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POWER Season 4, Ep. 5 Recap: 'Don't Thank Me'

"Don't Thank Me" Season 4 Premiere, Ep. 405 - Full Recap

The Ball Is In Angela's Court, What Will She Do With It?

Angela confides in her sister, Paz, about James' case and reveals she has new information leading her to believe that he's an innocent man. 

"Oh my god," Paz says. "I can't believe you think he's innocent! After everything he put you through, you still have feelings for him." 

"Feelings?," Angela says. "I'm still angry at him. He still made me a fool and broke my heart. But, my feelings for him don't change the facts."

Angela hasn't told her team about this new information yet. There will be major consequences for her and her entire task force. Angela says if James didn't kill Greg then she can't let him die for something he didn't do. 

"He's a loser, a liar, and a cheat," Paz says in Spanish. "But, if you know something that can get the truth out, you gotta do it... if he's innocent."

Later on at the office, Angela talks to that snake, Mike. Remember, Angela saw Mike was the last person to look at The Truth surveillance cameras which showed James never even walked over to the bar, the spot where the gun was hidden and recovered. 

Angela tells Mike that she reviewed the surveillance cameras and says nowhere on there it shows James hiding the gun. 

"I think he may be innocent," Angela confesses. 

Obviously Mike is not interested in hearing this information. He already knows James is innocent. 

"Valdez, the defense already won their motion to suppress the gun," Mike says. 

What would reviewing the surveillance and telling the judge do for the prosecution to win the case, Mike points out. 

"It's the truth," Angela says. "I want justice for Greg's murder, but if St. Patrick didn't do it..."

"He did it, Angela."

"I thought so too, Mike, but how could we be so sure."

Angela thinks they should bring up the surveillance tapes to Mak. But, of course, Mike disagrees and says he doesn't want to risk losing the case merely on speculation. 

"These tapes are out, period," he says.

Mak and Saxe walk in with new found information on James' finances, a seven figure check written out to James from Tommy after they supposedly ended their business partnership. Mak says they don't know what the check was for but perhaps the check was issued for killing Greg, a possible "murder for hire," he says. 

Now the prosecution thinks they have a new way to nail James on the murder and to prove his entire business is corrupt. But, will Angela go along with it?

With Joe Proctor Out, James Has To Lean On Terry Silver

"I'm fucking angry," James says to Terry. "I'm angry that the lawyer I've trusted just got disqualified, I'm angry that I'm standing here with you, wondering if you're ready for this shit." 

Terry tells James that he needs to get over the fact that he doesn't like him and says, "... If we can't trust each other, I'm no good to you, and I'm the nigga standing between you and the needle." 

James listens as Terry explains the next hearing before the judge in which the prosecution will look into all of James' finances to look for anything that may pin him to the crime. 

"Any idea what that might be?" Terry asks.

James responds, "Just like the gun, I didn't do it. There's no evidence for prosecution to find to prove that I did it and Tasha runs our finances and there's nothing they'll find there." 

"If the business you shared with Thomas Egan is completely legit, then we don't have anything to worry about," Terry says. "Do we have anything to worry about?"

James is confident. He looks Terry right in the eyes and says, "No."

Tony Finds A New Way To Target James In Prison

Back in prison, Tony has a new plan. He makes small talk with Marshall Williams and tells him he knows hes being transferred. 

"I don't got shit to say to you, convict," Williams says. 

"What if the topic was James St. Patrick?" Tony says now sparking the interest of Williams. "Would you have something to say then?"

Tony continues, "We all know he [James] ain't your favorite convict here. He and that lawyer, they got money, they probably know people, right? I'm guessing they got you booted out of here. Now how would you like to get rid of him?"

Terry Connects With Tasha

Back at Tasha's place, Terry explains why Proctor was kicked off the case and says she may be in better hands with him. Terry double checks the finances with Tasha and he wants to make sure nothing is linked to criminal activity. 

"Sometimes I get the feeling that James is not being completely honest with me," Terry admits to Tasha. "He doesn't trust me, but you do, don't you?"

"Look, I don't know what you're getting at, but like I said, there's nothing, okay. We've always done everything on the up and up," Tasha says.

Terry lets Tasha know that he may have to put her on the stand at the next hearing so she can testify instead of James. He says if there's nothing criminal about the family finances then they have nothing to worry about. 

"I'm not sure if I can do this," Tasha admits.

"I haven't known you for a very long time, Mrs. St. Patrick, but I'm pretty sure if you put your mind to it, you can do anything," Terry reassures her. 

LaKeisha Is Really Feeling Tommy, But What Happened To Holly?

Keisha sparks up a blunt while in bed with Tommy.

"Impressive," Tommy says as he watches on.

"You like that?" 

"Yeah, look at you rolling that blunt. Most of the girls I've been with don't even know how to roll their hair."

"In that case, how do you roll a blunt, white boy? Don't ya'll use bongs and shit?" Keisha says jokingly. 

"Yeah, big ol' bongs like this," Tommy says while lifting up the sheets, showing Keisha his package. 

She questions Tommy about her weave shop. He knows it's hard for Keisha to trust him at the moment, but he just needs her to stay cool.

"Tasha knows what she's doing then things are gonna go back to the way they was, I promise you," he says and gives Keisha a kiss

Tommy soon gets a text from Tasha alerting him that Proctor is off the case and she may have to testify. Tommy sits up and responds to Tasha via text, "I'm on it."

As Keisha is still smoking her blunt in bed, she starts talking about how she's glad she can get a good dude and talk real shit with him. Then, she brings up Holly. 

Uh oh!

"Whatever happened between you and Holly? I know you said she's not coming back, so... I just don't wanna make the same mistake that she did," she asks.

Tommy turns around to face Keisha and says, "sorry, you say something?"

"Nah," Keisha responds.

In the next scene, Tommy finds Proctor on the sidewalk and hems him up against the wall. 

"When were you gonna tell me that you got kicked off of Ghost's case?"

"You're gonna break my arm!" Proctor yells out. 

"I don't give a fuck!" Tommy says.

Tommy asks about the club and the weave shop being closed and mentions Tasha possibly having to testify. 

Tommy tells Proctor that Tasha is just as involved as the rest of them and says the weave shop she's managing is being used to clean his money.

"How the fuck am I just hearing about this now!?" Proctor asks. 

Proctor now realizes this whole time Tasha was an accomplice and he finds out LaKeisha knows. 

"If Silver puts Tasha on the stand thinking it's all good and if the prosecutors know about the drug money and the weave shop, she's toast! All of you are!" Proctor warns Tommy and says there's no way to know if they found something until the hearing. 

Meanwhile, Tommy tells one of his associates that Truth club will be open soon and everything will be flowing smoothly in no time after hearing their connect in Chicago is losing their patience.  

An Old Face Returns 

James gets a surprising visit from his old boss, Simon Stern, who was the former owner of Truth nightclub.

"My my, if looks could kill... oops too soon?" Stern says to James on the phone while looking at him through the glass window. "Are they treating you right? You know, I've personally never been to prison, but the stories I've..."

"Simon," James says cutting him off. "I don't have time for this."

Simon doesn't believe James committed the crime and says he's not capable of such a crime even though everyone thinks he did it. Simon also tells James that he heard about the freezing of his assets and calls it "heartbreaking."

As James is about to hang up the phone and be done with Simon, he hears out his offer. Simon wants to provide James some financial assistance but James refuses his offer, hangs up on him and walks back to his cell. He wants nothing to do with Simon and doesn't want his help.

Angela Wants To Help 

Proctor later goes out to lunch with his daughter. 

"I'm surprised you're free this afternoon, you never have time to eat with me because you're always rushing out to work," she tells her father. 

Proctor tells her that he messed up at work and won't be working the big case anymore so now he'll have a lot more time to hang out. 

All of a sudden, Angela pops up. Surprise, surprise!

"Joe, we have to talk, please," she says. 

Him and Angela walk off to talk and she tells him that she watched the surveillance tapes from Truth and admits Proctor was right. 

"No, James was right, but you were too fucking busy arresting him and disqualifying me to see it."

"Help me fix this," Angela says. "I've already taken it to my office, and..."

"... Yeah, let me guess, those fucking assholes told you to leave it alone, right?" Proctor snaps back. "And, I'm supposed to be the dirty lawyer."

Proctor says if they present this new information to the judge, they know it will draw suspension towards the prosecution. 

"If James didn't put the gun there, they did," Proctor tells Angela. 

Angela says she can't accuse her office of framing James unless they know everything about James' involvement in all of this. 

"Look, if you really want to help me, you need to talk to him directly," Proctor says. "I can call Silver now."

"Thank you," Angela says and reaches out her hand for Proctor to shake.

"Yeah fucking right," Proctor says and walks away. 

Angela later has a sit down with James and his lawyer, Terry. She asks if the fingerprints were planted too. James looks at Terry who gives his nod of approval for James to talk so he admits to Angela that the fingerprints are his. James further explains, after Greg pulled him over, he learned Greg had evidence that pointed towards Angela being the mole. James says he went to Greg's apartment to get the evidence to protect her. 

"I'm getting framed for all of this," James says. 

"How can you expect me to believe anything you say now?" Angela responds.

"Because when you came in that apartment looking for Greg, I was hiding in the bathroom, you asked him how it went with MJ," James reveals. 

Angela recalls that day and asks James how does this prove he's being framed. 

Terry hands James the photo showing the burner phone in the drawer at Greg's apartment. James explains when he was there, the phone wasn't there. He says the mole planted the phone and he thinks the mole killed Greg.

"There has to be some part of you that knows I didn't do this otherwise why would you be sitting here right now?" James says. 

Terry cuts in and says, "Ms. Valdez, what can you do for us?"

Angela and James stare at each other for a little and then she goes on to reveal what the prosecution is going to bring to the table during the next court hearing... the seven figure check Tommy wrote which they think was a payment to James for Greg's murder. 

"It's bullshit," James says. 

Terry realizes this can lead to a RICO case if there's criminal activity involved with the finances. He excuses Angela and says he needs to speak with his client in private. 

"James, I need you to be completely honest with me. This check, is it anything that can support a RICO case?" Terry asks. 

James explains the check was a loan that he used to pay his former security firm that has since been terminated. Terry asks if Tasha can testify to that since she manages the money, because he thinks Tasha testifying may be their best option. 

Back at Tasha's house, Keisha helps her bestie pick out an outfit to wear in court. Tasha says if Terry wants her to testify, that means she'll have to tell him everything, even about the weave shop.

"You trust Silver?" Keisha asks. 

"I don't know if he would work as hard to help Ghost if he knew the truth about all of us," Tasha says. 

Keisha gets a texts, views it and then sighs. 

"Who'd you want that to be?" Tasha asks.

"Nobody," Keisha answers. 

"Hmm, mmm, a man?" Tasha asks while poking into Keisha's business. "Girl, you're out here getting your back blown out and you didn't even tell me!"

Keisha laughs and then says, "Yeah, but it's more than that. I caught feelings which was stupid and I don't think he feels the same way."

"Well first off, any nigga that's not smart enough to realize how lucky he is to be with you is not worth your goddamn time." 

"Well, I appreciate that. I never dated a white boy before. Maybe they're different," Keisha says.

Tasha laughs and says she never thought she would see the day her friend decided to date a white man.

"He ain't no cornball, he got flavor!" Keisha says. 

"The only white boy I know like that is Tommy and he only dates red heads," Tasha says. 

Keisha realizes she's talking too much so she quickly changes the subject and goes back to picking out an outfit for Tasha. 


Tommy pops up at Tasha's house and goes to Tariq's room. He notices Tariq's funky fresh gear and asks if his mom bought it for him. But, Tariq says nah, he bought it himself from just some cash he saved up. 

"Yo, Uncle T, can I ask you something? ... How old were you when you first had sex?"

"Why you asking?" Tommy says.

"Nah, I was just wondering," Tariq answers.

"Tariq, did you hit some girl?!"

Tommy is shocked to find out Tariq is having sex and asks for details, like if he strapped up. Tariq says he strapped up and that it happened at a party that Dre took him to. 

"Uncle Tommy, can we keep this between me and you?"

"Yeah, no doubt." Tommy says. "Well, hurry up, you have to get ready for court." 

Tasha later arrives at court with the kids. She quickly whispers to Terry and says she needs to talk to him because there's something he needs to know. But, Terry says it'll have to wait and that everything will be fine. 

James gets brought in. He's wearing a grey suit and matching tie. 

Finally some other clothes besides that orange prison jumpsuit! Now, THIS is the James we know!

The prosecution wastes no time bringing up Tommy's check to the judge and argues that it may have been a payment to kill off Greg. But, Terry says, it could just be a payment between two pals. 

"Seven figures, it must be one hell of a loan," Mak says to the judge. 

Terry disputes this and in a shocking twist, he calls James to the stand, which is a surprise to Tasha. The prosecution seems shocked as well, but James is ready. 

Thanks to Angela, the check information didn't catch Terry and James off guard and they had time to prepare James' testimony. 

James explains the purpose of the check, his three nightclubs, and why he went to Tommy, he needed the immediate cash. He explains that he's a business man, a husband, a father, and a friend, and Tommy's loan was simply that. 

The judge dismisses everyone for a break and Mak says to his team, "It was bad, but we still have the upper hand here."

Mak says by Terry putting James on the stand, it's fair game and this is their chance. 

"I agree," Mike says in agreement. "And, I know how to get him."

Stern pops up, again, during the break session, and he briefly chats with Tasha.

"How's the single life treating you?" Tasha asks. 

"You'd be surprised how energized you feel when you're free," Stern says. "Speaking of freedom. It's such a shame that innocent man is being railroaded."

Stern brings up James and Tasha's financial issues again, he wants to help them.

"That's nice of you, but we're good," Tasha says. 

Before she walks away, Stern hands Tasha his business card, just in case she changes her mind. 

After the break, Mike questions James on the stand about his relationship with Tommy. He continues to go on with the story that James broke into Greg's apartment to kill him.

As Mike is badgering James about murdering Greg, James yells out, "I didn't kill Greg!"

Mike ends his argument with saying, "no further questions, your Honor. Although I am curious, how does the defendant know the victim well enough to call him Greg?" 

Mike walks away thinking he got it in the bag. The judge tells James he can step down and he makes his ruling for the check to be admitted into evidence. 

Mak smiles and shakes hands with Mike. That's one win for the prosecution. 

James is pissed and as he's being handcuffed to return to prison, he looks at his family and Raina is crying. He then glances over at Angela who looks worried. 

Ghost Comes Out And Attacks!

Back at the prison, Terry and James discuss what just happened in court. 

"Where were you in there? Ain't it your fucking job to make sure that doesn't happen?" James says.

Terry knows they took a risk with putting James on the stand and says all they can do now is prepare for the reality of the trial. He says he will bring on more assistants from his firms to help with the case and private investigators to look for clues that the FBI may have ignored. All of this will cost money. He also warns James that the media attention may increase. 

James realizes he doesn't have the money to hire on extra help for his case. 

He asks Terry, "You think we can win?" 

Later on, James is in the prison gym, taking his anger out on a punching bag and in walks Marshal Williams. Everyone else clears out. As James is about to leave too, Williams stops him. 

Williams starts messing with James and says, "What's your rush, killer? Must've been a hard day in court, sitting there with your nigglets watching their daddy get told he ain't nothing but a murdering piece of shit."

"You ain't gotta talk like that to me, man," James says. 

Play it cool, James! Don't let Ghost slip out!

Williams continues taunting James and starts talking about his wife, saying it won't be long until another dude comes along and "dicks that pussy out."

"... Maybe even a nigga with a badge.... your wife and kids calling me daddy." 

Welp, that's it. 

James looses his cool and he snaps! He punches Williams right in the throat and starts punching him even more. The two are scrappin' on the floor and Williams starts beating James with that black baton. 

James crawls on the floor to find anything to stop Williams. He reaches for the nearest weight on the floor and cracks Williams upside the head with it. When Williams falls, James smashes his head in with the weight and repeatedly hits him with it over and over again as Williams head caves in and starts bleeding out on the floor. 

Tony walks in the gym with Biscuit, that same prisoner who took James' biscuit and got dealt with before. They see Williams dead and bleeding out on the floor and James is kneeling over Williams with blood splattered all over his undershirt and blood all over his face.

Biscuit lunges at James' stomach with a knife but James quickly stops him. As James puts all his strength into stopping Biscuit from stabbing him, Tony watches on and realizes he can capitalize off of this opportunity. Tony grabs Biscuit off of James and puts him in a headlock. 

"What are you doing?" Biscuit yells out to Tony.

"Sorry, change of plans," Tony says as he's choking him out. 

James stands there and watches as Tony kills Biscuit. 

"Take your clothes off!" Tony yells to James. 

James starts undressing and wiping the blood off of his face while Tony explains they're going to make it look like a suicide... Biscuit killed Williams, realized what he did and didn't want to take the death penalty so he hung himself on some gym equipment, Tony plans out. 

James quickly switches prison clothes with Biscuit. Tony hangs Biscuit up with a belt around his neck to make it look like he hanged himself. Tony picks up the knife off the floor and him and James walk out the gym side by side. 

Hmm. Tony switched that plan REAL quick! He didn't want James to kill him too!


Meanwhile, Tommy meets up with Dre who thought of a way to bring in some extra cash while the club is closed. 

Tommy is impressed with Dre stepping up but then questions him about bringing Tariq to that party.

"What are you talking about?" Dre says. 

"If you keep playing stupid, I'll break your face," Tommy threatens. 

Dre swears he didn't take Tariq to a party and says he just dropped him off at his friends house. Tommy wants Dre to run anything happening with Tariq by him first. 

Tommy Admits To Killing Holly

Tasha tells Tommy that she has to go back to court because things didn't go well the last time. 

"We're looking at a mountain of shit and it includes all of us and that's why I need to know if you're fucking LaKeisha," Tasha asks.

"What? No," Tommy says.

"Bullshit, I ain't stupid..." Tasha says. "I know you two. She's going on and on about this white boy who is hittin' it right."

Tommy sips his orange juice as he tries to act like he doesn't know what's going on. 

"She said I was hitting it right?" he asks. 


Tommy comes clean and tells Tasha that him and Keisha started hooking up after all the Milan stuff popped off and revealed he had Keisha in hiding. 

Tasha thanks Tommy for saving Keisha's life and then she brings up Holly. She thought Tommy would try and find Holly after their breakup, especially after knowing she was pregnant. 

Tommy finally tells the truth about Holly.

"Holly ain't coming back, Tasha, ever. We didn't break up. She didn't run away. She dead."

Tasha is shocked, "Dead? What the hell happened?" 

Tommy explains how Holly wanted him to kill Ghost but he couldn't do it so Holly tried to do it herself. He says at the time, he didn't know about the baby and he never would have put hands on her if he knew Holly was pregnant. 

"I thought she killed Ghost. I thought Ghost was dead," Tommy says. "I understand if you want me to get out."

"I can't get away from myself," Tommy says and puts his hands over his face and cries. 

"I understand why you did what you did," Tasha says. "We're a family and we protect each other."

Tommy looks up and says to Tasha, "Thank you."

"LaKeisha wants something from me that I can't give her. I don't think I can give that to anyone again," Tommy admits.

"But, you still need to protect the family, Tommy. You can't let her down, you can't let me down. We can't predict what she'll do if you walk away and break her heart and you know I'm right. What the fuck do we do if she talks?" 

"I got you," Tommy says. 

The Prosecution Fails Which Helps James' Case

Angela talks to Paz and tells her about the case. She says she presented her team with the new information and they chose to ignore it. 

"If this case goes to trial, Jamie is going to get the death penalty," Angela says. 

"You did what you could. It's out of your hands now," Paz says.

Angela starts thinking and she makes a phone call. 

Paz pleads with Angela to not hurt her or their family with whatever she's about to do. 

James, Terry, Mak and Mike are later back in court with the judge. 

"You sure you don't know what this is about?" Mike asks Mak.

"No idea," Mak answers. "Where is Angela?"

To everyone's surprise, Terry calls Angela to testify. Mak strongly objects and asks the judge, how can Angela testify for the defendant when she's apart of the prosecution?

Terry says Angela will testify to a repeated pattern of misconduct from the prosecution against the case due to bias against James. 

"Well, I'd like to hear what she has to say," the judge says. 

Terry goes on to explain how the prosecution already failed to present Greg's traffic stop in the case and now they're failing to present the information from the surveillance footage. 

Angela takes the stand and explains the surveillance cameras at Truth don't show James or anyone else hiding the murder weapon that was found under the bar. She goes on to say that she told Mike this information and he said he wouldn't turn the tapes over because it would make the prosecution look bad. 

Terry asks Angela if she now believes his client is innocent of killing Greg.

Angela admits, "yes, I do. I was wrong."

She says she has to do what she believes is right even if it means facing suspension or termination.

Ohhhh snap! Well, check out Angela!

Mak takes his turn and questions Angela. He brings up her former personal and sexual relationship with James and mentions how James stole classified information from her home regarding Lobos. 

Mak also tells the judge that after speaking with the CIA tech who coded James' fingerprints, Angela admitted that into evidence 24 hours later than he originally stated in his report. 

The judge is pissed! He yells out to Angela, "... Your blatant disregard for the oath you took as an officer of the court is appalling."

Mak is standing there smiling and he says, "thank you, your Honor."

But the judge quickly looks at him and says, "I am not finished, Mr. Mak!"

The judge also points out that while the prosecution is pointing fingers at Angela, all these lapses in judgement happened on their watch. 

He turns and says to Terry, "Mr. Silver, the prosecution's willful misconduct was improper and conducted in bad faith. I see no alternative but to dismiss the charges against the defendant."

WOOOHOOOO!! James is free!

The judge then tells Mak that all the members of the prosecution will be suspended pending an investigation.

"Mr. St. Patrick, you will be processed out of the system with this court's apologies," the judge says. "If you are guilty of this or any other crime, I hope a more professional prosecution team will bring you to justice in the future. For now, you can go home."

Angela walks off the stand and James tells her thank you.

"Don't thank me, Jaime," she says. "You didn't do this crime but we both know you're not innocent." 

James breathes a sigh of relief. 

Later on, Angela is leaving the office with a box in her hands while everyone is looking at her and talking. As she gets on the elevator to leave, Mike comes in after her, with a box in his hands as well. 

After the elevator doors close, Mike says to Angela, "I bet you feel like you did something noble today."

The elevator doors open and Angela moves to walk out. Mike grabs her arm and says, "all you did was free your killer."

"Maybe, but not Greg's killer," she says. "I'll find out who murdered Greg and bring them down no matter what."

"The truth always comes to light," Angela says to Mike in Spanish. 


Back at Tasha's place, Terry tells her that they're not out of the dark completely. Although the judge dismissed all the charges, he said without prejudice which leaves the door open for future prosecution. 

"They [the prosecution] played their hand and they came up empty. James is currently in processing," Terry says. "Shouldn't take more than a few hours before he's a free man."

Tasha gives Terry a hug and says, "I can't believe it! Thank you, Terry. You saved our family. I'll never forget that," 

"Just doing my job," he says. "The next step would be for them to reverse the freezing of the assets allowing you guys to open back up for business." 

Terry advises Tasha to get a floater until things return back to normal since her family took a hit financially. He hands Tasha his business card and tells her to give him a call, if she needs advice or anything. 

He also asks Tasha what was she was going to tell him before James took the stand in court. She lies and says nothing.

Right after Terry leaves, Tasha calls up Simon.

Oh boy!

James Is Headed Home While Tommy Is Headed To Chicago

Before James leaves prison, Tony pays him a visit. He hands James a cellphone and asks him to give it to Tommy. 

"This is the second time you asked about Tommy, why do you want to talk to him so bad? What is it with you and him because I know you've been inside too long to know us," James asks. "What you know his father or something?"

Tony responds, "you can say something like that."

"You give him that fucking phone, alright? Or else, what really happened to Marshal Williams is going to become public information and you're gonna end up right back in here with the rest of us," Tony threatens. 

James understands and he shakes Tony's hand. 

Meanwhile, Tommy is playing Pool in his apartment. Keisha texts him, but he chooses to ignore her text. Petar texts and lets Tommy know that Chicago wants him to come up and they need him now.  

Tommy gets a new, clean car as he gets ready to head to Chicago to take care of business. He gives one of his partners his cellphone.

"But, what if something happens? How are we supposed to reach you?"

Tommy responds, "you're not."

Don't Rule Out Kanan

Kanan pops up at Dre's new club setup. Dre gives him a bag of money and tells him this is his final payment. He also tells Kanan that everything stops with Tariq. 

Kanan smiles and says, "the fuck makes you think everything stops?"

"Tariq is over his head. He ain't like us, he ain't from where we're from and the shit you got him involved with is changing him. He's lying and if I can see it, you best to believe that Tommy and Tasha will."

Dre also tells Kanan that since Milan is dead, he's in and that can leave Kanan's way to the top wide open. 

"And, I wanna help you Kanan," Dre says. "In fact, I need you."

While Dre is talking to him, Kanan receives a text from Tariq who wants to meet up with him. He responds that he's on his way.

Julio pops up at the spot, peeks in Dre's office and see's him talking to Kanan. 

Uh oh!

Later on, Tariq walks in some dark apartment and yells out for Slim. He see's a familiar face and says, "oh what's up, what you doing here?" 

Later, Kanan shows up at the spot but doesn't see Tariq. He calls him and Jukebox reappears.

"Where's Tariq?" Kanan asks her.

"He's fine, for now," she says. "You heard about Ghost, right? He's a free man."

With Ghost getting out of prison, Jukebox tells Kanan that their originally plan to kidnap Tariq is back on track now. 

"So, you got the kid?" Kanan asks.

"You're damn right, I got him," Jukebox says. "Just like we said from the beginning. We're gonna get the money from Ghost for holding his son and then we're gonna kill them both. You're good with that, right?"

Kanan smiles and says, "So, what do you need me to do?" 


Every week, Power gets better and better! So, with James finally getting out, it looks like he'll try to rekindle his relationship with Tasha. But, did you peep the little connection between Tasha and Terry. I have a bad feeling they may get even closer. Oh boy! Now, with Tasha and James' financial troubles, it looks like she reached out to Simon and James will have another problem to worry about. They'll also have to worry about paying off Kanan and Jukebox to get Tariq back. James also better make good on what Tony wants and that's giving that phone to Tommy or James will have even more problems. It seems like Tony may be Tommy's biological father. Also, I wonder what Julio will do now that he saw Dre talking to Kanan. 



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