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POWER Season 4, Ep. 9 Recap: 'That Ain't Me'

"That Ain't Me" Season 4, Ep. 409 - Full Recap

Tariq Wants Out Of New York

Tariq meets with an interviewer to talk about  attending Cholt, the new Connecticut prep school that he now wants to attend (the school Raina put him on).  

While James is sitting nearby listening, Tariq tells the interviewer that he wants to go back to the student he was, the student who got good grades. 

"I just need a place to focus on my work and future," he says. 

During the meeting, Brains texts Tariq asking where he is and says he has his paper. After the interview, James says Tariq got recommended. "I'm proud of you, son."

He then shows Tariq an article on his phone and says, "They finally said your pops is innocent, finally the truth," James says with a smile.

"You think Kanan is going to try to come after us because we saw him kill Jukebox?" Tariq asks. 

James' smile quickly fades away as he asks, "has Kanan reached out to you?"

"No, but aren't you a little worried that he might try to kill us because he thinks you might snitch on him? You snitched on him before."

James looks at him and says, "Who told you I snitched on Kanan?" 

Tariq replies, "Jukebox did... before you got there." 

"Kanan knows reporting me to the police is like reporting himself. Not guilty, but guilty by association," James explains. "I know what guilt can do to a person. It eats at you until you don't know who you are anymore. What happened to Jukebox, it ain't your fault, Riq." 

Angela Returns To Work After The Mike Sandoval Madness

Paz has been staying with her sister at her apartment after everything that has went down with Mike. Angela swears she's okay as she see's a bloodstain on her chair. 

"You almost got murdered," Paz says. 

"But, it didn't happen, it's over," Angela responds in Spanish. 

"You had no right to use yourself as bait that way," Paz says. 

"I told you, it was the only way Mike would confess. And, like I said, it's over, he's dead now," Angela says.

"Thank God," says Paz. "I'm glad he's dead, I bet you are too."

Later on, Angela returns to work and she meets a new US Attorney named Tamika who tells Angela her actions were very brave. 

"I was happy to hear the new US Attorney for Eastern District was a woman, it's a new direction for the department," Angela says. 

"And it needs one after this scandal," Tamika responds. "The silver lining is that Mike's death officially closes both the Knox and Lobos cases. Your catch saved the justice department's ass."

With Mike dead, Tamika says they lost the opportunity to make an example out of him. She says her first duty is to restore the public's faith in their department and she needs Angela's leadership to do that.

"Of course, I'm ready to lead," Angela confidently says. 

Tamika tells Angela that PR wants them to make an appearance at a Destroy Injustice gala which is a non-profit for the wrongfully convicted and James will be honored as 'victim of the year.'

"Whatever you need," Angela says. 

"Good news is this will be the last time St Patrick's name is said in this office. We are so done with him," Tamika says. 

"Agreed. No more James St. Patrick," Angela responds. 

Tamika asks for Angela's opinion on who is the better replacement for Mike's former position as Head of the Criminal department: Mak or Saxe?

"Why not me?" Angela asks. "You said so yourself that I saved the justice department's ass."

Tamika says, "After putting our asses on the line time and time again. If you were me, would you put you in charge?"

Tommy Grows Closer To His Father And Snaps On His Mother

Tommy chats with his father, Tony, and thanks him for taking care of Mike. 

"Well, you must be doing some big business to have that kind of heat on you," Tony says. 

"You know it, they've been trying to catch me for a minute, I'm slippery," Tommy says. 

"Your pops used to run with the biggest and baddest too, ya know," Tony says. "Your Sicilian family would be proud, I'm proud."

"Fuck outta here! I'm part Sicilian?," Tommy says. "That makes sense, I eat the shit outta pizza."

Tony asks for a favor, he wants to meet Tommy in-person. But, Tommy is hesitant and says he has felonies and the only way he'll meet Tony is if he's in handcuffs. But, Tony says all Tommy needs to do is prove he's his son and they'll make an exception for immediate family. 

Tommy asks, "How am I gonna do that? I only just found out, fuckin' ma."

"You can't blame your mother for trying to wipe me out of your life, alright? I hurt her, real bad," Tony explains. "Now, that does not mean what everything Kate says about me is true. She's got proof. I am not the kind of guy who would deny his own son, that ain't me." 

Later on, Tommy is at his mom's house going through her boxes. She walks in and yells, "get out of my shit, you're ruining my organization."

"You have the organization skills of schizophrenic," he says. "Where's my birth certificate?"

"What the hell you need that for?" Kate asks. 

Tommy threatens to ruin some of Kate's prized possessions, some of her classic dolls, so she hands Tommy his birth certificate. "Here, ya happy?"

"No, this ain't what I'm looking for. Teresi said you had something to prove he's my dad. I need it to go visit him," he explains. 

"Are you fucking kidding me?! You can't go visit him," Kate says. 

Tommy flips on his mother and says, "You don't tell me what to do, you lying bitch." 

He picks up one her classic dolls and smashes it to pieces. Then, he walks up to his mom's face and says, "give me that goddamn paper!" 

"What are you gonna do? You kidding me? You gonna hurt your mother? Soft little momma's boy." 

Tommy rubs Kate's cheek and says, "Yeah, ma, that's right."

He puts his hands around Kate's neck and says with that crazy look in his eyes, "what do you think happened to Holly, ma? Hunh?"

In fear, Kate quickly tells Tommy where the papers are and then she slides down unto the floor. Tommy finds the paper he needs and is shocked. 

"He was at the hospital? He was there that day?" he asks.

"Let me explain," Kate says as she's sitting on the floor crying. "He wanted to take you from me, Tommy. His wife couldn't have kids. He wanted to give you to her to raise, but you're mine. My baby, my sweet baby."

Tommy see's his real name for the first time and realizes Teresi was his original last name. 

Kate continues explaining, "He wouldn't leave his wife. I changed your name, I gave you my father's name."

Tommy is now livid! 

"He gave me his fucking name!" he yells out.  

"He's a criminal and a murderer...," Kate starts saying. 

"I'm a criminal and a murderer!" Tommy yells back. "You can't blame that on Teresi. Maybe things would be different if he were around."

"You're fine the way you are!" Kate cries out.  

Tommy takes some of Kate's cocaine stash, walks out and says, "Stay the fuck away from me, ma, forever."

He heads to Kate's garage and sits in his old car as he sniffs some of the cocaine.

Uh oh! Tommy is back on that shit. Smh. 


Meanwhile, it seems like Tommy's crew is starting to turn on him as some of them are telling Dre that Tommy has been acting crazy lately with the whole Jimenez drama. 

Dre tells the crew that Tommy came through on the Jimenez deal and says, "Shipment comes in tonight, Tommy is straight, it's all good now." 

Dre receives a text from Kanan: 'Hey light skin, need to talk $$.'

When the crew leaves, Cristobal stays behind and asks if Dre is sure about Tommy. 

"Yeah, dawg, trust me, he's gonna flip his shit. Look, he done pissed everyone off and ya'll tired of Tommy's bullshit. We're gonna work together, no primera, no soldiers, no war. No war is the only way we get that Jimenez deal. We got this," Dre promises. 

James Is Cleaning Up His Image And The Streets

Councilman Tate and James walk the streets of Queens along with Olivia (the reporter who interviewed him and his family) who is interviewing them about their new project of reinvesting in the community. 

James says it's an honor to be named Destroy Injustice's 'Man of the Year.'

Tate excuses himself and crosses the street to talk to some guy. Olivia continues to interview James. He reflects back to his childhood and tells the story of a girl from his hood [Angela] who got an opportunity to go to the prep school, Chote, which changed her life forever. James says he had to stay back and fend for himself on the Queen streets. 

"I am so humble that my success and the example of my failures can be of help to those in need," James says wrapping up the interview.

"You are the king of soundbites, aren't you?" Olivia says to James smiling. 

"Just speaking my truth," James responds in Spanish. 

Tasha Has Big Plans After Her Divorce

Terry drops off a box at Tasha's apartment. She thanks him for everything and gives him a kiss.

Terry says, "Umm, there's something that has been bothering me, Tasha..."

"You know I plan on leaving James... you know now that the case is over."

"No, not that," Terry says. "I told you and James that Mike Sandoval was being held at the MCC. Less than 24 hours later, he was dead."

Tasha responds, "Mike Sandoval was a dirty prosecutor in jail with a bunch of people he sent there. Anybody could have killed him. Anybody."

"That is true," Terry says.

Tasha opens the box, pulls out a gun and a bag, punches the code to safe and places the gun in there as she's talking to Terry about expanding LaKeisha's weave shop and opening up a second store. Terry watches Tasha handling the gun. She says in order to turn the weave shop in a franchise, she needs money. 

She further explains, "James is starting his real estate project and once he starts getting real money coming in and we divorce..."

"You'll invest the alimony," Terry finishes saying. 

"And, I'll be independent," she says. 

Simon Talks To James About Business And Trust

Stern tells James it's always good to have the press on your side. 

"You'll soon be New York's favorite black... speaking of which, how is Councilman Tate coming along?"

"I think we'll get the votes needed in the city council meeting and your doubts about Councilman Tate will be disproved once and for all," James responds.

"In my experience, knowing who to trust is the most important skill to have," says Simon. 

Simon is upset that James went behind his back and brought Tate on board. 

"Besides, I fear your coalition might be a bit too Afrocentric for their taste. My presence will help dilute all the authenticity," says Simon. 

James says he wants a bigger role in the project and Simon quickly reminds James that he's there in compensation of the money he owes him. 

"I want to be more than a face, I want to be the man I was in that interview today, a business owner who is improving my community."

Simon tells James that he's free to do as much as community organizing that he likes but says the business end of the deal is closed. 

Tariq Will Soon Face New Problems

Tariq's partners in crime, Brains and Big Country, pop up on him as he's playing basketball indoors at some gym. 

Big Country tells Tariq that he ran away so fast that they thought he might be running to the cops. 

"Man, I ain't no snitch. Ask Ray Ray, he knows I'm straight," Tariq says. 

"Ray Ray, you talking to him?" Brains asks. 

"Nah, I'm just saying, I ain't no snitch. Snitching would make me guilty by association," Tariq answers. "Where's my cut of the lick?"

"Working on it, youngin'" Brains says. 

Later on, Brains and Big Country are chilling out, smoking and playing video games. Ray Ray walks in, sits on the couch and says he wants to help cover up their robbery. Brains starts explaining the robbery and says it was all supposed to be easy until Tariq fucked it up. 

Ray Ray starts explaining, "Look, ya'll got bigger issues than the fucking cops. That Tariq ain't just some spoiled kid from the city. His dad is a motherfucker, man, and his friend is Slim. He's probably out looking for ya'll asses as we speak."

Ray Ray stands up, walks over to Brains and takes his joint out of his mouth and says, "I can't save ya'll niggas from that." 

He quickly whips out his gun and shoots Brians right in the head. Big Country gets up to run and Ray Ray shoots him right in the back. 

Will Angela Switch To The Defense Side?

Angela and Joe meet up for lunch. Joe questions her motives on her sudden interest of switching to the defense table and he thinks it's because she didn't get the promotion as Head of the Criminal Department. Angela asks Joe if his interest in her joining his firm have anything to do with his current suspension. 

"Please, James getting cleared means I will too, eventually. I'm a realist. I think with you on my team, we'd never lose another federal, criminal case again... I think we'd make a great team," Joe proposes.

Angela says, "... I don't bend the law to my will, I uphold the law. That's the difference between me and you. I helped Jamie because he was innocent. Do you even care if your clients are innocent?"

"Noo, I really don't," Joe admits. "Innocent or guilty, everyone is entitled to a defense, even rich people."

Angela has had enough. She gets up to leave and says, "This was a terrible idea."

"At least pay for my soup," Joe says as Angela walks out. "You invited me to lunch, remember?"

Dre Double Crosses Tommy In His Start To Take Over The Drug Game

Dre and Cristobal pour gasoline all over Tommy's warehouse and light it on fire, destroying tons and tons of product. 

Later on, Tommy and Dre walk into a now burned down warehouse. Tommy is super pissed. 

"What the fuck!? How the fucking fuck did this fucking happen?" Tommy asks. 

Dre covers his ass and says, "The fire marshal said it was electric like an accident or something."

"Bullshit!" Tommy yells. 

The primera's are waiting there for Tommy. They ask where the product is and ask if he has insurance. Dre and Cristobal are standing in the circle along with the crew and they look at each other. 

"There ain't no thing such as insurance in the drug game," Tommy says.

Tommy tells his crew that they're going to have to wait. He says not to worry, he'll figure it out.

Cristobal steps up to Tommy and says, "we already gave you the money for our dope. We got businesses to run, man. And, the last time you tried to figure it out, you almost got us into war with the fucking Jimenez. I thinking it's time we part ways." 

Tommy yells out, "Ohhhh. Yeah? Is that right? Is that right? Is that fucking right?!" 

Tommy calms down a bit and then says, "You know, they say the measure of a man is not how he acts when shit is going good, but how he acts when that shit done popped off and all he's left with is a million dollars worth of ashes and his cock in his hand. That's not a direct quote. All I'm asking for is a moment, just a little time to make this right."

Tommy starts pleading with his crew, saying they know he's good for it. One of the guys speaks out and says "alright, Tommy."

Now, Tommy has a chance to redeem himself. He calls Cristobal over and says, "get the fuck out of here. Fuck off! ... Did I stutter, motherfucker?! Fuck outta here!"

Cristobal walks out and looks at Dre as he's leaving. 

"Punk motherfucker," Tommy says. He tells his crew that they'll hear from him soon. 

Tommy and Dre walk off together and he asks Dre to keep the primera's in line until he comes up with a plan. 

Tommy takes a sniff of cocaine and he also tells Dre that he knows it was the Jimenez who burned his product, but he doesn't know how they knew about the shipment. He looks at Dre and just stares at him.

Dre plays it off cool and asks, "So, what are you gonna do about it?" 

"I'm gonna kill every last one of them, starting with that David Blaine looking motherfucker, Cristobal, then the Jimenez, and the Serbs are gonna help," Tommy says. 

Ray Ray Is After Tariq

While in class, Officer Raymond Jones (a.k.a Ray Ray, a crooked cop) is escorted in by the principal. Raina is asked if her brother is in school because Raymond would like to speak with him. 

"No, is he in trouble?" Raina asks. 

"No, I just have a few questions," Ray Ray says. "You know where I can find him?"

"Sorry officer, no." Raina responds. 

Meanwhile, Tariq is chilling with Destiny, the girl who he previously hooked up with. She asks if he's really leaving to attend that prep school and Tariq says his dad is making him go. He invites her to his school dance and Destiny says she can meet up with him afterwards where she will bring him more Lean. 

Later on, Raina tells Tariq that Officer Raymond was looking for him at school and she asks if he's in trouble. Tariq tells her that the officer is Ray Ray, a dirty cop who tried to kidnap him on the night their father got arrested. 

"You should tell mom," Raina says. 

"That's why he wants to talk to me, to make sure I don't tell mom or dad," Tariq explains. "You cannot tell anyone. It will make things worse if you snitch. I'm serious! You cannot tell!"

"I won't tell, I swear," Raina says. 

James Plays Dirty Against Simon

"What a time to be alive," Tate says as he pours him and James a drink. "I never thought I'd see a black-owned business take back the hood at this magnitude."

James reviews his contract with Stern who will receive an overwhelming majority of the compensation.

James plays dumb and says, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but with my share at 51 percent, technically, this is a black-owned business. But, once again, I feel like this asshole has bought my black ass off an auction block."

Tate says what Stern is doing is fraud and can bust up the entire deal. James says the development is more important than his compensation but he just wanted to point it out. 

"Hold on tight, maybe there's something I can do," Tate says. 

Later on, during the meeting with the council committee, Tate interjects right before the committee is about to vote on one of Simon's proposal's. 

Tate mentions that something troubling caught his eye as he was reading over the paperwork. He brings up the point that James made earlier, the fact that he is a 51 percent owner yet it reads that he's only a small shareholder in the company. Simon tries to weasel his way out and says he had no idea. He says his lawyers will pay and he'll have the contract fixed. 

Tasha Moves Forward With Going Legit, Leaving Tommy To Fend For Himself

Tasha and Keisha talk about expanding the weave shop. Keisha asks Tasha if she's cool with ending her business with Tommy because she doesn't want his drug money anywhere near her. 

"I wanna go clean, like for real, completely," Tasha says. "From now on, any business that we do together will be legit, I promise." 

Tasha asks Keisha about Tommy and brings up the fact that she didn't tell her about hooking up with him.

"I figured that shit out, I ain't stupid," Tasha says. "And, Tommy admitted it." 

Keisha starts looking all sad and Tasha notices Tommy really did hurt her friend. 

"It's fine, it's my fault anyway," Keisha says. "Can't keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Shit don't work like that. I'm done with this shit, T."

Tasha understands her pain and says, "Keisha, I've felt the exact same way and I felt that way for awhile."

Tasha tells Keisha that once James has his project up and running, she's going to ask him for a divorce. 

"Fuck our prenup, I'ma get mine, trust," Tasha says. "Ghost don't know it yet, but he's about to get me my way out."


Tommy meets up with Jason who tells him he's not starting a war with the Jimenez just because Tommy fucked up. He says it doesn't concern him. But, Tommy reminds Jason that it does concern him because if he doesn't supply the primera's, then he'll lose out on all of New York. Tommy tries to make a new plan and he asks for a new supply. 

Dre is standing right there, listening and secretly enjoying watching Tommy's organization blow up right infront of his eyes. Dre receives a text from Kanan: 'where you at. don't make me find u.'

"...After all of this, you think I should continue to work with you?" Jason asks. 

"Of course I think you should be working with me because you're going to get paid. I'm going to get you your money, I know how you operate," Tommy responds. 

Jason agrees, for now, and Tommy and Dre walk out. 

Jason says to his people, "I should've put him in the grave with Petar."


As Tasha is on the phone with the Dean at Tariq's new school, Tommy barges in and starts yelling out to Tasha about money favors. He overhears the end of Tasha's conversation with the Dean and when she gets off the phone, he asks where is Tariq going. He finds out Tariq wants to go to a new prep school in Connecticut. 

Tommy tells Tasha shit has gone sideways he needs to re-up, he needs money ASAP! 

"Tommy, look I can't clean money for you at the shop anymore. I'm done with things going sideways, I'm done with this life. I'm going legit, for real."

"This about Keisha, right? I'll talk to her," he says. 

"No, it's too late for that now. I asked you to have my back with her and you blew her off, you did not do what you said and look where the fuck we are now."

"I totally fucked up, okay... but Tasha, you're a G like me. This game is in your blood. Don't let her change who you are."

"I'm not doing it for her, Tommy. I'm doing it for me."

Tommy looks at Tasha and asks, "What about me?" 

"You'll find another way. Look, I can teach you how to clean money on your own. Look, you got this." 

"Yeah, I know. I got this. All on my own," Tommy says and he starts walking out. 

Tasha stops Tommy before he goes down on the elevator. She asks him what happened to Mike Sandavol. "Did ya'll have anything to do with that?"

Tommy says, "Couldn't let that motherfucker see another day. Thanks for nothing, T."

Where was this Tasha at when James was trying to go legit back in season 1? Now all of a sudden she wants to be all clean because she's fucking the lawyer? Puh-leaseee!

Tommy Tries To Get Keisha Back

Later on, Tommy finds Keisha walking in the street alone and he pulls up by her. 

"Yoo, I've never seen you walk so fast. 'Love & Hip Hop' about to be on?" he jokingly shouts from his car. 

Keisha responds, "you know what, fuck you, Tommy!"

"Fuck me? What you talking about, fuck me? C'mon, I wanna talk to you. Get in the car."

Tommy hops out the car and begs Keisha to get in the car. 

"Please, it's important, please, please, get in the car. I want to apologize to you. What I did to you was wrong, disappearing like that."

"No call, no text, nothing! You just go Ghost like that, right?" Keisha says.  

"Can we talk in the car, please, in the car?" Tommy pleads. 

Keisha is truly hurt, but she gets in the car anyway. Tommy starts explaining how his life has gone crazy and how he had to go to Chicago. He also reveals to her that he found out his father is still alive. 

"My fuckin mother been lying to me my whole life. She's fucked, he's fucked, I'm fucked. We all fucked. But, now I'm in trouble and I need you," Tommy says. "I need you to let me clean money through the weave shop again. Tasha already told me that she's trying to go legit, but I think it's because you hate me. But, you have every reason."

"Keisha, I just wanna make shit right with us. I need ya," Tommy says and he kisses her. 

"No, no, I don't wanna do this," she says.

"Yeah, you do," Tommy responds. 

"Get off me, Tommy!" Keisha screams out and she gets out of the car. "You think because the dick got good I'ma play myself, again!? Just so you can turn around and do the same shit to me, again! I'm not even built like that, Tommy. That ain't even me, yo!" 

She walks off and Tommy yells after her, "Keisha, it ain't even like that!"

A Fight For The New Head Of Criminal Position

While Angela is telling Paz that she's going to have to leave public service all together and go fully corporate, she gets a knock at the door. It's John Mak and he's all dressed up in a tuxedo. Mak walks in and Angela introduces him to her sister.

"I was just leaving but maybe I should stay," Paz says while checking out Mak. 

"Enough," Angela says in Spanish. "Bye, Paz."

"The man can wear a tux," Paz replies in Spanish before she leaves. 

Mak tells Angela he's going to the Destroy Injustice gala. He's confident that he's getting the Head of Criminal job and he wants Angela to come back when he gets the job. 

"You're a pitbull and we need someone like you on our side," he says. 

"Because you can't win with me sitting at the defense table," Angela states. "No one will convict after I tell them about my first time experience of corruption at the AUSA office."

"Yeah, corruption you participated in until it no longer served you," Mak responds. "I can't believe you would turn something like this down."

Angela says if Tamika really wanted to restore the department's reputation, then she should have promoted her. 

An Old Face Returns

James' interview with the reporter airs and is playing on Angela's TV in the background. The interview is also being played on a TV at a Spanish restaurant. Maria, who is a waitress at the restaurant, drops a tray of dishes she was holding once she hears James speaking on the television. Maria recognizes James' voice from the night she was tied up and her boyfriend was killed. (This happened in the first episode on season 1. Tommy wanted to kill her but James let her go). Although Maria didn't see James' face that night, she remembers his distinct voice.

Uh oh, looks like James will have another problem in the near future! 

Tommy & James Argue

Back at home, James is watching the interview with his kids. 

"Dad, this is amazing," Raina says.  

"I promised the night I was arrested, I would make it up to you guys," he says. 

Raina also says she's happy that Tariq is going to the prep school in Connecticut. 

Tommy pops by and wonders why everyone is so dressed up. Raina says that her and Tariq have a school dance to go to. James is ready to attend the gala but Tasha says she doesn't want to go anymore and she decides to fall back. 

"Tariq, I need you to keep an eye on her [Raina] with those boys tonight," Tommy says. 

Tommy tells James they need to talk and they walk off to James' office. 

Tommy says, "I know you like to play Mr. Innocent these days but you may want to do a little less bragging when you're on the news." 

James already peeped that Tommy is high and he responds, "You may want to consider not coming in my house high infront of my kids. ... the fuck is wrong with you, Tommy?"

Tommy says he needs all of the clean money that James owes him from Kanan and Milan. He explains that the Jimenez torched his supply and he needs to re-supply his crew otherwise he will lose them.

"You have Jimenez problems. How'd you fuck that up that quickly!?" James asks. 

"I didn't fuck up shit!" Tommy says. "They're playing both of us, you need to watch your back too."

"No, the only person I need to watch my back with is Teresi," James says.

He says Kate called him and told him that Tommy wants to visit Tony in jail. 

"... Don't get your panties in a twist because he knows who you are," Tommy says. 

"He knows who I was, Tommy, and he threatened to take that away from me at MCC. C'mon, Teresi is a fucking loose end."

"He ain't a fucking loose end, he's my family," Tommy says. "You see, your kids are in there watching their dad on TV. Well, TV dad was all I had as a kid. And, you're so threatened that you're gonna blow up your spot as John Q citizen that I can't have something good."

"I ain't the fucking reason you can't have something good," James yells in Tommy's face. "Don't fucking give me that! You're the reason you can't have something good!"

James calls Tommy out for being back on drugs and snorting his own product. He says, "Look, I get it, I know it's hard with what happened to Holly."

"DON'T mention Holly, Ghost, that's a mistake..." Tommy says. 

James tells Tommy that he's fucking up now and expects Tony to sweep into his life and fix his shit. 

"C'mon it's too late for daddy shit," James says. 

Tommy is pissed! Out of nowhere, he headbutts James.

"What the fuck, man!?" James yells out. 

Tommy gets in a fight stance and says, "C'mon, you wanna go? Let's go!"

James is standing there holding his eye and he says to Tommy, "you fucking happy now?" 

He says the last time Tommy did some shit like that, he was 14 years old and there was a scar on his face. 

"I know it," Tommy says still in his fight stance. 

"Good to see you're still 14, Tommy," James says. 

Tommy puts his hands down and says, "Let's go write that check." 

"Fuck you!" James responds. 

James walks over to his desk and writes Tommy his check. He then kicks Tommy and out and tells him not to come back until he's sober. 

"Alright, but if you lay one finger on Teresi without asking for my permission, this time I will kill you," Tommy threatens. 

The Primera's Turn On Tommy, Thanks To Dre

Tommy shows up at the warehouse where Dre and only one of his primera's is. He asks where everyone else is but is confronted by questions from the one primera left about going to war with the Jimenez again. He peaces out and Dre says, "I tried to stop them, man."

"Them!?" Tommy asks. 

"Yeah, they're all out," Dre reveals (his plan has worked). 

"And you, you dumb motherfucker. I give you one job to keep the primera's on hold, now look what happened ..." Tommy yells at Dre. 

Dre yells back, "hold the fuck up man... you hold the fuck up! All I've been doing for the past few days is helping you get your shit together. Jason is right man, you gotta stop blaming motherfuckers for your fuck ups. I'm done with this shit, I should walk too." 

"Oh! Thank God. Nothing would make me happier than to never see your face again," Tommy says as Dre is about to walk out of e warehouse.

Dre turns around and says to Tommy, "You sure about that?"

"Do I look sure?" Tommy says all serious. 

"Let me explain something to you, Thomas. If I walk, I'm gone for good, man. You hear me?"

Tommy doesn't give a shit and says, "Get the fuck outta here." 

Dre walks away and Tommy yells out in his empty warehouse, "I don't need you. Bounce, motherfucker. I don't need you, I don't need nobody." 

James & Angela Come Face-To-Face

Tasha skipped out on the gala so she can spend time with Terry at his place. 

"You sure he won't wonder where you are?" Terry asks. 

Tasha says James will be so busy smiling and shaking hands that he won't even think about her. Terry says he was invited to the gala as well, but he much rather be home kissing on Tasha. 


James walks into the gala with Councilman Tate. He then walks over to Simon who tells him the contract has been modified and the councilman approved the rezoning. 

James brings up the committee meeting from earlier and says, "I must apologize for Councilman Tate, I didn't know he was going to do that."

"James, when will you ever learn to trust me?" says Simon. "Do you know why Joshua Kantos dropped out as a witness against you for your trial? I don't care about your past, James, I'm focused on our future. I can trust that you'll always mistrust me, but I can't promise that I will always be so tolerant. It's time for you to learn who to trust, James. Now, if you excuse me, I have a novelty check to sign in your honor." 

When Simon walks off, James spots Angela across the room who is talking to the new US Attorney, Tamika. Saxe and Mak watch from a short distance. 

When Tamika walks away, James see's the opportunity to talk to Angela. He walks over and says "hey, Angie... I'm glad you're here."

Angela quickly says hello then tells him "one second" as Tamika takes the stage to give her speech. 

James is standing right behind Angela, very close to her and he's checking her out in her black gown.  

Tamika gets ready to introduce the new Head of Criminal and as Mak is walking up to the stage, Tamika announces "Angela Valdez."

Oop! Mak wasn't expecting that one. He steps back down and Saxe says to him, "ain't this about a bitch." 

Saxe says he's not sticking around for "this shit" and he dips out as Angela takes the stage to give a short speech.

Later on, James and Angela come face-to-face again. He tells her congratulations and she says her congrats to him as well. 

"And, thank you for catching Mike, I know you risked your life... I know, you didn't do it for me... How you doing? You okay?" James asks.
"I am now. It all worked out for the best," Angela says. 

"Yeah, so what's next? When we were kids..." James starts saying. 

"You had a chance to go to Cholt ... you said you didn't have a chance, in your interview. You didn't go to Cholt because you chose not to. You said you couldn't leave Tommy, remember? What would have happened if you did?"

James thinks for a second and then says, "Don't matter now, right? We got the dream we dreamed in Queens, Angie. Funny thing is, we never would've come to this moment if it wasn't for each other." 

"I guess that's true," she says. 

James gives Angela a big smile and she says she should go. 

"Yeah, okay," James says and shakes Angela's hand. 

Obviously the chemistry is still there between them. But, too much has happened now. 

As Angela walks up the stairs, James turns around and tells her good luck and she says, "you too."

Tate walks over and introduces James to their new community liaison, the same kid James peeped Tate talking to earlier on the corner during the interview. 

"We gotta make sure he's kept hold," Tate says. 

"What's this about, Rashad?" James asks. "Look, I did you a huge favor of making sure you got more of Stern's cut, now it's time for you to reciprocate." 

Tate smiles at James, pats him on the shoulder and says, "Make that happen." 

Ahhh shit! I knew Tate was up to something! Looks like James trusted the wrong person!

With No One To Turn To, Tommy Goes To His Father 

Tommy finally visits his father in jail. They come face-to-face for the first time in a longggg time and they automatically start laughing. 

"You look like an old ass version of me," Tommy tells his dad. 

Tony asks his son how he's doing and Tommy says he's been better.

"Yeah, anything I can help with?" Tony asks. 

"Yeah, maybe so. I'd like to meet the rest of our family," Tommy says. 


Cristobal hops in the car with Dre and is ecstatic. "You fucking did it, man!"

"Yeah, man, got myself fired," Dre says.

"...I just saw the opportunity and I took it. You know, Ghost, Kanan, Tommy... none of them niggas think I got what I got in me. The naive, young boy... fuck that. So, I used it against them. There's advantages to being underestimated," Dre says. 

Dre also sets up Kanan to get killed. In the next scene, we see Kanan fight off two dudes who are trying to knock him off. But, Kanan quickly figures out he's being set up and he kills the two guys.

Tariq's Bad Ways Cost Him And His Family, Big Time!

Tariq gets set up by Destiny and doesn't even know it.

"Were you scared when you saw Brains shoot that lady?" Destiny asks Tariq on the phone. 

"What? I don't know what you're talking about. I don't fuck with him."

Tariq says he only called because he thought Destiny was going to bring him more Lean. 

"I'm supposed to be your girl, so you're supposed to tell me things. But, if not, I gotta go," she says.  

Tariq blurts out that he wasn't scared when Brains shot the lady. 

"I wanna hear more," she says. 

Destiny says she'll catch him at their spot where they plan to meet up later on during his school dance. 

Meanwhile, her cousin, Ray Ray is standing in the background listening to everything and he asks for her phone. 

Later on at the school dance, Raina spots her brother and tells him this will be their first birthday apart from each other once he goes to Connecticut. 

Tariq receives a text from Destiny who says she's out back at their spot. He tells Raina he'll be right back as she's left wondering where her brother is going. 

Tariq heads outside looking for Destiny but Ray Ray walks up infront of him instead. 

"Yo, I ain't say shit, Ray Ray," Tariq starts explaining. 

Ray Ray says, "Yo, we cool, B. I know you're a G and everything..."

Ray Ray launches at him. Tariq gets away and starts running. Ray Ray runs after Tariq but he loses him. Tariq ducks off to the side and hides nearby. 

Raina pops up out of nowhere to Ray Ray's surprise and she says to him, "hey! you were at my school the other day looking for Tariq."

Ray Ray lies and says, "Yeah, I was just headed to find your principal." 

"I know who you are, Ray Ray. You need to leave my brother alone. My father's gonna kill you."

Tariq can hear his sister talking. He inches forward and now he can see her and Ray Ray talking, but it's too late.

Ray Ray shoots Raina right in the chest and her body falls back and hits the pavement. Tariq see's this and is in shock.

Ray Ray quickly runs away and Tariq runs out to his sister. A bullet went straight through her chest and her body is in a pool of blood. Tariq is kneeling over his sister still in shock.