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POWER Season 5, Ep. 4 Recap: 'Second Chances'

"Second Chances" 

Season 5, Ep. 504 - Full Recap

I've been your family!

Tommy pulls up and meets with James and Kanan. Realizing Jason won't wait around forever, the trio must figure out a way to knock off the leaders of the Jimenez cartel and fast. 

"What about your dad?" Kanan asks Tommy. "He's out now, maybe he can help us."

"Terrasi's out?!" a confused James asks. 

"Yeah, it ain't a big deal," Tommy answers.

Oh, but it is a big deal for James. 

"Kanan, do you mind if I have a minute with Tommy alone?" James asks.

"What about all of that working together bullshit?" Kanan asks.

Kanan walks away and smiles while giving Tommy and James a minute to talk. 

James starts grilling Tommy, asking him about what his father knows and if he told Tony Teresi anything about their business. Tommy swears that he didn't tell his father anything about their business. 

James warns Tommy to keep his mouth shut about their doings and says they can't tell Tony anything that he could use against them. 

"Ghost, I'm not gonna tell him shit. But, he wouldn't do that to us anyway, he's family," Tommy says.

"This motherfucker blackmailed me twice! You got amnesia? You got a short memory? I know what he's capable of doing to us. Besides, he been your fucking family for 15 minutes! I been your family your whole goddamn life!" Ghost says. 

Tommy makes it clear that the situation is under control. James receives a phone call from Councilman Rashad Tate and tells him he will be in attendance at the fundraiser later. 

Tommy walks off to get in his car and yells out, "I'll find the Jimenez my goddamn self!"

After Tommy leaves, James tells Kanan that once someone gets in Tommy's head, he doesn't think straight. Kanan questions whether if Tony is a snitch or not, but James tells him Tommy said he has that under control. 

"Tommy gotta daddy now. Shits better than having a new puppy," Kanan says. "We should drop that motherfucker."

"We drop Teresi and Tommy finds out? No, man, that's way too risky," James says.

"So, if we ain't gonna drop Teresi then what are we gonna do?" Kanan asks. 

James figures that Tommy won't turn on the Italians, especially with Tony out of prison now, so him and Kanan have to figure out a way for the Italians to shut the door on Tommy. 

"I got a plan, K. It'll make Tommy too dangerous for the mob and nobody can get hurt, especially not Tommy."

James and Kanan shake on it.

Sneaky Angela

Jerry brings Angela all of Ray Ray's case files in boxes from NYPD internal affairs.

"For your dirty cop investigation, right?" Jerry asks. 

"Yeah," Angela answers. 

"Yeah, well, as sergeant, Blanca Rodriguez ... I think it's safe to say you're off her Christmas card list," Jerry jokingly says. "She seems to think you're hiding something."

"I am. From her. A federal investigation," Angela says as the two of them giggle. 

"I'll never have to deal with her again," Angela says. 

So she thinks.

Angela locks the boxes away in her office and texts Tasha: 'RJ case shut down.'

Angela then receives a text from new boo Steve which reads: 'can't stop thinking about the other night.'

She heads to a briefing with her team and tells everyone they are now aware that Alicia is the other half of the Jimenez "brothers," as they now plot on trying to locate how to find them. 

Angela brings up a picture of Arturo on the screen, who they think is the Jimenez' distributor. Angela says if they can get to Arturo, then they can get to Diego and Alicia. 

"And if we can take down a cartel of that size, everyone in this room will be able to write their own ticket. Let's get to it!" Angela says while wrapping up the meeting. 

Tommy gets swept up with his new Italian family

Tony takes Tommy to the cemetery to visit his mother and father's headstone. Tony tells a story of how his father was engaged to another woman before meeting his mom. Tommy asks what happened to the other woman. Tony places flowers on his mother's gravesite and explains how his father had an attack which placed him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. His father told the other woman, if she wants to leave, she can. So, the other woman left. Tony explains that his mother was his father's nurse and she took care of him for the rest of his life until his passing. 

"He did everything he could to take care of ma and me, and then he died. I joined the family to make sure she had the life that he would've given her," Tony says.

Tony shows his and Connie's burial plots and says he's going to make sure Connie is taken care of until the very end.

"We both will," Tommy says.

Later on, Tommy and Tony meet up with the entire Italian family at their restaurant as they all welcome Tony back home. Tony toasts to family and loyalty and thanks everyone for sticking by his side while he was locked up, and now by Tommy's side.

Tommy looks at his father and is all caught up in all the BS that Tony is feeding him.

After the toast, whispers are in the crowd. "You don't find him getting out like that over night a little strange?" one guys says to the leader, Vincent.  

Vincent responds to the guy, "He's done 25 years for this family without once opening his mouth... besides, most of the guys he can snitch on are dead."

Alicia handles business with Dre

Dre is on the phone handling business as he receieves a surprise visit from his boss, Alicia Jimenez. She creeps up from behind Dre and grabs his shoulder.

"Alicia, I didn't know you wanted to talk in person," a nervous Dre says. 

Alicia grabs Dre's ear, rubs it and admires his earring, saying it's beautiful. 

Dre wants to update Alicia on the international business and says there seems to be a setback. He wants to make sure Alicia and Diego are on the same page with how the resources are managed within the club.

Alicia walks over to her security and lights up a cigarette. "How much of our tab has he run up? The truth," she asks.

Dre says the tab is about $60,000. He also says some of the bottle girls have quit because of Diego's aggressiveness, and that one of the managers have started to notice his behavior in the club. 

Alicia says they need to find a solution and he will get instructions soon.

James pours more of his frustrations on Tasha

Tasha is knocked out in bed sleeping. A bottle of prescription medicine is on her nightstand dresser. James walks in and wakes her up, telling her to get ready for the investor party at Truth nightclub. He questions her pills, but Tasha says the doctor prescribed them so she could get some sleep. 

Tasha doesn't think she's up to going to the event. "I'm sorry, I don't think I can play the perfect wife tonight. I can't be like you and act like I'm back to business."

"I don't have time for this. Look, you and Yaz stay here, I'll go raise the funds for our daughter's legacy," James says.

"Don't do that to me!" Tasha says. "Don't you dare act like the reason why I don't want to go is because I don't care."

"No, it's because you're selfish," James says. "Sorry for disturbing you. Enjoy your sleep."

Tasha is left in bed, and she's pissed!

Later on, James heads to the investor party at Truth, without Tasha. 

Rashad questions Tasha's whereabouts then says if the night goes well, him and James should be able to make up the investment they lost from Linda. 

Rashad goes out to mingle with a couple of the investors in the crowd. One of the investors speaks on rumors that James is causing problems and that they heard one major investor already dropped out. But, Rashad covers James' back and says they are nothing but rumors. 

"I can promise you both, I trust him with my life," Rashad tells two investors while looking at James who is in the crowd shaking people's hands. 

James takes the stage and grabs everyone's attention. As James is in the middle of his speech, he thinks he see's Raina in the crowd. He stops his speech, gets off stage and goes up to a young girl ... the young girl turns around and she's clearly not Raina. James is losing it. And, he's left in the middle of the crowd with tears in his eyes as everyone is looking at him. 


The next morning, James is sitting at his desk, still in his clothes from last night's fundraiser, and he's drinking brown liquor while staring at an old photo of his family. 

The account manager of his project calls him up with the numbers of the fundraiser and says they are still short 40 percent. James tells the project manager that he has some private money coming in and he'll call him back. He takes another shot of liquor and then Tasha walks in and asks about the event.

"I saw her ... Raina. I thought she was there, " James says. 

"I see her everyday," Tasha says. 

"I came down to the crowd ... our baby girl is really gone. So I couldn't finish the speech, I had to leave," James says. 

"It's just a speech, Ghost, it's okay."

"It was supposed to be your speech, not my speech. If you had been there, Tasha, to give your speech, then it would have never happened," James says and walks out of the room.

Tasha is left standing there all confused.


Later on, Tasha complains to her mother, Estelle, about James.

"All he cares about is building this Queens child project for Raina like that's going to fix everything," Tasha says.

"To him it will, Tasha. He's helpless, just like me, just like you," Estelle says. 

"He's nothing like me," Tasha says. "You know it hasn't worked, since Angela. But then, we figured out a way to be partners, if nothing else. Momma, I stood by him while he was arrested, I stood by him when he got out. But momma, now that Raina is gone, I think I need to stand by myself."

"Death of a child hits everybody hard, Tasha. James is not himself," Estella says. 

"This isn't the man I met, the man I knew. I used to think we could out run anything, that the life wouldn't catch up to us. But, now I know I was wrong. I just wish I could start over," Tasha says. 

Tasha tells her mom she wants to try starting over. Estelle questions Tasha and feels there may be something or someone else her daughter isn't telling her. 

"Who was that man you were hugged up on at Raina's funeral?" Estelle asks. 

"No, this is about Ghost, no one else," Tasha says.

Councilman Tate tries to hook in Dre

Meanwhile, Rashad meets with Dre! He wants Dre to be the new face of him and James' project. 

Dre tells Rashad, "... I mean no disrespect, philanthropy is lit and all, but I have a business to run. And, I have a hard time believing that James is just going to step to the side and let me take over. We've had some recent disagreements, ya know."

"We both know James can be stubborn when he sets his mind to something. And, I'm afraid he's just too unstable right now. And, it's not an issue of taking over, you'll merely be the face of our organization," Rashad explains to Dre. "Corner kid off the block, with your redemption story... shit, people would be tripping over themselves to write us a check."  

Rashad says if James really cares about making the memorial for his daughter a reality, then he'll understand what needs to be done. But, Dre just wants to know what's in it for him. 

Tate smirks and says, "Don't you want friends in high places?" 

"I got enough friends, thank you," Dre says and gets up ready to leave Rashad's office.

Before Dre walks out, Rashad reminds him, "Never underestimate the value of a good public image."

Joe's baby mama problems

Back at Joe Proctor's house... he's making breakfast for his daughter, Elisa, as the mother of his child and ex-wife, Lindsay, walks in. Joe and Elisa don't look too happy as Lindsay wants to make amends for all the hurt she caused them. 

"Mommy is very sorry she was sick in the past, but she's all better now," Lindsay says to her daughter. 

Elisa puts on a fake smile. 

Lindsay goes on to tell Joe she's been clean for 30 days and she plans to study for the bar exam again. She promises her daughter that she'll be living with her soon once she gets joint custody back. 

Joe tells Elisa to go upstairs then he says to Lindsay, "listen to me... I will NEVER let you have joint custody."

After Joe tells Lindsay she has a long way to go to get cleaned up, she snaps back and says, "I'm sorry, aren't you the one who is about to get disbarred on ethics? What, did another witness not show up to the bar hearing?"

"It's never gonna happen, okay. And, don't worry about me, I'm never going to let anything or anybody threaten my career again or keep me from being that girl's father," Joe says.

"You always find someone to clean it up for you, don't you?" Lindsay says.

After she leaves, Joe looks in his suitcase at one of Tony's files: a release date and certificate request paper. 

Joe sends a text to James: 'We gotta meet. Someone we gotta talk about.'


James meets up with Joe and at first, he plays like he doesn't know Tony is out of prison when Joe mentions it.

"When did you find this out?" James asks. 

Joe lies and says, "just today."

"Bullshit, Proctor! Tommy told me you already looked into it, c'mon man! Why am I just hearing from you now?"

"Tommy told me not to say anything."

"Joe, Tommy don't run shit."

"Oh, that's easy for you to say. He stabbed a fucking homeland security agent to death in the middle of my kitchen! So, forgive me if I want to play it a little safe around the guy," Joe says.

Joe speaks about Tony getting out of jail and says everything checks out, but there's a new name on the paperwork that concerns him: John Mak. 

Joe tells James what he already knows: don't tell Tony anything that might interest the feds. 

"See, we are a team right now, whether you like it or not. We can't slip up, not with Teresi or anyone," Joe says. "Look, I'm going to monitor this thing the best I can, but you have to play it safe. You cannot be in anything illegal, especially with fucking Tommy."

Tommy makes moves to find Alicia and Diego while Arturo rats them out

Tommy talks to Jason on the phone and promises to get that "thing" done soon. As he asks for a little more time, Jason hangs up on him. 

Tony overhears Tommy talking and asks, "what's wrong? You need some help?"

"Nah, I just got this thing I gotta do. Another party I gotta throw," Tommy says. 

"You want me and the guys to help out? Do it right this time?" Tony asks. "C'mon, who's the party for?"

Tommy doesn't tell his dad anything on the situation and says, "Nah, I got this. I'm all good. Thanks though."

Back at the office, Angela and Agent Medina meet with Arturo. They tell Arturo that he could be charged with the death penalty for killing Lorenzo and for other stuff. 

"I want a lawyer ... I actually didn't do that shit," Arturo confesses. 

"We don't care about Lorenzo, but I'll do my best to keep your little secret. Make sure word about that doesn't get out into the streets," Angela says. 

"Tell us where we can find Deigo and Alicia, only way out," Angela says. 

It doesn't take much for Arturo to crack under pressure. He reveals he's not the Jimenez' distro and that he knows where Alicia is headed and that she's leaving the city today. He says, Diego will probably be there as well.

Tasha gets her own place

Terry is at Tasha's new place. He tells Tasha that her and Yaz don't have to stay there and they can come and stay at his place. 

"Don't say that," Tasha says.

"Why?" Terry asks.

"Because, I'm afraid you might change your mind."

"This is the right decision, Tasha," he says.

Terry tells Tasha it is best that she's out of her apartment. He also says things aren't looking good for Joe. 

"From what I know about John Mak, he's not going to stop until he gets James and Proctor on something. And, when he does, you and the kids should be as far away from them as possible."

"Proctor too? We're all in danger," Tasha says.

"You're not in any danger, not anymore," Terry says and he hugs Tasha.

Alicia delegates until shit goes left for the Jimenez cartel

Dre and Cristobal meet up with Diego and Alicia Jimenez who are outside waiting to board their private plane. Diego hands over $60,000 to Dre in a duffel bag to cover up his recreational activities at the nightclub. 

Alicia says to Diego, "Say it." 

Diego doesn't want to say it, but he does... he tells Dre, "I'm sorry."

Alicia then starts giving orders to Dre and says she wants the club in Paris locked down as well. She also wants Dre to show Cristobal how to operate the books in the clubs. But, Dre doesn't think that's necessary. Alicia says it is necessary. 

Dre, Cristobal, Diego, Alicia and their security start walking towards the plane. 

From a distance, Tommy is watching them. He gets in his car and drives off. 

Dre says to Cristobal, "What the fuck was that? You're running the fucking clubs now?"

"I got a fucking choice? What do you want me to say? No?" Cristobal answers. 

Dre and Cristobal get in their vehicle as Alicia walks to her plane. She tells Diego that she's leaving him in charge for now since she'll be gone for a few days. 

As Dre and Cristobal start driving off, a swarm of FBI vehicles speed right past them. All of the FBI agents hop out with their guns drawn as they arrest Alicia, Diego and the rest of their crew who is with them. 

Angela says to Alicia in Spanish, "got you now, bitch."

When Angela and her team return to the office, a bunch of FBI agents are standing up and clapping as they celebrate their big arrest. 

Tamika says Alicia and Diego are already in separate interrogation rooms and that Angela gets the first crack at them. 

"I have to admit, for as long as I've been working on this case, I wanted to be the one to bring them in. But, you got them," John says to Angela.

"We all got them," Angela says.

"Well, mostly me, that goes without saying," Cooper adds in. 

But, before Angela can even interrogate Alicia, her new boo Steve comes barging in and says he can't allow Angela or any other member of their office to interview Alicia or Diego. 

Angela and the rest of her team doesn't know what's going on. 

Steve enters the interrogation room where Alicia is sitting. He makes sure he's not being monitored or recorded as he unplugs the camera and the mic. He introduces himself to Alicia and says he's with the US government. 

"I'd love nothing more than to to take you and Diego down, but right now the orders from my superior is to let the two of you go," Steve says.

Steve tells Alicia she planted the gold gun at the stash house to set Diego up. 

"If you're tracking us then you know my brother is a risk to us both. Keep Diego," Alicia says.

"I can't arrest him, he's the face of your cartel. You want your brother gone, you do it yourself," Steve says. 

After Steve speaks to Alicia, he gets a handful from Angela who tells Steve he has no authority to let Alicia and Diego go. Steve tells Angela and Tamika that he basically has more power than both of them, but he can't disclose anymore information.

"It's a setback, I know ... just focus on your other cases, I'm sorry," Steve says to Angela. 

Alicia and Diego are both free again. Diego walks pass Angela and says, "adios!" as Alicia just simply smiles.

"This was going to be the biggest case of my career!" Angela says to Steve. "I can win this case, I've got the evidence. What is this really? What? Are the Jimenez paying you off? Someone else? Did you use me? Was any of it real?"

Angela and Steve talk and he says,"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since the other night. I'm sorry you got hurt, but I have to do my job. I didn't need to sleep with you to find out where you were in this case. If I have the authority to do what I just did back there, do you really think I needed to use you to do it?"

Angela lets him go. 


After being set free, for now, Diego and Alicia talk in the car. Alicia asks Diego about his gold gun and wants to know how long its been missing. But, Diego doesn't even know and asks if she has seen it. 

"No, you fucking idiot! Because the feds found it at the Toros stash house," she says in Spanish. "That's why they arrested us! ... Were you high again?"

"Who cares. They let us go anyway," Diego says. 

"I'm going back to Mexico. I beg of you, stop this shit with Dre."

"What do you have with him? Why is he so important to you?" Diego asks. 

"I'll tell you why he's important: because he runs our businesses!" Alicia says. "And thanks to him, we're expanding."

"You ruin everything you touch," she also tells her brother. 

Back at the office, Angela is sitting at her desk and she's super bummed out after Steve and his team ruined her big arrest. She's about to text Steve: 'you motherfucker...' but she deletes the text.

Angela opens up an active surveillance operations file from the US Attorney's Office, and she see's Tommy's name in the list of being remotely tracked which was ordered by John and Cooper. 


Meanwhile, Dre tells Cristobal he talked with the Primera's and they're going to close down the store until things cool down with the Jimenez' recent arrests. 

"The connections got wrapped up. Ain't nothing to cool down, man, we're burnt," Cristobal says. 

Dre tells Cristobal if the feds needed them to get to Alicia and Diego, then they would have gotten them already but they didn't make a move on them yet. 

"Think about it, man, now we got a rat," Cristobal says. "If Tommy or Kanan or fucking Ghost find out the Jimenez got brought in, they're really gonna roll up on us."

Dre thinks really quick and says, "No they won't. I need you to drop me off somewhere."

Joe's place gets raided 

The Crime Scene unit busts into Joe's place with a search warrant since Bailey Markham, the Homeland Security agent who Tommy killed, has been officially declared missing. Joe's apartment was Bailey's last traceable location. The Crime Scene Unit tears into Joe's place while looking for evidence of a murder or any other crime. 

"Daddy, what are they looking foe?" Elisa asks. 

"I don't know, honey" Joe says. 

Later on, John and Cooper are out out in the street talking about the raid at Joe's place and how they haven't heard back on what happened.

Joe rolls up on the two of them and asks John and Cooper if they found anything. 

"I know it was you. You raid my place when my fucking daughter was there, really?" Joe says to John.

"I was just doing my job," John says.

"Woah, woah, woah... I helped," Cooper adds in.

"You're wasting your time, I'm clean," Joe says,

John asks Joe if he has any idea what happened to Bailey. Joe says, "no." He also warns John that if he keeps messing with him, he's going to file harassment charges. 

But, John and Cooper don't plan on backing off anytime soon and say they're just getting started. John thinks Joe can help them take down James, Tommy and Angela. 


Meanwhile, Blanca talks to Darrell, a suspended fed from Angela's team. Darrell says he didn't do anything wrong and doesn't know what could have gotten him suspended. Blanca asks if his suspension is about misuse of his login because she has a theory. Blanca asks Darrell, who else knows his password.

Tasha has had enough with James and finally makes moves

James gets home and see's Estelle and Yaz putting on their coats in the living room and he see's luggage near the elevator.

"What's this? What's going on?"

"James, please, don't make this any harder," Estelle begs of him. "Have you been drinking?"

James walks into the bedroom and finds Tasha in the closet grabbing some of her clothes off the hangers.

"Where do you think you're going?" he asks. 

"I can't keep facing what happened to our baby girl by myself," Tasha says. 

"C'mon, don't give me that, Tasha, I'm facing it," he says.

But, Tasha doesn't seem to think so and she has had enough. 

"Okay, I'm fucking sorry that I can't deal with the loss of my daughter the way you want me to," he says.

"That's just it, Ghost! You're not dealing with it at all. You're shutting everybody out... I'm telling you right now, if you don't deal with the pain with Raina's death, you'll never see the beauty of her life. She'll always be this thing that was taken from you instead of the gift that you had, the gift that we had."

"Cool. So you're just gonna run out on me?" James asks.

"I'm not leaving you, Ghost, you left me a long time ago, remember that? You left all of us."

"Tasha, that was in the past."

She tells James that she told Tariq everything about their past. 

"I want out, out of this penthouse, out of this marriage. I need some space," Tasha says in James' face then walks out of the closet. 

"You don't mean what you're saying, Tasha," he says and follows her into the bedroom. 

James stands there and watches Tasha packs her bags. 

"Fine, you want to leave me, I don't need you. You cant help me, you can't help the QCP, you can't help our kids."

"Oh, I got our kids and I got myself. All you got is what you always had: You!" Tasha says.

James is blindsided by Councilman Tate, again

James stops by Rashad's office, right in time to meet with the board. He walks in and Dre is standing there at the conference time as the newest face of their project. 

"I just want to thank you all for this incredible opportunity and to specially thank you Mr. James St. Patrick for everything you've done for me. If it wasn't for you, James, I wouldn't be standing here today..." Dre says. "So let's stay linked together through this board and through our joint PUBLIC endeavors."

James plays it cool, walks over and shakes Dre's hand while welcoming him on the team. 

James looks at Rashad and says with a serious look, "And, thank you Councilman Tate for bringing us together. Trust me, I wont forget it."

Kanan puts his plan in motion to separate Tommy from the Italians

Kanan texts Tommy: 'Yo. Let's make a plan for these Jimenez motherfuckers.'

Tommy responds: 'Pick me up after Vincent at Bamonte's. 11:30 tonight.'

Kanan hires two guys and gives them orders. He wants them to do a drive-by but says only shoot blanks to scare the Italians. And, Kanan says, if his guys do it right, they should be long gone before the Italians even figure out what hit them. 

"This is what we need to do to get to the connect, trust that," Kanan says. 

Later on, Kanan is in a separate car waiting outside Bamonte's restaurant where Tommy walks outside chopping it up with the Italian's. 

Kanan gave strict instructions to his two guys to use the blank bullets just to scare the Italians, but at the last minute, the two guys decide to take matters into their own hands and they switch up plan. They decide to replace the blank bullets with real bullets and say they just won't hit anyone with the real bullets. 

Kanan gives his guys the signal and texts: 'NOW.'

The two guys drive by and start shooting at the Italians. Vincent, Sammy and Tommy all duck then Tommy starts shooting back. 

Kanan watches nearby and then he drives infront of his boys' car, switches up the plan, and he shoots his guys instead and kills them. 

Vincent walks over and is about to shoot Kanan, but Tommy tells him not to shoot because Kanan is his boy that was meeting him.

"I got you," Kanan says to Tommy. 

"Well, good thing you showed up," Vincent says to Kanan.

"What the fuck was this, who would shoot at us here, hunh?" Vincent asks Tommy. 

Tommy says he doesn't know and he runs off to check on his father to make sure there weren't other hits in the family. 

Kanan follows Vincent and heads inside the restaurant. He sits down and has a drink with Vincent who starts asking him questions about the shooting.

"Got us out of nowhere, hunh? So you don't recognize any of them? Not that you all know each other. Who they are with, I mean."

"I ain't no snitch, man," Kanan says. 

"That's alright, you can tell me, it won't come back to you," Vincent promises as he thinks the shooters had something to do with Tommy's old drug beef. 

Kanan makes up a story for Vincent and says the shooters were just some dope boys trying to even the score and said it was for Tommy. 

"So that's not done?" Vincent says. "He and Sammy swore to me that shit was over. That's a shame."

Tony the rat

John and Cooper call up Tony. "How ya doing, pal?! What do you know?" John asks.

"Nothing. It hasn't been that long," Tony answers.

John is just making sure Tony didn't forget about their "little arrangement," as he calls it. 

"I don't want to have to show up to your door," John warns him. 

Tony tells John he's working on it and says they'll talk soon.

Tony's wife, Connie, overhears him talking. When he gets off the phone, she asks him, "why did they really let you out? I mean, until now, it wasn't even a possibility. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere... I can tell something is going on with you."

Tony's cellphone rings, but Connie tells him don't even think about picking the phone up because they're having a conversation. He tells her to sit down. 

"They let me out to get information about Tommy," Tony reveals.

"Ohhh, no! Oh, Tommy" Connie says. "So, you're a rat?"

"I am not a rat!" Tony says. 

"This is about Ghost and Tommy, it is not the family. I only did this so I could be with you for whatever time you have. I wanted to see you without looking through glass."

"If any of those guys find out, it's not going to matter who you're snitching on," Connie warns her husband. 

"They won't, trust me," Tony says.

Tommy pops up at the house to check on Tony. When Tony lets him in, Tommy catches him up on the shooting and said he doesn't think the shooters were coming for the family.  

"Tommy would you please let me help you," Tony pleads. 

Tommy gets a phone call from 'G,' but he ignores the call as Tony continues to talk to him. 

"Tell me what's going on?" Tony says. 


Meanwhile, Blanca is still trying to crack the case of Raymond Jones, Angela and the St. Patrick family as she's trying to make connections. 

James finally meets up with Angela

James leaves Tommy a voicemail as he returns home to an empty penthouse. He's all alone now. 

He receives a phone call and says, "hey, where do you want to meet?"

In the next scene, James meets up with Angela at a restaurant.

She notices his beard and says it's different.

"I got tired of looking at the same face," James says. "Thanks for calling me back. What took you so long?" 

"I'm here now. I can't stay long," she says.

"You okay?" James asks. 

Angela shakes her head no and asks, "you?"

James shakes his head no. 

A waitress walks over and says to them, "do you two know what you want?"

Angela and James look at each other, and you can tell the love is still there between the two of them.