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POWER Season 3, Ep. 308: 'Trust Me' (FULL RECAP)

"Trust Me" Season 3, Ep. 308 - Full Recap!

A bruised and battered Tommy wakes up confused to a dog barking right beside him. Tommy is in a bed. The last time we saw him, he passed out on the warehouse floor after getting his ass kicked. 

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Milan is holding his dog on a leash and tells the dog that Tommy is a friend. 

"If you're gonna try and ransom me or some shit, Ghost ain't the type that's gonna pay," Tommy says to Milan. 

"No, I will not keep you here against your will," Milan responds. 

"I don't know what the fuck your angle is... if you don't plan on keeping me, I'd like to get the fuck out of here now," Tommy says. 

Milan agrees to let him go and says someone will come right over to stitch him up. He hands Tommy a cellphone and says they have business to discuss later. 

Later on, Tommy heads home. He's sitting on his couch, drinking and listening to some slow jams and then Ghost walks in.

"Tommy, you wanna tell me where the fuck you been, man?" Ghost says. "It's like you fell off the grid."

Ghost gets closer and says, "what happened to your face?"

Tommy tells Ghost about Milan and Ghost says Milan was at his home with his family. 

"If Milan wasn't enough, the feds found Lobos' body," Ghost tells Tommy. 

"Well, that's not surprising," Tommy says. "That's because you fucked up the plan."

He tells Tommy that the feds think Angela is the leak and he wants him to find out from Hugo (one of Lobos' men) who the real leak is.

"Why? For Angela?," Tommy asks. "No, Ghost, fuck that!"

"No, for us, we're connected. If she goes down, we go down with Angela," Ghost explains. 

Tommy thinks for a second and realizes Ghost has a point.

Meanwhile, Angela is at work and on the phone thanking someone for surveillance footage.

She spots Ghost on a video surveillance in the street in his black hoodie and she whispers to herself, "there you are, well done, Jaime."

Hunting For The Leak

Mike Sandoval is approached in a parking garage by Hugo who asks of his whereabouts during the time Lobos was killed.  

"I don't know, I handled my end," Mike says. 

"You better not be playing a game, Sandavol" the man says in Spanish.

Mike goes on to explain that federal agents are looking for the inside man and he says they can never meet again. He also asks for the phone that Hugo used to call him on, he wants to destroy it. 

Hugo grabs him by the neck and tells Mike he needs money and a plane ticket out of the country.

But, Mike tells him in Spanish, "I can't help you. I'll get caught."

"Ah, but your daughter and your ex-wife will get dead," Hugo responds. 

Lobos told Hugo where Mike's family lives.

"You get the phone, they get to live."


Greg and Saxe have a meeting with Ruiz and his lawyer. The immunity deal for Ruiz is called off since he didn't help them convict Lobos. 

Saxe also says they can't overlook the fact that Ruiz has broken the law for years. He says they can offer a generous deal, but it will include jail time. 

Greg says to Ruiz, "maybe there's another way to look at this thing. You know I'm interested in Ghost."

"Now you wanna send me inside, even after I agreed to help you," Ruiz says. "You couldn't protect Lobos and now you can't protect me, I'll be dead in a day."

"So, fuck you and fuck off," Ruiz says to Saxe and Greg. 

Ghost Gets A Lead

Back at the club, Dre approaches Ghost and is shocked to hear that Tatiana is still alive and was all up in Ghost's house.

"Does Milan know about the tip?" a worried Dre asks. 

"Yeah he knew, but he didn't know it was you who made the call and that's how we're gonna keep it," Ghost responds. 

"So, what are we gonna do?," Dre asks.

"He knows everything about me, Andre ... so, I gotta know everything about him. I'm working on that."

Ghost tells Dre that from now on, they'll discuss club business only inside the club. 

Dre tells him that their competition across the street made the deal with Karen, the news was in the paper. Ghost is pissed and walks out his office. 

After he leaves, Dre quickly texts Kanan which reads: "u right. Milan got Ghost spooked."

Ghost starts monitoring the "security" (Milan's men) around his club. He peeps one guy at his bar who walks away, leaving a pack of Drina cigarettes on the counter (these are the same ciggs Milan was smoking in Ghost's house). 

Ghost grabs a napkin and picks up the pack of ciggs while making sure not to leave his fingerprints on the package. 

Tommy Flips Out, The Leak Is Closer To Being Found

Hugo meets up with Tommy in a parking garage. He's pointing a gun and tells Tommy he double crossed them. But then Ghost pops up in his all black attire and points his gun at Hugo while Tommy swipes Hugo's piece. 

"You were supposed to kill him," Hugo says to Tommy. 

"I guess I forgot," Tommy responds. 

"You think your inside contact betrayed Lobos, just give us his name. We'll find him and get even," Ghost says. "You know this man can identify you, right? He's a loose end."

Tommy and Ghost continue to pressure Hugo into revealing his man's name, but Hugo refuses, saying he's not done with his guy just yet. Ghost tells Tommy to get Hugo in the car and says it's going to be a long night. 

"When Lobos finds out about this, you're dead!," Hugo tells them.

"Yeah, I'm not too worried about Lobos," Tommy replies. 

"You're not worried about your own life, but you cried over a stupid little dog," Hugo sarcastically says to Tommy. 

"What your woman say when she found it? Did she cry too? Did you cry together?," Hugo says while continuing to poke fun at Tommy. 

Tommy is livid at this point and he shoots Hugo multiple times from behind.

"What the fuck!," Ghost says. "We could've made him fucking talk, man, now we have squat, because you couldn't control yourself!"

"I can control myself just fine, he had to go!" Tommy yells back. 

"Fuck Angela! Tell your bitch not to talk if they step to her! I'm getting the fuck outta here and I'ma keep this gun."

Tommy walks away leaving Ghost with Hugo's dead body on the ground. Ghost checks his pockets and discovers a black cellphone. 


"You think somebody in this office really leaked the Lobos information or they're just fucking with us?" Saxe asks Greg and Angela. 

Angela says the feds want to pin them against each other, they want them paranoid. 

"It's not paranoid if one of us get the needle," Greg says looking at Angela. 

Greg, Saxe and Angela are told more about the Lobos case and that Lobos was shot multiple times in near range and he was walked into the woods by two men because there are two sets of foot prints that were found. 

Angela looks worried and she turns around to look at Greg who has this "I know exactly who it is" facial expression on him.

Meanwhile, Ghost is back at his office at Truth club. He texts Dre to take Tariq to shoot some hoops and insists he keeps his son away from the club. 

MJ, the female agent who is questioning all the feds, is now at Ghost's office and starts questioning him about his relationship with Angela. 

She hands Ghost a police sketch of Tommy's face and tells Ghost that he used Angela before to help his drug dealing friend. MJ thinks he used Angela again to help Tommy kill his supplier, Lobos. 

MJ offers Ghost immunity in exchange for a testimony against Angela. 

"I don't have any idea what you're talking about," Ghost says. 

"You were living with her, you paid her rent, got her guard down," MJ says. "You used her classified information to commit capital murder."

"Turn her in, Mr. St. Patrick. You're a smart man, it's the smart play."

She asks if Angela gave him any information about Felipe Lobes. 

Ghost calmly responds with a serious face, "And, who is Felipe Lobos again?"

In the next scene, Greg is talking to agent Medina and remembering when he was shot and on the ground when Lobos escaped. 

Greg says, all of the guys spoke Spanish except for one who spoke English with a New York type of accent. 

Greg has been doing some thinking and says there were three guys and there were two bodies, that leaves one guy except there were two sets of non-Lobos footprints found in the woods. Greg narrows this down to Tommy and James. 

Medina asks why would Tommy want to kill Lobos, his connect that keeps him deep in cash. Greg says, maybe there's a new connect. But, Medina is not buying what Greg is saying, he wants facts only. 

Ghost Works On Finding About Milan

Later, Ghost meets up with an agent in a park and hands him the ciggs he swiped from Milan's men at his club. The agent says the ciggs are contraband. 

"So, they are illegally imported?," Ghost says. "I thought so, there's no stamp." 

"I'm trying to find a man who is hard to find, I think he's illegally imported," Ghost tells his insider.  

"If you help me out with this, I'll make it worth your while. I'll set you up with the biggest bust of your career," Ghost says. "I just need an address, a warehouse, maybe a garage, somewhere where someone would sell these [the ciggs] for distribution."

Angela Must Solidify Tommy’s Alibi

Angela pops up at Tasha's house again, waiting for her in the lobby. 

"You keep showing up here in the middle of the day, like it ain't nothing," Tasha says to Angela. "Don't you have a goddamn job?" 

Angela says Ghost's alibi in Lobos' murder won't hold up and she asks about Tommy's and his whereabouts from the day Lobos died. 

"How should I know? I'm not his his fucking babysitter," Tasha says.

Angela tells her to expect a visit from the FBI.

"If Tommy is innocent, his alibi better hold up, whatever it is," she says and starts walking away.

Tasha thinks about it then yells out, "I think Tommy was with his mother that day, out on Long Island." 

Angela later on meets up with Tommy's mother, Kate, to question her. Kate lies for her son and says her and Tommy were in that day, all day watching TV and eating pizza. Angela sits there and takes notes, she doesn't believe Kate.

Tommy soon walks in and he fills in the holes in his mother's story.

When he's alone with Angela, she says, "I know you and Ghost killed Lobos, his alibi checks out, but you, you need to get your story straight with Kate or else we're all fucked."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Tommy calmly says. "But I don't take orders from you."

"I don't like you either, but we're all on the same fucking side now, get your mother in line," Angela snaps back as she's about to leave. 

"It's too bad things didn't work out between you and Holly," Angela says. "If she were still around, you would've had an airtight alibi. We questioned that girl for 24 hours and she didn't say a fucking word."

Tommy gets up from the couch and tells Angela now she's scared out her mind. He also says it was dumb of her to come to his mother's house, what if she was followed?

"Trust me, stay cool," Tommy says. "If you don't, you and Ghost are gonna need his and her jumpsuits."


Later on, Tommy walks into a warehouse with Milan and his men. One of the men question Milan about bringing Tommy into their space and Milan responds, "we'll see." 

Tommy receives a text from Tasha that reads: "We've got a problem." 

He is introduced to Milan's drug stash. As Milan and his men are talking about their way of distributing the new product, Tommy gives away his drug knowledge, which is how him and Ghost move the drugs without getting spotted. 

Tariq Makes A Dangerous New Friend

Kanan hits up Dre to talk business, but Dre says he has to take Ghost's son to shoot some hoops. 

Later on, guess who decides to pop up during their basketball time ... Kanan! You just never know where this man is gonna be. 

"You got a GPS or something on me?," Dre asks.

"That Ghost's son, hunh?," Kanan asks. "What's his name?"

Dre tells him and has a worried look on his face. Kanan walks over and starts talking to Tariq about basketball and asks where did he learn to play. 

"My friend Shawn used to help me out until he died," Tariq says to Kanan. 

Kanan introduces himself as a friend of Dre's and says he used to know Shawn, they used to play ball. He is a trip!  He says his name is Slim and asks Tariq if they can shoot a few hoops while Dre is standing there. 

Dre knows this is a bad idea, and Tariq is completely unaware that he's talking to his dad's enemy. 

Ghost's kids never saw Kanan come around the house before? Well, if Tariq knew, he could help his father in a major way by telling him Kanan is still alive. IF he would help his father. 

Kanan tells Dre to get him and Tariq something to drink because he wants some alone time with the kid. 

Kanan continues on with his questions and asks Tariq if he plays ball in school. He also asks Tariq what time he gets out of school, saying maybe they can play together some time. A naive Tariq continues to chat with Kanan until Dre comes back over and tells him he needs to get him home to his father. 

As Dre and Tariq are getting ready to go, Kanan notices Tariq's school name and logo on his yellow backpack. 

A Meeting With The Primera's, Tommy Feels The Power As Milan's New Product Needs To Be Pushed

Milan pops up at Ghost's club and tells him there is a meeting he needs to attend with all the other drug connects, the "Primera's," so they can expand to the next level. Ghost tells him he has something to do at the moment and they can arrange it for another time, but then he notices the meeting is about to begin downstairs inside his club. 

"The time is now, this is the place," Milan says.

Ghost was clearly unaware of this meeting and whispers, "What the fuck?"

He walks over to Tommy and whispers, "what the fuck is going on, man? I couldn't get no fucking heads up? In the club, Tommy? What the fuck, man?"

Tommy says he couldn't make a move and says Milan was on him all day. 

Ruiz then walks in to join the meeting with some familiar faces: Tommy's crooked priest and the head Korean connect. 

Tommy goes on to conduct the meeting and shows off the product he wants everyone to push on their corners. When he tells all the connects he wants everyone to pay for their part of the drugs upfront, they're not happy about it. 

"Since when does the distro tell me how to spend my money on what product?" Ruiz says to everyone. 

"Since right fucking now," Tommy responds to him. 

Milan is sitting down, observing the meeting. 

The head Korean connect stands up and tells Tommy he doesn't want to do this type of business with him. 

"I can't prove it, but I know you killed my son," the man says right to Tommy. 

Milan gives a simple nod to one of his men who jabs a knife right in the Korean's man neck.

Damn, brutal!

Ghost is standing nearby and him and the other connects are in shock that this dude just got stabbed. 

Tommy looks over at Milan who is cracking a little smile. Ghost looks over at Tommy and Tommy stands there, looking like he knows he holds the power with Milan having his back. Milan's men quickly drag out the dead body and Tommy continues on with his meeting. 

"Alright, anybody else got a problem?," he says.

Ruiz and everyone else decide to have a seat...they don't want any problems. Milan smirks. 

"Good," Tommy says. "I'm gonna teach you how to get this into every fucking corner in New York." 

After the meeting, Ghost meets up with Tommy in his car and he seems visibly shaken up.

"Man, what the fuck was that? What's going on, Tommy?"

Tommy tells Ghost he should be happy that they killed the Korean connect since he was pretty angry that his kid was dead. Remember, Ghost killed him and his boys after they shot at Tommy outside of the church. 

"To save your fucking life and then you're giving away our whole system!" Ghost responds. "You're telling them about the couriers and shit, what up with that?"

"Well, like you said, we work for Milan ... until we don't," Tommy says. 

"Would you fucking relax, man! Milan is testing you to see if you can take it, don't overreact. C'mon, Ghost ... think! Pull your shit together."

Tommy also tells Ghost he needs to straighten out Ruiz because his mouth is going to get them all killed. Ghost agrees he needs to pull his shit together and says he will get Ruiz on lock. Him and Tommy do their handshake and Ghost leaves.

LaKeisha Learns The Truth About Tasha

Later on, LaKeisha is counting all of the (dirty) money at her salon. She has no idea where all that money came from. 

"Much more and we're gonna need a bigger safe soon," LaKeisha tells Tasha. 

She walks away to put the cash in the safe in the back of the salon and in walks Milan who decided to just pop up.

"Hi, Tasha, I hope I didn't scare you," he says. 

"No, I'm just surprised to see you, that's all."

"Well, I'm sorry to show up unannounced, but I can never plan things in advance," he tells her. 

"I'm just about to close up, why don't we talk another time, I can come to you," she says.

Milan says, "I am not dangerous to your friend, she does not know who I am and she does not know who you are, hunh?"

Tasha stands there with a serious face and responds, "no, she don't know shit and it's gonna stay that way."

Milan seems like he's impressed at Tasha's response and how she's handling herself. She doesn't seem too scared of him.

He smirks and starts walking around, looking at the salon and says, "Sooo, this is how Tommy cleans his money? Genius."

LaKeisha is about to walk out the back until she see's Tasha talking to this guy, so she quietly peeps from the back of the salon and listens in on their convo. 

"...  And, your husband who is obviously so honest to you about me ... are you so honest to 
him? Does he know what you really do here?," Milan asks Tasha. 

LaKeisha is just looking and listening. 

"No, but he will if you keep this up," Tasha says. "White boy dancing into a weave shop in the middle of the hood ... you should go before someone starts asking questions."

"Tell your husband to forget his plan to get rid of me or he will force my hand," Milan whispers to Tasha. 

LaKeisha blows her cover and interrupts Tasha and Milan's conversation when she knocks down a bunch of hair supplies on the floor.

Milan walks over and says, "let me help you with that."

"No, no, I got it," LaKeisha responds. 

"So, are you looking for directions or something?," she asks him. 

"No, I work for Tasha's husband ... you must be LaKeisha?," Milan says and he formally introduces himself and shakes her hand. 

"I will talk to you later, Tasha," he says.

Milan leaves and Tasha says to her friend, "that was nice of him. He just came by to see if we need extra security around here."

But, Tasha's cover is blown and LaKeisha knows what's up. 

"Cut the bullshit, T! ... You turning my shop into a drug front?"

"You were never supposed to know," Tasha responds. 

"Tasha, how can you do this to me? I can lose everything and go to jail, who would take care of my son then?," LaKeisha says. "Get your shit and get the fuck out."

Tasha warns LaKeisha that she can't stop working at her salon now because Milan will know something is up.

"The only way to protect you is to stay," Tasha tells her friend. "You have to promise me you won't tell anybody."

"I don't have to promise you shit," LaKeisha says and storms out telling Tasha to lock up behind her. 

Angela Pleads That She's Not The Leak

Angela pops up at Greg's place to convince him she's not the leak in the Lobos case and she says she would never do anything to endanger anyone in the law enforcement. 

"Too late, the damage is done," Greg tells her.

"I know you hate me and I don't blame you, but you have to believe me. It wasn't me. You know I want to win too much for that," Angela says.

He asks her to prove she's not the leak and says it's only a matter of time before she's exposed. 

"I really hope St. Patrick was worth it," Greg says.

As he's about to walk away, Angela reaches out and grabs his arm. He looks down, looks at her and walks away, leaving her standing there in his lobby. Outside, Ghost is watching.

Later on, Angela heads back to the office and MJ walks in. She tells Angela that she knows James was involved with the Lobos murder, somehow. 

MJ doesn't think James is the one who pulled the trigger and did the dirty work, but she thinks he knows who pulled the trigger. She talks to Angela about wearing a wire and tells her if she gets James to talk and confess then him and the shooter would get prosecuted and she could walk away free. 

"I'm not your leak, MJ. I don't know anything about St. Patrick's involvement," Angela says. "Trust me, if I knew he was guilty, I would serve him up to you on a goddamn platter."

MJ tells Angela she hopes she survives this and says she'll be rooting for her. 

Meanwhile, Mike is waiting in a parking garage with an envelope containing Hugo's passport and a wad of cash. He seems worried. But, little does he know, Hugo is dead. 

Ghost Continues To Plot Against Milan As Tommy & Milan Work Closer Together

The next morning, Tasha wakes up a hungover Ghost who passed out on the couch. She said the kids saw him come home drunk last night when he was supposed to be watching them. 

"What the fuck are you thinking, Ghost?" she says. "You have to have your mind right, especially now. I haven't seen you like this in years."

"I went to a bar last night to do some research," he says. "I'm in control Tasha. I'm gonna get us out from under Milan, I gotta plan."

"Maybe we shouldn't be planning something against him. Maybe Milan doing nothing is the right thing to do, keep us all safe," Tasha says. 

"You have to trust me, Tasha. That's why I went out last night, I need more information before I can make a move," he says before he goes off to take a shower.

Tasha calls Tommy and leaves a voicemail saying: "Tommy, Ghost is plotting something against Milan and he's fucking drinking again, call me back."

Meanwhile, Milan and Tommy are having their secret little meetup and he asks Tommy how Ghost reacted to their meeting at the club. 

Milan says the tables have turned because Ghost needs Tommy now. He could tell it used to be the other way around. Milan goes on to say that Tommy is still the uncle to Ghost's children and a brother to his wife. He reveals that he went to see Tasha to see if Ghost told her about him and he told her everything. 

"She was afraid, more so for her friend then herself," Milan says about Tasha. "All of you are so connected." 

Tommy asks about Tasha's friend and finds out Milan is talking about LaKeisha. 

"What would your life be like Tommy, if you had no friends? If you were completely free," Milan asks. 

"I am free," Tommy says. 

"Are you or are you still loyal to a man who isn't loyal to you?" Milan says. "Right now, I bet Ghost is plotting against me even though he knows I will kill the both of you if he tries to make a move."

"He didn't tell me nothing about no plan," Tommy says.

Milan tells Tommy that he see's potential in him and says he could one day replace him as the leader.

"But, you cannot get there as long as you're handcuffed to Ghost," Milan says.

Ghost later meets up with Ruiz. Ruiz wants to know why they're working with Milan and why was he sent away, asking Ghost if it was so he could kill Lobos. But, Ghost says he didn't know if he could trust Ruiz. 

Ghost says, he knows Ruiz talked to the feds and almost gave up his name, even after he saved his life. Ruiz then confirms that Angela is working for Ghost. 

"You turn and snitch on me does not end well for you," Ghost says. "But, I'm gonna let you make it up to me. I need you to give them another story."

Ghost comes up with a plan. He tells Ruiz to work with the feds and instead of snitching on him, pin everything on Milan. 

"I'm not snitching on that guy," Ruiz says. 

But, Ghost offers up a deal and tells Ruiz if the feds put Milan away or "deport him back to hell," then Ghost will bow out of the drug game as a distributor leaving Ruiz to get a new connect and come back into the game.

Kanan Gets Tariq To Trust Him

Kanan pops up infront of Tariq's school and see's him walking out with his friends. He says he was in the hood and decided to drop by. Kanan asks Tariq if he wants to get something to eat, but Tariq says he has to wait for Dre. 

"Your babysitter?" Kanan asks.

Tariq looks around and then decides to get in Kanan's car. 

Wrong move! 

Kanan offers Tariq some of his lean that he's sipping on and he tells him to "get his buzz on unless Dre comes with his little sippy cup."

Tariq takes the cup, takes a sip and makes a face.

"You'll get used to it, all of the good shit hurts the first time around," Kanan says. 

Tariq takes another sip. 

Oh boy!

Kanan shows Tariq around him and his father's old neigborhood. 

"He told me not to come here, to stay away," Tariq says. 

"Fuck that, you need to know where you come from," Kanan says. 

Kanan goes on about the past and tells Tariq that him and his father used to hustle on the streets together and that Ghost was "one of the baddest motherfuckers on the block."

"He don't seem that way now," Tariq says.

"Wanna see some proof?" Kanan asks. 

He later takes Tariq to one of his friend's apartment and tells Tariq a story about his old friend, Breeze who was a drug dealer that pretty much raised him and Ghost in the drug game. He says his friend got shot in the room they're talking in. 

Tariq is sitting on the couch, sipping a soda as Tasha texts him: "Where are you? Call me." 

"It's my mom, she's looking for me."

"Tell her you'll be home in an hour," Kanan says. 

Kanan turns the TV on as he's standing behind the couch where Tariq is sitting with his back turned to him. 

"Oh, so what were you saying about my dad?"

Kanan reaches into a desk and takes a gun out as he continues to tell his story.

Tariq receives another text, this time from Dre which reads: "Where you at? Your dad is gonna kill me."

Tariq texts Dre back: "All good here. Hanging with a friend."

As he's texting, Kanan points the gun at the back of Tariq's head. He's ready to kill him until Tariq says, "Man, I fucking hate my dad." 

"I thought you looked up to that motherfucker, I thought ya'll was tight?," Kanan asks. 

Tariq starts complaining about his father and how he's a liar and how he cheated on his mom and left his family. 

Kanan has a change of heart after hearing Tariq doesn't like his father and he puts the gun away. 

He walks around and joins Tariq on the couch and says, "He turned his back on me too. You wanna get him back?"

"I wish I could, if all the things you were telling me about him are real..."

"Oh it's true," Kanan says. 

"Then everything he told me about himself is just a lie," Tariq says. "Can't even trust him anymore."

"You can trust me, little man. You can trust me," Kanan says.

Ghost Gets A Lead On Milan Thanks To Those Ciggs

Ghost is in a vacant lot waiting to meet up with Tommy. While he's waiting, he talks to his inside connect about those illegal cigarettes he saw Milan smoking. His source says four of the places that were busted for selling those ciggs are all owned by the same company, a bread company. Ghost asks for the names of all the places.

Tommy drives up and as he's walking towards Ghost's truck, he receives a text from Milan which reads: "Tasha's friend. I can trust you to take care of it?" 

Tommy texts back: "I got it."

Ghost tells Tommy that he checked Ruiz and they won't have anymore problems from him. 

"Good, because I heard Milan likes white meat and I don't wanna be on his menu," he says. 

The two of them laugh and then Tommy gets serious again and tells Ghost if he's working on a plan to get out, he better tell him. 

"This can't be like before when you zig without telling me to fucking zag," Tommy says. 

But, Ghost says he has no plan and says he doesn't know anything about Milan, his story, his weak spots or where he hangs out. He asks Tommy if he has any idea where Milan hangs out or does business.

"Nah, I'm just in much in the dark as you," Tommy says. 

All lies. 

LaKeisha Needs To Stay Safe

Tasha shows back up at LaKeisha's salon with a duffel bag filled with almost $500,000 and tells her to take the money and don't say anything. 

Tasha doesn't want her friend to get hurt and she doesn't know how much time they have. She wants LaKeisha to help prove to the people she works for that she can be trusted. 

"Keisha, I'm trying to save your life!" 

"Are you? What are you gonna do if I don't take the money," LaKeisha responds. 

"What are you gonna do if you don't? You ain't gonna make it to the cops," Tasha says.

"I ain't going to no cops, I don't fucking snitch!"

"Then take the bag, Keisha, please... I'll see you here tomorrow," Tasha says before she walks out. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, I am too," LaKeisha says back. 

Tasha walks out and LaKeisha grabs the duffel bag and takes it to the back of the salon. Seconds later, Tommy pops into the salon and heads towards the back. 

Uh oh! 

Ghost & Angela Are Allies Again

Ghost meets up with Angela. He was supposed to drop some evidence off for her on a spot they agreed on where she could pick it up but instead, he showed up to see her. He hops in her car on the passenger side and immediately asks her what's up between her and Greg.

"No, no, no, you do not get to ask me that question," Angela says. "We are not friends, we are not lovers, we are just  two people who have to work together to stay out of jail."

Ghost hands over a cellphone, the cell he took from Hugo after Tommy shot him. 

"It belongs to Lobos' guy. Whoever the leak is in your office was calling him on that phone. I figured you could trace the number or text."

Angela asks where is Lobos' guy and asks if she can talk to him. She also wants to know how Ghost got the phone in the first place. 

"Can't tell you that," Ghost responds. 

"You don't trust me?" she asks. 

"That makes two of us because you don't trust me," he says. 

"Where were you the day Lobos was killed?" she asks. 

"Karen's hotel like I said."

Angela won't let it go and asks Ghost if he had any witnesses. Ghost mentions Tasha and tells Angela she knows that since she already talked to her. 

"She said you slept together, is that true?" Angela asks. "The day after you fucked me on my dining room table, you took your wife away to reconcile?"

"We spent the night in the room and I spent the night on the couch, are you happy?"

Angela tells Ghost, "You two should get your story straight... God, I'm such a fucking idiot." 

She then orders Ghost to get out of her car, so he leaves and walks away. 

Angela reaches in her coat, takes her wire off and places it in her glove department. 

Who Can Ghost Trust?

Meanwhile, Ghost heads to the bar and orders a drink.

"Never seen you in here before," the bartender says to Ghost while pouring him a drink. 

The bartender is an old white man. 

"Well, it's nice to be seen for the first time.," Ghost responds. "What's your name?" 

"My name is Bill." 

"Pleasure to meet you, Bill," Ghost says. 

He chugs down his drink and Bill pours him another one and says, "one of those days, hunh?"

As Ghost is chitchatting, he peeps those Drina ciggs behind the bar. He asks for a pack of the ciggs, but before he gets them, another man walks in the door. Bill goes over to the man, takes a package from him and places it in a freezer by the bar. The other man walks right back out. 

Ghost peeps everything about the transaction and he finishes his second drink. 

He sits at the bar talking to Bill about the love of his life, he's playing like he's drunk. 

In the middle of their convo, Bill receives a text message and he tells Ghost he has to close up shop.

Ghost notices his every move and quickly finishes his drink.

He later follows Bill to a warehouse and watches him make a delivery. Bill goes inside the warehouse and Ghost just figured it all out, Bill is one of the drug couriers.

As Ghost is about to pull off, he hears another vehicle pulling up ... it's Tommy.

Remember, Tommy told Ghost that he didn't know where Milan stayed at or did business at. 

Ghost calls Tommy and watches as Tommy looks at his phone and ignores the call. 

"What the fuck, Tommy," Ghost whispers to himself.

Milan walks outside to talk to Tommy and Ghost looks so disappointed. 

Angela Has Sex With Greg!

Angela heads back over to Greg's apartment and says to him, "You're never gonna stop pursuing me, thinking I'm the leak, even without proof that I did anything wrong."

"Oh, I'll get it soon," Greg says. 

He tells Angela that he figured out James' motive for the Lobos murder and he advises her to get a lawyer because anyone who helped James will get prosecuted as well.

"I am a lawyer, Greg. I've been investigating Jaime too."

Angela pulls out her iPad and shows Greg some proof that she found. She tells him the day of the Lobos transport, James was at a hotel. 

"Any witnesses to verify that he was at the hotel during the time of the murder, Angela?"

Angela then shows Greg the video footage of Greg and Tasha entering the hotel.

"I was sure he killed Lobos, I thought I would feel better if I could just put him in jail," she says. "I went looking, but I found this. I told you I'm not the leak. You believe me now?"

"You can say I told you so," Angela says with tears in her eyes. 

Greg reaches over and kisses her on the lips.  

"I should go," Angela quickly says. 

Greg offers to walk her to her car.

"I'm just so cold," she says standing there crying. 

He walks over and hugs her and later on, Angela and Greg are shown having sex in bed. 

While he's on top of her and kissing her neck, she looks over at Greg's workstation and see's a photo of Ghost hanging on the wall. 

After their hookup, Angela grabs her purse, heads to Greg's bathroom, closes the door and sits on the toilet. She pulls out the cellphone that Ghost gave her. 

Greg wakes up from bed and hears the shower running in his bathroom. He reaches for his cellphone and texts Medina: "I think Angela's working with St. Patrick. I think we can get them both."

Will Tommy lose Ghost's trust? Will Ruiz throw Milan under the bus and feed him to the feds? Is LaKeisha safe? I wonder what went down when Tommy walked into the salon! And, will Kanan and Tariq be new BFF's working against their common target, Ghost? ... Stay tuned! There's only 2 episodes left!

Note: Power will not air next Sunday and will return Sept. 18th.