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POWER Season 3, Ep. 304: 'Don't Worry, Baby' (FULL RECAP)

"Don't Worry, Baby" Season 4, Ep. 303 - Full Recap!

Ghost Has To Balance The Club, Angela & His Family

Tasha has to volunteer at Tariq's school to smooth everything over with his principal after his gun incident, and he also has to attend therapy. 

Tasha is talking to Ghost over the phone and is filling him in. She asks him to pick their son up from school, but he says he can't because he has a big meeting at the club. 

"Tariq needs to know that he's a priority in your life," Tasha tells him. "You need to show your face around here once in awhile."

Ghost asks how is he supposed to see his kids if they can't go over Angela's place.

"You can see them anytime you want, as long as it's not at Angela's. I don't need Raina coming home with a fucking switch blade," Tasha responds before hanging up.

Angela is near Ghost and overhears him talking in the bathroom.

"Jaime, I'm so sorry, this is all my fault." she says. "The last thing I want to do is keep you away from your kids."

"What's done is done, Angela."

She asks Ghost if he's comfortable with his kids coming back to her place.

"You made a mistake, Angela," he answers. "I mean, it won't happen again."

"No, it won't," she replies.


Later on, she waits in the lobby until she see's Tasha walking in. 

She's surprised to see Angela waiting for her and asks, "Is he in jail? Is he dead?"

"No, Jaime is fine," Angela responds. "I got Tariq's record expunged." 

She goes on to tell Tasha that Tariq's school reported the gun incident to the NYPD. So, she called in a favor and now it'll be like it never happen. 

"Tasha, I'm sorry, this is my fault," Angela says. "It was the best I could do."

"You know you didn't do it for Tariq," Tasha tells her. "You sure as hell didn't do it for me. You did this for Ghost."

She adds, "and, as long as you stay in this "thing" with him, you're gonna be doing for Ghost for the rest of your life."

After their little meeting, Angela heads back to her apartment and walks in smiling as she see's Ghost drinking wine in the kitchen.

"You went to see Tasha?" Ghost says to her. "What the hell were you thinking!?" 

"It seemed like the right thing to do, I had good intentions," she replies.

"I appreciate you taking care of Tariq's record, but you should ask me before you go over there."

Angela steps up and tells him, "I don't need to ask for your permission, Jaime."

"Oh, yes, you do," he says right back. "Especially when it comes to my wife."


Angela looks shocked that Ghost used the 'W" word when talking about Tasha. 

"You know what I mean," he tells Angela. 

"No, I don't think I do," she responds.

Ghost is saved by the doorbell as her sister, Paz, is back in the picture and visits for dinner. 

Paz notices a piece of paper on the counter when she walks in and says Ghost paid Angela's rent. 

Angela says, "Jaime, why would you do that?"

"I had good intentions, so what's the problem?," he responds with a smile. 

During dinner, Ghost, Angela and Paz are reminiscing about the past and when Ghost and Angela dated back in the day.

"How are your kids?," Paz asks him, "How did they take the news about the divorce?"

She notices the expression on Ghost and Angela's faces and says, "you're not divorced yet!?"

"He's working on it," Angela answers.

"Sure," Paz replies.

Ghost tells Paz about an open job position at his club for her son. But, she declines and says she wouldn't want to put her son in an awkward position just in case things don't work out between him and Angela. 


Tasha talks to Tariq and tells him that Angela made his record disappear. She also tells her son they are not like other families. And, she preps him on not saying more than he needs to say when he meets with the therapist.

"There are certain things about us that your father and I don't want anyone to know."

Holly Is Focused On Ghost Being Killed

Tommy and Holly have an intense sex round and right after he busts a nut, Tommy tells her to call Tasha to set up a meeting so she can sign some paperwork. 

Holly asks Tommy how things went with Tariq and he tells her Ghost showed up instead.

"You didn't do it!?" she asks.

"I thought I was gonna be hoopin' with Tariq, I didn't have my fucking piece on me," Tommy says.

Holly won't let this Ghost thing go and says, "maybe there's another way."

She suggests hiring someone else to take out Ghost, thinking it'll be easier. 

But, Tommy recalls the time he outsourced with the Jamaican's before and says it didn't go as well. He also tells Holly that Lobos wants him to personally kill Ghost.

"Well, I guess you better do it," she says.

Tommy isn't focused on Ghost right now. Instead, he's getting ready to meet with the Koreans about the extra product he owes them. After he leaves the apartment, Holly calls and schedules an appointment at the doctors office or for "other options" as she says.

The Hands Can Jerk Off

Kanan's cousin, Jukebox, is still in the picture and running shit. She has her people over her house and is planning out her next crooked operation, another robbery. In walks Kanan and he's ready to get his hands dirty again.

"I'm not 100 percent, but I can hold a gun," Kanan assures Jukebox. 

But, she's doubting him and responds, "I bet you can't even jerk off yet."

Well, it's time to test out if Kanan's hands really work.

Candie (Jukebox's girlfriend) says to him, "Jukebox don't think you can jerk off, is she right?" 

Candie wastes no time taking her top off and exposing the top half of her body. 

Kanan goes to touch her thigh, but she smacks his hand away and says, "nah son, you ain't about to smash, this is about your hands."

He puts his hands in his pants and starts jerking off as she's sitting there with her boobs out. 

50 Cent really shows the head of his penis in this scene.

Candie tells Kanan, "nah, you can't be having all the fun."

Kanan fingers her as he continues jerking off. 

After his little hand test, Candie reports to Jukebox who was right upstairs listening to the moans coming from her girl. Candie says Kanan is ready, both of his hands work. 

Kanan Is Back On The Streets 

"Showtime motherfuckers," Kanan yells out.

Him and Jukebox's crew approach a jewelry store in their getaway car. Their faces are covered with masks and they quickly rush in the store with guns. Kanan immediately picks out one of the associates and pushes him towards the back of the store. Come to find out, this associate is in on the heist so he opens the safe with no problem. 

But, Kanan can't be trusted though. After he empties out the safe, he shoots the jewelry associate who helped him right in the face. 

"Peace, nigga," Kanan says.

Kanan is cold blooded, but we already knew this after he shot and killed his own son. 

After Kanan and the other dudes make a break for it, Jukebox rolls up in her police car. Once she realizes her crew made it out safely, she calls the robbery in and says four white males pulled off in a truck. 

Can't Sell A Ghost

Ghost has top security watching him at the club now. The head security guys asks Ghost if there's anyone in particular they should be looking out for, anyone who may be threatening. But, Ghost doesn't mention Lobos' name and says it's just club business.

"It's simply competitive," Ghost says. "When you have something that everybody wants, it's easy to create enemies."

He asks security to stay by him awhile longer, just to be on the safe side.

Little does Ghost know, he'll need even extra security once Kanan comes looking for him. 

Later on, Ghost lets Dre sit in on his important meeting with Karen, the important business woman who is interested in purchasing extra club space. 

Karen says she has one problem after doing her research on Ghost. She realized his face needs to be blasted more on social media for him to connect more with his clients. But, Ghost likes that his brand is a mystery and tells Karen people are intrigued by the unknown.

"Your brand needs a face, I can't sell a ghost," she tells him. 

Cracking The Lobos Case Open

Angela thinks she has a break in the case. After telling her boss, Mike, he wastes no time texting an unknown number that there might be a problem now. 

Meanwhile, Greg plans on meeting up with Ruiz (who used to be on Lobos' team) in San Diego. Greg is on a mission to get Ruiz to testify against Lobos and for him to spill the truth about the entire operation. If Greg ever found out Lobos is alive, he would use Ruiz as a direct witness against him. 

Greg later on finds Ruiz doing janitorial work in a restaurant kitchen. He goes by the name 'Armando Garcia' now, so he tells Greg, and he plays dumb at first. 

"Guess you had nowhere else to go when Lobos forced you out, hunh?" Greg says to Ruiz. 

"God, I bet you're pissed. Fuck, I know I would be if someone took away everything I worked for."

Greg goes on to tell Ruiz that Lobos is looking to kill him and his family. He then offers him a deal to testify against Lobos and gain his business back. 

A Drug Dealer's Future Baby Mama

Holly and Tommy head over to Tasha's house. Everything seems back to normal between Tasha and Tommy, especially since he's searching for leftover food in her kitchen. He asks Holly when is she going to learn how to cook.

"A way to a man's heart is through his stomach," he tells Holly.

"I got other skills," Holly responds.

"I know that's right!," he says. 

Tariq walks in and Tommy goes to talk some sense to him. Holly watches how good of an uncle Tommy is and she smiles. While she thinks Tasha is not looking, she quickly dumps her glass of wine in the sink.

Tasha peeps what Holly did, walks closer to her and says, "Since when does wine get wasted with you?"

Tariq questions his father's actions and tells Tommy, "it's like he can do whatever he wants and gets away with it."

Tommy reassures him that his father loves him and he tells Tariq he has his back forever. 

Tasha takes Holly into the other room after it doesn't take her long to figure out she's pregnant. 

"What the fuck you gonna do with a baby?" she asks Holly. 

"You gonna be a dealer's baby momma? You have no clue what you're getting yourself into. Every time Tommy walks out that door, he may never come back. You think you can raise a kid on your own?"

Tasha also finds out that Tommy doesn't know about the baby yet. Holly hasn't decided if she's keeping the baby or not. 

She warns Holly, "If he [Tommy] found out you did something without talking to him first, well, I wouldn't want to be you when he finds out."

Later on, Holly and Tommy go home and she's back on the topic of killing Ghost. Holly asks him if he reached out to the Jamaicans yet. 

"Are you ever gonna do it?" she yells out.

Tommy thinks she doesn't believe in him anymore. 

Holly is ready to talk but Tommy cuts her off and says, "nah, fuck that, I'm done talking."

Some Candie For Kanan

"Where's Jukebox?" Kanan asks Candie as he approaches her in the kitchen.

Candie tells him that her girlfriend is at work "keeping the streets safe."

He gives her a bracelet (one of the stolen pieces of jewelry) and says now she can have her own money and not have to worry about Jukebox taking care of her.

But, Candie doesn't accept the bracelet and says, "Jukebox gives me everything I need."

"Everything?," Kanan asks.

It doesn't take long before he gets between her legs and fucks Candie right on the counter in the kitchen. 

"I ain't gon' say nothing if you don't say anything," he whispers in her ear as her legs are wrapped around his waist. 

The Star Witness

Greg is welcomed back on the team after his suspension. He announces to his coworkers that he found Ruiz who is willing to testify against Lobos. 

"And, I think we can convince him to give us the whole network," Greg says while looking directly at a nervous Angela.

Uh oh! Ghost is gonna go down if Ruiz talks!

Tasha Has To Figure Out Herself Without Ghost

Tasha is talking to her friend, LaKeisha when she realizes she did everything for Ghost when they were together. Ghost always made the decisions for Tasha and their family when he was around, from her looks to the way the house is decorated. 

"I dressed the way he liked, I wore my hair the way he wanted me to," Tasha tells her friend. "I don't really remember who I was before him."

LaKeisha tells Tasha how great of a catch she is and she's happy she has her friend back. She finds a gun in Tasha's purse and wants to know why she's carrying a gun in her hair salon.

"I was protecting us," Tasha says.

"You're being straight with me?" LaKeisha asks. "You're just carrying a piece to be safe? There's nothing else going on, right?"

"You're my girl," Tasha tells her, "If there was something else going on, I would tell you, you know that."

Tommy Is On The Hit List

Dre finds out from one of his hommies on the block that the Korean's plan on killing a white dude tonight. The only white dealer they know of who could possibly fit the description is Tommy. 

Dre immediately calls Ghost to warn him about his old friend Tommy. Dre wants to know if he should fuck up the Koreans, but he tells Dre to chill. Ghost calls Tommy to warn him, but there's no answer, as usual.

Right after, Tommy is seen at the church doing private confessions and hustling at the same damn time. After getting his money, Tommy confesses that he's been asked to do this "thing" (as he calls it) but he doesn't think he can do it. 

Tommy is worried if he doesn't do this "thing" then people will think he can't stand on his own.

Tommy is told by the priest to figure out if doing this "thing" is the right thing to do and who gets hurt if he doesn't do it.

Tommy exits the church and starts walking down the sidewalk right when a car drives up. The Korean's are in the car rocking bandanna's on their face. They shoot at Tommy as he quickly ducks behind a parked car and he gets clipped in the arm. The car Tommy is hiding behind gets shot up a lot, luckily he doesn't. 

Then out of nowhere, Ghost pops up in the middle of the shooting. He runs up on the car as they are distracted shooting at Tommy, and he shoots two of the Korean's in the head and kills them. The driver speeds off and Ghost disappears back into the night all before Tommy can turn around and see who was shooting at him and who just saved him. 

Ghost STILL has Tommy's back!

Also, sitting in the cut watching it all, is Ghost's head security guy who he was chatting with earlier. 

Ghost quickly returns to his club and it was like he never left. His head security guy is also back at the club. 

Ghost meets with Karen again and she's happy that his face is now all over social media.

"Now everyone will know James St. Patrick," she tells him. 

Kanan's Plan For Ghost

Meanwhile, at the strip club, Jukebox and Kanan are getting ass thrown on them as they talk about Candie. She said her girlfriend told her about sleeping with Kanan. 

Jukebox tells him, all he had to do was ask. She also tells Kanan he needs to leave her house now that he's healthier. 

"You got money now, you gotta plan?" she asks him.

"I'ma pop that nigga Ghost and take my business back," he says. " I ain't gonna lose to him again."

Jukebox tells Kanan to think of revenge and rethink his plan because killing Ghost would be too easy.

"You ever think he's worth more to you alive than dead?," she asks. "Before you make a move, you gotta ask yourself, what did Ghost really take away from you?"

Holly Is Handling Business, Angela Has Doubts

Angela starts having doubts about her and Ghost's relationship, especially after finding out that Greg is trying to get Luis to spill the beans. She knows her man is close to getting exposed.

"You're never home, I'm never home," she says to Ghost. "What are we doing, playing make believe?"

Ghost reassures Angela that that they'll be fine. 

He looks her straight in the face and says, "I'm not letting you go."


Tommy gets home and Holly see's the blood on his arm. 

"Don't worry baby, everything's gonna be alright," she tells him. 

She tells Tommy she has to buy some bandages and peroxide for him. 

In the very last scene, Holly is seen visiting a Jamaican restaurant, but she's not there to eat. She meets with one of the guys and pays him. 

"Who's the target?" the guy asks.

Holly pulls out her cellphone and shows him a picture of Ghost at his club holding a mic.

"James St. Patrick," she answers. 

Will the Jamaican's kill Ghost? Holly is going to get Tommy into a bunch of trouble, she needs to chill and worry about her baby. And, will Greg finally get the chance to expose Ghost?  

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