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SPOILER ALERT: The last 3 episodes of 'Power' leaked online, here are some major reveals!

Warning: The following information below contains spoilers for 'Power' season 4

Last night, pieces of episodes 8 and 9 and most of 10 leaked on Facebook live from a recording of some guy's cell phone. The live feed was later taken down. However, there are spoiler clips still living around on the internet and on social media (if you're lucky to find them). I also heard the spoilers leaked on Firestick. 

I watched random parts from the live feed at like 3 in the morning, so these are some of the spoilers I took away from the last three remaining episodes of this season...



Dre Is 100% Snake

As bad as most of us fans want to see Dre dead, it looks like he may very well be alive for season 5. He makes a deal with the Jimenez crew, offering them a new revenue stream and he says he wants to be the biggest dealer in New York City, something he can't do while working for Tommy. Dre is hungry and is ready to prove himself to the Jimenez', even if it means crossing Tommy. 

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The St. Patrick Family Loses A Member

- While defending her asshole of a brother, Raina gets shot right in the chest by some dude name Ray Ray (one of Jukebox's friends). Her and Tariq were supposed to be at a school dance but somehow wind up outside in the dark. Tariq see's his sister being shot but it's too late to save her and Ray Ray winds up running away. Later on, Tariq seeks revenge and kills Ray Ray. 
- Tommy and Ghost will eventually figure out Dre is behind a lot of shit, like telling Tariq where to find Raina's killer. (This leads me to believe that they will take care of him in season 5). 
- Tommy, Ghost and Tasha find Tariq after he shoots Raina's killer. Tasha quickly takes him home, burns his clothes and instructs him on how to thoroughly wash the evidence off of him. You know, she's used to doing this, she has helped Ghost clean up his mess plenty of times. It also looks like Tariq is becoming a mini Ghost!

Mike Sandavol Goes Down!

- Mike finally, finally, FINALLYYYYY gets locked up! While in prison, someone quickly walks in, creeps up on Mike from behind, and slices his neck. The rest of the FBI agents show up in Mike's room later on and find him laid out on the floor in a pool of his own blood. When everyone walks out of the room, Angela stays behind, looks down on Mike's body and whispers, "that's for Greg." Ohhhh! Angela set up Mike's murder, okayyy! >>> Updated! Tommy asks Tony, his father, to "cancel Christmas" on Mike! 

Other Things To Look Out For

- Ghost and Councilman Tate will continue working together against Simon Stern's wishes.  
- Tommy will find out more about his family as he continues talking to Tony. 
- Proctor did not get rid of Bailey's laptop (which has evidence against Tommy on it) and he places the laptop in some safe deposit box. I wonder how this will play out in the future. 

I didn't actually watch these parts, but I read in a spoiler thread on Facebook...

- Uriel (the Toros Locos member who killed Julio) eventually gets his, Ghost and Tommy kill him.

- Terry will tell Tasha he loves her. (Ughh)

Shocking Allies Form

- Kanan will help Tommy. 

- Tasha will go to Angela for help (involving Tariq). 

- It seems like Angela will start redeeming herself towards the end of this season. 

That's all I can remember. Check back on Sunday for my full recap of episode 8!



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