Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy, safe, prosperous and healthy New Year. Own the New Year, and not just because it is a new year, but own every day and make it count!

Thank you to all my readers, Twitter and Facebook followers, and also my subscribers for being interested in what I'm posting. 2011 was an amazing start for my blog and I look forward to what 2012 will bring.
The Most Talked About Celeb of 2011
The end of the year is upon us and Ooooooo La La has been official for one whole year! So who is Ooooooo La La's 2011 most talked about celeb.


She was my #1 most talked about celeb of 2011. Beyonce beat out some of this years other popular celebs; Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Drake and Kim Kardashian. 

Also, Ryan Seacrest says anybody who tunes into ABC's New Years Rockin' Eve will see Beyonce tonight at the ball drop! Will there be some baby news announcements? Stay tuned!

Yo! How New Jersey Are You?
So I was Googling as usual and came across a test that quizzes New Jerseyans to see how New Jersey they are. Now I was born and raised in this state, never moved and was kinda pissed that my score was 53%! I rep Jersey hard!

One of the questions was about pumping gas, lol. Take the quiz for yourself and see what score you get:

You Are 53% New Jersey!
You've definitely got some Jersey in you. Congratulations, it's a great thing to be. However you're score could certainly be a lot higher!

How New Jersey Are You?
Take More Quizzes

Friday, December 30, 2011

Naughty Lil' Boy Touches Mannequin (Photo)

LOL, Wowwww. This little boy just reached 3rd base!

Well, my mother used to always tell me don't touch anything in the stores. Looks like this little boy can't keep his hands to himself, in fact he's even reaching into the mannequin's panties! 

Credit: Photo taken via Facebook from Akeisha Roletta
Uh-oh! Katy Katy Perry & Russell Brand Headed for Divorce!

So this is breaking news... Russell Brand has officially filed for divorce from Katy Perry, the reason?... Russell cites "irreconcilable differences."

Their marriage just lasted a little over a year and Russell released a statement saying, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I'll always adore her and I know we'll remain friends." - According to MSNBC.

Rumors have been recently going around that the couple was splitting when the two were seen separately during the Christmas holiday. 

Wow! There have been an awful lot of divorces that I posted about in this past year **shaking my head** oh well.

Read more HERE on TMZ.
Kim Kardashian is Making Bank This New Years Eve

When normal people, like myself go to a New Year Eve's Party, we usually pay a nice price to get into a fancy spot. I'm happy if I can slide in for free or get a free drink.

How much do you think Kim Kardashian has to pay to party on New Years Eve? Nothing. But how much is she getting paid? Try $600,000!

Yup! Kim K. is getting paid thousands and thousands to party it up in Vegas and host an end of the year celebration at Tao nightclub.

Jealous? Lol. Many people don't even make that amount in a year!

Read more info HERE on the Examiner website or click HERE to get your Vegas tickets at Tao Night Club.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rumor: Did Beyonce Just Have her Baby Girl??

Rumors are swirling around on Twitter that Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl and her and Jay-Z named the baby Tiana-May Carter. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this unconfirmed rumor. Stay tuned for more updates on this story. If it's true then congrats Bey and Jay!!!

"Jayonce" Expected to Come Any Day Now

Pictures of Beyonce's Sister Solange and Her Mother Tina Shopping in NYC Recently...for the baby perhaps?

There is also this website about Beyonce's baby: which simply says, "No, Not Yet" 

The rumored name: Tiana-May Carter is currently trending. I found this funny comment below:

 Bri aka Sum Yung Ho 

Breaking News: Tiana-May Carter will be performing "I Was Just Born and My Career Is Already Bigger Than Keri Hilson's" at the 2012 Grammys

Rihanna & Chris Brown Subliminal Tweets

The internet gossip is buzzing...looks like we got some love, subliminal tweeting going on between Rihanna and Chris Breezy. Check it out:

Are they talking about each other? How ironic that one tweeted and then a couple minutes later the other one tweeted a similar love message. I always felt like some of their songs were directed to one another. Hmm...

And they were a very cute young couple...BUT, we all know about their violent history. So kill the mushy ish. Healthy relationships are better.
Oh Snap! Lil' Kim is Trying to Make a Comeback
Look who it is...

....And the picture says "coming soon." This isn't just another ol' mixtape, oh nooo Queen B is back in the studio making an album and re-teaming up with 50 Cent, which she tweeted about on Tuesday.

The picture above looks good which is something I haven't said about Lil' Kim in awhile with all the plastic surgery she had done throughout the years.
The last album we've gotten from Kim was in 2005 and she tweeted on Christmas, "Hey Guys!!! I have a little Gift for U. A little preview of what's to come. Merry Christmas :) !!!!!"

There are speculations that the picture above is the new artwork for her upcoming album. She tweeted back in November that she would release five songs by the end of this year with more to come in 2012. She already released "I Am Not the One" last month.

And can you believe this...Lil' Kim is 37-years-old! My how time passes by. Well, I'm excited she is back, I miss the 90's Kim. One thing Kim, just don't drop any albums around Valentine's Day, that's Nicki Minaj's time, lol.
Lady Gaga and Her "Boyfriend" Out and About
I put the quotation marks around 'boyfriend' in the headline because I don't know what this guy is to Lady Gaga. But according to many online sources, Gaga is dating Taylor Kinny who plays in The Vampire Diaries and he also played Gaga's lover in her video You and I

When did she get a boyfriend? I never imagined Gaga to be so lovey dovey. I guess because I'm so used to her being in character on stage and I've never seen her wrapped up with someone in a relationship. 

Could these two be house hunting in Pennsylvania? Read here >>> E! Online.

Below is supposedly the first photo taken of the couple, they were recently spotted in California. According to The Sun, these two would always leave hotels, bars or anywhere separately to avoid being pictured together.

Well here they are!

Out in the open: The first photos of Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney have emerged proving that they are a couple

Throwback Thursdays: "I Want to Be Your Man" (Video)
I absolutely love this song: "I Want to Be Your Man" by Zapp and Roger also known as "The Zapp Band." The song recently popped up in my head so I had to blog about it and use it as my throwback joint for today.

This song is also played in my favorite movie Love & Basketball. The funk and soul band came out with this jam in 1989. Dangggg I was only 4-years-old!

I would say this is like the beginning of Auto-Tunes, the T-Pain type of music. 

In this video, there is a long tube that the band is using in their mouths connected to a board while they sing to make that Auto-Tuned sound we hear in today's music.

The tube and box is called a Talk Box known as " a guitar effect" which was very popular back in the day for many musicians and which is also one thing that gave this group much success during their time. 

This right here is some real soul music, check out the live version below:

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Robin Thicke's Thoughts on Black Women & Multiple Orgasms

"I've never dated a white woman. Don't want to," Robin Thicke said in a recent interview with Essence.

Aside from his smooth voice that makes all of us women want to melt, I've realized Robin Thicke is that dude! Not just because he loves him some black women but because how he talks about pleasing his wife, actress Paula Patton, his high school sweetheart.

This is what he said about making sure his wife orgasms:

"ESSENCE: If someone saw you whispering in Paula's ear, what would you probably be saying?

THICKE: I can't wait to get you home and love you up for two to three hours. I like to try to get her into double-digit orgasms as much as possible. It doesn't happen all the time, but when I've got my mojo and my swag, it happens. Every few month it's just like bam -- repeated. Repeated! I like her to just be going crazy in the bedroom."

Well alright now Mr. Thicke! Lol. And I'm sure Paula gets to hear that nice singing in the bedroom.

Him and his wife got married in 2005. Read the entire interview HERE at to find out Robin Thicke's take on black women dating white guys.
"Jayonce" May Be Expected to Come Any Day Now

Recent reports have been swirling around that Beyonce will be delivering her baby soon. I thought she was due in February? Maybe not.

According to MediaTakeOut, nurses and security at New York City's St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital had been put on high alert and were told that a very high profile patient would be checking in to deliver a baby and the patient booked half the floor of the "Labor and Delivery Suite."

Now that sounds like a very important person is expected. So far nobody from Beyonce's camp is speaking out about it.

Supposedly Beyonce is over nine months pregnant now. Beyonce announced back in August to the world that she was with child.
"A New Year, A New Me," Blah, Blah and All That Sh*t!

I'm so sick of hearing the "New year, new me" saying. Like, I don't mean to sound negative but I have to go off on this rant. Why do people decide to change themselves or their ways at the start of the new year? Why not do it now?

I understand that people make New Years resolutions because it is a new year so they feel like they have a clean slate. But lets get real ... if you're trying to have good credit in 2012, that is a good goal but realize you still have your past year problems and if your credit is jacked up, it is still there.

If you say every year you're going to lose weight, stop smoking or get good grades and you haven't accomplished it yet, who are you fooling? Yourself! You know you're just talking the same ol' smack every year, yet nothing gets accomplished. 

So my point is, instead of waiting to make those New Years Resolutions and going around telling everyone, DO THEM NOW! Do it as soon as you think about changing and make it your point to get it done. 

Only you can hold yourself back and if you don't accomplish your goals or make changes then maybe deep down inside you really don't want to make those changes.

So evaluate yourself. 

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Love Games: Sydney Erupts Again Turning Some of the Guys Off & Judi Feels Alone
***Sorry I'm late on this post, but my Tivo didn't record it right away.

This week starts off with a pissed off Sydney walking out of the elimination from last weeks episode. She tells John what eliminated Jordan said, that John is only here for Judi. John said he's dealt with over protected women before and says he usually comes out on top.

John and Sydney argue like an old married couple
"...In this house she is messing with the wrong person!" Sydney screams out about Judi.

And who is John with while Sydney is yelling? Judi, lol.

Like stop it Sydney, you're looking dumb.

Kori is still on a mission to use Sydney to her advantage to get Judi's men out of the house and Judi is scared that the other bad girls are working together against her. 

Kori says she wants Matthew to leave next, since he's in the house for Judi.

Drake's Thoughts About a Fan Getting His Name Tatted On Her Forehead
A couple weeks ago I posted a story about the random chick who tatted Drake's name across her forehead. 

Well, the news got back to Drake and he now has the picture of the woman in his cellphone. 

Drake recently spoke out about the situation and although he says the tattoo is incredible, he doesn't seem too pleased about other things.

In the interview below, Drake said he wants to meet the woman and understand exactly what happened.

Drake also had some words for the tattoo artist who originally called him a "goofnugget R&B dude" in an interview. Drake said the tattoo artist should lose his job. 

He also said, "The guy who tattooed it is a f*ckin' a**hole...and if I ever see you I'ma f*ck you up."  

Guy Code: Tattoo Rules, Girlfriends, Plus More...Funny Ish!
T.I. on Guy Code
The topics on last nights Guy Code included: girlfriends, tatt's, men diets, girlfriends & sports and T.I.'s "good a** night."


According to Lil' Duval, this is how men feel: "Anybody can get our thing, but not everybody can get our hearts."

When is she "the one"....
  • When she puts up with your sh*t, literally and figuratively
  • Someone that helps you take on the world = a soul-mate
  • When you're done sleeping around with other women
The men on Guy Code
According to Guy Code, men shouldn't go into details of past relationships, keep it short and simple to not reveal too much. 

Say something like, "It didn't work out, what's important is that we're together now." <<<< Good line!

Now us ladies like to know sex numbers; if a man is on the one hand rule, two hand rule, or if you have to use your fingers and your toes to count.

According to Guy Code, guys shouldn't reveal their real number, round it down to 50. <<<< totally DON'T agree! This is starting off a relationship with a lie **shaking my head**

Also, men...just because you have a girlfriend doesn't mean you have to lose all your guy friends.

'Kings of Queens': How Far Would You Go To Get Your Fast Food?

In this hilarious Kings of Queens episode "Fight Schlub," which originally aired in 2006, Doug (Kevin James) befriends the work enemy in a classic beef between two mail companies spinning off into a bar fight. 

The fight scene
In another funny scene Doug forgets the height of his truck and gets stuck under a Clearance sign, under an overpass while in a drive thru line, preventing him from reaching his food.

I was just cracking up at this when the repeat came on last week on My9.

Watch below to see what happens.

WTF Wednesdays!: Man Dies 1 Hour After Eating Cocaine From a Peculiar Place
I was reading Necole Bitchie and saw another disturbing story last week  that made me say WTF! 

A man reportedly died last month shortly after he ingested an entire ounce of cocaine that had previously been stashed in his brother’s butt...yes I said butt.

The older brother persuades the younger brother to do a simple favor for him: swallow the cocaine hiding in his butt  so that the cops wouldn’t find it on him, he didn't want to get anymore strikes. And the younger brother did it!

The older brothers last words to his younger brother were, “I love you bro” and then the video fades out. Shortly after ingesting the ounce of coke, police say the younger brother went into convulsions and started to bleed from his mouth.

This is crazy! 

Read the whole story HERE. Below is the video footage of the two brothers in the back of the squad car, discussing how to get rid of the drugs:

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

John Legend is Engaged to Model Girlfriend

The soothing R&B singer John Legend and his 26-year-old model girlfriend, Chrissy Teigen, got engaged over the holiday weekend. 

According to People magazine, the couple got engaged while vacationing in the Maldives. 

The two met in 2007 and we've seen this pretty face besides John at many events and on plenty of red carpet walks.

He tweeted earlier today, "Thanks for all the well wishes everybody."

The 33-year-old John Legend is also celebrating a birthday tomorrow (Dec. 28). Aww what an awesome birthday present, I like happy news. 

Congrats to the cute couple!
Rihanna's "You Da One" (Video) & Perhaps Stolen Ideas

Ri Ri dropped another that is, in her latest "You Da One" off that Talk That Talk album. 

In the new black-and-white video it's all about Rihanna who is all alone and now it is being reported that she supposedly stole another artists work, according to the Huffington Post.

In the video, Rihanna is shown in a body suit and blonde wig and in one scene she has black-and-white patterns projected on her skin which is a very similar scene that was done by Solve Sundsbo for a "Numero 93" shoot back in 2008, according to reports and Rihanna is being accused of stealing Sundsbo's nude photo shoot.

Like I've said before when Beyonce was accused of stealing in her "Countdown" video, mostly everything nowadays is borrowed or copied from the past.

Watch the video below the jump:

Love & Hip Hop: Model-to-Model Beef; a Fight Breaks Out
Model beef towards the end

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Jim goes off and buys a car with his Dipset buddy Juelz Santana, angering Chrissy who tells him he has better things to spend his money that engagement ring she's been waiting for.

"Jimmy is always buying some type of stupid car and bringing it home, if a car was at the top of your to do list it's time for me to be realistic to where Jimmy's head is," Chrissy said.

She tells Jim she doesn't want to see the car and she wants it out her driveway so Jim says he'll park it around the corner. Chrissy jokingly tells him she'll send his mail there too, she feels like the car is coming before her.

Jim tells Chrissy he has an opportunity to have an outerwear line, so Chrissy goes to a Fashion District and helps come up with the logo (Protocol), name and some of the designs. 

"Everybody feels better when they feel good," Chrissy said about being involved with fashion. "I help him (Jim) with whatever he needs because I want to be there."

She then tells Jim she wants to be apart of the business on paper. 

"People don't give you what you deserve and I feel like it's time to negotiate," Chrissy said.

Jim tells Chrissy she is his partner by default since they are joined by the hip because they're partners. Chrissy doesn't like the name "default" and she's ready to punch Jim in the face.

Some of Chrissy's family story comes out: she lost her parents awhile ago and said she now has her aunt and uncle to talk to as a mother and father figure. 

She catches up with them and talks about things with Jim. Chrissy tells her aunt she left a whole comfortable situation to be with Jim because they got each other which was special and that was the only important thing at the time.

During her touching heart-to-heart with her aunt, Chrissy said she feels like she's only playing house with Jim and said she can't stay the way she is and eventually will have to move on.

"I don't want to be married to somebody who doesn't want to be married to me...I've done all I could do as a woman, I've stepped out of the box to let him know that I love him that much so we can take a step," Chrissy said. 

"I've done all I could do, I've asked a man to marry me, what more can be done? What more can be said?"