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POWER Season 5, Ep. 3 Recap: 'Are We On The Same Team?'

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"Are We On The Same Team?" 

Season 5, Ep. 503 - Full Recap

James splashes water on his face in the bathroom. He starts seeing things as he looks down and blood is on his hands. He looks up at his reflection in the mirror, wipes his hands clean and realizes he was just tripping. The front desk calls and says an NYPD officer is waiting to speak with him. 

Now dressed in his suit, James welcomes Detective Leary upstairs who is there to speak with Tariq. He says setting up the public tip line was the right move. 

The detective talks to Tariq and says on the night of Raina's shooting, a witness saw him running out of the school building and Raina ran after him... this is different than what Tariq said in his statement where he says he ran after her. 

Tariq tries to clear up his lies and says whoever saw him run outside didn't see him go back into the school. 

Det. Leary asks Tariq why was he even outside in the first place and Tariq claims he doesn't remember. Tasha can tell Tariq is hiding something so she interrupts the conversation and Leary says that's all for now. "Tariq, don't worry, we're going to solve this," he says.

After James walks out with Det. Leary, Tasha turns right to Tariq and says, "Riq, I need you to tell me the truth. Were you out there when Ray Ray killed Raina?"

"I promise I wasn't out there, I swear," Tariq answers.

Tasha exhales and says alright.`

James heads over to Tommy's house where he meets up with him and Kanan. The trio is playing a game of pool. 

James tries to get some more answers out of Kanan about Tariq. "Did Riq tell you how he knew Ray Ray was looking for him while he hit you?"

"Nah, he just said he was looking for him," Kanan answers.

"Damn, and he ain't hit you since?" James asks. 

Kanan says, "I ain't supposed to be talking to the little nigga, remember?" 

"Yo, what's up with all of these questions?" Tommy asks. 

James catches Tommy and Kanan up to speed and tells them about the cop at his house earlier and how him and Tasha got tricked into doing a press conference about Raina's murder. 

"I got a question for you," Tommy says to James. "Why you can't stay off the fucking TV? I mean you're doing this as a concept of a criminal, right Ghost?"

"C'mon Tommy, I'm just trying to build something for my daughter, man."

James asks Tommy if the situation is under control and Tommy says the body and the gun is gone, it's done. 

Angela pursues the Jimenez Cartel, but Blanca is on to her

Blanca Rodriguez from NYPD internal affairs visits Detective Leary at the police station and they both discuss Ray Ray. Det. Leary tells her that Ray Ray visited Tariq while he was in school, but Tariq cut school that day so Ray Ray talked to Raina instead.

"So, my dead cop talked to your girl days before they were both killed," Blanca says. 

Det. Leary also tells Blanca that Angela visited the school the day after Raina was shot and she wad asking about Ray Ray. 

"Why would a fed be interested in this case?" Det. Leary asks.

Blanca says, "I don't know, but I'll find out."

Meanwhile, Angela and Tamika both try to figure out the identity of the woman who was seen leaving the murder scene with Diego Jimenez.

Remember, the feds think the Jimenez cartel is run by two brothers. 

Angela thinks with the evidence and surveillance footage they have, they have a rock solid arrest warrant. But, Tamika tells Angela she's moving too fast and that taking out just one of the Jimenez brothers won't do much since their cartel is massive. 

"I get it, you have history to rewrite, but don't fumble on the first play," Tamika says to Angela. 

"Arresting the Jimenez' should be this office's top priority," Angela says to Tamika who is now walking out of the office. 


Back at Tommy's place, he tells James that killing the Jimenez should be their top priority, but James thinks otherwise and says he rather shoot Dre in his face. 

"You can't just keep following Dre around and expect him not to catch on," Tommy says. 

Kanan offers up a better idea and tells them that 2-Bit and Dre are beefing and figures they could use that to their advantage to get the drop on the Jimenez. 

Tommy pulls James to the side and says he has to clean his money for Jason, and he's wondering if him and James can go back to the old days where he used to run his money through the club. James tells him he can't be involved in any shit like that and has to stay clean. Kanan is nearby listening and after James leaves, he tells Tommy he should let him in on his product so he can help him move it faster, take some weight off his hands and pay Jason.

Tommy says he's doing alright with the Italians. "No offense K, but if I do bring you into this, you're gonna have to pay upfront, just like everybody else."

Kanan takes a sip of water as he thinks of a master plan... which is get in good with Tommy so he can get in good with Jason and eventually take over Tommy's role. 

Dre tries to maintain order in his organization with crazy Diego as his boss

Diego pops in on Dre and his crew at the warehouse. Dre updates his crew and welcomes Arturo as the newest member of their team. Dre says Arturo got revenge for his cousin Uriel's death and that he murdered Lorenzo.

Remember, Lorenzo was actually murdered by 2-Bit. 

"You mean little man took out Lorenzo all by himself?" Cristobal questions.

"I murdered that traitor Lorenzo. If you need something now, you come to me," Arturo says. 

2-Bit shakes his head and looks all pissed, but he keeps quiet. 

Diego steps up into Arturo's face and says, "I heard that there are some supporters that challenge your accusation that Lorenzo killed Uriel. They question whether you were justified to murder him."

Before Arturo can even answer, Dre speaks up and says if there is a dispute, it will get dealt with quick and effectively. 

"We run a tight ship around here so it's all good, man," Dre says to Diego. 

Diego switches up to speaking Spanish and asks Arturo if he has control of his organization. Dre doesn't know what the fuck Diego just said. Arturo responds in English and says some of Lorenzo's peeps are still running their mouths but there's a plan to light them up. Diego says he would like to see that firsthand to see how Arturo handles his loyalty. 

"Come on down to the spot then, I'll show you how we do it," Arturo says.

Dre asks Diego if he thinks it's a good idea since it's already tough putting all of their face-to-face meetings together. He doesn't want law enforcement suspecting anything. But, Deigo says he doesn't give a fuck about all of that. He wraps up the meeting and Dre walks off pissed. 

Spanky whispers to 2-Bit, "Dre took our shit because you shot the Lorenzo motherfucker, but then let this nigga take the credit for it! You see that bullshit?"

"Yeah, I see that shit," a pissed off 2-Bit says. 

James and Councilman Tate have opposing views on their project

Back at the club, James and Councilman Tate take a meeting with a private investor named Linda. They both discuss different residential and retails zones for their project and memorial for Raina. But, Linda cuts the meeting and says the project isn't for her and she doesn't want to invest in it. 

After Linda leaves, Tate checks James about him bringing up the retail portion into the meeting. The two aren't on the same page and Tate thinks James bringing up his retail idea is what ran Linda away. He wants James to be on board with him and to follow his lead, but James reminds him this is his vision. 

"The only reason why you're in my vision is because you know I know how to make something great," James says. 

"I know you know how to run a successful club, but this is a completely different game, my brother," Tate says. "Listen, we're in this together. You and I, we are a team. And, as your partner, with all due respect, I think you need to take some time off. I'll be sure to handle the private investors and I'll make sure Raina gets honored."

James faces Tate and says back to him, "With all due respect, it's my project, it's my daughter. I'll get it done. You can see yourself out." 

Tommy's list of problems continue to grow

Cooper and John pay a visit to Tony Terrasi in jail. They chat with him about his lawyer moving to have his sentence commuted. Cooper says they will be happy to let him out, but they need something in return.

"The only reason why I'm in here is because I'm not a fucking snitch piece of shit," Terrasi says. 

"We're here to give you a chance to see Connie before she's gone," John says to Terrasi. 

Cooper and John are interested in knowing what Terrasi and Tommy have been talking about and if he can tell them about Tommy's business and his friend, James. 

Terrasi starts cracking up laughing and says, "You two think you came up with this all by yourselves?"

Terrasi confesses that he's been setting this up all along ... ever since he heard about Tommy. So, he got close to Tommy and got to know him and he got his lawyer to file a commutation to get them to make him a deal.

"Smart. Do you think Egan suspects anything?" John asks.

"Nah, he thinks I want to get close to the son I never knew," Terrasi says. 

Later on, Terrasi calls up Tommy and tells him the news about his case and how he may see daylight soon. Terrasi lies to Tommy and says him getting out may have something to do with a crooked prosecutor whose cases may be thrown away. 

"Hey, I'm too old to worry about the details. I just can't wait to make up lost time with you, son," Terrasi says while sweet talking Tommy. 

After Terrasi hangs up, John is shown standing right there listening to Terrasi who has a big grin on his face. 

Blanca needs to be stopped 

Blanca pays Angela a visit at her office and questions her about her involvement with Ray Ray's case. She's trying to get to the bottom of why Angela is so invested in the case.

"To me the interest was personal, I knew Raina," Angela says. "As I told you before, I'm conducting an investigation. It's not that I won't answer your questions, sergeant, it's that I can't." 

Blanca simply wants to know how Ray Ray and Raina are connected, but Angela doesn't give up any answers. 

After Blanca leaves, Angela texts Tasha: 'WE NEED TO MEET.'

Meanwhile, Tasha's phone is vibrate as she attends another grief counseling session... this time without James. 

She listens to the same couple whose son was killed by the drunk driver. The couple shares news of how they found out that the man who killed their son was stabbed to death. The father says the cops suspect him. The wife says she thought the man being dead would make her feel better, but it doesn't. She says nothing will bring their baby back. 

Tasha glances at the empty seat next to her. Is it possible that she already knows James must have had something to do with this?

Afterwards, Tasha meets with Angela and finds out about Blanca and how she's becoming a problem because she made a connection between Ray Ray and Raina. 

Angela doesn't think Blanca will stop looking for leads but says she can stop it. "Obstructive of justice, round 2."

"If I can't stop this woman, we may need to talk to Jamie and bring him into the loop," Angela says.

"No, stop her, please. Ghost can only make things worse," Tasha says.

Kanan goes after Dre's organization

It's night time and Kanan is in the streets behind some brick wall lurking. 2-Bit walks by and spots Kanan in the cut and says what's up. Kanan and 2-Bit take a little walk as Kanan tries to turn 2-Bit against Dre. 2-Bit starts talking and tells Kanan that Dre is treating him like he's his kid and gave his work to Cristobal. 

"I think the new connect likes Cristobal more than he like Dre," 2-Bit says. 

"Newsflash, everybody like everybody more than they like Dre, facts" Kanan says. 

Tasha confronts James

Tasha tells James about the drunk driver being killed. 

"Well, they can rest easy knowing he's dead," James says as he takes a sip of his coffee like it's nothing. 

"Did you know about this already?" Tasha asks. 

James looks at her but stays silent.

"Ghost, please tell me you didn't have anything to do with this!"

He walks past her and simply says, "I didn't have anything to do with it."

"What is wrong with you!? You can't kill Dre, and for some fucking reason, you refuse to kill Kanan, and now you're a vigilante?! They don't feel better that he's dead. Just like we don't feel better that Ray Ray is dead."

"Trust me they will feel better that that motherfucker can't hurt anyone again," James says. 

"Do you feel better?" Tasha asks. "You can put a hundred bodies in the ground, Ghost, and not one of them is gonna bring her back."

"I had to do it," James confesses. "I had to make one thing right, Tasha, okay. C'mon, Tasha, he's a goddamn drunk driver. He's gonna fucking kill another kid. Nobody will miss him."

"You don't get to make that fucking call!" Tasha says.

James jumps up from the table and into Tasha's face. "I've been making that call since you've known me!"

"The next time you feel like you need to kill somebody so damn bad, why don't you kill Kanan instead," Tasha says and then walks away. 

Tommy is suspicious so he confides in Keisha

Tommy pops up at Keisha's place and says he has something he needs to talk to her about. He asks for a drink but she says he can't stay over that long because she's expecting a friend.

Tommy goes on to say that his dad is getting out of prison and he questions his father's motives. 

"I thought you said he was in there for life?" Keisha asks. 

"That's what I thought and I don't trust it," Tommy says. "And now he wants to hang out and everything like we're gonna play catch or some shit. And the thing is, I just found out he existed, you know. But, he's known about me my whole life. So, it's like, why now? Does he want some shit from me or something?"

Keisha suggests that maybe his father is trying to make up for all of his mistakes.

"I'm not saying you shouldn't be suspicious, but if it were me, I wouldn't say no," Keisha says. "Some mistakes are made to be forgiven."

"You really believe that?" Tommy asks. "Because I made a big mistake with you, Keisha." 

"I did too, with you. So did you really come over here to talk about your dad or are you just trying to get back in?" 

"It ain't even like that," Tommy says. "I don't know what to do about my dad and I sure as hell don't know what to do about you. What you gonna hate me forever?" 

"I don't hate you," Keisha says. "Look, maybe your dad had his reasons why he stayed away. If you really don't trust it, is there anyway you can find out if it's real? Like, do you know anyone that knows him? Anyone that knows his situation?"

Tommy thanks Keisha and says she's smart. He thinks he may know someone. He then leans in to kiss Keisha but she turns her head and backs away. "Bye, Tommy."

"Okay, bye, Keisha," he says and leaves her place. 

Tasha checks Kanan's ass

Tasha pops up at Tommy's place and knocks on the door, but he's not home yet. 

Kanan pops up in the hallway. Tasha turns and starts to walk away, but as she's trying to pass around Kanan, he steps infront of her and says, "Sorry about Raina." 

"You should be sorry about Tariq. If it weren't for you, he wouldn't have been messing with Ray Ray in the first place! He'd still be a good kid and Raina would still be alive." 

Tasha tries to walk off but Kanan grabs her arm and says, "I think you're forgetting that I saved Tariq's life, twice now."

"If you didn't bring him into the life, you wouldn't have had to. You don't get no motherfucking points for cleaning up a mess you made." 

Kanan points out that Tariq was born into that type of lifestyle before he was even born.

"You picked a drug dealer for his father, Tasha."

Kanan still has Tasha grabbed up by the arm and he tells her that she still looks good. "Yeah, you like that," he says to her. 

"If you fuck with me, you better kill me, nigga, cuz I swear to God, best to believe I will get you back," Tasha says. 

Kanan smiles at her and says, "I believe you."

Tommy pops up and says wassup. Kanan plays it cool and says him and Tasha were just chopping it up.

Tasha is pissed! She walks off and says, "Fuck you, Kanan!"

Before she storms off, she also looks at Tommy and says, "And, fuck you too for bringing him into our lives. I'm your family, not him!"

Tommy is confused and asks Kanan, "what the fuck did you just say to her?"

"Nothing, she's just tripping," Kanan says. 

Tommy chases Tasha out of the building and asks her what happened, but she doesn't want to talk about it. 

"I just don't want him around," she says.

"He serves a purpose, T. Look, I know how you feel about him, but once this Dre shit is over so will this little reunion with K."

Tommy asks Tasha what was the reason for her visit and she tells him that James killed someone the other night. She tells him about the drunk driver and Tommy isn't fazed by the news.

"No one is going to miss the guy," he says.

"That's not the point, Tommy! Ghost is acting reckless, and if he gets caught, he can fuck up our whole shit. So, please, keep an eye on him." 

Tommy promises to keep an eye on James and says the thing with Kanan won't be too much longer.

"It better not be or I'll do something about it myself," Tasha warns. 

Arturo proves his loyalty to Diego and Dre's crew

Arturo and Deigo have three guys tied up in chairs as Arturo wants to make them pay for staying connected to Lorenzo after he killed his cousin, Uriel. Dre looks on and he's not happy with what's going on. 

Diego asks Arturo how did he know that Lorenzo killed his cousin and thought Lorenzo would do better with his planning. 

Dre speaks up and says Lorenzo ran his mouth so that's how word got out. 

"Why do you insist on answering a question that isn't addressed to you," Diego says to Dre and tells him to be silent. 

"This man is obnoxious. How do you put up with him," Diego tells Arturo in Spanish.

Arturo says Dre is right and that Lorenzo was talking shit. Diego looks at Arturo as he's holding the head of one of the guys tied up. 

Diego gives the signal and Arturo kills the three guys, one shot each to the head. 

Diego tells Dre to keep his guys in check.

"I don't know how you make my sisters pussy so wet, but you don't make my dick hard," he says to Dre. 

Dre says, "I have no interest in your sister beyond business, Diego."

"I know, but keep your fucking eyes to yourself or I'll rip them from your head and I'll choke you with them," Diego warns Dre. 

Angela meets a new guy

As Angela is walking out of her office, looking down at her files, she bumps right into a guy and all of her papers fall on the ground. 

The guy apologizes and helps her pick up the papers, he also recognizes who she is, saying agent Medina spoke about her not too long ago. He introduces himself as Steve Tampio and hands Angela his business card, and she see's he's the Director of Public Enrichment. Steve is straight forward and asks Angela to dinner. It doesn't take her long to agree to go out with him. 

Tommy gets Joe to help him

Tommy meets with Joe Proctor and asks if he knows anyone who can launder money.

"Don't ask me shit like that," Joe says. "You know I'm not supposed to be seen anywhere near you, the bar committee hasn't even made a decision."

"Oh my god, the fucking bar committee shit! When are you going to realize there's a million ways for you to make money if you can't be a lawyer anymore," Tommy tells him.

"Legal ways?" Joe asks. 

"I didn't say all that now," Tommy answers. 

Joe says he looked into Terrasi just like Tommy wanted him to and everything seems to check out. He says Terrasi getting out of prison looks legit. 

"Alright, so he ain't a snitch or nothing?"

"Not as far as I can see," Joe says. "If you suspect anything, let me know. In the meantime, we should stay far out of touch. So can you try not to call when you need stuff?"

Tommy laughs at Joe, pats him on the face and walks away.

"I'm serious," Joe says. 

James talks a good game to the investor 

James meets with the private investor, Linda, again ... this time they meet over dinner.

"So, James, what do you have that's gonna make me change my mind?" Linda says as she takes a sip of her wine.

James giggles and says his project is personal to him because of his daughter and also because he grew up in the local community. He goes on to say he was one of the lucky ones to make it out and he tried to protect his kids but he failed. He wants to change the area and make a difference. The start is with one building and he's confident that he can do it. 

"I know what I'm capable of," he says.

Linda smiles at him as she takes her ring off her wedding finger and slides the ring in her purse.

"Why don't we continue this conversation upstairs," she says.

James agrees. 

Linda gets up from the table and tells him to bring the bottle of wine. And, you already know what goes down! Yup, James fucks Linda so he can lock in his investment for his project. 


Meanwhile, Angela goes out to dinner with new guy Steve. She talks about her job and says it has ruined some of her past relationships. She also says being the boss means she has more enemies than friends at work. She then tells Steve that she has a lead on the Jimenez cartel. 

Damn, Angela! Very open and trusting with the new guy, are we?

He offers to buy her drink at his hotel but she declines the invitation and says she has an early day tomorrow. 

"If you change your mind, I'll be in town for one more night," he tells her.

The next day at the office, Jamie is still trying to reach out to Angela and he texts her that he needs to talk, but she continues ignoring him.

Keisha drops some truth on Tasha

Tasha and Keisha catch up. Keisha says she let Tommy believe that she had a man coming over but it was just someone bringing samples from the hair shop.

"So, why did you let him in?" Tasha asks. 

Keisha says she blocked his kiss. Tasha warns her girl to be careful since Tommy has not been himself lately. "I guess none of us are."

Keisha switches gears and asks how Tariq is doing.

"Honestly, I don't know. I don't know who he is now," she says. "I still feel like like he isn't telling me everything that happened. I don't know how he got that way."

"I do," Keisha says. "Tasha, you've been lying to them kids their whole life. They don't even know who you are. What'd you expect? They can't learn what they don't see."

Keisha quickly apologizes after thinking her words were too harsh, but Tasha agrees with her and says it's the truth. 

"All I'm saying is, if you want things to be different, then you have to make them different," Keisha advises. 

Momma Kate is back and she warns Tommy

Tommy gets a knock at the door and it's his mom, Kate.

"Ma, what the fuck are you doing here?!"

Kate pops in with food and starts talking about "Rhonda" ... Tommy corrects her and says Raina's funeral has passed and that him and Kate haven't talked since before that. Kate also tells Tommy that her supply is a little low.

"Is that what's this about? Fucking should've known!" 

"Why are you so pissed at me?!" Kate asks.

"Have you finally lost your mind? Can I finally put you in a home?" Tommy yells out. 

Kate see's Tommy is still pissed over the whole birth certificate thing. Tommy gives his mom some cocaine and she snorts it right away. He also tells her that Terassi is getting an early release from prison. 

Kate warns Tommy that Terassi is the devil and he will most likely want something from him. 

"He's gonna use you," she warns. 

"Just like you use me for coke?" Tommy snaps back.

"My son is smarter than this," Kate says before she leaves. 

Kanan sets his plan in motion to get quick money and destroy Dre's crew

Cristobal walks out to his truck, calls Dre and leaves a message that he's carrying 300 grand. He puts the duffel bag in his trunk, gets in the car and is welcomed with a gun to his head. 

Kanan was hiding in his backseat and he's wearing a mask. As he points the gun at Cristobal's head, Kanan tells him to give him the keys. 

"Take it easy, you don't want to do this," Cristobal says. "You're making a big mistake, do you know who the fuck I am?"

"You think I give a fuck? I said give me the keys and your phone," Kanan says. 

Cristobal complies and Kanan presses the lock to open the trunk. Two guys quickly run to the trunk and grab the duffel bag.

"That mask ain't gonna stop me from finding out who you are," Cristobal says.

Kanan knocks him over the head and says, "quit playing with me, bitch!"


Dre knows what happened to Cristobal and 2-Bit says Dre fucked up when he gave Cristobal all of that money. 

Dre tells his crew that there are some changes and that Cristobal is officially his No. 2, so if anyone needs anything, see Cristobal first. 

"Look, we got hit last night, so as a precaution, we're gonna switch up the drops. You got a question for Dre, you come and see me first," Cristobal says. 

Dre asks his crew if everyone is good, and everyone, including 2-Bit confirms they're good. 

Angela and her team are closer to bringing down the Jimenez cartel

Agent Jerry Donovan pops up at Blanca's office with two other FBI agents who are carrying boxes. Jerry says they need assistance with gathering any files connected with Ray Ray's murder. He came with a court order that Blanca's investigation is now under their jurisdiction. 

Blanca looks at the court order, see's Angela's name and tells Jerry that his boss is only covering her ass. "She's involved, you know." 

"You have proof of that?" he asks. 

"No," Blanca answers.

"Just stay out of our way," he says. 

The FBI go through Blanca's office and start collecting papers and files. 

Angela and her team continue to pursue the Jimenez cartel as they FINALLY figure out that Alicia Jimenez is Diego's sister. 

"We're idiots!" Angela says.

"Speak for yourself," Cooper says back. 

Angela says they now have the leaders of the biggest cartel in North America in New York City right now and that arresting the Jimenez could end their entire organization with no jurisdictional bullshit. 

"Alright, gentleman, let's get our warrants," Angela tells her team. 

Tate schools James 

Tate meets up with James at the club and hears the news that Linda is happy and back on board with the project. 

"How'd you pull that off?" Tate asks.

"We had dinner, sorted it out," James says smiling.

Tate knows what that means and says, "Ahh, smooth talker, spits some game, then dropped the dick on her. Is that what you call sorting it out?"

He continues saying, "You know, after our meeting, a major concern was your lack of professionalism. All you managed to do by fucking her proved she was right to have concern." 

"She played me," James says.

"You played yourself. Maybe you should start taking my advice. Lesson one, I'm not your pimp," Tate says.

"Did you not pimp out me and Tasha with that little press conference? Did you not pimp my dead daughter at her funeral?"

James stands right up in Tate's face and stares him in the eyes.

"James, we still have a lot of business. Our big fundraiser is in a few days. Let's not let this go sour now." 

"I'll get the money, whatever it takes," James says.

"That's the spirit," Tate responds. 

Angela quickly falls for Steve

Angela meets up with Steve at his hotel room. She figured she might as well since he's only there for one more night. He pours them wine and her phone buzzes. He asks to see her phone, takes it from her and places it in the nightstand drawer so it doesn't interrupt their night. He then kisses her and her phone starts ringing from inside the drawer. She checks the phone and ignores the call. 

"So where were we?" she asks Steve and kisses him on his bed. 

Tommy cuts Kanan in

After getting no answer from Angela, again, James calls Tommy and agrees to go back to their arrangement they previously had to clean money at the club. He needs clean money to finance his project with Tate and Tommy needs the money for Jason.

"So, like old times?" Tommy asks.

"Yeah, like old times," James says. "But, Tommy, if we're going to work together, I gotta make sure you're not fucking with Kanan in business because if you are, man, I gotta be out." 

Tommy gets a knock at the door, he grabs his gun and runs to the door. He tells James he'll call him right back. 

Tommy opens the door and it's Kanan with the duffel bag of money. He tells Tommy it's a quarter million upfront and asks if Tommy is going to cut him in or not.

Tommy takes the money and tells Kanan, "I'll have it ready for you tomorrow."

He tells Kanan about Terrasi and says he doesn't trust him since he's getting out on a life sentence. Tommy still thinks there's a possibility that Terrasi may be snitching. Kanan then finds out that Terrasi is Tommy's dad and he's a part of the mafia. Now he understands why Tommy is working with the Italians. 

Kanan tells Tommy not to trip and don't waste the opportunity of having a father because he himself never had one around in his life. 

Tasha and Tariq apologize to each other

Tasha drives Tariq to his new private school. She also apologizes to her son for lying to him all this time and says he deserves the truth. She tells Tariq about her and James' past and how they both grew up in Queens, in the hood, and how they sold drugs. 

"We always said that we didn't want our kids to feel the hunger that we felt. We didn't want you to know what the streets were like," Tasha says. "We thought we were protecting you, but all we did was teach you how to lie."

Tariq also apologizes to his mom and says he was scared. He finally confesses that he saw Ray Ray shoot Raina. He says he didn't know Raina followed him outside and he was hiding from Ray Ray. 

"I watched her die," Tariq says as he starts crying. "I miss her so much."

Tony Terrasi gets to see daylight again

Terrasi gets his handcuffs taken off of him and walks out of prison a free man. Tommy pulls up in his blue car, hops out, greets his dad and says, "welcome back to the other side." 

"It's good to see you, son," Terrasi says and hugs Tommy.

"C'mon, get in the car. Let's get the fuck outta here," Tommy tells his dad. "So what do you wanna do?"

"Let's get a slice and go home. I wanna see Connie. Then you and me, we're gonna get into some trouble."

Tommy giggles and the two of them pull off. 


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