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POWER Season 3, Ep. 306: 'The Right Decision' (FULL RECAP)

"The Right Decision" Season 3, Ep. 306 - Full Recap!

Friends Again

Tommy is still very shaken up over killing Holly, but let's look on the bright side, at least him and Ghost are back to being friends again. 

Ghost heads over to Tommy's house but finds him outside in his car where he slept all night because he's not ready to face his apartment... the apartment where he strangled Holly to death.

With the help of Ghost, Tommy pulls himself together and the two hash out their plan to kidnap and kill Lobos. 

Tasha later comes over to Tommy's.

"Where the hell is Holly? I've been texting your girl all morning..." Tasha starts off saying until she see's Ghost standing there in Tommy's apartment. 

"Hey, T," Ghost says. 

"I thought you two weren't talking?" Tasha says. 

"We worked some shit out," Ghost responds. 

"What the hell is going on?" Tasha asks. 

"Thing is, we gotta do something real big..." Tommy blurts out. 

Ghost tells Tommy they don't need to involve Tasha on what's going on, but Tommy says they need her. 

As Ghost plans out his alibi so no one - including Angela - can track him killing Lobos, he decides to use Tasha in the mix. He plans on meeting up and using Karen, the investor lady. 

"You mean you got a side bitch on your side bitch?," Tommy says. 

Ghost says he can use Karen to "go away on business" and tell Angela that. 

"Angela will believe me," he says. 

Tommy also makes it clear that they can't have cell phones on them when kidnapping Lobos because phones can possibly be tracked. 

When Tommy is out of ear range, Tasha starts questioning Holly's whereabouts and she asks Ghost why can't Holly won't be Tommy's alibi. 

"Holly is a bad idea," Ghost tells her. 

"What happened, did they break up?" she asks. 

"She told him about the baby, he fucked it up, right? That's why he called you?" Tasha goes on to say. 

"She's definitely not gonna keep it now. I feel bad, I told her to tell him. No wonder she's not texting me back."

Ghost was clearly unaware that Holly was pregnant, but he plays along so he doesn't have to mention the pregnancy to Tommy and so he doesn't have to tell Tasha that Holly is dead. 

He gets ready to head out so he can get ready to pack for his "business trip."

"Angela expecting you?" she asks. 

"Part of the plan, Tasha," he responds. 

"Usual shit, Ghost!," Tasha says. "Leaving me with the mess!"

Ghost heads over to Angela's apartment and starts packing. When she comes home, he tells her about Karen inviting him to the hotel for business. 

"Spend the night? For a pitch meeting?" she questions.

Ghost invites Angela to come, but she says she can't because she has a big day at work.

"When the deal happens with Karen, and it will, you and I, miss thang, are gonna be jet-setting all around this big wide world," Ghost tells her. 

Before Ghost heads off, he gets in one last round with Angela. She unzips her dress and he lays her on top of the kitchen table and literally rips her panties off.

"Were those expensive?" he asks.

"Very," she answers. 

With her legs over his shoulders and Ghost pumping faster and faster, she says to him "you're gonna break the table."

"I'm gonna break something," he says back. 

Ghost later heads out to his club and meets up with the head of security, the one who saved his life when the Jamaican's were about to shoot him. 

"Look, I appreciate what you did, I really do. But, I gave you explicit instructions not to follow me," Ghost says to the security guy. 

"Well, I had a hunch and it paid off. You and your son are alive because of it," he responds. 

He goes on to tell Ghost that whoever is trying to kill him won't stop now. He says, if it happens again he'll have no choice but to go to the authorities. 

"It won't happen again," Ghost responds.

"So you plan to handle it on your own?"

"Listen... my plan is to not share my plan with you," Ghost says. "Do not follow me again, are we clear?"

Karen meets up with Ghost at his club and he suggests spending the night in a hotel (which is all apart of his plan for his alibi). 

Lobos' Prison Break 

Ghost and Tasha head off to the hotel and hold hands as they walk in together (security cameras catch the footage of them entering). Ghost says they have to act like husband and wife. 

While he's gone, Tasha will fool everyone and act like Ghost is in the hotel room right along with her. 

Karen later comes to their room with room service and Tasha plays like Ghost is in the shower. But, he's really out getting ready to demolish Lobos. 

Back at the office, Mike goes over the details of Lobos' transfer, the vehicle, route details and his GPS tracker. Greg is picked to be on board with Lobos during the transfer. Him and another armed officer sits in the back of the transport vehicle right beside Lobos. 

Tommy hides out in the woods by the route of where Lobos should be passing by. He gets in position when the vehicle is approaching and throws out a spike strip across the street. The device punctures the tires of the transport vehicle which forces the van to stop. 

"We have a situation here!" Greg yells out on his walkie talkie. 

Lobos starts giggling and tells Greg, "Here's where I get off." 

Tommy and Lobos' boys shoot off the FBI agents one by one, and Greg gets shot in the chest. He falls to the ground and blood is coming out of his mouth. 

As Greg is fighting for his life on the ground, he hears Lobos and his boys talking. Lobos' tracking device gets cut off his ankle as Greg see's everything but can only lay there. He see's the men take Lobos away into the get away truck and drive off. 

Lobos is in the back seat, still cuffed, and is happy as can be with everything moving according to plan. 

"Bravo, you executed the plan perfect," Lobos tells Tommy who is driving the getaway truck.

One of Lobo's guys is in the passenger seat and says to Lobos in Spanish, "How long do we need him?" ... he's talking about Tommy. 

"Yo, we gotta speak English, we're a team here," Tommy says. 

Tommy decides to stop driving and he parks under an overpass. He says this is to get away from any possible helicopters following them. So, they sit there and wait. 

"This is not the plan," Lobos' guy says. He reaches to make a call, but Ghost pops up out of nowhere and begins his ambush, shooting Lobos' guy in the head. 

Lobos watches from the back seat in disbelief. 

Tommy turns around, points his gun right at Lobos' face and says, "Did you really think I didn't know that you were gonna drop me when this was all over?" 

Ghost opens up the back door and says "hola" to Lobos. 

They got him right where they want him. 

Angela and the rest of the task force get word of the attack and Angela starts to worry. She texts Ghost and asks if he reached the hotel okay. She receives text responses from who she thinks is Ghost, but it's just Tasha responding from his cellphone. 

"Seriously, bitch, don't you got a job?" Tasha whispers to herself while she's texting Angela just like Ghost would. 

Tasha then calls for a shoe shine and says her husband is sleeping. She looks in one of his bags and finds an envelope. 

"Dammit, Ghost," she says.

Lobos Must Die

Ghost and Tommy have successfully kidnapped Lobos. They take him deep into the woods and force him to get out the car to walk while their guns stay pointed at him. 

"You think you're gonna fucking kill me and live to talk about it!?," Lobos says to them. 

"He's gonna betray you, there's still time," Lobos tells Tommy. "You're leaving evidence everywhere."

Lobos starts singing and he mentions Angela, "... I heard she got a tight little pussy." 

He continues to say, "I organized my escape, I know every detail of the government's plan to move me."

Ghost tells Lobos that they know about his rat [Mike] on the inside. Lobos tells Ghost once his "rat" hears what happened, he'll hurt Angela. 

Ghost gets all worked up after hearing that and points his gun at Lobos.

"Call it off," Ghost says to Tommy. 

"Are you serious!?" Tommy responds.

"They're gonna fucking kill Angela, man!"

"Which you should've done yourself before now," Tommy responds. "Fuck you, we gone too far, we're gonna waste this motherfucker and bury him so deep that no one will ever find him."

Lobos mentions Holly's name to Tommy and says she's going to suffer as well. But, little does he know, Holly  already suffered and she's dead. 

Back at the office, Mike receives a phone call from another one of Lobo's guys asking about Lobos' whereabouts because he never showed up to his second stop. Mike says he'll figure it out.


Even though Angela and Greg have had their share of beef, she tells Saxe that she didn't want anything bad to happen to him. 

"I just wish I could tell him I'm sorry," she says. 

Well, in walks Greg. He's alive!

"Oh, thank god," Angela says when she see's him.

Greg goes on to tell everyone that the men who broke Lobos out knew everything about their transport and he says it was an inside job. A doctor comes in and checks out Greg's chest which is bruised. Luckily, he was wearing a bullet proof vest, so the bullet didn't pierce through his chest. Angela tells Greg that she's glad he's okay.

"We were all worried that you were gone," she says. "Good to have you back, Greg."


As Tommy, Ghost and Lobos are walking through the woods, they take Lobos to his grave site which is already set and dug out. 

"One day, you will find yourself standing right here," Lobos tells Ghost. "God doesn't take men like us peacefully while we sleep."

Right before Lobos is about to die, his cellphone starts ringing. 

Ghost and Tommy were unaware that Lobos had a phone on him and Tommy smashes it. But now he's scared that someone is tracking their location. 

"What the fuck is the plan? We gotta abort!" Tommy tells Ghost. "We take him somewhere else and Bin Laden his ass." 

Ghost and Tommy start arguing about what they're going to do with Lobos now and in a split second, Lobos escapes and starts running away. 

"Goddamit!," Tommy yells out 

He shoots out at Lobos but doesn't hit him. Lobos continues running free through the woods, still handcuffed.

Mike works on getting a trace on Lobos' phone. 

And, Greg is certain that someone in their office gave them up. He tells Saxe that he thinks it's Angela. 

Saxe tells Greg that Angela was "practically crying" when she thought Greg might have died. He encourages Greg to get back with Angela, thinking he may still have a chance. 

Another One Bites The Dust

It's night time now and Lobos is still missing somewhere in the woods. 

Ghost suggest that him and Tommy split up to find Lobos. 

Lobos creeps up from behind Ghost and hits him over the head with a stick. Ghost falls and Lobos puts his cuffs around Ghost's throat to choke him. Tommy can hear his friend struggling and calls out to him.

Ghost manages to get Lobos off of him and punches him a couple times in the face. Tommy finds Ghost who reaches for his gun and points it at Lobos.

Tommy yells out, "Don't do it! If we leave a body, it's going to be a shit storm."

"I need to end this now, Tommy," Ghost says and he shoots Lobos. Then he shoots Lobos again, just to make sure he's dead. 

"Okay, I guess we're not negotiating this, you wanna bury him and carry his body back?" Tommy asks. 

"No, we let the vultures have it, let's get out of here, bro" Ghost suggests.

Ghost and Tommy run off leaving Lobos' body in the middle of the woods. 

Later on, as they're both cleaning up and changing out their murder clothes, Ghost tells Tommy, "We're finally free, Tommy ... we're finally fucking free, man." 

"You get to start over," he also tells Tommy. 

"I ain't got no family, I ain't..." Tommy begins to say. 

Ghost tells his friend that he'll meet a new girl. But, Tommy says no one can replace Holly. 

"We got our whole life ahead of us," Ghost says. 

"Yea, yea," Tommy says as he's walking away. He doesn't seem too happy. 

"About Holly, man, I'm sorry," Ghost says.

Tommy simply responds, "sure." 

Tasha Is Over It

Back at the hotel room, Tasha is chilling on the bed in her robe, waiting for Ghost to get back. 

Once he walks in, she says,"Have a good run?" 

Ghost says that's what he told the doorman. 

"Well, I've been here holding down my end of the bargain," Tasha says.

She gives Ghost his cellphone back and says, "This bitch [Angela] is hooked on you, she's been texting all damn day."

He looks at his phone and tells Tasha she sounds just like him with the texting. 

"Yeah, well I remember how you used to talk to me," she says. 

Angela gets back home and Ghost calls her so she doesn't worry. He asks Angela about work and she asks him about the hotel and wants to know when he'll get home.

"Jaime, I love you," she says. 

"I love you too, Angie. Have a good night, okay, baby," Ghost responds while Tasha is sitting there listening.

Once he hangs up, Tasha stands up and starts clapping. 

"Is it always that easy to lie to someone you love," she asks.

"I'm doing what needs to be done, it's part of the plan," he answers.

"It's always like that with you," she says. 

Tasha pulls out the envelope she found earlier which is paperwork involving their prenup. 

Tasha tells Ghost just because Lobos is dead doesn't mean his dirt will go away. She asks if Angela will have his back if she ever found out. 

"The only way she'll find out is if you tell her and you're not gonna tell her because you're an accomplice," Ghost reminds Tasha. 

Tasha hands Ghost the papers and says, "I already signed them because I am so done with your ass." 

She gets in the bed as Ghost talks about them moving forward and having no more threats to worry about. 

"I'm keeping the family safe and one day you're going to appreciate it," he says. 

Ghost pulls the covers back to get in the bed, but Tasha stops him and says "don't even try it!" 

So, he goes to sleep on the couch. 

Meanwhile, Tommy heads over to the spot where him and Ghost buried Holly. He pulls out his grandmother's ring that Holly always wore on her finger and says out loud that he brought her ring back. 

The next morning, Ghost and Tasha meet with Karen. Tasha skips out on the brunch, saying she has to get back to the kids after Ghost introduces her as "his lovely wife." Tasha plays along as she excuses herself. 

Ghost Gets Another Surprise, It's Not Over

Ghost is back at his club, in his office with the head of security and another security guy. He tells them that he doesn't need their services anymore. 

But, the guy doesn't understand why he's not wanted after saving Ghost and his son.

He then blurts out, "you finally killed Lobos." 


"What'd you say?" Ghost responds.

The security guy knows all about Ghost, his family, his past drug dealing ways, everything. He tells the other guy Ghost's security password to his safe where his other gun usually is ... they know all the inside access stuff. 

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" Ghost questions. 

"Did you get my message?" he says as he pulls out the tarot card and places it in Ghost's suit jacket. 

Ghost figures out the security guy is a Serbian who was in Vladimir's drug crew. 

The guy goes on to fill Ghost in and says the shipment that him and Tommy intercepted with and left for the cops were his drugs.   

He tells Ghost to have a seat at his desk and he formally introduces himself. 

"Milan, nice to meet you." 

"All this time, you were working for me!?" a stunned Ghost says. 

"All this time you were so concerned with Lobos that you neglected me, very selfish," Milan says. "

You took from me what was mine, you owe me, Ghost."

Milan wants Ghost to work for him to replace his drugs. Ghost tells him he has nothing left and that he's out of the drug game. 

"Remember, my security team is in your clubs, they know your home, your family ... Angela," Milan threatens. "You can kill me, but I'm not Lobos, my organization does not die with me."

Milan suggest Ghost call Tommy because it's time to get back to work.

"Don't worry, you're very safe ... for now," Milan says. 

Back In The Drug Biz

Ghost meets up with Tommy later and tells him everything. 

"He's been working for you this whole time, fuck," Tommy says. "Ghost, where's your head at?" 

Ghost suggests they kill Milan but Tommy warns against that since they don't know what he's capable of. 

Ghost tells Tommy that he's going to have to get back to hustling to pay Milan off. 

Tommy thinks Ghost will lose his relationship with Angela and says it'll never work because he won't be able to pull off all the lies. He also reminds Ghost that he can't even warn Angela that Milan will be after her. 

"As soon as she finds out you got back in the game, she's gonna turn you in," Tommy says. 

"No, she won't," Ghost responds. 

Tommy tells Ghost that his biggest problem is the fact that Angela is his soft spot, his weakness. 

"I think we should've killed that bitch a long time ago, but we didn't, so here we are," Tommy says. 

He thinks Angela will either rat Ghost out and put him in jail or Milan will catch and kill her. 

"But, if you take her out, you can make sure she won't suffer, because when Milan gets a hold of her..." Tommy goes on to say. "Even I don't think Angela deserves that." 

"I'll handle it," Ghost calmly says. 

Goodbye, Angela Valdes

He heads back to Angela's apartment where she's waiting for him. 

As soon as he walks in the door, Angela heads over to him and says, "Finally you're home, hey baby, how was your day?" 

She starts talking about their future but notices something is wrong. 

"Jaime, what's wrong?" she asks.

Angela asks if something went wrong with the meeting with Karen.

"Our future together, flying around the world, it's not gonna happen, baby" he says. "Something is wrong, been wrong."

He tells Angela what Tasha told him earlier, that his son, Tariq, ran away from home. 

"At some point my kids have to be what's most important," Ghost says.

"Jaime, I never asked you to choose between your kids and me," she says. "What are you saying?"

"You know what I'm saying," he responds. 

Angela brings up the fact that he separated from Tasha. But, Ghost calls that "a mistake."

"You love me, I know you do, you told me so," Angela says. "Why are you doing this?"

Ghost says maybe they have outgrown that dream, their dream from 15 years ago when they were kids wanting to be together. 

He also says Tariq running away made him realize what he had to lose. 

"Everything I've done for you, I've done for us, and I would do it again," she tells him. 

"Angie, if we were really meant to be together, do you think it would be this hard?"

Angela grabs his face and says her showing up at his club was meant to be. 

Ghost tells her to take care herself and he goes to head out the door. 

"There's something you're not telling me," Angela says with tears in her eyes. "Tell me the truth."

"We can't be together, Angie, it's the right decision," he says. 

"Jaime, I love you."

"I know, goodbye, Angie Valdes," Ghost says and he walks out.

As Ghost leaves, he can hear Angela sobbing inside her apartment. 

Ghost starts crying too but quickly pulls himself together and walks away. 

Will Ghost's decision to leave be permanent?