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POWER Season 5, Ep. 5 Recap: 'Happy Birthday'

"Happy Birthday" 

Season 5, Ep. 505 - Full Recap

Vincent teaches Tommy and Sammy a lesson

Tommy and Sammy are sitting at the bar at Bamonte's restaurant waiting for Vincent who called a special meeting. Sammy tells Tommy that he's done covering his ass and in walks Vincent with a group of guys, including Teresi. 

Vincent looks back and forth at Tommy and Sammy while explaining that he's been thinking about the shootout from the other day and he says it doesn't add up.

"Anything you two wanna tell me?" Vincent asks. 

"Well, I mean, I think it was this guy Dre," Tommy says.

"Is he the guy you said you handled?" Vincent asks. "You lied to me about it."

Tommy looks over at Teresi who gives him this look to tell the truth, so Tommy admits to Vincent that he lied. 

"You coulda told me about it before, I could have helped you handle it," Vincent says. 

His boys roll up behind Tommy and Sammy and pushes them to the floor on their knees. 

"Tony, these are your boys, these are your responsibilities, pick one," Vincent says to Teresi as he hands him a gun.

"C'mon, Vincent. You're really going to do this?" Teresi asks. "He told you the truth, nobody died, cut him some fucking slack!"

Vincent tells Tony he respects him and all, but if he doesn't pull the trigger then all three of them will die. 

Sammy and Tommy who are still on their knees are now both looking up at Teresi as they await their fate. 

Teresi takes a deep breath and says "I'm sorry" as he points the gun at Sammy's head and pulls the trigger. But, nothing happens. There's no bullets in the gun and no one got shot. Teresi kind of looks at the gun in shock.

"We'll always be family, but that's all we'll be. Tommy, it goes without saying, there won't be any re-up," Vincent says before him and his boys walk out of the restaurant 

Right after they leave, Sammy grabs up Tommy and yells at him, "You fucking mutt, it's been chaos since you came out, you understand that?!"

Teresi has to step in to calm Sammy down and he tells Tommy to leave. 

"You were gonna shoot me? You don't even know him..." Sammy says. 

Tasha faces some harsh reality

James picks up Tariq from private school so he can celebrate his birthday at home with his family. They both talk about the conversation Tasha had with Tariq on their past in Queens. 

"That's your mothers version of the truth, son. She's hurting right now so she's saying things she don't really mean. She's not really herself so you have to take it with a grain of salt, whatever she says. One day when you're older, I'll give you my version," James says. 

"You never talk about where you came from," Tariq says.

"It's complicated ... what's important is that I want to give you the life I never had, the childhood I never had. I want to protect you from the things that nobody protected me from." James says. 

Meanwhile, Tasha is at a bakery with Terry Silver and she thanks him for coming to her hotel room last night and says, "you have no idea how much I needed that. It's good to just get away, to just be."

Terry tells Tasha she doesn't have to be at a hotel and that her and Yaz can stay at his apartment. Tasha says her mom is planning a big dinner for Tariq's birthday and she hasn't even told Tariq she moved out.

Terry says he gets it and Tasha can do what she needs to do but advises her to stay away from James and out from under his influence. 

"You're funny. If anybody has me under their influence, it's you," Tasha says. "As soon as Tariq goes back to school, I'm out of there."

A guy at the counter at the bakery greets Tasha and says, "Hey, Mrs. St. Patrick! It's that time of the year again? The usual for the twins? One strawberry cake and one chocolate?"

"I only need one this year. Strawberry," Tasha says as sadness sweeps over her face. 

Terry looks at Tasha who is teary-eyed and she hugs him. 

Tommy's car tracker

Back at the office, Angela hands Tamika a file of the GPS tracker placed on Tommy's car during James' trial. Angela says Cooper and John recently reactivated the tracker and she thinks they are up to something. Tamika says she may handle them. 

They both walk into the conference room where Cooper, John and Jerry are already sitting. Tamika congratulates the team for getting the closest to the Jimenez, more than any other district during the decade long pursuit of the cartel. 

Tamika says it's now time to move on from the Jimenez case, but Angela doesn't think they should give up, and she starts offering other ways to pursue the cartel. Tamika stops Angela and reminds her that Steve asked them to leave the case alone, so they will.

"Your job as head of criminal is as much about politics as it is about justice and I assured the attorney general that we would be moving on, is that understood?" Tamika asks Angela.

She then excuses Angela and talks to Cooper and John. Tamika says if she doesn't get something solid on the stunt they pulled with Teresi then she's pulling the plug. She also warns them that Angela knows about the tracker now. 

"Jesus, she's gonna blow our whole case now, isn't she?" John says.

"This is not about her, this is about you all not getting it done," Tamika says. 

"No offense, Tamika, but you got her all wrong," Cooper says about Angela. 

"We'll get you something," John says. 

John and Cooper leave the conference room and then Tamika asks Jerry if she has Angela all wrong.

"There's something I should tell you," Jerry says. He goes on to tell Tamika that Angela asked him to take evidence away from Blanca Rodriguez. 

Tamika later comes clean with Angela and fills her in about the tracker on Tommy's car. She explains that Cooper and John came to her because they believe Tommy is still trafficking drugs. 

"I gave them permission for surveillance. I kept you out of the loop because I can't trust that you'll remain objective," Tamika says. 

"What do they have on Egan?" Angela asks.

Tamika says they don't even know Egan's supplier and she'll have Cooper and John turn off the tracker.

"So, you knew they were running an investigation behind my back? That undermines my authority, Tamika."

"I hired you knowing your weaknesses and I have to manage them," Tamika says. "And, what's the status with this NYPD dirty cop case that Donovan told me about?" 

"I apologize for the secrecy. I didn't want to bring you in on it until I was sure it had legs." 

"You know I like you, Angela. You have all the qualities I look for in a prosecutor. Your drive to win being the most important. But, it's important to remember that how we win matters just as much as the win itself. 

Tamika asks Angela if she's sure this case is just about dirty cops and Angela assures her it is.

Tommy believes Teresi really has his back

Teresi is sitting in Sammy's car as he explains he could feel Vincent's gun was light and says he would've never pointed it at Sammy if it wasn't. Vincent talks about John and Cooper and how they want James. Sammy asks Teresi if he thinks Tommy will eventually crack.

"I think he better. I almost killed my best friend for him. He fucking owes me," Teresi says. 

Meanwhile, Tommy is at his place explaining everything that just happened to James and Kanan and how Teresi saved him over Sammy. 

Tommy says, "It was a fake out, like some twisted fucking lesson. Anyways, the Italians are out. They're done with me. I'm fucking fucked! And I ain't even 100 percent sure it was Dre."

"Oh, it was Dre," James says. 

"It was definitely that nigga," Kanan adds. 

Tommy says it's a good thing Vincent only got shot in the arm or he would be deep in dirt right now if Dre's boys killed anybody. 

"K saved the motherfucking day," Tommy says to James. 

"Why were ya'll meeting?" James questions.

"We were gonna talk Jimenez shit, but fuck them!" Tommy says. "Dre's ass gets dropped today!"

James says they have to hold off on getting Dre because now he's working with him on the Queens Child Project. 

"Tate knows I don't want him on it so if we kill Dre, they'll know it was me, they'll know it was the three of us," James warns. 

Tommy says he has to do something to make it up to Teresi since he chose him over his best friend. 

"That's the other shit I don't get. Why'd he do that?" James questions.

"Because I'm his son, Ghost," Tommy says.

"When you're around him [Teresi], forget you know me, okay?" James says.

"Like a dream come true," Tommy says. 

James hands Tommy a check, its' clean money, and says he'll see him later at Tariq's birthday celebration. 

James heads out as Tommy sits near Kanan on the couch.

"You know Ghost is like that bitch from Charlie Brown... always moving the ball,"  Kanan says. "Maybe the best way to get Dre is to push him out of his own organization."

Kanan starts  talking about the troubles going on in Dre's organization and how Cristobal has been outshining Dre. Kanan suggests they help push Dre and Cristobal's beef more. 

Tommy shoots down the idea and says, "Nah, even if we did, now we need Ghost to keep the drop on Dre."

"Man, Ghost got you believing that you can't do nothing without him," Kanan says. "Look, hit me up when you want to talk about the Jimenez or expansion. I got shit to do today." 

Kanan walks away from Tommy smiling. 

Tate lets James know that Dre has offered to host tonight's final fundraiser. 

Good ol' Simon Stern is also at the meeting, sitting right next to James and across from Tate and Dre.

Simon says, "We already have a black on the team who bootstrapped his way to the top of the industry. Andre seems so redundant." 

Tate goes on to explain, "He is reminiscent of James, yes, but Andre is much closer in age to the kids in the community and considering James' personal trials of lately...."

"I am morally and financially invested in this project with a true commitment to the community I was raised in. I'm irreplaceable," James says. 

Simon adds, "I'd also like to remind you of my contribution to your community."

Tate tells Simon and James that he respects and appreciates both of their contributions to the project.

"This little meeting is a formality," Tate says. "I get to decide who represents me on a community level and that person is Andre."

Dre looks across the table at James.

"You're right, Rashad. You should decide how you are represented. Thank you for notifying us," Simon says.

"It's my pleasure," Tate says. "Andre, allow me to show you the project grounds."

Dre and Tate excuse themselves from the conference table. 

James is pissed and says, "Simon, you're just going to let Tate walk all over us?!"

"I go to Berlin to find myself and I come back to this mess. For as long as I've known you, James, you have found a way to wiggle out from every one of my impediments... wiggle away, my good man." 

Kanan plots on the Tiano's

Kanan walks out of a corner grocery store and is greeted by some random crackhead guy (played by rapper Kendrick Lamar) "That's a nice jacket you got on, papi!" and he tries to sell Kanan some random gift cards. 

Kanan just looks at him and then says, "Get the fuck out of here, man." 

Kanan is about to get in his car and the crackhead runs after him and tries to sell him a girly bike along with the gift cards. He says, "I gotta eat just like you, papi. These Spanish don't won't nobody to have nothing, just like you."

"Spanish?" Kanan whispers to himself. 

Kanan reconsiders leaving, walks back over to the crackhead and decides to give him $20 for the bike. Kanan also asks him if he knows any Tiano's. The crackhead smiles. He's then seen distracting a Spanish guy and he tries to sell him gift cards. As the guy is distracted, Kanan comes riding the bicycle down the street. Kanan rolls up on dude and then shoots him right in the chest.

Angela and Ghost 

Angela meets up with James at a sneaker store after they both saw each other the other night.

"I thought that was a one time thing?" she says. 

"Oh, I just wanted to buy some sneakers for Tariq's birthday and thought you could help."

Angela asks James if he's working with Dre. He shares that Dre is working with him on the QCP and assures her he's not selling drugs anymore. 

"First coffee, now this. I can't get sucked back in, Jaime. You can't keep making this a thing. It's not going to work."

"I just thought with it being Raina's birthday and all, we could..."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry, I didn't realize. How are you doing?"

Before James can even answer, Angela receives a phone call from Tamika and says she needs to go, it's work and she's on thin ice right now. 

Teresi the snitch

Teresi is at the hospital tending to Connie during her chemotherapy. He meets with Cooper and John and tells them Tommy has beef with Dre who pulled some kind of drive-by. 

John mentions that Mike Sandavol interviewed Dre during James' trial and Dre was an employer of James at the time. Cooper tells Teresi they need something more concrete like who is Tommy's supplier, who is in his crew, and they need something on James ASAP.

"It's that or make Connie a snitches widow on her death bed," Cooper adds in. 

"I get the steaks alright, don't worry about it. I plan on delivering them both up on a silver fucking platter, maybe a nice piece of China," Terisi says as he looks at John. 

Cooper points at John and says, "Umm, he's Korean."

Angela wants to work with Tommy

Joe Proctor receives a phone call from Angela.

"Would you like to be a lawyer again?" she asks. 

"Of fucking course I will," Joe answers.

"Then I need you to do something for me."

Joe meets up with Tommy and asks how everything is going with Teresi. Tommy says "terrible."

"I know I said everything with his release checks but you still gotta be careful," Joe says. 

"Who told you to say that? Ghost?" Tommy questions. "Who the fuck are we meeting with anyway?"

Angela pulls up and gets out of her car.

"What the fuck!?" Tommy yells out.

"Hi, Tommy!" Angela says. 

"It's a motherfucking set up!" Tommy says.

Angela walks over and says to Tommy, "I have reason to believe that you're the New York distributor for the Jimenez cartel."

Joe advises Tommy not to say anything.

Angela says she plans on wrapping up the entire organization, including Tommy and James. 

"Ohhh, this ain't even about me. It's about your boyfriend. I'm sorry, your ex-boyfriend. Well, I ain't working with that motherfucker no more. So you can take your bullshit and bounce."

"Okay, that may be true. But, you still work for the Jimenez and you can't deny that. The D.O.J is coming for you, Tommy. This is your chance to get away with everything."

"Ohhh, If you had anything on me worth having, you'd be arresting me right now, not calling for a meetup. How do I know anything you say is for real?" Tommy asks. 

Angela walks to the back of Tommy's car and pulls the GPS tracker off and shows it to him before putting it in her bag. She tells him and Joe there's a warrant for the tracker.

"What the fuck is that? You think I'm supposed to trust you now if you pull some bullshit like that, you conniving bitch!"

"You don't need to trust me to work with me, you just need to not want to go to prison. I can give you immunity. You can walk away from all of this clean," Angela says. "Think about it."

After Angela leaves, Joe tells Tommy he could use immunity and mentions what if the feds find out about Bailey.

"As long as you keep your mouth shut, they won't," Tommy tells Joe.

James finds a way to 'wiggle away' with Dre

Dre gets back to his office and is blindsided to see James sitting there with Quinn Phillips. Quinn informs Dre that he never told Karen he signed a non-compete clause when he was at Truth. 

"It slipped my mind," Dre said.

"It didn't slip James',  and he's going to sue our balls off if I do not fire you immediately," Quinn says.

James is loving every minute of this as he sits back and takes a sip of his drink. 

Quinn says the only way around it is if James rips up the contract. 

James looks at Dre and says, "well, that's not gonna happen."

"Well then, your dismissal is effective immediately which also means the charity event you have planned tonight has been canceled," Quinn says.

"Andre, I don't want you to worry about the Queens Child Project, alright, it's all good. I made arrangements to host the event at my club, Truth," James says. "Quinn, I want to thank you for your cooperation... Please tell Karen I said hi."


Later on, James holds his event for the QCP at Truth. While talking with Simon, he spots Dre at the bar having a drink with Tate. He excuses himself and walks over to Dre and Tate.

"What the fuck is he doing here?" James says to Tate.

"Andre told me about his unfortunate dismissal. That doesn't mean he's not value with the cause. In fact, there's several employers here tonight who could be Andre's next employer," Tate says.

"I'd like to get back to work as soon as possible," Dre says.

"I'd like you to get of the club as soon as possible," James says.

"Easy, James. We've discussed this situation before, haven't we?" Tate reminds him.

Tate takes Dre along to introduce him around to investors. Simon walks over and tells James they will get him. 

James receives a text from Tasha: 'Dinner's starting? Did you get the cake?'

Tommy confronts Tariq on snitching

Back at the St. Patrick house, Estelle, Tariq, Yaz, Tasha and Tommy are having dinner in celebration of Tariq's birthday.

Tasha receives a text from Terry: 'How's it going?'

She replies: 'James never showed. No cake.'

Terry texts: 'I got you.'

"Who you talking to, Tasha?" Estelle asks.

"Nobody, momma," she responds.

Tariq gets a text message from Kanan: 'What up fam?'

Tommy asks if Ghost is coming and Tasha replies, "is he here?"

Tommy takes Tariq out in his car and lets him get behind the wheel. Tariq drives and is just a smiling. 

"Your old man never put you behind the wheel before?" Tommy asks. 

"Nah, I'm too young to drive," Tariq answers.

"Drivers licenses should be like roller coasters, once you're tall enough, you're in," Tommy says. 

Tommy tells Tariq to pull over, park, takes his keys and then says, "It was you who warned Dre that we were coming for him, wasn't it?"

"What are you talking about?" Tariq says trying to play dumb.

"At your sisters funeral. You overheard me tell your dad about Dre."

Tariq looks down and admits it was him. 

"Because you snitched, Tariq, your Uncle Tommy almost got killed in a drive-by the other day."

"I didn't...." Tariq starts saying.

But, Tommy cuts him off and continues, "I'm in some very deep shit now with some very scary people. Dre might have missed, but I'm probably still going to get got or end up in prison if I don't figure out how to get out of this."

"Why'd you want Dre dead?" Tariq asks. "If you would have told me the truth, maybe I would..."

"He stole my entire business! He tried to kill Kanan. He killed my friend who was a priest. And, he sent you into a shootout with a cop, is why. Now, you didn't know all of that, but you did know that Dre was our enemy," Tommy says. "Why did you snitch, Riq?"

"Because he helped me get my enemy. He gave me Ray Ray's location."

"Loyal only to your own cause. Sounds exactly like Ghost," Tommy says. 

"I did the right thing, Uncle Tommy," Tariq says. 

"Remember Socrates, Riq ... you don't know nothing," Tommy says as he gives Tariq the car keys back. "Now drive us home."


Meanwhile, Kanan is still using the crackhead to distract the Taino's as he continues killing them one by one. 

Terry to the rescue

Terry walks in with cake and candles after dinner wraps up at the St. Patrick house. 

"Hey, you're very well dressed for a delivery man," Estelle questions.

"Momma, this is my friend, Terry Silver," Tasha says while introducing the two. 

"Terry, you want to stick around for a slice?" Tasha asks. 

"Tasha! Your kids are here," Estelle reminds her daughter. 

Well, before Tasha can even say anything, Detective Leary, Blanca, and one other cop step off of the elevator. Det. Leary tells Tasha they recently got a break in their own investigation. 

"You know, it's really not a good time," Tasha says. 

"Is this about Raina?" Estelle asks.

Without giving away too much information, Det. Leary informs Tasha that they are pretty close to finding out who killed Raina. He also tells Tasha that he needs her to surrender her registered gun so they could cross check it and eliminate it from the investigation. Tasha says the gun was stolen and she reported it to the NYPD as soon as she discovered it was missing. 

Terry introduces himself as Tasha's lawyer and says, "you brought a seizure warrant for a routine evidence check against the victim's family?"

"As I said, this is standard procedure. No need to bring lawyers into this," Det. Leary says. 

Blanca calls it in and tells Det. Leary that Tasha's story checks out. 

After the police leave, Terry and Tasha go off into an office and he confronts her about lying to the cops that her gun is stolen.

"I watched you put it in the safe. I've kept my mouth closed long enough. James used that gun to murder Raina's killer, didn't he?" he says. 

"When I came to you that night, I told you the truth, it was me," Tasha says.

"After everything he put you through, why are you still defending him?" Terry asks. 

Tariq walks quietly in the hallway as he eavesdrop on Tasha and Terry's conversation. He hears his mom admits that she killed Raina's killer, not James, and that she would do it again. 

"Bullshit, Tasha. That standard procedure ballistics check, that was a ruse. They're suspicious of James. He's going down and you are going to go down with him unless you tell me the truth."

"You just don't want to believe me," Tasha says.

"Either you're a victim of James' actions or you're an accomplice. Call me when you decide which one you are," Terry says before he walks out. 

A drunk James

Back at the QCP event at Truth, James is sitting at the bar and he's still drinking. Tate makes an announcement and says thanks to a generous donor, they have reached their fundraising goals for the project. The crowd claps as Dre stands right besides Tate.

Tate then walks over to James who is clearly drunk and tells James he still gets everything he wants, just not the spotlight. 

"He don't deserve no credit," James says about Dre. "That kid is cruel, he got a record, he's slinging dope, he's not worthy of opportunities..."

Dre tells Tate to "get his boy" and he walks away. 

Tate tells James, "Listen to yourself, you're losing it and you need to take a break. Time after time, you prove to be nothing but trouble, James. You're unworthy of this job. You're the one unworthy of this relationship. You're unworthy."

James grabs up Tate, has him hemmed up and says, "I will fucking kill you!"

"What kind of a man would ruin it over a business dispute?" Tate asks.

James got that crazy look in his eyes and says, "you ain't got no idea who the fuck I am!"

"I think I do," Tate says.

"James!" Simon yells out, and James takes his hands off Tate. 

Everyone is standing around at the event and is now watching.

Tate adjusts his suit jacket and says, "You know you done fucked up, right?" 

James snaps out of it and walks out. 


Tasha, Keisha and Tariq are in the kitchen getting ready to cut the cake. 

"Can you believe these pigs coming in here and throwing around accusations when we're the one with a dead child!" Estelle says. 

Tasha tells her mom it's fine and she takes the top of the cake box off. The cake reads: 'Happy Birthday Raina.'

"You ordered the wrong cake, Tasha," Estelle points out.

"I know!" Tasha screams out, cries and runs off. 

Tariq goes after his mother. Tasha is sitting on the bathtub in the bathroom, crying and looking at an old family photo when Raina was alive.

"I don't want you to take the blame. Tell Mr. Silver the truth about what I did," Tariq says.

"The truth isn't going to make things better," Tasha says. "Nobody is going to believe you did it alone, you're just a kid."

"But, I did do it. I'm the one that killed him. I don't want you to go to jail because of me. It's not fair for Yaz."

"It's handled, Tariq!"

"Just let me confess. That's what Raina would have done," he says.

"Raina would have done a lot of things differently, Tariq. The decision is made. If you want to help me, just get the fuck out the way."

Tariq is about to walk out of the bathroom but then he asks his mom, "Do you wish it was me who died instead of Raina?"

Tasha looks at Tariq and can't even answer. She puts the picture down and then walks out leaving Tariq standing there. He walks over, picks up the picture and looks at it, places it down, and then he picks up Tasha's sleeping pills that her doctor prescribed her. He looks at them and then looks at his reflection in the mirror.

Tariq stands up to drunk James

Tariq is sitting in the dark at the kitchen table looking at Tasha's pills and in walks a drunk James. 

James places a bag on the floor, falls over on the couch and Tariq says, "you look drunk."

James tells Tariq they reached the fundraising goal and Raina's name will be added to the building. 

"I got you a gift." James walks over and places Jordan's on the table and says, "Happy birthday, I love you."

Tariq pushes the box to the side and says, "no thanks."

"Why? Because I missed your party? I was at work," he says. 

"Drug dealing ain't work," Tariq snaps back.

James goes up to Tariq's face and says, "you're turning into a little punk, ain't you? I was at my club, Tariq, building a legacy for your sister." 

"Club you got with your dirty money, right?" Tariq says. 

James says his past doesn't matter and says the only thing that does matter is all the shit he has given Tariq. "I've given you everything I never had growing up."

"I don't want none of this shit!" Tariq yells back.

James goes to grab Tariq and he falls flat to the floor. As James is trying to pick himself off the floor, Tasha peeks in and see's them going at it. Tariq just stands there looking down at his dad. 

James points at Tariq and says, "I gave you everything." 

"You lied to me my entire life about where ya'll really came from," Tariq says. 

"You gonna believe what your momma tells you anyways, what you want from me?"

"I want the truth!"

"Oh, it don't matter," James says as he's sitting on the floor.

"It matters to me!" Tariq yells out. 

"I'll tell you one thing, Raina appreciated all of this shit," James says. 

"Yeah, she knew you was a drug dealer, a liar, and cheater too," Tariq says. "She didn't care because you got her nice stuff."

"That ain't true. Raina loved me," James says. 

Tariq walks closer to James, bends down and says, "Maybe she was the only one that did. All you ever do is think about yourself. Mom, Uncle Tommy and Kanan think that too. Maybe if Raina hated you, she would still be alive."

Ahhh shit!

James lounges at Tariq and Tasha comes out just in time to break it up. 

"I'm going back to Chote tonight!" Tariq yells out. 

"How you gonna get there, I ain't paying for it!" James says.

"I don't fucking want your money, Ghost!" Tariq yells back.

Tasha tells Tariq to go to his room and James says, "that's why we don't say shit to them because they don't fucking get it."

"You need to go!" Tasha says to James.

"Go where? This my motherfucking house!"

"You can come back when we're GONE!" Tasha yells in James' face. "Go! Right now."

James gets on the elevator and leaves and Tasha goes after Tariq to check on him. 

Dre and Cristobal bump heads

Dre leaves a voicemail for Quinn asking for another chance with the company. Cristobal walks in and tells Dre his men are dropping, someone is taking out the Tainos. 

"Do you think it's because of the Jimenez?" Dre asks. "You think word got out that they got locked up?"

"I haven't heard nothing," Cristobal says. "I'm thinking it's an inside job."

"Tommy and them," Dre says.

"Nah, I'm thinking 2-Bit."

Dre laughs and responds, "you think 2-Bit is the one fucking you up?"

"Yeah, man, think about it. I sat back and watched as you came for Julio. You wanted his position and you took it. 2-Bit wants mine. History repeats itself. I'm not gonna become history anytime soon," Cristobal says.

"So, if 2-Bit dropped your guys, that means I ordered him to do so. And, if you're accusing him then you're accusing me. And you think I'm behind it because I didn't like that you were made my No. 2, right?"

"That's not what I said, Dre."

"No, that's what the fuck it sounds like," Dre says. "You're right. I don't like having a No. 2, but I got one. And, killing your men, wouldn't make my bosses happy, would it? So as my No. 2, handle your gang shit before I have to do it!"

Later on, as Dre is zipping up a bag of money, Diego comes storming in and asks Dre why he wasn't in the club. 

"I thought you were jammed up, Deigo."

"You thought I was jammed up? Are you a fed, motherfucker?" Diego asks as he grabs Dre and points a gun at his head.

Diego questions Dre about his gold gun and Dre swears he doesn't know anything about it. Diego also tells Dre he's over his head and Dre agrees, saying Tommy and Ghost are dropping Cristobal's people. He said he's handling it but it has gone too far.

"They're probably the ones who got you arrested too," Dre says. 

"So we're gonna fuck them up! But this stays between you and me. We tell Alicia nothing!" Diego says. 

What's a rat?

Teresi and Tommy are chilling out having a couple of beers. Tommy asks for forgiveness and asks if he could get back in good with the Italians. Teresi tells Tommy to hang it up, the Italians are done with them.

"I can't believe I did 25 in the can for these motherfuckers. They didn't take care of Connie."

"So, what you saying? You regret not making a deal?" Tommy asks.

"I have always been a loyal guy, but I was loyal to an idea of who I wanted to be ... I had tons of information on a bunch of fuckers who wouldn't piss on me if I was on fire, and Vincent's father was one of them."

"You really would have ratted, Teresi?"

"A rat is only a rat if he rats on somebody he should be loyal too. If you inform on somebody who you don't give two shits about to advance your own cause, then it's just business," Teresi explains.

Tommy takes a sip of beer and starts thinking.


Angela is at home and she texts James: 'I'm sorry for today ... I didn't realize it was the twins' birthday.'

She then gets a knock at the door. She looks outside of her peephole, says "coming!" as she goes in the closet, takes her gun out and tucks it behind in the waisteband of her pants.

Angela opens the door and it's ... Tommy!

"Did Proctor tell you where I live? Did Jaime?" she asks.

Tommy walks in, looks around and says, "neither one."

"What do you want?" Angela asks.

"I got a problem. The thing is... my problem is your problem," Tommy says. "I'm thinking, maybe I can help you, to help me."

Angela reaches in her bag for files and tells Tommy, again, that he can receive complete immunity if he tells everything he knows about the Jimenez cartel and the New York distributor. 

"All this time and you don't know me at all. I'm not that fucking guy. I never have been, I never will be," he says. "Give me that tracker you took off my car."

"That's federal property," Angela says.

"You want the Jimenez, right? Give me the tracker," he says. 

Angela hands over the tracker to Tommy and says, "if you don't sign an immunity agreement, what's to keep me from wrapping you up with the Jimenez when I arrest them?"

Tommy answers, "the same fear that made you put that gun in your waistband."

Tommy further fucks with Angela and says, "oh, and I liked it better when you had that plant over there by that window."

Angela reaches for her gun and says, "get the fuck out of my apartment."

"Relax, Angela, I'll call you," Tommy says as he walks out. 


Teresi later meets up with Cooper and John in the streets and tells them Tommy is laundering his money from James' club.

Tariq links back up with Kanan 

Kanan gives Tariq a ride as Tariq tells him the updates about Tasha moving out of their house.

Meanwhile, James heads to the church where Raina's funeral was held. He blames God for Raina's death after the priest tells James to let God take care of Raina's murderer. 

"God took my daughter, he took my friends, my wife, my ... look, no matter what I do, I keep running into the same wall."

"Then stop running, kneel" the priest says. 

"I'm not that type of man. When I let go, bad things happen," James says.

James also confesses that he blames Tariq for Raina's death because he should have protected Raina. And, James also blames Tasha since she didn't catch any of the trouble.

"And where were you when all of this happened?" the priest asks James. 

"You know, I was in jail," James answers. "For something I didn't do."

"Why were you arrested and not someone else?" 

"Because I withheld the truth to protect someone and she hurt me as a result," James answers. 

The priest asks James what were his choices that led him to this moment, what would he have done differently, if he could, and what would Raina do and want him to do.

"She would want me to be different. I can do that. I can be different," James says.

"You have to want it for yourself," he says.

"I want it."

"What do you want?" the priest asks.

"I want to be a better man," James confesses. 

"Where did you lose your way?" the priest asks.

A little later on, Angela receives another knock at the door ... this time, it's James. He's standing in the doorway looking pitiful and broken down.

Angela lets James inside her place. 


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