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#POWER Season 4, Ep. 4: 'We're In This Together' (Quick Recap)

So, I visited Atlanta over the weekend for a family reunion and didn't have a chance to write my long, full Power recap on Sunday. I actually just watched the episode today (on Monday).  So, I'll just go over a couple of main pointers from this week's episode and next week I'll be back to writing out the full recaps!

No More Blackmail

After Tommy dropped off the first week's payment to Tony's house, James figured out a way to blackmail Tony right back. He informs Tony about the info he found out on him, someone he killed and Tommy saw Tony's wife at the house so now they know his address. James and Tony then decide to call a truce. 

It was only a matter of time before James figured something out! I knew he wouldn't let that slide for too long. 

Bye Bye, Bailey!

Proctor calls up Bailey about the evidence he has on James and Tommy. Bailey only cares about clearing Greg's record. Later on, he meets up at Proctor's house and plays the tape of Tommy admitting to him and Ghost killing Lobos. He also plays a tape of the night Ruiz was wearing a wire and got killed by Tommy. Bailey doesn't know Tommy is also at Proctor's house listening in the background. Tommy soon loses his cool and runs up on Bailey and stabs him to death. Proctor freaks out because now he has Bailey's blood on his hands as well. He tells Tommy he'll take care of the laptop and will try to find out if there's any more copies of the tape. Tommy also finds out this evidence was the reason James broke into Greg's apartment in the first place... to find the tape and save Tommy. 

Proctor really has no choice but to help Tommy and James out or crazy Tommy will kill his ass. And, I knew Bailey was going to die, I just thought Mike would get to him first.

Tasha vs. Angela

Tasha meets up with Angela and the two come face-to-face, again. Angela tells Tasha that James was offered a deal to save her and the kids but he turned it down. Tasha plays it cool infront of Angela and acts like she already knew about the deal, but inside, she's pissed! Angela tries making a deal with Tasha but Tasha doesn't crack, she stays loyal to James... but for how long? Tasha later visits James and warns him that from now on, he better consult with her on everything before making decisions on his own. 

James better act right before Tasha flips on his ass! He better stop taking this loyal woman for granted. 

Dumbest Kid On TV: Tariq

Dumb ass Tariq is still acting like a little asshole towards his sister and he's still being influenced by Kanan. And, he's still helping Kanan out with house robbery. After Tariq watches his friend put in the code to his house, he then texts the code to Kanan who easily slips in with a friend and the two of them rob the place. Kanan later rewards Tariq by passing off a younger chick to him at a small house gathering and the two of them later go off into a bedroom alone to talk and do their own thang.

Down With The Swirl

LaKeisha and Tommy's sex scenes are getting hotter! The two of them have sex on a chair in her shop and LaKeisha shows ass and titties. 

Well alright now! We need some of this since we won't be seeing James get any for awhile. And, what happened to Tommy liking red heads? Well, once you go black... you know the rest!

Money Is Drying Up

Later on, the feds lock up LaKeisha's shop and they also lock up the Truth club. Both businesses are now closed due to a court order brought on by the prosecution. This will definitely put a strain on everyone's income since Tommy was using the shop and the club to deal his drugs. Tasha is also in trouble financially and has to come up with money soon to pay Tariq and Raina's tuition or her kids will be suspended from their fancy, private school.

Proctor Is Out

Proctor wins the motion to have the gun taken off the case. However, the prosecution gets Proctor taken off the case as they convince the judge that him defending James is a conflict of interest since he has previously defended Tommy. Now, since Proctor is no longer James' lawyer, James only has Terry to back him up. 

Angela Finally Figures Something Out

Towards the end of the episode, a drunk Proctor heads over to Angela's house and starts ranting about possibly getting suspended and how he warned James to stay away from her but he wouldn't listen. Angela tells him Proctor to leave but before he does, he makes it clear that the gun doesn't belong to James. Angela decides to investigate a little more (which should have been done by someone on her team a long time ago!) and she requests to see the camera footage at the Truth Club before it was turned off. As she's watching the tapes from the night she arrested James, she she's him in his office where he's shown at his desk, going into the safe, and talking to his workers. Not once was James shown walking towards the back of his office to the bar where the gun was hidden. The computer system also shows Mike Sandoval's name as the last person to review the footage. 


"Holy shit. He didn't hide the gun!" Angela says to herself. 



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