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La La Diaries: My Side Piece Wants My Baby & Tries To Trap Me, An Accident Ends Things For Good

*** Entry #7 ***

Part 3: The End Of Our Fling

When it all falls down, it falls down HARD...

Right after graduating from college, like right after, I was still wearing my cap and gown in the car on the ride back home. I'm excited, I'm pumped, I finally got my degree, I'm ready to take on the world, and I'm ready to celebrate and go out to eat with my family. 

I decide to ride back with my boyfriend and I tell my family we'll meet them at the restaurant... but, him and I never made it to the restaurant to celebrate. 

My boyfriend's car got side swiped on the highway by a semi-truck in the lane next to us. When the truck hit us, it popped my boyfriend's back tire, spun our car around and we were getting pushed inside the vehicle by the truck. 

It's crazy how life works. One minute I'm living it up, having fun and then the next minute my life flashes before my eyes and all I'm thinking about is how I'm about to lose the man I'm in love with. 

At that very moment, I didn't think about anyone else and no other guy mattered. Just thinking my boyfriend and I are about to die was the scariest moment of my life.

Let me rewind first and get back to the events leading up to the car accident ... 

So, my side piece DJ was losing it. 

Like I mentioned at the end of part 2, he really thought I would give him a ticket to my graduation ceremony. He even mentioned waiting outside for me because he wanted to give me a graduation present.

Umm, how about no, and fuck NO. 

I start thinking, DJ can't come, he'll ruin everything and I'll be exposed. This shit has to end NOW. 

I tell my ex friend (the one who knew him first) we gotta go and meet up with DJ, I need to talk to him. So, off we go... we scoop him up and head to her cousin's apartment. Her cousin actually only lived a couple blocks down the street from DJ. 

We're all chilling and I tell DJ I need to talk to him in private, so we head out back to go outside. He starts asking how my day was and he's acting all nice and I'm like fuck, I can't do it. I can't bring myself to tell him we're done. 

Next thing I know... ah shit, you already know ... he's inside me.

Seriously, do I have a problem? 

Here I am, hands on the grass, legs wide open, taking these back shots...

Hold up! Wait a sec...

All of a sudden, I feel extra wet. Matter of fact, I'm too wet down there ... and his pumps are slowing down.

I tap his leg and say, "did you just cum in me!?!"

He says no. 

I don't believe him and I tell him I'm extra wet.

He replies, "That's just you, you know how wet I make you."

I tell him I don't get THAT wet ... his shit is leaking down my inner thigh. 

So, now I'm heated because I know he's lying.... and, there's no tissues! 

Where are the fucking tissues!?!

He runs back inside and comes back out with napkins. I wipe myself, get myself together and I confront him, again.

DJ and I had the baby discussion before and I would always think he's just talking shit when telling me he wants to be a dad soon. He would also say he wants ME to be the mother of his child and he wants to make us more... and blah, blah, blah. 

I don't think so, buddy. 

Now I'm yelling at him, "you came in me and you're trying to knock me up!"

He continues to deny and says he would never do that.

I'm so not beat for this. 

The very next day I purchased the Plan B pill. 

I called DJ up afterwards and told him I took the pill to be on the safe side and guess what? ... This motherfucker actually had the nerve to got mad AT ME! 

He started talking some shit, "Why did you do that?" ... "You don't trust me!" ... And, blah, blah, blah...

Nigga, please! Like, seriously?

That was the last time DJ and I had sex. 

I felt weird and I felt like he tried to trap me that night and I didn't like it. He really tried to make me believe I was THAT wet. Unbelievable!

I also got tested for HIV. I told both of my ex friends what happened and they came with me to get tested as well. 

We all sat and waited for the results. My two ex friends were talking in the waiting area, but I don't even know what they were talking about because I was just zoned out thinking a bunch of 'what if's.' 

I've never been so nervous in my entire life. What if I have HIV or some other disease? How could I be so stupid! I've always been careful but got caught up. What if I passed that shit to someone else? What if my boyfriend has it? I felt like I was going to pass out and I went numb. 

My mind continued to wonder all over the place ... I'm going to be another fucking statistic ... What a dummy ... This would be the worst karma, ever, if I catch something from this dude.

Waiting for the results felt like we waited for months. 

When the results came back, I thought I was going to pass out, again. 


A huge weight has been lifted off of me. I felt like I had a clean slate in life and I was able to breathe again. All of us were negative. I did cartwheels in the hallway on our way out leaving the building.

But, I knew it wasn't over. I also later got screened for other tests and everything turned out good. What a relief!

Some weeks go by and I'm thinking DJ will forget about my graduation, but he didn't. After going back and forth for awhile on the phone, he eventually gets it through his head... NO! But, I'm scared his ass is going to just pop up anyway.

While I was sitting through the ceremony, I had DJ's crazy ass in the back of my mind, scared that I would see him ... but, he never did come ... or at least I don't think he did. 

So yay, I graduated college and I'm so happy, my family is so proud and my boyfriend, he's so proud of me too. We all agree to meet at this restaurant for my graduation dinner at a specific time and then we split up.  

Things quickly turn left ...

When the truck hit my boyfriend's car and spun us around, the driver hit his breaks at the last minute, but the truck was pushing our car sideways while slowing down. Thank goodness no other car or object was infront of our car or we would've been sandwiched in between. 

I feel like the accident happened in slow motion. As I'm watching this big ass truck slam into the driver side door, the window glass crashes down on my boyfriends back. I'm screaming and crying and reaching for him to get out of his seat and come over to my side because his side is getting crushed.

My boyfriend manages to move over and we squeeze in on my side. While I'm hysterically crying, he was actually calm and comforting me, saying "we'll be fine, everything will be fine."

My nerves were so bad that I pee'd a little on myself.

The truck eventually breaks and we stop moving. My boyfriend's car was totaled, but the good thing is, we both managed to make it out of the accident with no major cuts, bruises or broken bones. 

I'm here (well duh, I'm writing this story), he's here, we're alive, we're good. 

I kept on sobbing while my boyfriend called my parents and alerted them we were in a car accident but we're okay. 

We were very lucky that day to walk away from that accident. 

I took that moment as a wake up call from God. I was going down the wrong path in life and I felt like the accident was a warning... a warning to get my shit together. 

The accident showed me, things you take for granted can quickly be taken away from you. 

I had to stop this thing with DJ. I had to stop cheating. And, eventually, my boyfriend has to know the truth, about everything.

Later that evening, DJ found out about the accident through my ex friend because I told her, and of course she ran her mouth and told him. DJ called me and sounded all worried on the phone. I said I was okay, the car was totaled, but the main thing is we're both okay. 

I was still shaken up and in a little bit of shock for the next couple of days, but I managed.

After telling DJ how I almost lost my boyfriend and that the accident was a sign, I ended things with him ... for good this time. 

He told me he loves me and was glad I'm okay. He understood my decision and didn't try to change my mind. 

I never saw DJ again and my boyfriend eventually found out everything ... oh, and I do mean E V E R Y T H A N G!

DJ and I remained Facebook friends for a little bit until he unfriended me. I also deleted my old page. I eventually returned to Facebook, but with a new and improved, more cleaned up page (meaning: there's no more side pieces or exes lingering around on my new Facebook page). 

DJ started messing around with some other Spanish chick immediately after him and I were done, my ex friend told me. That made me think that other chick was around the entire time him and I were talking, but whatever, I don't care.

Fast forward some more...

DJ is a father. My ex friend told me that news as well because she kept in touch with him. She just had to show me a photo of his kid... cute, like his father. The mother, eh, I saw her photo online, she was just aight. 

DJ's relationship status on Facebook changed constantly until he finally met a chick he could knock up. After dating for some months and having a daughter, they're currently not together, but co-parenting. 

Fast forward to the present day...

Him and I still aren't Facebook friends. But, I sent a message to his 'Other' inbox telling him his daughter is beautiful. Months later, he eventually saw the message and responded. We quickly chatted and he asked me about my career, asked if I had any kids and he asked if my boyfriend and I were married yet. 

DJ then had the balls to ask if he could take me to lunch so we can talk some more face-to-face. 

"I don't think that's a good idea, I'm sorry," I typed out and sent to him. 

He said he understood. I read the message and didn't reply. There was nothing else to say. And, that's the very last time I heard from him. 

As for my ex friend ... well, I name her "ex friend" in these stories for a reason. So, she moved to another state and we eventually started talking less and then not talking at all. 

I came to realize, in order to grow in life, you have to break away from toxic people. Was she a good friend? At the time, yeah, I thought she was. But, every time I hung out with this ex friend of mine, all we did was bullshit: party, drink, drive around, meet dudes, chill in other people's houses, smoke, talk a bunch of shit, etc. 

Time was passing by and I was just bullshitting. It was time for me to put on my big girl panties and start taking my career serious. We don't get any younger. It was time for me to do more productive things with my time, hang out with people who were more serious about their work, people who will motivate me. It was time for me to grow the fuck up and it was time to let this friend go. 

Now, don't get me wrong, I still drink and I'm still a hot mess, but I'm a better mess (if that makes any sense). My ex friend was toxic to me and I didn't realize it until after a lot of shit happened. 

... Oh, and what about my relationship status with 'the boyfriend'? Well, there's way more diary entries to be written. 

Stay tuned!

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