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POWER Season 5, Ep. 10 Finale Recap: 'When This Is Over'

Save yourself and snitch or try to save everyone and risk it all?

- Tamika, John and Cooper start grilling the hell out of Angela as they try to get her to talk. During the interrogation process, they try to nail down Angela and her team: Tasha, Tommy and James for past crimes: Sandoval, Lobos, etc. There's no hard news against them to make any arrests and Angela is not budging!

- Angela gets a lawyer who tells her to take a deal and says if she goes to jail as a fed, she'll get killed. The feds give Angela 24 hours to decide if she wants to take a deal or be sent to jail.

- Terry pops back up in the picture, but Tasha ain't having it and tells him to fuck off.

Tommy is back sniffing that shit. He tells Keisha that he hurts everyone he loves and that he's a monster. He yells at her and kicks Keisha out of his apartment during one of his high rages. 

- Tommy tells Ghost that he was right about Teresi being a snitch and that he knocked his father off. 

- Angela tells Tasha they're all in danger and to keep Terry near by any means necessary. 

- With only 24 hours left to think of a plan, Angela rounds up Tasha, Tommy and James at their old high school so they can all come up with a plan. This is the first time that all four of them have been in the same room together. Angela says as long as everyone sticks to the plan and not turn on each other, they'll get out of this situation. 

- Terry decides to help the feds only to prove Tasha's innocence. 

- We finally see a decent sex scene from Dre who is banging his baby's mother while his daughter is in a crib in another room. Gunmen bust through the door and try to kill Dre, but he survives and his family is untouched. Later, Dre says Alicia sent those men to his place to kill him. 

- John visits Councilman Tate at his office and wants him as an informant. John wants Tate to give up some information to use it against James. John also threatens to expose Tate for his shady past which could ruin his run for governor. 

- Keisha and Tasha's friendship is on the rocks after Tasha pops up and only seems concerned about whether or not Keisha will snitch. Keisha says her friendship with Tasha is more like blackmail. She kicks Tasha out of her apartment after realizing she has her own kid to worry about and protect. 

- Angela meets up with Dre and offers him protection in exchange that he'll say the Jimenez cartel got Lobos and Sandoval killed. Angela asks if any of his family protection and Dre throws the mother of his kid under the bus when he says only him and his daughter needs it.

- Listening to Angela, Tasha lets Terry back into her life. When she meets up with him, Terry tries to persuade her to take a deal to flip on James and save herself. But, Tasha ain't snitching on James and says she won't send the father of her kids to prison.

- Joe Proctor tries to get James to flip on Tommy for the Sandoval hit and warns him that Terry is back and he was talking to the feds. Joe also tells James that he needs to let Angela go. But, James refuses to snitch on Tommy and he won't let Angela go. 

- James and Angela are wondering if their relationship will still work once it's all over and everyone is in the clear. 

- It seems as if everyone is trying to get Tommy and James to turn against each other. Cooper tries to get Keisha to snitch, but it doesn't work. She later pledges her loyalty with Tommy and says she's all in with him. And, good thing she decided to have Tommy's back because he was ready to shoot her if she said otherwise. 

- Dre tells 2-Bit he plans on turning against James and Tommy once he talks to the feds, despite whatever agreement he had with Angela. 

- Terry and Tasha meet up in a parking lot. Terry still has Tasha's back, so much that they even get a quickie in right there, standing up while standing next to his car. But, they don't know James is watching from afar and see's them. Uh oh!

- 2-Bit flips on Dre and gives Tommy the heads up that Dre plans on snitching to the feds. 2-Bit wants to work with Tommy since Kanan died. He says they share a common enemy: Dre. 2-Bit also reveals the deal that James and Dre made before (killing Jason and Diego) which Tommy knew nothing about.

- Dre winds up signing an agreement that he'll implicate the Jimenez after he has no choice. While Dre thinks he's meeting up with Angela, he gets set up in a shootout with Tommy, 2-Bit and the rest of Dre's crew. But, Dre manages to escape death, again! He's then left with no choice but to sign on the dotted line. And, Tommy gets his old crew back to sell his drugs. 

- John is fed up as it looks like Angela may just weasel herself out of getting arrested. He gives up, packs up his stuff and leaves the office, even though Cooper wants him to stay. Cooper is still positive that they can get Angela somehow. But, John says he's done. 

- Cooper is now alone without his sidekick, and he's desperate to pin Angela by any means necessary. He later pops up at Tommy's place and tells him Teresi loved him and was only trying to implicate James. Cooper plays a recording of Teresi talking to him and John. On the tape, Teresi says Tommy had nothing to do with Sandoval getting killed and that he'll give up information on James. 

- Cooper advises Tommy to turn on James and Angela and says they're the ones who got Teresi killed.

- Tommy feels betrayed now. He tells Keisha that his father told him he didn't snitch, but he didn't believe him and shot him anyway. Tommy tells Keisha that he has to run out and take care of some business. Keisha understands and just wants to get away from Tasha and James all-together. 

- Tasha pops up at Angela's place and has Tommy come over to kill Angela. Tasha thinks Angela has something to do with Terry being missing and Tommy thinks Angela set up Teresi to get killed by sending the photos of him talking to the feds to James. Just as Tommy is about to kill Angela, Tasha stops him after Angela reminds them that killing her will just come right back on them. 

- Tommy visits Vincent and finds out some shocking news: that James was the one who gave him the pictures of Teresi talking to the feds. Vincent said it was James' intention on having Tommy knock off his own father. Tommy is livid. 

- James finds out a woman wants to testify against him and identify him as Ghost. Joe tells James he thinks the woman is Angela. But, in fact, it's Maria Suarez, the old witness that James let stay alive. Maria was standing in a crowd earlier watching James and Tate give a speech as Tate announced his run for governor. Maria is willing to testify to get James back for killing her boyfriend. 

- James meets up with Angela at their old high school to see if she's the woman testifying against him. But, Angela wants to know if James killed Terry as she's wondering if she can trust James. He lies and says he didn't kill Terry even though he did. James actually choked Terry in the parking lot after he saw him and Tasha having sex. After Tasha left, James snuck up on Terry and killed him. But, he doesn't tell Angela that.  

- Meanwhile, Tommy is creeping nearby in the stairwell where he see's Angela and James kissing. Angela happens to look up and she see's Tommy with a gun. She moves James out of the way and gets shot right in the chest. Angela starts bleeding out as James holds her in his arms. James looks up and see's it was Tommy who shot her. James screams out. 

- It wasn't Angela that Tommy was aiming for, it was James. 

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Now, as a fed, why was Angela not wearing a bullet proof vest?

Tasha, Tommy, Keisha and Joe all made sacrifices all because James couldn't stop seeing Angela. James and Angela were the ones to always look out for their own survival. With Angela possibly dead, where does that leave James? What is his next move without Angela around? And, his friendship with Tommy is going to be ripped to shreds after this. So, who holds the power now? Season 6 is going to be LIT!

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