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POWER Season 4, Ep. 6 Recap: 'New Man'

"New Man" Season 4, Ep. 406 - Full Recap

Back To Business

James is back home! He awakens from a nightmare as he vividly remembers killing Marshal Williams and smashing his head in with that gym weight. 

James wakes up and realizes he's back home, sleeping in his bed and not in a prison cell. He undresses, showers and empties the contents from his inmate property bag as he places his earrings back on his ears and puts a suit on. 

Time to get back to work!

He leaves a voicemail for Tommy, letting him know he's out of prison. Then he meets up with Tasha in the kitchen and she fixes him a cup of coffee.

James notices his children aren't around and says, "I figured they [the kids] would be here seeing as how I just got out. I figured we could celebrate as a family."

"Yeah, well the kids have been through a lot, Ghost. They just need some time," Tasha says after explaining Raina is at a sleepover, Tariq is at his friends house, and her mom is watching Yasmine. 

I always forget they have that third child, the youngest one, Yasmine. They barely show her!

"We need to talk about Tariq," Tasha says. 

"I guess you needed some time too, where'd you sleep last night, T?" James asks her. 

"Raina's room," she answers.

James goes on to tell Tasha she didn't have to do that and says he appreciates her being around and being there for him.

Tasha tries to keep busy as James is talking so she starts cleaning the kitchen counter. 

James grabs her hand, looks her in the eyes and says, "I was thinking we could start over, put the past in the past, ya know."

"I dunno about that, Ghost," Tasha responds. "I thought we were just staying together for appearances, for the feds, in case they come back around. Terry says the case isn't over yet."

"I wish Angela never came to the club that night, I can't change what happened," James confesses. "I can tell you it's over, for good."

"Are you kidding me? I just watched that bitch blow up her whole life in open court so you could walk!"

"Tasha...," James starts saying, but she interrupts him, walks away and says they can talk later on tonight. 


The chains come off the door at Truth as the nightclub reopens. James makes his return to his business as the media floods the outside entrance. But, also lurking nearby is Kanan who is watching James from his car. 

James is still blind to the fact that Kanan is still alive. What's even worse... Kanan has been chilling with his son all this time and now has him hostage. 

Kanan grabs his gun and gets out of the car, but he pauses after he see's more people pulling up infront of James' club, so he gets back in the car. 

Jukebox calls him and says, "What the fuck is taking you so long? Where's Ghost? Where's the money for Tariq?"

Kanan says he had to back off for now because Ghost has too much heat on him to make a move.

"Well, you better get moving, motherfucker, or I will put a bullet in this boy's ass for fun, I ain't no fucking babysitter, don't fuck this up!" Jukebox threatens. "Don't call me until you got good news." 

After she gets off the phone with Kanan, Jukebox walks over to Tariq who seems to be just fine....  for now. 

Tariq is sitting on the couch playing video games. He asks where Slim is and Jukebox plays it cool and says Slim will be there soon. When Tariq tells Jukebox his mom will be worried soon if he's out too late, she takes his phone and says she will handle his mom. 

Jukebox sends off a text from Tariq's phone which reads: 'Do I have to come home tonight?'

Tasha writes back: 'No. You can stay tonight, but I'm picking you up in the morning.'

Meanwhile, Tasha is having lunch out with LaKeisha. Keisha tells her the feds took the chains off her weave shop. 

"It would be nice to know what the fuck is going on?" Keisha says. "What is life looking like now that Ghost is out of jail? Is he staying back at the penthouse?"

"Yeah, but we're not getting together for real," Tasha explains. "We just have to play house and be a united front for the feds."

"I'm not talking about for you, I'm talking about for me... can my business go back to being regular? Just a weave shop, not no drug money shit?" Keisha says.

Tasha explains that they need to keep moving things just like they've been for a little while longer. But, Keisha wants out. 

"I promise you, you will, as soon as we can," Tasha says. 

Tasha changes the subject and starts talking about Keisha's "new man" (Tommy). She doesn't tell Keisha that she knows her new man is Tommy. Keisha says his cellphone must be broke because she hasn't heard from him. 

"He'll come around, you know better than anybody with how these men are," Tasha says. 

"I sure do," Keisha responds but she doesn't look too happy with Tasha. 

Keisha wraps up their little get-together and says she has to get her weave shop open. 

Tasha texts Tommy: 'Where the hell are you?'

Tommy Experiences A Different Life In Chicago

Meanwhile, Tommy meets with the Chicago connect, Jason. Two big ol' security-type guys pat him down on the elevator and take his gun away before leaving him alone with Jason. 

Tommy thinks he knows why Jason wanted him to come to Chicago. He starts explaining himself and says his team had a small hiccup with the money coming in from the pharmaceutical so his solution is to return to the courier method. Tommy also explains the small gambling operation he has set up to earn more revenue. 

"You turned a setback to a win, I'm impressed," Jason says. 

"Me too, but you know, I've been doing this shit for awhile, so I can go home now?" Tommy asks as he looks around.

Jason laughs and says, "You can stop looking over your shoulder, Tommy, no one is coming through the door with a gun." 

"I'll relax when I get back to New York," Tommy says. 

Jason explains that Ghost was a concern but now that he's out of prison, they can relax a little.

"He's out!?" Tommy asks. "Ghost always lands on his feet."

"It's time for all of us to move on from Ghost, permanently," Jason reveals. 

Jason further explains to Tommy that he's not going back to Truth club and he's not going back to work with Ghost. He needs Ghost off the table, entirely.

Tommy cuts in and tells Jason, "I've been down this road before. I'm not gonna kill Ghost, it's just not gonna happen."

Jason says he wants Tommy to cut all ties with Ghost, for good. 

"And that's what you brought me to Chicago for?"

Jason also tells Tommy he would like him to take a trip out to Los Angeles soon to meet some mutual friends. They're expanding their reach and are looking at Tommy to run both coasts. 

"... but, Ghost can't be anywhere near it. Do we understand each other?" Jason says.

"Yeah, we do," Tommy says and shakes Jason's hand. 

Tommy was looking forward to driving back to New York but Jason wants him to stay the night in Chicago to celebrate... or so Tommy thinks.  

Dre Sets Julio Up

Julio is looking for Tommy, he has some important news to tell him right away. But, Tommy is off the grid at the moment. 

Dre pulls up in his car to meet up with Julio.

"There he is, there's that motherfucker!" Julio says. 

Dre walks over to Julio and says, "What's up with this urgency shit, man, I gotta meet Ghost at the club."

"Ghost? He's out?" Julio says. "Does he know we're running shit through the club?"

"I don't know, but I'm about to find out," Dre answers. 

Julio confronts Dre and says he saw him talking to Kanan.

"Tommy told you specifically to stay away from that motherfucker, even shoot to kill if you saw him standing around," Julio says. "What the fuck was that about?"

Dre lies and tells Julio that it wasn't a big deal and says Kanan just wants to get back in the game but he shut it down. And, of course, Dre hasn't told Tommy about Kanan. 

"What's up with this? You suspecting me and asking me questions and shit like you're my bitch or something, dawg?" Dre says. "Look, trust me, I'm loyal, man."

Dre tells Julio that he found them some new premiers. Julio says he needs to run this by Tommy, but Dre starts convincing him this is a solution they need and to just meet up with the premiers without running it by Tommy. 

"You know if you ask Tommy before you meet with them you know he's gonna say 'why does he always have to wipe his ass for you.' You're the man, you're the distro, you tell him Cristobal's a problem and you show up with a solution already in your hand," Dre says.

"Set it up," Julio says. 

"My man, I got you," Dre says. He walks off and texts Cristobal: 'We gotta meet up.'

Something obviously ain't right with this!

Dre later meets up with Cristobal and some other dudes who used to be in the Toros Locos street gang with Julio. Dre finds out that Julio should've been dead when he left their Toros Locos crew but Ghost stepped in and saved him on his way out.

"But Ghost is out the game so that deal is dead and with Ghost out the picture, Julio's life is up for grabs," Dre says. 

Dre plans on delivering Julio to them but doesn't want it to look like a Toros Locos kill. 

"Yeah, we're good. Let's kill this motherfucker," the crew leader says and he toasts with Dre and Cristobal.

More Problems For James

James walks in his club, turns the lights on and smiles as he looks around. But, he's not happy for long because in walks that sneaky Simon Stern! 

"James, it's so good to see you back in a suit, you look like a new man," Simon says. 

James looks confused to see Simon there and after some quick small talk, he says, "I'd like you to get out of my club." 

But, Simon isn't going anyway, he's there to collect his money which James is unaware of. 

"Oh, I see you haven't spoken to your wife, Tasha about the little deal we made while you were away," Simon says. "Well, I'll inform you."

Simon says Tasha took a substantial amount of money from him and that he's willing to forgive every cent James a CEO position in a new real estate business. Simon says he would only be a silent partner as teaming up with James would offer him a minority business development loan and a tax break for both of them.

"So, you've come to my club to tell me that you need my black ass to make you more money?" James says. 

Simon is so excited and tells James they have so much to talk about. 

"Why don't we order in, James. I love Chinese... the food and the people," Simon says as he takes off his coat and makes himself comfortable. 

James receives a phone call from Tony.

He answers and tells Tony, "I told you I would be in touch."

"And somehow, I ain't heard from you," Tony responds. "You been out long enough to put that phone in Tommy Egan's hands. Now, you didn't forget our little deal, did you?"

James says he hasn't forgotten and says he will be in touch. 


Later on, Tasha texts Tariq that she will be picking him up the next morning. Jukebox still has Tariq's phone and she simply responds: 'Ok.'

"Is that Slim? When is he gonna be here?" Tariq asks. 

Jukebox gives him a drink and Tariq starts sipping on it. They both start making small talk and Tariq passes out on the couch. As Jukebox watches Tariq (who is knocked out) she's humming and singing a couple of lines from "His Eye Is On The Sparrow." 

She gets up close to Tariq and whispers, "lights out, little nigga." 

Later on that night, James returns home to the penthouse and Tasha says they need to talk about Tariq. 

"I think we need to talk about you first," he says. 

James starts briefing Tasha on making a deal with Simon behind his back. 

"Yes, I made a deal with the devil because you left me with no other choice," she says. 

"And if you knew it was the devil, why wouldn't you talk to me first!" James says. 

"Wow! Coming from the man who does whatever the fuck he wants without consulting anybody!" Tasha responds. 

Tasha explains that while James was in prison, decisions had to be made for their family. She said the feds froze their accounts and there wasn't enough money to take care of the kids. 

"Money from Milan should have been more than enough, shit, we didn't have to pay bail," James says. 

"I handled it," Tasha says. "Besides, Stern agreed that we can pay him back over time." 

"Stern lied," James says. "He doesn't want money, he wants me to work with him."

"I knew he was lying. But you're smarter than him. I know you're not going to let him beat you," Tasha says.

James explains that Stern needs a black face for a tax break and a headline. Tasha tries to look on the brighter side of things and says doing business with Simon could be good for James' image. 

"I know you, Ghost. You're going to figure out a way to use him to win," she says. 

"Hmm. I don't know how to trust you, Tasha," he tells her.

"I don't know how to trust you either, Ghost," she responds. "But, if we're gonna make this work, we don't have any other choice."

Trouble Is Coming Julio's Way

In New York, Julio finds himself in some deep shit. As he think he's going to meet up with Dre in a warehouse, a couple of his old Toros Locos crew members come out.

"I should have known... Dre set me up, hunh?" Julio says in Spanish.

"Your death was marked the day you chose to walk away from us," the leaders says in Spanish. "Rules of the street, little man... Your blood is the only thing that makes this right."

Julio reminds him, "You know what's gonna happen if you go back on your word with Ghost?" 

He then smirks, rolls up his sleeves and says, "Three against one? Que paso, papi? You afraid you can't beat me yourself, whore?" 

Julio charges at the leader and he starts kicking ass! Even though Julio gets stabbed in the back, gets his wrist and ankle sliced, he manages to kill off one guy right away and then he beats down another guy with a pole and kills him too. Now, the only one left standing is the leader and it's one against one. 

Julio walks closer to the leader as he drags his right foot which is leaving a trail of blood from his ankle being sliced He swings a pole as the other guy reaches for a knife. The knife is just too much for Julio as the leader starts taking jabs at him. Julio tried his hardest but he soon falls to the ground. The leader stands over Julio with his knife and cuts off the side of Julio's neck as Julio screams out in pain. He cuts the piece of skin which had Julio's 718 tattoo on it. 

"You disrespected me for the last time," he says in Spanish as he's holding up the piece of Julio's skin that he just cut off. 

Julio yells back in Spanish, "What you deserve is that Dre kills you, motherfucker!"

"And this is what you deserve!" he says then stabs Julio, again, right in the stomach. 

Julio bleeds out on the floor, turns over on his stomach and tries to crawl away as blood pours out of his mouth. He slowly crawls until he can't anymore. He turns back over on his back and bleeds out. 

Tommy Gets Blindsided In Chicago

Back in Chicago, Tommy is drinking and celebrating with Jason and Jason's people. Tommy is surrounded by a bunch of girls who are laughing at everything he says. Him and Jason start talking about Milan and Jason says Milan was good in his prime, but he was a weird guy, and his death smoothed out the timetable. 

"Well, happy I could help," Tommy says. "And, call me crazy, but I don't like a guy who eats people... is that a Serbian thing? I don't hate it, I just don't like it."

Tommy does some more shots and he later walks out with Jason and three of Jason's guys. Tommy is just a running his mouth as he walks infront until Jason's men knock Tommy in the back of the neck and throw Tommy in the back of a car trunk. 

Later on, Tommy wakes up and realizes he's locked in a trunk. He gets taken to the woods where a spot is already dug out in the dirt and a shovel is next to the hole. 

Tommy realizes he's about to be buried. He turns around to Jason (who is now putting on gloves) and he says, "Yo, my man, I thought we were getting along? We were talking expansion and shit."

Out of nowhere, Petar appears.

"You best be here on vacation or some shit or I'm gonna pull ya throat out through your asshole," Tommy says to Petar. 

Petar says the reason why Tommy is about to die is for killing Milan without getting Jason's approval. But, Tommy tells Jason that Pitar signed off on the Milan hit and told him Jason was down too. 

Tatiana pops up to Tommy's surprise. Jason says Tatiana told him a rival gang killed Milan.

Tommy is now kneeling on the dirt and is pleading to Jason, saying Petar cleared the Milan hit and played them both. Jason pulls Tatiana to the side and talks to her then he walks infront of Tommy and pulls out his gun.

Tommy closes his eyes and prepares to die. An image of Holly in bed flashes before his eyes. 

Just as we think Tommy is about to get shot in the head, Jason shoots Petar instead!

Tommy opens his eyes and is shocked to see he's still alive. 

"Tatiana, thank you for telling me who to believe," Jason says. 

Tommy breathes a sigh of relief as he looks over and see's Petar's dead body in the dirt hole. 

Petar gets buried and Tommy spits on top of the dirt and says, "Yeah, rot in hell, you fucking bitch."

Jason tells Tommy that he will be a great successor to Milan and he hopes they will be in business together for a long time.  

"Although I didn't particularly enjoy my ride here, I respect the way you guys work," Tommy says as he shakes Jason's hand. "But, trust me, I ain't never gonna let you walk behind me again."

"Fair enough," Jason says as the two make jokes. 

James Gets The Surprise Of His Life

As James is walking to his car, he texts Tommy: 'Where the fuck you at? Hit me up.'

Before he can even get in his car, James gets the surprise of his life when Kanan sneaks up from behind.

"You didn't get rid of me that easy, motherfucker!" Kanan says. 

James is in shock! He looks Kanan up and down. Kanan warns him not to try anything stupid because he has Tariq. James' face completely changes and now he has that serious look on his face. 

"You do exactly what the fuck I tell you to do or we gonna kill that little nigga!" Kanan says. 

"If you put a hand on my son, Kanan, I will fuck you up...."

"You ain't gonna do shit and you ain't the one giving orders, I am!" Kanan says. 

Kanan forces James back in his car and gets him to drive. He says it's payback time. 

"Look, do whatever you gotta do with me, just leave my son alone, man," James pleads. 

"I'll do whatever the fuck I wanna do," Kanan says. "Isn't that what you did back in the day? Didn't give a fuck what anybody else did but you, right? You put me in jail."

"My son ain't have shit to do with that!" James says. "This is between me and you, Kanan! If you're gonna kill me anyway, I'm just asking, why the fuck does he have to get hurt?!"

Kanan tells James to shutup and keep driving. He warns James if he says anything stupid, he'll put a bullet in his brain.

During their ride, James spots an NYPD cop car off to the side and Kanan peeps him looking. He tells James not to do anything he'll regret. He then tells him to the pull the car over and put it in park. James obliges. Kanan slams James' head against the steering wheel and says he better not try any more BS moves or Tariq is gone for good. 

Kanan tells James he needs money to get his son back. James says his funds are low since he just got out of jail. 

"Well, if you want your son alive, you'll figure some shit out," Kanan says. "Not having money never stopped you from getting money before."

James thinks of something quick and tells Kanan he knows of a place where he can get some cash.

"It's your move, let's go," Kanan tells James as he points his gun at him and motions for him to drive. 

Tommy Seeks Out A Little Revenge 

As Tommy is driving, he see's a sign for Cleveland. He soon pulls over infront of a house which has a 'HOUSE FOR SALE' sign in the front yard and he see's the realtor, an older man, getting out of his car. 

Tommy walks in and browses around at an open house. He asks the realtor if it's a safe neighborhood and says he's looking for peace and quite since he's thinking about relocating from New York City. 

As the realtor and Tommy start chatting it up, the realtor asks if Tommy is a family man and if he has kids. Tommy says having kids wasn't in the cards for him. He turns the question over to the realtor and then asks if he likes fucking his daughters. 

"What kinda question is that?" the realtor says in shock. "Maybe you should leave."

The realtor takes his phone out to call the police but Tommy smacks the phone out of his hand. 

"I told Holly she should call the police on you, but she never did," Tommy says. 

"You know Holly? Holly Weaver, my niece?" the realtor asks. 

"I know Holly, yeah, and I know what you did to her every night that she lived with you when she was a kid," Tommy says. 

"I don't know what she told you, man. She wanted it.. she wanted it and I gave it to her, that was all," the realtor (Holly's Uncle) says. 

"She was nine years old, you motherfucker, " Tommy says as he's now holding a bat in his hand. 

"Some girls are faster than others," the realtor says back. 

Tommy doesn't waste any time as he bashes the guy's head in with the bat. He repeatedly yells out, "you shouldn't have touched her!" as blood splatters around, even on Tommy's face. The realtor is left dead on the floor. 

James And Kanan Work Together, Just Like Old Times

Kanan receives a text from Jukebox which reads: 'His mother's calling. Where the fuck are you?'

James wants to talk to his son but Kanan says after he delivers the cash, then James can see his son face-to-face. They pull up to Tommy's stash place and James says they can get the money from inside there. 

Kanan chuckles and says, "you're gonna rob your own friend? Why this don't surprise me."

James lays out the plan to rob them and asks Kanan for a gun. "You don't expect me to rob these niggas without a gun, man?," he says. 

Kanan gives him a gun, but he takes the bullets out. 

He's not that stupid. 

James and Kanan work together, just like old times, to rob Tommy's spot. 

One of Tommy's guys gets his head head blown off by Kanan.

"What the fuck!? You said no one would get hurt!" James says.

"You seen him make a move," Kanan says.

The two put all the cash in the bag as they're heading out, Kanan hands James his phone when Tasha calls. James is forced to lie to Tasha and he says he's going to pick up Tariq so she doesn't have to worry.

Tariq's Fate Is Decided. Will Kanan Have A Heart?

Later on, Tariq wakes up and he tells Jukebox he has to go because he's expecting his mom. But, Jukebox has other plans and she tells him he isn't going anywhere. As Tariq is about to walk out, she hits him in the back of the head and knocks him out, again. 

Tariq falls to the floor and she says, "Now look what you made me do."


Kanan and James get back in the car after robbing Tommy's stash and they drive off. 

"You know it doesn't have to go down like this, man," James said. "Tell me you didn't feel that shit tonight, crazy right? ... how close we once were?"

Kanan says all this bad shit happened because James set him up. 

James explains he had a plan back then but Kanan didn't want to follow his plan. He says it was either kill him or put him on the inside. 

"Loved you like a brother... wasn't gonna kill you," James says. 

"So you just made a bad choice because if you would've killed me, you wouldn't be here right now," Kanan says. 

James asks who has his son and he's shocked to hear it's Jukebox. 

It's pitch dark outside when James and Kanan finally pull up outside of the house where Jukebox and Tariq are at inside. 

James pleads with Kanan one last time and says, "Kanan, why don't you let my son walk away, man... he's not like us, he don't belong in that bullshit, man. Talk to Jukebox and tell her she can have whatever the fuck she want with me, just let my son go."

For a split second, it looks like Kanan is thinking about what James just said, but then he loads his clip and points his gun right at James' face. But, surprisingly, Kanan offers James the gun and tells him to take it.

So, James takes the gun and then points it at Kanan who says, "I knew you were gonna do that."

"So, why'd you give it to me?" James asks. 

"Because I ain't gonna forgive you and I ain't gonna let you go. Jukebox is gonna wanna kill Tariq the minute she gets that money," Kanan says. 

"I don't know who she got up in there with her and I don't know what they're gonna do to me. So you can use that gun and use it to kill me for all the shit we got between us or we can go in together and try to save your son."

James and Kanan enter the dark house and Jukebox appears and says, "about fucking time." 

James looks over and see's Tariq tied to a chair, James is about to cry. 

Kanan is carrying a gun and he tells Jukebox that Ghost is going to get what he deserves. 

Jukebox says, "You look good, Ghost and all dressed up, like a fucking civilian. People really believe that act?" 

"I've never done a fucking thing to you," James tells her. "You ain't got no good reason to do this to me, Jukebox, or my son."

James is standing there not too far away from Kanan's side  as Jukebox and Tariq are across from them. 

James looks at Kanan as he unloosens the ties around his hands. 

Jukebox tells James it's not about him, it's about Kanan's two years inside prison and money. She notices what James is doing, looks at both of them and whips out her gun. 

"What the fuck is going on?" she says. "Ya'll niggas thought you were gonna play me!? Motherfucker, I will kill your bitch ass son right here, right now!"

Jukebox puts the gun to Tariq's head. Then James points a gun at Jukebox as he's telling her not to do it.

"Dad," Tariq calls out.

"You're all out of excuses now, aren't you? You are all out of your little slick ass moves," Jukebox says as she stands over Tariq. 

"Don't do it," James says to her with tears in his eyes as he looks at his son. 

"Now the question is, should he watch you die or the other way around?" Jukebox says. 

"It's gonna be alright, Tariq," James tells his son. 

Jukebox looks at Kanan and then whispers to Tariq, "this motherfucker ain't even who he says he is. His name ain't even Slim."

"What?" Tariq says to her. 

"Oh yeah, he's been playing you the whole time... you are nothing to him but a dollar bill," Jukebox says. 

"Tell him who you really are or I will blow his fucking head off!," she yells at Kanan. "Tell him!"

So, Kanan finally reveals his real identity to Tariq and says he ain't never been good and he used to run the streets with his dad. Kanan tells Tariq he was running game on him because he wanted to get the money and get back at Ghost so he used him. 

Jukebox also makes Kanan tell Tariq that he killed Shawn. 

"I killed Shawn, I killed my own son," Kanan confesses. "And, I would do it again if I had to. He was soft, not like you."

Jukebox laughs and James tries to make a move. As she yells at him to back up, Kanan makes a move and shoots Jukebox multiple times until she slumps to the floor and dies. 

James grabs Tariq out of the chair and holds him close. 

Kanan stands over Jukebox with his gun and says, "fucking bitch, running your mouth."

He then points the gun at Tariq's back. James see's and starts to cry. Kanan thinks about it and then puts the gun down. He grabs the bag of money, looks at Tariq and says to him, "see you around, little nigga" and he leaves. 

James continues to hold his son and he says to him, "I got you."



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