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POWER Season 5, Ep. 7 Recap: 'The Devil Inside'

"The Devil Inside" 

Season 7, Ep. 507 - Full Recap

Tasha begs Terry to help her

Now that James knows Tasha and Terry have been together for quite some time now, he tells Angela that he doesn't think Terry is ready to lie for Tasha. 

"It will be against his better judgement if he did, but when people are in love, they make bad decisions," Angela says. 

Meanwhile, Tasha tries to get Terry in her corner. 

"You're gonna back me up, right?" Tasha asks Terry.

"You're asking me to commit perjury? To lie on the stand? If I'm caught, I could lose my license and go to jail," Terry says. "You're still protecting James. Why would I put my life at risk for him? You're still in love with him after all of this time. You asking me to do this is proof of that!" 

Tasha denies loving James, but Terry is not here for it. 

"Then you have got to turn him in, Tasha. Get your coat, we're going to the police. Now!" he demands.

Tasha finally confesses and spills the truth, "But, James didn't kill Raymond Jones. Tariq did. That's why I'm asking you to lie. To save my son."

Terry is confused and says, "You've been lying to me this whole time? You said you did it!"

"I was trying to protect Tariq," Tasha says as she begs Terry for his help. 

Terry tells Tasha that the best solution is for Tariq to turn himself in and says Tariq wouldn't be charged with first degree. 

"Terry, NO!" Tasha yells out. "Tariq is a good kid. He has a bright future. And, you know as well as I do, he's a young black man. The police and the system would eat him alive."

Tasha continues to beg Terry for his help and says she needs him. He finally caves in and says, "alright."


Back at Angela's apartment, James asks her if he knows how long the relationship between Tasha and Terry have been going on. 

"She didn't tell me, she just said he was her lawyer. We're not girlfriends exactly," Angela responds. "I know it's a surprise, her and Silver, but do you care because of the case or do you care because Tasha?"

"It's not about Tasha, it's about Tariq. Our relationship saves Tariq, then so be it," James says. 

Angela admits that she's scared and says she thought they would have the situation handled. James thanks her for helping him and his family out. Angela says she helped to stay out of jail plus she did it for Tariq and Raina as well as for James too. 

James reassures Angela that he's out of the drug game and says the Queens Child Project is the only hustle he has going on. 

"The cleaner you get, the dirtier I become," Angela says. "I was prosecuting criminals and now I am wrong. It feels so wrong, Jamie."

James grabs her hands and says, "Hey, It was for the right reasons."

"They're going to come for me, for everything I've done," Angela says.

James kisses Angela and says, "I got you."

As James is undressing Angela and kissing on her neck, she says, "I can't stay away from you. We should all stay away from each other."

"Or, we should stick together," James says.

Angela hops on top of James on the couch and whispers, "I've missed you."

Not only is James and Angela getting it in, but so is Terry and Tasha. 

Tasha owes Terry a lot now!

Angela's team is after her

Back at the office, John tells the rest of the team the plan to prove James killed officer Raymond Jones. Tamika says Blanca is having the Manhattan district attorney move forward with the grand jury hearing and she's having Terry subpoenaed as a witness to corroborate Tasha's gun story. 

"I want Angela's head on a wall," John says. 

"Oh God, I am picturing Angela's face when she finds out she's being indicted, that just gets me fucking..." Cooper pauses as he see's Tamika giving him the side eye. "... excited to prosecute this RICO," he continues saying.

"Hold up, snowflake, you're including Angela in on this RICO?! You actually think she's part of St. Patrick's criminal organization?" Jerry asks Cooper. 

"You kidding me? She's the connected tissue in all of this," Cooper responds. "St. Patrick owns her. That's how he keeps getting away with all of this shit. We get to charge everyone together, and she'd be sitting at the defense table with him."

Tamika also reveals that after talking to Blanca, there's evidence that Angela used Darrel's login to delete evidence out of Tasha's case file. 

Tamika tells Jerry to keep an eye on Angela and says, "We already have her for obstructive of justice, but we need to see just how deep her involvement goes."

Tamika then orders John and Cooper to "put the squeeze on Teresi" and says, since becoming a free man, he hasn't given up any useful information on James and Tommy. 

"Fuck," Jerry whispers.


Jerry meets with Angela in her office. She asks him if he ever heard from Blanca again, but Jerry says he can't say. 

"What do you mean you can't say? When Mike was trying to frame you for being the mole, I had your back," Angela reminds him. 

Jerry warns Angela that she has no friends in their office.

"What about you, Jerry? Are you my friend?" 

"I'm your best friend right now. Stay away from James St. Patrick," Jerry warns Angela. "When it comes to him, your judgement is beyond impaired. Christ, it's not existent." 

"What does my cop case have to do with James St. Patrick?" 

"You tell me, Angela," he says.

Angela says she has no idea what Jerry is talking about. Jerry tells her, whatever she's up to, he will not take the fall for her. 

"And, as of now, I don't owe you a goddamn thing," he says.

Tony feels the pressure to give up more information 

John and Cooper do a pop up at Tony's house. 

Tony opens the door and says, "You motherfuckers show up in my neighborhood, you're gonna get me killed!"

John and Cooper walk inside and see Connie sitting on the couch. When Cooper asks her how she's doing, she responds, "go fuck yourself." 

John mentions Angela's name to Tony and says they think she is helping James cover up a murder. But, Tony says Tommy never mentioned anything about Angela. 

"Get Egan to talk about it, if you can, implicate both of them," John advises. 

After John and Cooper leave, Connie asks Tony, "I know you got out because of me, but do you really want to snitch on the only family you're going to have left when I'm gone?" 

"You're my family," he says. 

"Oh, c'mon! I'm not a fucking idiot. Tommy's your son. Am I right?" Connie asks.

Tony confesses and says "yeah."

Connie says she knew about his affair for a long time but only recently discovered there was a child from the outcome. Tony apologizes to Connie and asks her for forgiveness. 

Connie slaps the shit out of Tony and then says, "yeah, I forgive you." 

"Actually, I'm glad he's around. He'll be able to take care of you when I'm gone," she adds. "If you put him in jail, you're going to be all alone."

Tony now has some thinking to do.

Jason orders Tommy around, James and Kanan plot to kill Diego

James calls up Dre and checks up on the deal they both made: Dre takes out Jason while James takes out Diego. 

"This shit stays between us, right?" Dre asks.

"Yeah, always between us," James says. 

James walks into a meeting with Jason along with Tommy and Kanan. Tommy gives Jason $2 million in cash of clean money that he owed him. 

"It's about fucking time," Jason says. 

Jason asks about the status on the Jimenez cartel. Tommy updates him and says the Jimenez were arrested by the feds but they got loose. Tommy reassures Jason that him and his boys will get the job done and says they have to be careful with the feds having eyes on them now. 

"Fuck!" Jason says. "If the feds cut them loose, the Jimenez must have given them something in exchange. They could be snitching on my organization as we speak. And, you're the missing link between their organization and mine"

Jason walks right infront of Tommy and tells him, "Your timeline to kill the Jimenez just got pushed up. I want those ports like you fucking promised, before the feds snatch them out of my reach."

"For real, we can get you those ports," Kanan chimes in.

"I wasn't talking to you, old friend," Jason says to Kanan. 

"Good thing you got me my money, Tommy, or you'd all be dead right now," Jason says.

The three amigos walk out and James asks Tommy why didn't he tell him about the Jimenez getting arrested.

"Get over it, Ghost. Like you never kept shit from me before," Tommy responds. "Jason is my boss. This is my organization. I'ma do shit the way I want to do shit."

Tommy breaks loose from the group and says he has somewhere to be. After he leaves, James tells Kanan that he needs his help with something and says that he's tired of Jason breathing down their necks. 

James reveals to Kanan that he's about to get a location on Diego and says it's an opportunity to take his ass out. James says, the only problem is, Deigo knows who he is and would recognize him. 

"So, you want me to cap his ass?" Kanan says.

"Well yeah, he'll never see you coming," James says.

Kanan agrees on the plan and says, "Bet. That Spanish nigga dead as fuck."

Cooper and Joe form some sort of alliance 

Joe walks into the prosecutors office and spots Cooper. 

Cooper see's Joe and says, "Woah, Joseph Proctor! You're applying for the paralegal job?" 

"Well, if it isn't tweedle dumb fuck," Joe responds. "Where's your keeper?"

"Well, Mak stepped out, but you can just leave your resume with me."

Joe says, "I'm done with this bullshit. I'm filing those harassment charges so I can get my license back."

"Well, you know, I could reinstate your license with two phone calls," Cooper says. 

"So, do it," Joe says.

But, of course, Cooper wants something in return. 

"I'm not going to tell you anything about my clients, I already told you that," Joe says.

"I want to know about someone you don't represent," Cooper says and gets straight to the point. "You know anything about Angela Valdez covering up a murder?" 

Joe says he has no idea what Cooper is talking about, but he agrees to find him some information about Angela in return that Cooper helps him out with getting his law license back. Cooper gets on the phone and makes his phone call. 

James and Tasha work together for Tariq's sake, Councilman Tate talks running for governor

Tasha meets up with James at Truth and tells him she has Terry on lock. 

"Dipping out on me when I was on trial, that's some low shit, Tasha," James says.

"Excuse me?! You fucking kidding me? I know you're not trying to come at me about adultery," she says. "And, just so you know, it didn't happen until after he got you off."

"And, then he got you off."

"Fuck you, Ghost. You know, I could have had a good life. I threw it away that night I held that gun for you. The thing about Terry is, I'll never have to hold or hide a gun for him."

"But, you're asking him to do that for you," James says. "C'mon, Tasha. You know that nigga ain't built for that. You really sure that he's ready to go down for you?"

"Yes, he is," Tasha responds confidently. 

James tells Tasha this ain't about him or her. "You save my boy, do whatever the fuck you want to do."

"Good, because I'm sure you certainly will," Tasha says.

Tasha starts walking out as Councilman Tate walks in and greets her. 

Tasha ain't here for it and responds, "yeah yeah." 

"How's the family holding up, James?" Tate asks. 

"Complicated as you can see, Tate," James responds. "So, you're officially announcing that you're running for governor. When were you going to tell me that, hunh?"

Tate asks James how did he find out about it. But, James says the more important question is: Why would Tate hide that information from him?

Tate goes on to say he appreciates James' donations but his temperamental behavior is a serious liability to the QCP. 

"James, I'm letting you go," he says. 

"Rashad, you keep doing this, don't you? Look man, I'm trying to turn a corner, but I'm really starting to lose my fucking patience." 

Tate says he will give James all of his money back once he officially announces his candidacy. 

"Good luck to you, James." 

Tommy further implicates himself

Angela meets up with Steve at a restaurant for lunch and tells him, "When you cut the Jimenez loose, you made me look like an asshole. You owe me one."

"Fair enough," he says. "What can I do?"

Angela says she needs a new job and she asks Steve if there's any openings in his department. 

Steve mentions a possible job in DC, but Angela is unsure about the distance and being  away from her family. 

"It would give you the fresh start you need," Steve says.

Angela receives a text from Tommy: 'Meet me at your place' and she cuts her lunch meeting short with Steve.

When Angela gets back to her apartment, she's surprised to find Tommy already inside her place, chilling on her couch, looking all comfortable while eating a bag of her chips. 

"I need to fucking move," she says. 

"It won't matter," Tommy says. "Why did the Jimenez get cut loose?"

"I don't know. If it were up to me, they would still be in custody," she says. 

"Well, they need to get got. Sooner rather than later," Tommy says. 

"Tommy, why do you want to take out your own connect? What, you already got another connect lined up or something?"

"You're asking too many questions," Tommy says.

"You're a fucking liar," Angela snaps back. "You're not the distro. That's why you just asked me if the Jimenez was snitching on another organization. You're working for the competitor. Who the fuck is it?" 

"I told you before, Angie, I ain't that guy," Tommy responds.

He then receives a text from his dad: 'Pick me up. Got someone for you to meet."

"Stop breaking into my apartment," Angela tells Tommy before he leaves. 

Tommy blows Angela a kiss and sticks up his middle finger.

Tommy and Tony bond over murder

Tommy rides out with Tony and Sammy. Tony says his connect sold all of Tommy's shit at the MCC and he has cash waiting for them. 

"How we gonna clean it since Ghost doesn't have your back?" Tony asks. 

"Beats the fuck outta me," Tommy answers. "Ghost was always the mastermind behind that shit."

"How did you used to do it?" Tony asks. 

Tommy reveals how him and James bought a business, a wash and fold, and says dirty laundry wasn't the only thing being cleaned there. 

They reach their destination and meet up with Tony's connect who leads them in his garage. The connect hands over a suitcase filled with money to Tony. But, as Tony is lifting the suitcase, he notices something ain't right. 

Tony opens the suitcase and realizes his connect shorted him. Tommy and Sammy jump in to take care of the guy. Tommy punches him as he helps Sammy tie the connect up.

Tony reaches for power tools, puts his sunglasses on and then drills into the connects knee as Tommy and Sammy hold the guy down in the chair. Tony then drills into the guys head and kills him. 

After killing the connect, Tommy opens up even more to Tony and continues having diarrhea of the mouth. 

"That [killing] must run in the family," Tommy says.

"Really? What's the worst thing you ever pulled?" Tony asks.

Tommy goes into a story about the time him and James used a nail gun on a guy and then shot him in the head. 

"That's it?" Sammy says.

"No, I ain't done," Tommy says and then he just starts telling stories about all the times he killed people.

Tony is cracking up in the passenger seat and then says, "Don't forget that fed that we hid for you in the MCC. You must have some friends in high places to find out where he was because that shit is usually top secret." 

"Yeah, our lawyer is well connected," Tommy says.

"So, you did all of this stuff and you never got caught?" Tony says. 

"Mmm hmm," Tommy says.

"I'm proud of you kid," Tony says and he tells Tommy to come over for dinner. 

Tony tells Sammy to sit this dinner out and says it's "just a family dinner." 

"Thanks, dad," Tommy says.

Kate comes face-to-face with Connie 

Tommy makes a stop at a corner store where Tony and Sammy run inside really quick. Kate calls Tommy and asks him to come over. 

"No, I'm not coming over tonight or ever, I got other plans," Tommy says.

Tony walks back to the car and says to Tommy, "you want anything from inside?"

Kate hears Tony's voice in the background and says, "Is that Tony?! You're with that piece of shit?!"

"Bye, Ma!" Tommy says and he hangs up on Kate. 

Later on, Connie cooks up a family dinner for her husband and for Tommy. Tony brings up that Tommy needs a legit business to clean his money and he asks Connie what she thinks. She suggests starting a private ambulance business and Tony says that will be the perfect way to move drugs and money.

"Fucking love that idea!" Tommy says.

Connie asks Tommy if he has a girlfriend and he answers, "no."

"You gotta have somebody, a good woman who has your back. Someone who will do anything for you," Tony says. 

"Yeah, I had somebody like that, but she don't live in New York no more," Tommy answers. 

"You should not be alone," Connie says.

Tommy then reveals he's seeing someone on and off. Connie suggests he brings this girl by for dinner. 

Out of nowhere, Kate shows up pounding on the door. Tommy lets his mother in and she rushes in, interrupting their dinner.

Kate says, "I can't believe you blew me off for him!"

"Ma, get the fuck out of here!" Tommy yells at Kate. "How did you even find this place?"

"Do you know how many times I drove around here wondering if he would ever leave that bitch!" Kate says as she points right at Connie. 

"Fuck you!" Connie says.

"Fuck you!" Kate yells back. "You know who this is? My son! You know he's Tony's little bastard?!" 

"Yeah, I know, of course I know," Connie says.

Tommy yells at Kate to leave and Connie says, "you heard MY son, go!"

Kate goes nuts as both Tony and Tommy have to lift her up, push her outside and close the door.

Tariq continues ignoring his dad

Back at Chote, Tariq returns to his dorm and plays a voicemail from his father. James says on the message, on the night Tariq was born, he remembers thinking his son would grow up to be a fine man. But, because of his mistakes, Tariq had to grow up faster than he thought he would. James also apologizes.

Tariq starts to text 'I got your message...' to his father, but then decides to delete it. He throws that cellphone on his desk and grabs his other phone to call Kanan. 

James pops up on Terry

Terry is walking in a parking lot and is about to get in his car when James pops up out of nowhere. 

"James, what are you doing here?" Terry asks. 

"I found a match to your ladies earring that you left behind at your apartment," James says. "Funny thing is, I found the match in Tasha's jewelry box."

"Look, uhh, nothing happened between us until after your trial," Terry says. 

"You think the ethics committee will care about that?" James says. 

"Tasha thinks you're going to back up her story about the gun. I told her, I don't think you're the type of man who would stand up for her. Are you?"

"Oh, I stand up for Tasha, but I think YOU killed Raymond Jones and that she's protecting you," Terry says. "She says it was Tariq. I don't know what to believe anymore."

James tells Terry that he will corroborate Tasha's story. 

"Or what?" Terry asks. "James, if anything happens to me, they'll be looking at you. My relationship with Tasha gives you motive." 

"Just verify her story. And then, I don't have to go to the ethics committee and then you can have my wife all to yourself," James says. 

Tommy gets Keisha back

Tommy pops up at LaKeisha's house and tells her he had dinner with his dad and his wife. He also says he told his family about her and they want to have her over for dinner. 

"Wait, you told them about me?" Keisha asks. 

"I understand if you don't want to go. You were right to kick me to the curb after everything I put you through," Tommy says. "But, whoever ends up with you is going to be one lucky guy." 

Tommy is about to walk out of Keisha's apartment and she tells him to wait. 

"You for real right now?" Keisha asks. 

"Yeah, I mean, I think I am. I mean, I know I am. I'm just fucking this up," Tommy says. 

"No, you're not fucking this up," Keisha says. "I'm just saying, If I'm gonna do this, again, I gotta know that you're serious." 

Tommy walks closer to Keisha and says, "I'm serious."

Keisha smiles, grabs Tommy and says, "come here." 

The two start kissing and Tommy takes off his shirt.


The next morning, Keisha walks in her kitchen and is surprised to find Tommy still there. 

"You're still here!"

"Yeah, I'm still here. Where the fuck else would I be?" he says. "I made you breakfast. It's just cereal. But, it's the thought that counts, right?"

Keisha asks what their relationship means now. Tommy says it means that they're both down for each other. 

Keisha smiles and jokingly says, "well, I'm only going to fuck with you if you let me do the cooking."


Keisha and Tasha go out for dinner and catch up. Keisha asks Tasha how is she doing with Raina and everything. Tasha says every single day is hard but she's trying to concentrate on the good things and says her whole life is about to change. 

"Speaking of happy endings, Tommy and I were together last year," Keisha reveals.

Tasha rolls her eyes.

"And, he was still there this morning," Keisha says. 

Tasha asks Keisha what happened since Keisha said she wasn't going to let Tommy back in.

"He wants me to meet his dad, his stepmom, go over there for dinner," she says. 

"Wait, what? I thought Tommy's dad was dead. Who is he? Where has he been all these years? I never heard of him," Tasha asks.

Keisha doesn't care about all of that, she's just happy her and Tommy are back together. 

Tasha receives a text from Terry which reads: 'Come over. Something I need to show you.'

"Oh, that's Terry, asking me to come over later."

"You better go and get you some, girl," Keisha says.

"Oh, you know I will." 

Dre puts his plan in motion to set up Diego

Dre meets up with Diego and his crew and gives him a duffel bag of money. "My first payment to you."

Diego holds the bag of money up to his nose and inhales deeply. "There's nothing better." 

"You know, I don't really like you. But, this load of cash makes you a lot more tolerable," he says to Dre. 

"Well, I thank you for giving me this opportunity, but we also found out it wasn't Ghost and Tommy who ratted you to the feds," Dre says.

"Who was it?" Diego asks.

2-Bit is off standing to the side and he speaks up, "it was Arturo's bitch ass!"

"Arturo?" Diego says.

"Yeah, but, he won't be diming you out anymore, I took care of it," Dre says. "It's Cristobal who chose him to take that Toro spot. Diego, I'm sorry, man. Arturo wasn't my first choice. I should have trusted my gut instead of listening to Cristobal, ya know."

"Good thing he's dead," Diego says. 

Dre tells Diego, since they're making so much money together, he wants to throw him and his guys a private party tonight as a token of his appreciation. 

"I hired some freaky ass hoes, and I know you like your ass a nice little audience, so it's taken care of, my brother." 

"Now you're talking my language!" Diego says all excited.  

Diego points to his plus size right hand man standing next to him, "I want you to make sure that there are some BBW's for my man right here who likes to suck em dry and eat them out too."

Dre asks if any of Diego's other boys will be joining him and Diego says only his right hand man is worthy enough to fuck girls with him. 

Dre calls up James after his meeting with Diego and tells him the plan: Deigo thinks he'll be fucking some hoes as a gift from him. He tells James to get there early and wait inside so he can drop Diego, and he tells him he'll have one guy with him. 

In return, James tells Dre of Jason's whereabouts for the night and says he'll have three guards with him. 

"Alright, I'll figure it out, don't worry about that," Dre responds. 

"Good," James says. 

Dre gets off the phone and then 2-Bit asks, "So this little party you're throwing for Diego is a fucking ambush?" 

Dre tells 2-Bit the plan and wants him to let Diego in later at the party. "After he [James] smokes Diego, ya'll kill Ghost, get rid of all the bodies."

"After he smokes Diego? Why don't you kill Ghost yourself?" 2-Bit asks.

"How am I gonna be in two places at the same time, man?" Dre responds. 

Dre explains he has to hit Tommy's plug, Jason, so they can take over their territory.

2-Bit worries that if Diego dies, they will have no connect. Dre says Alicia will take over everything. But, 2-Bit feels like it all seems too risky. 

"What if she turns on you for killing her brother?" 

"She won't!" Dre says. "And, after Diego's dead, you can be my No. 2. That's what you wanted, right?"

"You know I'm gonna say yeah," 2-Bit says.

'"Alright then. So do that shit, Francis!" Dre orders. 

2-Bit reveals Dre's plan to Kanan

Later on, 2-Bit meets up with Kanan and reveals that Dre cut a deal with James to kill Diego at his gambling spot tonight. He says Dre wants him and Spanky to kill James after he gets the job done. 

"Your boy Dre is a real snake, man," Kanan says. "Slithered his way up under Tommy and stole his whole organization."

"Damn, I didn't know that shit!" 2-Bit says.

"Dre is a snake. He got everybody thinking what he wants them to think," Kanan says. "We gonna play his game. Show up at the gambling spot tonight. But, Ghost ain't gonna kill Diego. I am."

Kanan makes sure Spanky is on board so he doesn't run his mouth and 2-Bit says Spanky ain't a problem. 2-Bit also tells Kanan that Dre plans on smoking Tommy's connect.

"We both about to lose our connects," 2-Bit says.

"Nah, Dre ain't about to clip nobody. Jason has to stay alive because I'ma take over Tommy's spot in his organization," Kanan says.

Kanan tells 2-Bit that he can be down with him once he gets inside with Jason. 

Joe is back to being a lawyer

Tommy is sitting with Joe in his car. Joe reveals he got his law license back and Tommy says he killed a guy last night. 

"Please don't fucking tell me shit like that," Joe says.

"Well, now that you can't nobody. I just like seeing that look on your face and reminding you who you dealing with," Tommy says.

"That's not something I'm likely to forget," Joe says. "Do you know anything about Angela trying to cover up a murder?"

Joe tells Tommy he needs some dirt on Angela and says he obviously can't ask James for help. 

"Let me ask you something, how did you know that fed Sandoval was in the MCC?" Tommy asks. 

"Silver told me," Joe responds.

"But, how did he know?" Tommy asks. 

Joe thinks about it and says, "Fuck! Angela told him. He called me and then we had him killed."

"You think Angela set us up to do it?" Tommy asks. 

Joe realizes if this is the murder that Angela is trying to cover up then they're all implicated. 

"Now that you're a lawyer again, you can handle it?"

"I can try," Joe says. "Stop killing people!"

Tommy looks right at Joe and says, "no."

Tony continues to be a rat 

Tony meets up with John and Cooper to spill more tea. He tells them about the murder at MCC. 

"Do I get total immunity?" Tony asks before he starts running off with the mouth. 

"Were you involved?" John asks. 

"Do I get fucking immunity or not?" Tony asks again. 

John looks at Cooper who gives him a look back and John responds to Tony, "you got it."

"Who died at the MCC?" John asks.

Tony goes on to reveal the tea on the dead prison guard and says James crushed his skull and strangled another inmate to make it look like a prison fight/murder suicide. Tony also says he saw the whole thing go down.

"Will you testify?" Cooper asks. 

"If it comes to that," Tony says. 

John and Cooper realize they just got themselves a lead on James now. 

Tariq is ready for the hustling life

Back at Chote, Kanan and Tariq are playing a game of Chess as Tariq talks about his dad calling to apologize.  

"Let him think it's all good," Kanan says. "You know the easiest way to sneak up on your enemy is to make them think that they already won. Sneak attack."

"Hmm, I get it, gotta be one move ahead," Tariq says.

"Nah, son, you gotta be three moves ahead," Kanan responds and tells Tariq once he starts moving weight on campus, he's going to be ballin,' and he'll be able to get from up under his dad.

"Checkmate," Kanan says as he's about to win their Chess game.

"Damn. I'm ready. I'm ready to become my own man. Ready to be a hustler, just like you," Tariq says. 

Kanan smiles. 

Angela figures out a plan to clear her name, but can Tommy help?

It's night time and Angela is walking to her car. When she gets inside, Tommy pops out from the backseat, scaring her and says "Hey, Angie!"

"What the fuck, Tommy?!" Angela says.

"You said to stop breaking into your apartment, right?" Tommy says. 

"How many people knew where Mike Sandavol was being held? They were trying to keep him alive, but I think you wanted him dead, and that's why you told Silver where he was," he says. 

"What's your point?" she says.

"Angela, you're in no position to tell me what to do. I open my mouth about this to anybody and you're going down!" Tommy says. 

"I could be going down anyway," she says. "Someone in my office is trying to put me in jail." 

"Over Sandavol?" Tommy asks. 

"No," Angela responds. "I need to eliminate the problem." 

"What you mean eliminate? What you asking me to do?" Tommy asks. 

Angela looks back at Tommy but doesn't say anything. 

"You got the devil inside," Tommy says. "I thought you were one of the good guys."

"I was," Angela says.

Tommy asks for the targets name and Angela reveals it's John.

Angela doesn't give Tommy John's last name just yet and says there's one thing she wants to try first before she sets a plan in motion to get John knocked off. Angela still wants to arrest the Jimenez and clear her name. 

"What happens to them afterwards is out of my hands," she says.

Tommy laughs a little and says, "I hear you loud and clear. Good luck with your problem. And, if you change your mind, I'm right here."


Later on at the office, John is about to head home, but Angela wants to see him in her office. 

Angela tells John about the open position in Steve's department and says he can go, if he wants the job, and with her recommendation. 

"Real power, real influence. You saw what they did to us here. Think about what that would mean for you," Angela says.

"It's no secret we don't dance, Angela. Why would you be willing to do this for me?" John asks. 

"I need a friend in this office and so do you, if you want this DC job," she says. 

John thinks about it for a moment and then says, "what do you want to know?"

Tariq continues to bond with Kanan, Terry bounces

"Bands will make her dance...." is playing in the background as Kanan and Tariq are out at some pool hall/bar. Kanan talks about life in prison and how no one visited him while he was locked up. He also says he ain't never going back to jail. 

Kanan receives a text from James which reads: 'Dre's spot, 11 p.m. Key at back door.'

Meanwhile, Tasha pops up at Terry's place and to her surprise, it's empty! She finds a note and some papers in the empty place.

"I'm sorry Tasha..." is written on a post-it which is attached to a check and subpoena papers. 

James is back in the winning seat over Councilman Tate 

James meets up with Alphonse (one of the guys from the hood) and asks if the QCP location is on lock and says whatever Tate is paying him, he'll double it. But, James soon finds out that Tate has been skimming money from the QCP just to keep Alphonse paid. 

Tate later meets James at Truth. James has some news to share with Tate about his future with the QCP. 

James plays a recording of Alphonse spilling the beans about how he gets paid from Tate. And, Tate is shocked to hear it. 

"Listen to me, I am the Queens Child Project's motherfucker. I'm not going anywhere. So, you go in that governor's seat and you make sure you make the QCP your top priority or I'll make you mine," James says. 

James grabs his drink at the bar while Tate grabs his jacket and says, "I'll be in touch after my announcement."

"I know you will," James says.

James sends off a text to Angela: 'Dinner at your place. Want to celebrate.' 

Time for Diego to go night night

Diego and his right hand man pull up to Dre's gambling spot and they're excited to see some hoes as 2-Bit greets them at the door. Once they head inside, 2-Bit gives a nod signal to Spanky who is waiting in a truck not too far away. 

Diego and his boy walk inside and follow signs on the floor that read 'THIS WAY TO PUSSY.'

Outside, 2-Bit hops in the truck with Spanky and tells him the updated plan of Kanan clipping Diego. 

While inside, Diego and his boy start popping the champagne and drinking. As soon as they open another door, thinking they're about to see some hoes, Kanan pops out of nowhere and shoots one in the chest real quick at Diego and one at his boy. Diego and his boy both fall to the floor. Kanan walks over to Diego and shoots him again. 

2-Bit explains to Spanky that they're going to tell Dre that Ghost didn't show up and that they didn't clip Kanan because that's not what Dre told them to do. 

"Remember the last time we didn't follow Dre's orders," 2-Bit says.

"He didn't like that shit at all," Spanky responds. 

"Dre's been making too many moves and making lots of enemies," 2-Bit says. "We gonna be working for Kanan and the Serbs real soon." 

They watch on from the truck as Kanan exits the building with a duffel bag in his hand.

Spanky is down with the new plan and tells 2-Bit, "No doubt. Wherever you go, I go." 


Kanan later meets up with Jason by himself.

"Where are Ghost and Tommy?" Jason asks. 

"They're on a need-to-know basis. I took care of business," Kanan says as he hands over the duffel bag to Jason. 

Jason opens the bag and Diego's head is inside. 

Kanan makes up a story and tells Jason that the Jimenez found out he wanted them dead and that James and Tommy were stalling so he handled it and has his back.

"They ain't down for you, but I did what you told us to do," Kanan says. 

Jason is impressed and says, "That is a big move doing it on your own. What do you want?"

"Tommy's position in your organization," Kanan quickly answers. 

"You gonna take Tommy out?" Jason asks.

"Tommy and Ghost will take each other out," Kanan responds.

Jason looks at Kanan and then looks down at the bag with Diego's head inside.  

"You pull that off then we can talk about you taking over the spot. You have to earn it and I have to know I can trust you."

To further prove he's down for Jason, Kanan spills the beans to Jason about Dre being on his way to kill him. Kanan says they need to leave now. But, Jason says they should wait around and kill Dre instead. Kanan suggests that's not a good idea since Dre is their only inside leak to Diego's sister, Alicia. 

"You don't get your ports until her bitch ass is dead," Kanan says. 

"You're smart," Jason tells Kanan. He then tells his men, "C'mon, let's go!"

Afterwards, Dre rolls up in the spot with a cart disguised like he's a cleaning worker. He loads his gun up and walks in ready to take Jason out only to find Jason and his crew aren't there. 

Change of plans for Tasha, James and Angela

Angela and James are eating dinner together at her place.

"This is nice, Jamie," she says.

"The first of many dinners together," he says. 

"I could get used to this," she says. 

Angela gets a knock at the door as James receives a text message from Kanan: 'it's done.'

Angela opens the door and Tasha walks right in saying to Angela, "we need to talk."

Tasha spots James and asks, "what did you do to Terry?!"

"Just gave him some incentive," James says. 

"What kind of incentive?" Angela asks.

"To help us out, that's all," James says.

Tasha tells James what he did backfired and that Terry left town and moved out all of his furniture. 

"I found a subpoena on his counter, called the office and they said he's on a leave of absence. We're fucked!" Tasha says. 

"Silver bailing makes it look like he knew incriminating information. We all look bad and we're all going to go down unless we can come up with another plan," Angela says. 

"I know and I have to protect Tariq no matter what," Tasha says. "There's only one way out of this." 

Tasha then places her gun (which is wrapped in a cloth) on the table. 

"The murder weapon? You told me it was gone!" Angela says.

"Insurance, incase we got here" Tasha says. 

Tasha looks right at James and says, "I'm gonna turn myself in."

"The hell you will," James responds. "Tasha, if anybody is going down for my family, it's me."