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'Power' Season 2, Episode 5: Angela Finds Out Jamie is Ghost! (Full Recap)

Full Recap: Episode 205 "Who You Are and Who You Want to Be"

Note: These are the previous spoilers I posted June 30 and had to remove
I'm publishing the same post as a recap.

Holly Elizabeth Weaver:
Holly's Past Comes Back to Haunt Her

Holly is sitting in the interrogation room at the table, shaking her leg and playing with her hands. 

The FBI team ran her criminal background and a long list of petty theft crimes pop up on her history. It seems as if our girl Holly started stealing (no surprise here) at the young age of 13-years-old. The team also finds out Holly is a waitress at Truth.

Angela wants to get in the room and interrogate Holly, but she's stopped by her supervisor, Mike Sandoval. Mike doesn't want Angela's prior relationship with Tommy to have an effect on this case.

"We do this right and we do this smart," Mike tells Angela.

Angela guarantees him that Holly is with Tommy, and she thinks Holly is dangerous. They won't crack her easily. 

Mike assigns Angela's dickish co-worker "Sax" to question Holly while Greg is assigned to pay a visit to some of Tommy's assistants, to see if they talk. Angela just has to stand on the side line and wait. 

Sax starts questioning Holly. She tells him a short story of how she got booked once but she wasn't the one who stole. She says, "too bad I'm no snitch."

It's Sax's job to question Holly and get her to crack so they can pin everything on Tommy. He runs down Holly's criminal background to her. We learn Holly has been to an Ohio reformatory for girls, and when she was 22 years old, she started committing breaking and entering crimes.

Holly interrupts and says no one read her her rights. Sax tells her, too bad she didn't leave Ohio before her arrest warrant was served. So, if Holly doesn't want to be served with a warrant, she'll need to talk. If Holly helps the FBI and rats out Tommy, her past mistakes will be erased and she won't have to get sent back to Ohio.

Will Holly snitch on Tommy?


Holly is asked about her interaction with the club owners at Truth, mainly Tommy. 

Sax asks, "What's the nature of your relationship?"

"We're fucking," Holly straight out answers. "We fuck sometimes when we get bored."

She's then asked if Tommy has spoken to people privately during the last couple of months she's been with him

Holly is so cool and confident with her answers, you can tell she's been through the interrogation process before. 

Sax asks if she's seen anything out of the ordinary at Tommy's apartment, like large amounts of cash, cocaine, a gun?

She has, but she doesn't tell. 

"I don't know where this is all coming from, but you got your facts all wrong," Holly says. "Thomas is a lot of things, but nothing like you're talking about."

She says there's no way Tommy is a major narcotics trafficker like the FBI is making it seem.

(Alright! Holly is not snitching. So far, so good.)

Holly is then put on the spot to call Tommy on speaker from her cellphone and ask him, what's he's doing. 

She's hesitant to call until Sax says, "you don't have to call... I just figure, you calling him is easier than me calling Ohio and telling them where you are."

Holly makes the call. Luckily, Tommy doesn't answer and her call goes to voicemail. She cracks a little smile. 

"Lucky break," Sax tells her.

Angela is watching the interrogation from the other side of the glass window. She notices Holly was a little scared to make the call. "She was afraid he'll pick up, she knows something."

Mike believes Sax is the right person to get whatever information Holly knows, out of her. Angela isn't so sure they can break Holly. She says Tommy and Holly's relationship must be deeper than just fucking if she knows about Tommy's business.

"If she's deep enough, we're not going to get anything," Angela tells Mike. "When you really love a guy, you stand by him, no matter what he's done."

(I hope Angela means that. She'll need to remember her own words for later.)

"If Holly really loves Tommy, she's not going to say a word," Angela says.

That Damn Simon Stern

Jamie is still at his hotel room. He calls home but gets a message that the residence is not accepting calls. He then calls his son, Tariq and leaves a message saying he's proud of him.

"You're better than I was at your age," he tells Tariq in the voice message. "That's all a parent could want for their kids.

Jamie looks at the newspaper, opens it and reads the following headline on Page Six: "Stern Breathes Life Into Truth."

He's pissed.

Jamie later visits Simon Stern who is practicing swinging at golf balls. Simon tells Jamie he should take up golfing because some of the biggest deals are usually made on a golf course, and Simon doesn't want him to miss out on those deals, so he says.

Jamie brings up the article he read and says it looks like Simon and associates are doing just fine.

"Forgive me for wanting to brag on your exploits," Simon says.

"My name wasn't mentioned in the article," Jamie says.

Simon explains that Jamie is Truth and the VIBE party was a major success. This means more people will want to get into the club, more people will talk about Truth and this means more profit. Stern says Jamie should feel like he's getting what he wants. 

Simon then invites him to one of his parties that will have a select group of people, big spenders. Simon wants Jamie to come, relax and enjoy himself. 

But, wait until you see what type of party Simon is having... and, it's not a business party.


Tommy visits Dre and questions where Kanan is. 

(Note: Neither Kanan or Shawn will make an appearance on this episode.)

Dre is about to hand Tommy a pile of cash, but Tommy say's he's hands off, he has an assistant to handle that.

"Is there anything else ya'll need from us, we're down 100 percent," Dre tells Tommy. "Anything at all, just let me know."

Tommy answers, "no, but I appreciate the commitment. Kanan knows how to pick them."

(Ha. Little does Tommy know, Dre isn't on his side. Dre is just playing nice for now until Kanan takes over.)

Angela's Ex and Her Next 

Jamie heads back to what used to be his... Truth. He finds out he has to fill out a time card now, his boss Kantos requested it. 

"You know this place was better when you were the boss," one of the Truth waitresses says to Jamie

He heads upstairs to his old office (which now belongs to Kantos). As he's looking for a time card on Kantos' desk, Jamie comes across an account book. He looks through it and says to himself, "this can't be right."

It seems like the numbers aren't adding up. As Jamie is about to snoop around some more, in walks Greg. Angie's ex and her next are now face-to-face for the first time. Well, Greg doesn't know Angie is messing around with Jaime. But, Jamie recognizes Greg's name and starts sizing him up.

"Great club you got out there," Greg says.

"I'll put you on the list, maybe you can bring your girl by sometime, if you have one," Jamie says.

"I'll keep that in mind," Greg responds.

Greg is there to inquire about Tommy, of course. He goes on to tell Jamie that Tommy's name is involved in an investigation but he doesn't say anymore about it. But, Jamie already knows all of the 411 from Angela. 

Greg asks Jamie about Tommy's involvement with their businesses. He explains that Tommy provided some of the capital for Truth. Greg wonders where all of Tommy's money came from. Jamie says he didn't ask Tommy and says, maybe it came from family members. 

Tommy is more of a silent partner, he doesn't like the spotlight, Jamie further explains to Greg. "I'm not sure I can really help you with whatever you're looking for with Tommy."

"I'll be the judge of that Mr. St. Patrick," Greg responds.


Angela continues to watch Sax interrogate Holly in the room, he hasn't gotten any information out of Holly yet. Angela believes she can crack her.

"You have to let me in there," Angela says to Mike. "I know how women like Holly think."

Mike tells Angela they are going to continue using textbook techniques, he wants Sax to keep asking the same questions with the same approach. Angela gets frustrated and says in Spanish, "this is bullshit."

Mike knows Spanish and asks Angela what did she say.

"You're afraid to make another mistake," she tells him. "You have me out here like some glorified intern!"

Mike responds in Spanish and tells Angela he can't trust her. He then explains why he's in charge and why she's not.

"Because you're a man," Angela blurts out.

Mike answers in Spanish, "Because you act like a little girl."


A lady from the Cleveland, Ohio District Attorney's office calls and Mike tells Angela she can help out by answering the DA's call. A frustrated Angela walks into the other room and takes the call. 

Angela finds out Holly's arrest warrant has been voided and she's now a free woman because the main witness in their case recanted their statement.

Well, this is interesting. How is Angela's team going to hold Holly for questioning now that they don't have anything on her anymore?

Lobos is Coming, Time to Shake Things Up

Jamie receives a call from his other boss, the drug leader, Lobos and he finds out his trip to the states has been moved up. Jamie will see Lobos sooner than expected.

Lobos talks to Jamie in Spanish and says since he'll be there shortly, he's going to need his money ASAP.

(Jamie better round up everyone he knows and sell the rest of that product fast because Lobos is not the one to play with.) 

Now, Jamie plans on doubling up with everyone. His mission is to find new territory to take over.

Angela Makes a Useful Discovery 

Angela and Greg chit chat in the office. Angie is on the computer and she comes across an article from the night of the shooting at Truth. Greg tells Angela he was just at Truth and she's shocked to find out he talked to Jamie

Angela reads the article some more and finds out Holly was the waitress who got shot in the neck. 

She starts connecting the dots and says to Greg, if Tommy was at the club that night, he might have rode with Holly in the ambulance to the hospital, and that would give Tommy an alibi... meaning he's not Ghost, meaning he didn't kill Nomar that night, meaning this whole thing could possibly just be a wild goose chase.

"I need to get to the bottom of this before everything blows up," Angela says.


Jamie meets with Luis. Tommy is supposed to be at the meeting as well, but he's running late. Jamie tells Luis the organization is getting rebuilt and that he's an important piece.

"I need you to round up your best hittas and kill the Serb [the Serbian connect," Jamie tells him.

"You sure you want that kind of heat?" Luis asks.

Jamie is certain this is what needs to get done, "We need the territory, no way of getting around it."

Jamie explains the Serbian had a chance to connect with them when they asked the last time, but he passed. Jamie believes killing him is the only way to gain more territory. In exchange for the Serb's death, he will reward Luis and his crew with access to run that territory.


After meeting with Luis, Jamie heads back to his hotel. Tariq is sitting in the hallway and waiting outside of his door. Jamie is shocked to his son there and asks if Tasha knows where he is. Tariq says his mom knows. He just wanted to watch the Knicks game with his dad and talk. 

Tariq tells him about a girl problem he's having at school. Some girl likes him but he likes someone else. 

"The last thing you want is to be caught between two women," Jamie tells his son. "It's no fair to you or the women. Be honest with the one you like."

(Jamie knows this all too well.)


Tommy finally shows up to the meeting with Luis, but Jamie is already gone. Luis tells Tommy about the plans to kill the Serb. Tommy doesn't agree with Jamie's decision and tells Luis not to kill him yet because he found another way to handle it.


Back at the office, Angela finds a new angle for the case after reading about the Truth shooting. 

She explains to rest of the team that they can now focus on Tommy's whereabouts on the night Holly got shot. If Holly puts Tommy at the club, they'll have her in a lie and then they can force Holly to work with them.

Angela gets a little happy with the new information she just brought to the table, and she thinks she can talk to Holly now. But, nope. Mike decides to go in the room and handle it himself.

Sax tells Angela, "aww, keep your chin up slugger, it was a nice try."

Mike walks in the room. He gives Holly a sandwich and a soda. She quickly sizes him up and then eats. He attempts to connect with Holly and starts telling her a story about his life as a kid... which he makes up, but Holly doesn't know that.

"... even if it's not what you picture, it's just nice to be anywhere with anyone who actually cares about you," Mike says to her. "Is that what you have with Tommy?"

"Yeah," Holly answers.

Mike continues on, "So if something happens, he'll be there for you?"


"You sure?," Mike says.

"I said, yeah" 

"The night you were shot at Truth, Tommy was by your side the whole time?"

"I don't remember," Holly answers.

"He wasn't there," Mike says. "Would you like to know where he was?"

Tasha is Pissed at Tommy

Tommy heads over to Jamie's hotel and walks in saying, "Ghost, what the fu- " but he realizes Tariq is there. 

They talk in private and Jamie tells Tommy that Lobos cut their due date in half, this is why he wants to kill the Serb. 

Tommy says they can't afford to start a war right now, especially with the heat from Angela. He comes up with a plan and says, the Serb is telling them 'no' because he doesn't need them, but what if they can create that need.

Tommy finds out the main location of where the Serb distributes. Now the new plan is to close up all of the Serb's pathways to sell and shut him down completely. 

Jamie is in with the new plan and tells Tommy to get Dre in on the plan so he can earn his stripes. Instead of Luis gaining the Serb's territory, they'll just pay him off.

Tommy takes Tariq home since Jaime is not welcomed in his own home anymore. 

Tasha is standing there waiting and she gets mad at her son for seeing his father without telling her. She sends Tariq to his room. Tommy heads to the fridge, thinking everything is cool, but nope, Tasha isn't having it.

"Too bad you can't stay," she says, "You could've told me Ghost was fucking another woman."

Tommy is shocked at how Tasha is coming at him, "it wasn't my place to say a goddamn thing. I didn't want to break up our family."

"It's broken now," she says. "Ghost turned his back on me, but you did too!"

Tasha continues to say, "You know, I thought you were my brother. I never thought you'd do me like this... goodbye, Tommy!"

Tasha dismisses Tommy from her house. As he's headed to the elevator, he stops and says to Tasha that he realizes she's mad at him and Ghost, but he worries that Tasha might mess up their drug business now.

"You wouldn't blow up our whole thing for this?," he asks her.

Tasha looks at Tommy with the 'are you serious right now' look and tells him, "Get the fuck outta my house!"

Later on, Tariq gets grounded. Tasha explains to her son that his father won't be around for awhile. Tariq questions why and Tasha says the next time he see's his father, he should ask him.

You Can Trust Me

Jamie and Angela meet quickly in his SUV, right outside of Angela's office. He starts talking about Greg and asks if there's anything he should be worried about.

"I told you this was happening... I was honest with you, now I need you to be honest with me," she says. "Where was Tommy on the night of the shooting at Truth?"

"I don't know," Jamie responds.

"Would you tell me if you did?"

"What's that supposed to mean!?" Jamie says.

Angela goes on to ask Jamie about his plans... what does he plan on doing if Tommy gets arrested. Jamie asks Angela if she would give him a heads up about Tommy's arrest if they were to arrest his friend. 

"Should I?," she asks.

Jamie tells Angela she can trust him. He says he could have told Tommy everything by now, but hasn't.

Jamie asks if he needs a lawyer. Angela says she thinks he's fine and then she heads back inside the office.

It's Our Territory Now

Tommy and his crew pull up at the Serb's territory, dressed in all black and wearing biker helmets so no one can recognize them. They crash the party and come in shooting, and they rob all of the Serb's product. 

As they're leaving, Tommy stops and writes a message on the wall for the Serb. One of Tommy's guys get shot in the back. They pull him into the van and take off before the cops get there. 

Simon Stern is a Freak

Meanwhile, Jamie attends Simon's party. He starts walking in the house and soon realizes it's not the type of party he expected.... it's a sex party! Orgies are happening, people are blindfolded, Jaime notices whips and women kissing on women... one big freaky party. 

(What type of kinky stuff is Simon into!?) 

Jamie even spots Simon's wife at the party. She doesn't seem to pleased about what's going on, but she goes along with it. She tells Jamie he can probably find her husband somewhere in a bathroom doing something he's not supposed to be doing.

Jamie finds Simon in a room and some other man is walking out (who knows what they just did). Simon goes on to tell Jamie about all of the benefits of working right by his side.

He brings five different females into the room and tells Jamie he can choose any woman he wants.

"I'm good, Simon. But, thanks for the offer."

Simon wanted to Jamie to loosen up and have fun, but he's getting the exact opposite. 

Simon says, "what am I going to do with you? I would hate to have to let you go. I want you to be a good fit for the company."

Jamie tells Simon he's there to support him and his brand. 

(Something tells me that Jamie is up to something, obviously, and he's just playing along with Simon's game, for now. He saw earlier that something wasn't right in the account book.)

"Are you sure about the girls?" Simon asks.

"Yeah, I'm sure, Simon."

"Oh well, I'll have to handle it myself, cheers!" Simon says.

"Cheers, Simon."

"Goodnight," Simon tells Jamie.

"Goodnight to you, and good luck with that," Jamie says and points to the ladies.


While at a tattoo party, the Serb's leader finds out about the hit on his territory. 

One of his boy shows him a picture of the graffiti left on the wall and it reads: "fuck you Gypsies." 

Tommy spray painted that message to throw the Serb off, and it works because the Serb doesn't suspect it was Tommy and his crew. Instead, he thinks the Albanian's did it because they're his enemies.

Later on, the Serb meets with Tommy and says he's down to temporarily join him and Ghost and they shake on it.

Mission accomplished.


Later, Tasha pops up at Jamie's hotel room and wants to know what Tariq wanted to ask him. He tells Tasha about the girl situation Tariq is having.

"You would be the right person to ask about that," she says.

Tasha doesn't understand how she'll raise Tariq alone, and she says she can't teach him to be a man, neither can Jamie.

"The next time you see your son, he's going to ask you some tough questions, you should be prepared to answer them," Tasha says as she leaves Jamie's hotel room.

The Truth is Finally Revealed,
Angela Finds Out Tommy Isn't Ghost, Jaime is!

Back at the office, in the interrogation room, Mike and Sax show Holly pictures of different murders and photos of Tommy's car spotted on a surveillance camera near the the scene.

Mike figures since Holly doesn't know what her man is involved in, they'll let her know. 

"Tommy is not a killer, he's not your guy," Holly says.

They threaten to transport Holly back to Ohio where she'll see prison bars if she doesn't cooperate. 

Holly doesn't break. 

Right when they're about to issue Holly with her warrant, she asks to go to the restroom.

Angela and Greg are watching outside of the interrogation room. Greg tells Angela they gave Holly everything they had and she still didn't react. 

Angela believes Holly didn't react to the photos because she already knows Tommy for who he really is and doesn't care. She tells Greg there is no Ohio to send Holly back to because the warrant is void... but Holly doesn't know that. 

While inside the restroom, Holly is freaking out in the bathroom stall. She starts hitting the walls and crying. She realizes her back is now against the wall. 

Angela goes into the restroom and attempts to talk to Holly, woman to woman. 

Angela tells Holly to start thinking about herself and stop protecting Tommy, and says the best way to do that right now is to help her implicate Tommy as Ghost. 

Holly hears this and comes out of the stall. She see's Angela face-to-face and tells her Tommy is not Ghost. 

Angela is so sure Holly knows something and she tells her, Tommy is a major drug trafficker with the street name Ghost.

"I remember you," Holly says to Angela. "You fucked James at Truth... the wall... he's cheating on Tasha with you."

Angela tells Holly that Jamie has nothing to do with all of this. 

"Is that what you told them!?," Holly asks. "You convinced those fuck heads that Tommy was Ghost!?"

Angela now seems confused.

"You're protecting James!," Holly blurts out. 

Angela stutters and says she's not. 

"Oh wow! You didn't know!?," Holly says. 

"You dumb bitch. You're the one sleeping with Ghost, not me."

(And, BOOM!)

Angela knows who the real Ghost is now and she's speechless.

Holly threatens Angela and says, "I want out of this and I wan't Tommy out of this."

"Yeah, you make that happen or I go in there and tell your partners that you're fucking the real Ghost!"

Angela quickly strikes up a deal with Holly to shut her up. She tells Holly she can make her arrest warrant go away. She also asks Holly to help her implicate Jamie as Ghost and she'll do what she can to get her and Tommy out of all this mess.

Holly now has to help Angela connect everything to Jamie... Deal.

Holly goes off to wait in Angela's office and will now get released. Angela stays in the restroom as she tries to process everything she was just told. 

Angela walks into a stall, places her hands on both sides of the walls and starts thinking of Jamie and all of their good times together. We see flashbacks of when she first reconnected with him at the club, him popping up at her house, him saying he loves her, them making love... Angela breaks down and starts crying as she slides down and sits on the toilet. 

After she gets herself together, she walks out of the restroom. Greg see's her and asks if she's okay.

"I'm fine," she answers.

In the very last scene, we see Angela leaving work. She starts walking home and runs into Jamie who is in the lobby waiting for her. He immediately apologizes about their last conversation and says the Tommy news has them both stressed out.

As Jamie and Angela are talking inside the lobby, Greg is outside in the street and he see's them. Greg cannot believe what he's seeing. 

Greg whispers to himself, "What the fuck!?"

He continues watching and see's Jamie and Angela leave the building together, and Angela is holding unto Jamie's arm. 

The love birds are strolling along side by side and then Angela asks Jamie:

"So baby, how was work?"

The end! 
Thank you to all of the readers who read my Power spoilers week after week.
I tried to be descriptive as possible with writing each and every episode so it feels as if you're watching the actual show, so I hope you enjoyed reading!

Unfortunately, this is the last spoiler for Power season 2 because I was only given the first five episodes on DVD. 

Now, I'll be watching each episode as it airs and will post some weekly recaps so we can discuss the show together!

Thanks again for reading and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog!


- La La

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  1. Thank you so much. One question. If Ghost did not tell Tommy then how does Tommy know Angela is bringing heat on them?

    1. you're welcome, thank you for reading! I take that as either Ghost is lying and he has told Tommy or maybe he was talking about before when Tommy first found out Angela was the feds, remember? Tommy and Ghost had that conversation but Ghost told him not to worry about it before... I can't wait for next week! it seems like Ghost is going to try and explain the truth to Angela and Tommy is going to pressured to flip on Lobos. But I haven't seen after episode 5.


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