do this.

Angie also says, "Have you ever heard anyone on the streets call Tommy by the name of Ghost?" 

Jaime gets this serious look on his first when he realizes Angie knows his street name. 

"No, never," he answers. 

"I don't want you to lose your future because you're mixed up with Tommy and I don't want to lose you either, I love you," Angie says to Jaime. 

Jaime tells Angie that Tommy is not what she thinks he is. 

She asks Jaime if he is willing to help her so she can help him, or is he going to leave her.

"I can't leave you. Fuck, Angie," Jaime says as he's crying. "I love you."

But, Jaime has this look in his eyes as he hugs Angie. Does he mean it?

Eventually he's going to have to choose: rat out his best friend to be with the one he loves and save his dream or turn his back on Angie and risk everything. 

The next morning, Jaime is on the balcony of their hotel suite, talking on the phone with Tommy. He didn't mention the information he just found out from Angie.

Angie joins him on the balcony and Jaime says he won't let Tommy or anything come between them. He also tells Angie she can trust him, he's in 100 percent, and he won't discuss anything she tells him.

"We'll be fine, just like we planned," Jaime says and gives her a hug.

Pink Sneakers Gets Killed, 
Bye Bye, Miami

Jaime returns to the Miami nightclub to convince the same owner to sign the contract from Simon. The club owner has a change of heart after hearing the dirt Jaime has on him and decides to sign the contract. 

He warns Jaime, "once you get in bed with Stern, it's impossible to get out."

Jaime says if they both work hard and put money away then they can beat Stern at his own game. Jaime believes he'll be the last man standing in his nightclub. 

Towards the end of the episode, Angie and Jaime head out to eat and enjoy their last night out in Miami. They're sitting at a booth and browsing the menu, and guess who wonders in? Pink Sneakers! Jaime spots her. 

Pink Sneakers orders takeout. She looks up at a mirror in the restaurant and see's Jaime sitting in the booth and looking at her. She cancels her takeout and heads out of the restaurant. 

Jaime "accidentally" drops his knife on the floor. He picks it up and tells Angie he has to use the bathroom. He heads out of the restaurant and chases after Pink Sneakers.

Pink Sneakers heads back to her grandpa's store but Dre is standing in front of the store. She spots him, turns around and runs. Now Dre and Jaime are both running after Pink Sneakers.

Dre reaches her first in an alleyway, stabs her in the stomach and then he runs off. 

Jaime finds Pink Sneakers, but the job is already done. As she's bleeding from her stomach and dying, Jaime wants answers. He asks if Rolla hired her.

"Dumb motherfucker. No, not Rolla," she answers right before she dies. 

Now Jaime knows someone else hired her, but who?

*** Extra spoiler: Shit is about to get real. Jaime will figure out that Kanan wants him dead, he's the one who ordered the hit. Jaime and Tasha are the reason Kanan went to jail. 

Jaime heads back to the restaurant and Angie asks if everything is okay. Of course it is, Pink Sneakers is dead.

Jaime and Angie take a flight back home and the fairy tale is over. 

Shawn picks up Jaime and see's him kissing Angie goodbye. Angie gets in a cab and they both go their separate ways. Time to face reality. 

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  2. you are a silly person..they are reciting lines other people wrote..nobody got that from that scene...and you have too much time on your hands when your trying to connect a fake tv show to real life... quarter water ...40 water failed connection ..btw why are you following a n#ggaz son on twitter? its a great show enjoy it

  3. LaLa,

    Thank you for the spoilers's been real legit. Here is my take tell me if i'm semi close

    Once ghost figures out it's Kanan he will make the police think kana is the ghost they are looking for

    Tommy will have to kill holly because she knows too much

    Tasha will start messing with Kanan once she finds out that Jamie took Angela to Mia

    1. Hey! I haven't seen the entire season, I only had got my hands on the first five episodes of this season.
      I can tell you that Tasha will start messing around with Shawn though, after he has sex with her friend Keisha.
      And, Holly is actually going to spill a huge secret to Angela... she's going to tell her in episode 5 that Jaime is Ghost, not Tommy!


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